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Company ID: 105050 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
Landscape Furnishings, various materials - Planters, Bollards, Benches, Columns, Fountains, Stair treads, Copings, etc

We are the First to Offer Insulated Planters which Qualify for LEED Points. Our Custom Capabilities are the Best in the Industry. 
Target Markets:
Landscape Architects, Developers, Landscape Contractors. Our products are typically used in commercial or high end residential projects. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a great product line, always expanding and growing. Currently planters, columns, fountains, bollards, picnic tables, stair treads, balustrading, wall, or pool copings, etc. We will provide excellent support for our reps arming you with samples, catalogs, and the ability to answer any and all questions as they come up. We have all test results available, etc.

We try to be as green as possible and offer the best solutions for landscape designers. We are innovative and all products made right here is the USA. Looking for Reps in the States and a Regional Sales Manager. We are looking for representation in Florida and the entire Southeast.
Company ID: 106605 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
High Temperature Ceramic/Asbestos Free Insulation.

1/8" to 1" Thick Needled Mat 3,000F Silica Fabrics, Fiberglass Products Silicone Coated and Uncoated. All Products are Sold in Roll Goods and Fabricated Pads, Furnace Liners, Welding Blankets, Heat Treating Insulation, Torch Guards. 
Target Markets:
Refineries, Power Plants, Manufacturers Using Furnaces, High Temperature Applications, Heat Treating Stress Relieving Industry, OEMs, Plumbing Supply, HVAC, Aluminum Plants, Foundries, Fabricators. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for Reps in the Houston, Alabama, NE, NW, So Cal regions at this time. We supply all literature, leads in your area, trade shows expenses, some travel expenses, compensation 7% of the sale, current customers if sales calls follow up needed. All above is open to discussion
Company ID: 21293 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Contract Manufacturer looking for Sales Representation for our following Capabilities: CNC Milling and Turning, Multiple Spindle Bar, and Chucking Machining. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Aftermarket Parts, Fittings, Foundries Needing Outsourced Machining. 
Sales Opportunity:
Founded in 1949, we are a family owned contract manufacturer. We have two facilities totalling 130,000 sq. ft. We offer all types of machining. One facility includes our automatic bar and chucking machines along with rotary transfers and the second facility contains our CNC lathes and mills and our 10,000 square foot tool room.
Company ID: 105843 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Off Site is a CNC Machine Shop.

We can Use a Number of Raw Materials but our most Common Material is Gray and Ductile Iron. We Manufacture Pulleys, Brackets, Rotating Assemblies, Bearing Journals, Shafts, Bases, and a number of other products. Our Parts Weigh Between 2 and 75 Pounds. 
Target Markets:
We Currently service Primarily the Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Market. While we look to grow in that market we are also looking for Opportunities to Reach other Industries and Diversify our Customer Base. 
Sales Opportunity:
Off Site is a reputable and dependable supplier. We are TS16949 Certified and maintain a high supplier rating with some very large customers that have a worldwide supply chain and customer base. We find that our prices are usually well received and very competitive. We just need the right person to open some new doors for us. We are looking for a representative that has established relationships with buyers that purchase machine goods.
Company ID: 101246 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aluminum-Brass and Bronze Casting House, Permanent Mold and Green Sand, CNC Milling, and Turning Of Cast Parts. 
Target Markets:
Any Organization Requiring Cast Parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
In business for over 30 years. Have added additional capacity and test equipment. Small to medium quantity orders (one to 2,000). Ready to grow with the right representation.
Company ID: 104493 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aluminum Castings, Green Sand, Permanent Mold, and No Bake Up to 500#. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, Industrial and Commercial. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are busy but looking to diversify and grow. Our company has been in operation since the 1950's. We have become very successful casting complex part geometries. This positions us well for the domestic US market. We are located in Northern Nevada. So, the Western US is where we wish to concentrate our efforts. If you are a Rep looking for a West coast casting supplier, please submit a sales inquiry to us.
Company ID: 84205 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
100% US Producer of Stainless, High and Low Alloy Steel, Nickel Base, Cobalt Base, and Aluminum Investment Castings in Weights from Ounces to 125 pounds. We can provide Value Added Services oncluding In-house Machining, Rapid-Prototypes, Powder Coat, Black Oxide, Electropolish, Passivation, NDT. 
Target Markets:
OEMs such as Pump & Valve, Fittings, Recreational Equipment and General Industrial Equipment Manufactureers as well as Machine Shops, Fabricators and Repair Shops. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are actively seeking Representatives to help us grow our family owned and operated, customer focused Investment foundry and Machine Shop founded in 1969 that is currently investing in expansion of our facilities. We are committed to providing a first rate customer experience through customer service and a on time, fairly priced quality product.

We hold ISO 9001:2008 and PED 97/23/EC Certifications. In 2013 we completed construction of our new Machine Shop building and we purchased a wax 3D Rapid Prototype machine.
Company ID: 55311 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Precision Machine Shop Specializing in 1-200 Pieces, Equipped for Short Run Production and Assemblies.

Specializing in Machining of OEM, Replacement Parts, Prototype Machining, Product Development, Reverse Engineering of Broken or Obsolete Parts, Sub-Assemblies to Complete Machines. 
Target Markets:
Industries we serve are, Machine Tool Builders, Medical, Transportation, Foundry & Steel Mills, Material Handling. 
Sales Opportunity:
Quality assurance by our full time inspection department and our ISO9001:2008 Certification, we have earned the reputation of not being your average machine shop.
Company ID: 58608 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Rubber and Metal Expansion Joints, Metal Bellows, Metal Hose, Industrial and Hand-Built Hose, Sheet Rubber, and Cam & Groove Couplings. 
Target Markets:
Water & Wastewater, Mining, Power Generation, PVF. 
Sales Opportunity:
Unaflex is the largest manufacturer of expansion joints in the US. We are currently in our 43rd year in business and are family owned. The majority of our products are manufactured at our plant in Anderson, SC. We are seeking reps/rep groups for the Water/Wastewater, Mining, and Power generation industries.
Company ID: 104612 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Any Product Utilized in an Industrial Plant: Lubricants, Major Brands, Off Brands, On-Site, Off-Site Oil Reclamation, Centrifuge Sales, Service, Rent to Own, Vacuum Dehydration Equipment, Filter Carts, Custom Engineering, Chemical Waste Haul-Off, and Treatment of Waste. 3 Total Facilities. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Plants of Any Type such as: Automotive, Aircraft, Food Plants, Any General Industrial Facility in the United States we can service/sell to. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company offers a very aggressive pricing structure so the representative gains business due to how competitive we are in our marketplace. Representatives commission is from 18% to 30% of gross profit. Incentive based commissions are offered also as well as becoming a full time sales representative for our company if of interest.
Company ID: 104438 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Goltra produces steel parts from 1 to 200 lbs.
Cores: Shell and no-bake
Molds: Green-sand, shell and no-bake
6 Furnaces: 2100lb and 1500lb
Separate grinding areas for special alloys and specialized stainless steel production. 
Target Markets:
Petrochemical, hydroelectric, construction, railroad, navel, firefighters, infrastructure and automotive clients. 
Sales Opportunity:
American companies reduce their total cost of ownership and benefit from unparalleled surface finishes when they buy from Goltra Castings.

Goltra Castings is a small, financially stable and privately owned US foundry that is ISO 9001:2008 certified to ensure high-quality castings and microfinishes. We reduce the pain of potential issues with unclear quality, communication problems, and shipping hangups from recent port strikes as well as geo-political turmoil.

Goltra Castings continually improves its production and logistics, proudly delivering cost-effective, ISO 9001:2008 certified quality products made in the USA.
Company ID: 104030 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Iron and Steel OEM Castings, Machined Parts from Bar, Tube, Hex, etc., Steel Investment Castings. 
Target Markets:
OEM, Subcontractors to OEMs. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are 30 year established Import/Distribution company specializing in Iron and Steel castings and machined components from Bar and Tube. We have complete stocking facility of 65,000 sq feet and stock 6,000 tons of castings for quick delivery to our customers. We stock against blanket orders for JIT/VMI.
Company ID: 40814 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a China based company who has a Proven Track Record throughout the World.

1. Mold Making, Plastic Molding, & Metal Stamping.
2. PCB Design Engineering, PCB Layout, Rapid Prototyping. PCB Assembly Capabilities include SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & Mixed Technology (SMT + PTH). 
Target Markets:
Companies that are looking for Electronic Products, Mold and Molding, Casting Parts that offer Great Quality, Pricing and Customer Satisfaction. Our target customers are OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacture to Improve their Product Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent Commission Structure and Protected Territories for Reps. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps Worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info.
Company ID: 96119 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture Forged Steel Products for the Oil and Gas Industry, including Swivels and Couplings.

We have Engineers that can Design a Wide Variety of other Products within our Forging Operation to meet the Need of almost any Company looking for Quality forged Products. 
Target Markets:
Rep will be calling on the Major Oil Companies and Independent Field Service Companies. We would also be interested in other areas where companies are looking for forged products,including the automotive and agricultural feilds 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is one of the largest forgers of oil field products. We have a great team of engineers with years of forging experience to ensure we are putting out quality, well priced products. We have the capabilities to design products to our customers specification. We pride ourselves on making the best quality product totally Made in the USA.

** Please include companies currently calling on, or previously called on,in resume.
** Successful sales record involving forgings is required.
Company ID: 88445 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacturer Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion Springs as well as Wire Forms and Flat Springs. 
Target Markets:
Our markets include Automotive, Agricultural, Builders Hardware, Recreation, Electrical, Medical, and other variuos OEM's and Distributors. Calling on both Purchaseing Personnel and Engineers. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is an opportuntiy to increase your sales with existing customers and within your territory by selling a related product to your current lines. Ours is one of only 10 spring companies in the U.S. to be registered to ISO 9001 with design. We are aggressive and very competitive. We pay an industry standard 5% commission.
Company ID: 92333 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Steel Jobbing Foundry Producing Castings from 5 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

Alloys produced include: High Strength/High Hardness Low Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Austenitic Manganese Steel, Corrosion/Heat Resistant Stainless Steel and High Chrome White Iron. 
Target Markets:
Construction, Oil & Gas, Railroad, Mining, Military, Crushing, Valves, Dredging. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has a special place in the foundry world. We have the capacity and technical expertise for any job but are hands-on enough to make attention to detail a top priority. We produce a wide range of castings, from wear-resistant parts used in minding, crushing and earth moving to castings used in valve, structural, conveying and railroad industries.

Our capabilities include:
Molding - Three flexible no-bake systems with minimum set-up time.
Melting - Six electric induction furnaces.
Metallurgical Control - Spectrographic control of all heats; physical and chemical certifications as required; in house metallographic analysis; physical testing, metallurgical analysis and gas analysis.
Heat Treat - Extensive in-house heat treating capabilities with air and state-of-the-art water quenching. Provides normalizing, hardening, tempering and stress relieving.
NDT Capabilities - Gauging, Brinell Hardness, Magnetic Particle and others as required.
Engineering - Product and solidification modeling to aid product design, manufacturability and reduction so sampling cycle; product dimensional layout capabilities using coordinate measuring machine.
Patterns - In-house pattern shop that includes a 5-axis mill.
Company ID: 98698 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ceramic Fiber Products: Boards, Gaskets, Modules, Custom Vacuum Formed Shapes, Textiles. High Temperature Putty, Adhesives, Moldable Ceramic, Refractory Precast Shapes. 
Target Markets:
Steel Fabricators, Industrial Furnace Builders, Primary Steel Making, Casting and Forging Foundries. Petrochemical Plants, Heat Treaters, Investment Casting, Incineration, Boiler Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
With the weakness of the Canadian Dollar, our pricing, in US Funds, is very competitive. We manufacture custom refractory products that are in most cases repeat business. OEM's give us specs and drawings and we help engineer a solution for their high temperature applications.

We currently offer the industries fastest turnaround with ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes. We have inside sales support with engineering and cad support. Average transaction is $2,500 and as high as $80,000. 99% of our customers are repeat business (within 12 months) with many consumable product sales, some customers ship weekly.
Company ID: 28015 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Engineered Products and Components from China, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam.

We Provide Aluminum and Steel Castings, Aluminum, and Steel Extrusions, Machined Components, MIM, PIM, Powder Metal, Forgings, Stampings, Drawer Glides, Hinges, and Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Product Manufacturers and Parts Suppliers looking to Reduce Costs while Maintaining or Improving Quality. Sales are made Primarily to High Level Purchasing and Production Personnel, Owners, and Executives that understand the Value of International Sourcing with Domestic Ease of Business. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a well established, quality supplier with factories in Taiwan, China, India, and Vietnam. We are searching for qualified manufacturers representatives to help expand our business. We have expertise in numerous areas including assemblies, metal products, rubber and plastic, castings, and specialty fasteners. US based engineering and program management for smooth program flow. We offer a unique value proposition. We offer warehousing and KanBan deliveries.
Company ID: 93060 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Fabrication, repair, major overhauls for water cooled furnace cables, electrode holders, mast assemblies, buss bar systems and other components/ projects primarily for Electric Arc Steel Melting Furnaces or Electric Induction Furnaces as well as similar products utilized in different applications. 
Target Markets:
Steel producers, specifically those that melt steel via the Electric Arc Furnace technology; also those who use similar technology for refining. Within the steel plants calls to be made on Melt Shop, Maintenance, Purchasing and sometimes Engineering personnel. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a business in a niche industry. We are nearly 50 years old and due to some illnesses we are looking to replace both a full times salesman and some reps. with representatives.
Company ID: 90666 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Manufacture a Full Line of Standard and Custom Hydraulic Fittings and Adapters Ranging from 1/8" to Over 2" in Size.

Types of Fittings include SAE J514,J1453, JIC 37 Degree Flare, O-Ring, Pipe, Swivel, Bulkhead, Hose Barb, Flange, Metric, Brazed Tube and High Pressure Flat Faced O-Ring Fittings. 
Target Markets:
Distributors. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) such as Construction, Agricultural, Forestry, Lawn, and Off-Road Equipment Manufacturers. Distributors of Fluid Power Products. 
Sales Opportunity:
Increase your commission. If you are currently selling pumps, hose, and fluid power products, incorporate our line of hydraulic fittings. Our fittings will compliment your line. We can also build to the customers print,and engineer product for their application. We have a standard line of fittings and adapters in stock for immediate sale.
Company ID: 77328 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CNC Machining Components, Stamping & Fine Blanking, Screw Machine Parts, All Type of Castings, Powder Metallurgy Parts, Plastics Injection Moulding Parts, Excellent Manufacturing Facilities, Very Competitive Price. 
Target Markets:
OEM’s, Auto Parts Manufacturer, Wholesale Distributors, Machine Shops, Construction Industry, Contractors, Power Coating & Paint Facilities, Electrical, Electornics, Medical and Aeronautics Components and Equipments Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have very wide range of International and Local Qualified Supplier. Those are ISO and TS Certified. We are dealing with suppliers from all over the world. We can offer very competitive price with very good quality. We offer standard commission. We also offer Special incentives for target sales.

***Special Commission Package for 2013***

This is for calendar year starting 1st Jan 2013 to 31 Dec 2013:
$0 to $250,000 6%
$251,000 to $500,000 7%
$500,001 to $1,500,000 8%
Anything above the $1,500,000 8%+2% bonus!!
Company ID: 84894 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Fasteners & Screw Machine Parts (with TS Cert)

Current customers:
- Advel (EU)
- Acument & a Raymond Tinnerman (USA)
- Bosch Rexroth (China)

Al Die Casting Parts (with TS Cert).

Current customers:
- Borg Warner (China & NA)
- TI Auto (China & NA) 
Target Markets:
Automotive Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have good quality products with competitive pricing and able to service customers JIT delivery requirement. We are Tier 2 or 3 suppliers in the automotive industry.
Company ID: 66271 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Small Zinc Die Castings, Multi-Slide - Multi-Cavity. 
Target Markets:
Hardware, Locks, Automotive, Tools, Medical Equipment, Motor Components, Telecommunications, and Fasteners. 
Sales Opportunity:
High quality, low cost producer. Well established company. ISO 9001:2008, All manufacturing operations are in the Midwest. American Made, American Owned.
Company ID: 80275 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Castings; Sand Castings, Gray Iron, Ductile, Die Castings, and Forgings. Machined or as Cast. From Very Small Castings to Castings over 30 Tons. 
Target Markets:
Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Railroad, Dredging, Coal, Industrial, and Other Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Supplier/manufacturer of castings and machining looking for experienced sales representatives in select territories in North America. We supply steel sand castings, gray iron, ductile, die castings and forgings including machining. From small castings to very large castings in excess of 30 to 40 tons. Industries served are construction, mining, railroad, dredging, agriculture, and variouse industrial accounts. We also can supply other metal stampings, etc.

U.S. based with China manufacturing operations. Easy communications, financing, logistics support, technical support, door to door service. Over 30 years of experience with Asian manufacturing.
Company ID: 106662 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings, Tool Design, and Construction.

Parts Design, Machining, CNC, Program Management. All Finishing Requirements Managed by us. ISO 9008 Certified, ITAR Registered, Veteran Owned 
Target Markets:
Military, Defense Contractors, Commercial Requirements. Small and Large Volume Requirements. Domestic, and International Supplier. 
Sales Opportunity:
Full service company. We help to establish long term relationships. Great communicators. Valued engineering. Special 1st year commission percentage on repeat contracts
Company ID: 104070 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Extensive Experience with All Exotic Alloys, Heat Exchanger Products, Baffles, Flanges, Forgings, Castings.

All Basic Materials Cupro Nickle 70/30 90/10. Also welcoming all Proto Type Work. Reverse Engineering. 30 years experience with Military Type Work, Missile, Guidance Systems, Aircraft, Medical. 
Target Markets:
Power Generation, Oil Refinery, Military, Submarine, Ship, Aircraft, Automotive, Medical. 
Sales Opportunity:
I am a Craftsman Business owner. Quality is job 1! I started in this business in 1975, completed a Journeyman program at my place of employment and worked in every department. ultimately became the CNC department Supervisor for the last 7 years the company was in business. After 22 years there I had to move on but stayed in the trade. I have CNC Milling machines and manual machines. Also a full compliment of QC instruments. Here is my promise - I never miss a date I give or charge more than the quote. The quote is the price and the date is the date!
Company ID: 106195 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
All Types of Machined Components. 
Target Markets:
All Types of Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a manufacturing company in India and being competitive we should be able to penetrate the US market with ease. We have a good technical team and can try to take up the most critical parts too.
Company ID: 106133 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are an 8,000 square foot CNC Machine and Fabricating Facility Looking for Customers in Need of Machined/Fabricated Items.

Quantities from 1-2,000/month. Machined Items are up to 20"x30"x80" with Weights up to 5,000#. Fabrications up to 10'x6'x30' with Weights up to 10,000#. 
Target Markets:
Reps will be selling to customers in need of Machining and Fabricating Services. IE: Manufacturers, Foundries, Industrial Facilities, Factories, OEMs, Municipalities, Large Contractors, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are an extremely flexible small service oriented company running 2 shifts per day committed to our customers and employees. We provide consistent quality and performance for our services and a great working atmosphere for our employees. We pay our sales rep flat 5% with bonuses at year end.
Company ID: 106011 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Various Ductile and Gray Iron Castings from .50 pounds to 2,500 pounds. 
Target Markets:
Oil and Gas, Machine Tool, Gears, Housings, Pipe Fittings, Hammer Heads, Steam. We are a Jobbing Foundry will Quote Almost Anything in Iron. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a ductile and gray iron foundry that wants to grow the business and are reaching out to sales reps will to work on commission we pay up to 5% of sales that is brought in by our reps.
Company ID: 105695 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Custom Manufacture Low to High Volume, Technically Challenging, Micro to Mid Size, Thermoplastic Injection Moldings, and Assemblies for a Diverse Range of OEM Customers. 
Target Markets:
Our Product and Service Offerings Appeal to OEM Engineers and Purchasers in the Aerospace, Medical Devices, Electronics, Industrial, Defense/Security, and Automotive Sectors. Who Gain Tangible Benefit from Partnering with a Value-Added, One-Stop Service Provider. 
Sales Opportunity:
From concept to final product, we are a preferred source for plastic injection moldings and assemblies. Rest assured our commitments are delivered on-time, on-budget, to exacting specifications. Specialists in precision moldings up to 55 square inches projected area, micro moldings as small as .1 gram, over molding, and reel to reel molding. Our pristine 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest in injection molding technology, ranging in size from 2.5 to 220 tons clamping force, ensuring that we meet the most demanding of customer specifications.

Founded in 1997, our privately held company is ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, AS9100B and soon to be ISO 13485 Certified, demonstrating our commitment to the highest levels of quality performance, in an arena where failure is not an option. From initial design consultation, our well equipped mold repair tool room, various in-house secondary capabilities including pad and digital printing, ultrasonic welding and heat stacking, to name a few, our Class 10000 clean room, through to final assembly, we are the one-stop shop that can get customers products to market faster and more economically, enabling them to gain greater market share.

We are looking for commissioned, engineering oriented sales representatives to open new doors, and sell our unique value proposition to OEMs in select USA and Canadian territories. This is a terrific win/win opportunity for a salesperson with a "can do" hunter mentality.
Company ID: 100203 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Leading Manufacturer of Religious Products including:
Religious Medals
Inspirational Jewelry
Gift Items
Cremation Urns
Cremation Jewelry 
Target Markets:
Retailers and Wholesalers of Religious Goods
Retailers and Wholesales of Religious Medals and Spiritual Jewelry
Funeral Goods Distributors and Funeral Home Chains 
Sales Opportunity:
The Catholic and overall Christian products industry as a whole now generates more than $5 billion in annual retail sales. Here’s your opportunity to generate some income from this special industry. Our Independent Sales Representatives are responsible for performing B2B sales and merchandising activities at assigned and prospected locations within a designated territory.

The position allows you to work from home or your home office. Accounts will be assigned to you within a defined travel area and you will be supported in finding new opportunities within that territory. You must be willing and have means to travel within the territory, provide your own office equipment, and supply essentials, and maintain your own internet and email access.

Passion for our product line and mission is desirable. Sales and/or merchandising experience is preferred, with a proven record of success, preferably in a related industry. Applicants must have strong communications and organizational skills with a focus on detail. Applicants are required to execute a Professional Services Agreement with our company before becoming an authorized Independent Sales Representative. Representatives earn commission on sales orders and reorders. Our company will provide sales materials, and merchandising materials to support your activities.
Company ID: 99431 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Product Line 1: Machined Copper Alloy Investment Casting Parts, for example C95800 Bronze Parts, for Electric, Marine, and many other industries. We are capable of manufacturing highly engineered parts.
Product Line 2: All sizes of Anchor/Chain Shackles, especially for high strength shackles. 
Target Markets:
1. Company for Electric Industry is most likely to be our Potential Customer for Copper Alloy Casting Parts.
2. Shackle Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a good job opportunity for experienced Reps who might have been working in the related industry field for years. We are one of the few manufacturers capable of making high strength shackles. For example, we make 3" shackles with breaking load no less than 1,100,000 lbs.
Company ID: 105372 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Specification Drainage Products. 
Target Markets:
Supply Houses. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a new company with a complete line of Specification Drainage Products already developed and IAPMO approved. We are looking for some experienced manufacturers reps to carry and promote our products. We are looking for companies in all 50 states.
Company ID: 105281 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Janitorial Services
Landscaping Services
Window Washing
Parking Lot Sweeping
Day Porter Services
Trash Removal Services
Paper and plastic supplies provider 
Target Markets:
Manufacturing Facilities
Corporate Office Buildings 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a minority own company that provides all maintenance services in a one stop shop. We have been in business for more than 30 years.
What makes us a good company?
- We care for our employees. 90% of our employees have been with us 10+ years. WE have developed specific training programs for all of our crews in the industrial, medical, school, retail, office industries.
- We have a 95% retention rate with our current customers.
- We have a strong quality assurance program with systems tailored to each specific location we serve.

Advantages to work with us?
Being privately own, all dealings are done with the owner directly.

How do we support our reps?
Owner and upper management will be available to meet with potential customers as directed by our reps.

What is your commission?

Commission will be a one time payment of 10% of the monthly value of the contract. Commission will be paid as follows:

- 50% of the commission will be paid 15 days after the start day of contract.
- 50% of commission will be paid 90 days after the start day of contract. - All payments will be executed only if contract still in place at the time of payment due. (15 days and 90 days).

We are looking for the right candidates that will help us grow our market in the state of Texas. Look forward in meeting with you.
Company ID: 101580 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Manufacturers/Supply Chain Group with 35 Year Presence in China Offers Full Range of Bearings, Automotive, Agricultural Bearings, Truck and Trailer Parts, and Stainless Steel Bearings for Food Processing, Snowmobile, Lumber and Mining Equipment.

Our California Warehouse Stocks Bearings. 
Target Markets:
Automotive Bearings Distributors, OEMs.
OEMs: Food Processors, Electrical Appliances, Snowmobile, Lumber, and Mining Equipment Manufacturers.
Distributors: Power Transmission Product Distributors, and Automotive Market Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
We support your sales activities with guaranteed quality of product, immediate delivery and dependable service. A lot of territories are open. Please submit a sales inquiry to us, then send your introduction and desired territories once contacted.
Company ID: 105158 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
- Welding Alloys
- Anti-Corrosion Coatings
- Hardfacing Alloys
- Epoxy Putty
- Metal Powder Putty
- Ceramic Putty
- Industrial Aerosols 
Target Markets:
- Middle-east
- India 
Sales Opportunity:
- We are down to earth representatives offering Measurable & Sustainable Quality Products
- We believe in Quantity, Quality & in Direction of our Sales Efforts
- Industrial Consumables are our strength
- We have extensive contacts with the Thermal, Sugar, Steel, Mining, Cement & General Engineering Industries.
- We work on mutually beneficial Sales Commission.
Company ID: 105147 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. Machined Castings
2. Machined Forgings
3. Injection Molded Assemblies 
Target Markets:
1. Industrial
2. Automotive & Motorcycle
3. Heavy Duty Truck
4. Off-Road 
Sales Opportunity:
We manufacture customer made industrial products in China. We have been in business greater then 30 years. We have offices in Troy, MI as well as Hong Kong and Shanghai. We have a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Troy, MI as well to serve our customers better. We are planning to add manufacturer representatives to sell outside of the Mid-West Region.
Company ID: 57438 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Grey and Ductile Iron Castings from 50 to 1,500 lbs in Quantity from 1 to 100. 
Target Markets:
Pumps, Compressor, Heavy Equipment, Machine Tool. Anyone who is Using Grey and Ductile Iron Castings.

We have found smaller manufactures to be more loyal to their vendors, those are the kind of companies we want to work for. 
Sales Opportunity:
Family owned and operated. have rep. now and you can call him for a reference. We play fair and you will get paid. Much better at phone calls than computer conversation. We prefer to work with smaller manufactures.
Company ID: 105058 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Specialize in High Production CNC Machining with a Focus on but not restricted to Manifolds.

The "Product to Sell" would be our Machine Capability Applied to any Potential Work. 
Target Markets:
Mobile Hydraulics
Sales Opportunity:
Our company began 27 years ago using a sale rep and we are now looking to create more customer diversity. This strategy is to build a more reliable sales structure allowing us to go from 15m to 20m in the next two years. Feel free to submit a sales inquiry to me for more details and whatever else is needed to provide enough clarity for us to team up and do business.
Company ID: 88355 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1) Coated Abrasives.
2) Hook and Loop Pressure Sensitive Tapes and Die-Cuts.
3) Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Wheels, Sheets, and Rolls.
4) R & S - Type Quick Change Sanding Discs.
5) Polishing and Finishing Discs, Sheets, Pads, and Accessories. 
Target Markets:
1) Industrial Distributors, Automotive Distributors, and Large OEM's.
2) OEM's with Special Technical Requirements or Needing Private Label Brand Name Abrasive Products.
3) Metal Fabricating, Foundries, Welding Shops, Automotive Repair and Body Shops, Woodworking, Floor Sanding, and Polishing. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for Reps and Distributors in US Southeast.

In business 31 years, a Canadian Manufacturer and Converter of Abrasives,Hook and Loop and Velcro products. All products are manufactured with top quality raw materials sourced world-wide for latest technologies. Major suppliers of R-Type and S-Type quick-change sanding discs. We also manufacture quality sanding pads at competitive prices. We manufacture for leading brand-names, including our own brand. Well known for innovation, quality and support.

For US customers all shipments are at minimum cost from our New York warehouse. Current product listings and specifications on our website with recent catalogs in digital format. We export extensively to some of Europe's largest industrial and automotive distributors who count on us for superior performance products that meet their very high standards for quality and technical support.

Our motto is high quality at fair prices with excellent customer service and experienced, knowledgeable technical support. Most products are in stock or available on short lead times. Our standard commission structure is 10% for product manufactured by us (85% of our business) and 7% for products purchased from other manufacturers. May be limited to 5% on some discounted or clearance items. All negotiable.

We are seeking strong, professional sales representation that will understand customer requirements and deliver the best abrasive solutions. Please submit a sales inquiry if you're qualified.
Company ID: 104964 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Machining and Fabrication of Components, Assemblies, and Sub-Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
OEM manufacturers, Energy, Transportation, Recreation, Aerospace, Equipment manufacturing, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is great opportunity for the right sales team to represent one of the premier ISO certified job shops in the south west. We have a multitude of CNC equipment with several thousand hrs of open capacity ready to serve your customers. Quick turnaround proto-type machining as well as production machining and fabrication. We pay 6% commission on gross sales and are looking for partners to help grow our business throughout the US.
Company ID: 104589 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Brass Forged Components
Brass CNC Machined Components
Brass Transformer Metal Parts
Brass Compression Fittings
Brass Electrical Fittings & Accessories
Brass Flare Nuts
Brass Welding Accessories 
Target Markets:
Machinery Manufacturer
Welding Equipments Manufacturer 
Sales Opportunity:
We are the Pioneers in the Field of Manufacturing of Brass Components and have been in this field for 40 Years.

We have a large number of Machineries as stated below.
1. VMC - Slim 3PC - Makino Make - 2 Nos.
2. VMC - DMC 635V - DMG Make - 1 Nos.
3. Turnmill Centers - CTX 410, CTX 310, CTX 210.
Company ID: 104650 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Robots and Machine Vision Systems. 
Target Markets:
Factory Automation. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for sales reps in Il, WI, and ID. To sell robots in those states initially. Have units already installed in the educational and government labs in those states. Good incentives.
Company ID: 104270 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Zinc Die Castings. 
Target Markets:
All Manufacturing Sector's. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have the largest zinc die casting company in the east. We have been in business for over 60 years and family run. We Do zinc, we know zinc and we are the zinc experts.
Company ID: 104211 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Rapid Prototype Castings, Low Volume Castings, Sand Casting, GDC Aluminium Casting, Investment Castings. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Pump Industry, Compressor, Oil & Gas Parts, Marine Castings, Turbocharger, Automotive Engine Parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are manufacturer of Low volume castings & Rapid prototyping casting. One stop solution for ferrous & non-ferrous parts. From protoype to production.
Company ID: 103967 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
This company imports castings, extrusions, plastic injection, assemblies, stamping and metal fabrications from Vietnam and China. Because they're able to combine orders in Vietnam and China, they can help small companies take advantage of low-cost country production. 
Target Markets:
The Sales Engineer will be selling into the following industries throughout the Midwest: Medical Device, Transportation, Consumer Packaged Goods. 
Sales Opportunity:
I'm a recruiter representing a great opportunity for a Sales Engineer to be part of an International Sourcing company. This division is backed by a larger company, located in West Michigan. The VP of Sales is a great leader who I've known several years. This division has brought in great leadership and the infrastructure is set up for the new Sales Engineer to succeed. This is a non-commissioned, full-time position paying a base salary up to $90,000 plus 25% bonus. Ideally, the company is looking for a hunter-sales type who has contacts throughout the midwest.
Company ID: 103822 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Designs and Builds Custom Work Centers, Automated Systems, and Intelligent Fixturing that Increase Production Throughput.

Providing Quick Turnarounds and Year One Break Evens. Our Company also Boasts a 15,000sqft Manufacturing Facility with Full Manufacturing Capabilities for Quick Turn Manufacturing. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers turn to us for Custom Manufacturing Solution that get More Done with Less. For Innovative Work Centers, Automated Systems and Short Run/Prototype Machined Parts Plants turn to our company when they need their ideas brought to life. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a great company to rep if you find yourself consistently in manufacturing plants. We are looking for manufacturing representatives who want to add custom engineering, work center and automation solutions to their clients with the added bonus of being able to sell our machine shop for contract manufacturing. If you already have a machine shop offering, we are an excellent way to supplement your machining clients needs with a short run and prototype shop as well.
Company ID: 103705 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Grey Iron Castings
Ductile Iron Castings
High Chrome Castings
Ni Hard Castings
Wear Resistant Castings 
Target Markets:
Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers
Asphalt Hot Mixing Plant Manufacturers
Mining Equipment Manufacturers
Cement Machinery Manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is small scale industry and our overhead is low so we can be competitive compared to other manufacturers. A good opportunity for reps is that we are ready to give commission percentage 4% of the net sales.
Company ID: 103682 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Full-Service Machining & Manufacturing Service Provider.
Value Engineering
Prototype Services
Multi-Axis CNC Machining (Turning & Milling)
Swiss Style Lathe Machines along with VMC & HMC.
Supplier Managed Inventory 
Target Markets:
We work with industries such as but not limited to:
Professional Turf Care
Hand Tools, Power Tools, diagnostic Equipment
Recreation and Marine
Industrial Equipment
Fire Fighting Vehicles
Engines and Motorcycles 
Sales Opportunity:
We currently are working with no active outside Sales Rep. We recently purchased 2 new machines and are looking to bring in 2-3 more in 2016. We have a solid staff of highly qualified machinists. 50% machine capacity/time available to sell on 35 active work centers.
Company ID: 103651 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
3D Printed Industrial Components.

Such as Tooling for Pick & Place Robots, Custom Gears & Sprockets, Sensor Brackets, Guide Wheels & Supports, Timing/Feed Screws, Conveyor Cleats & Buckets. The list is endless. 
Target Markets:
OEM Machine Builders:
Custom Machinery, Packaging, Labeling, Carton Equipment, Fillers, Food & Pharmaceutical Equipment, Conveyors, Production Machinery.

Injection Molders, Blow Molders, Bottlers, Custom Packagers, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceuticals. The list is endless. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our 3D printing is next generation technology that allows us to replace costly machined aluminum & steel pieces and assemblies with cost effective industrial strength precise 3D printed parts. This is a unique opportunity to work with one of a few companies that's firmly established in industrial 3D printed components.

Our engineers with our custom software have the ability to analyse the stress points of bulky, heavy metal parts and design a 3D printed parts that will carry the loads but is substantially less weight at a fraction of the cost of machined metal. Our typical deliveries are 5 - 7 days, less if required. We understand that this is new cutting edge technology that requires 100% support for both reps and customers, we give full management and engineering back up. We offer a generous compensation.
Company ID: 103551 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Subcontract Production Assembly Services.

Our Services include:
Product Assembly: Reverse Logistics, Re-Work, Sorting
Disassembly: Hand Assembly of Components, Hardware, Parts Kits, Part Finishing, Sorting, Inspection
Bagging, Boxing, Repacking, Collating & Stuffing, Poly Bagging, Heat Sealing
911/Just in time 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers. Our Clients are very Diverse and cover a very Broad Scope. We Work with very Small Mom & Pop Machine Shops to Publicly Traded Companies Serving the Aerospace Industry as well as many others in between. 
Sales Opportunity:
It's been our experience that the most successful Reps enjoy long term relationships with their clients based on the value they deliver. Price is very important but if the relationship is contingent on being the lowest cost provider only, it won't last. We believe in the principal of Pain over Pleasure. Think about it. Not many companies change providers or suppliers when all is going well just for the sake of change.

Change only happens when despite everything else that is going well, the pain outweighs the pleasure. As Sales Professionals, success is most often achieved when a solution for the pain is provided and not the promise of pleasure. The VERY BEST Salespeople don't sell, they provide solutions to their clients PAIN. We view our Reps similar to a Physician. You meet with the client, you diagnose the pain, and you write the prescription. We see ourselves as the solution to the pain or one that you prescribe.

Delivering Value in addition to what the competition is offering is the key to client retention. Offering our services in addition to your already successful relationship will separate you from your competition. Just like every company, we pay our reps based on the profit of the project. Our reps earn 25% of that profit and are paid every month for as long as the project lasts. We both have a vested interest in retaining clients and delivering value. Since every project is unique, you will know in advance of delivering the quote what that profit is.
Company ID: 103537 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Contract CNC Machine Shop
Milling 3 & 4 Axis
2 Axis Turning
Grinding, Honing, Welding
Design Services, SolidWorks, etc. 
Target Markets:
Industrial OEM Companies
Sales Opportunity:
Looking to expand our customer base by leveraging our investment in technology.
10% Commission
Located in Greater Boston area close to Hi-Tech companies.
Company ID: 103428 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
High Quality Engineering Components for a Wide Range of Industries in Critical and Super-Critical Applications many Materials including Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Creep Resistant Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Nickel Based Alloys, Cobalt Based Alloys, etc. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers in Oil & Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Aerospace, Ships & Marine, Valves and Flow-Control, Power Plants and Turbines, Pulp & Paper Machinery and Mining and Earthmoving Machinery Based in Europe and USA. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a 52 years old company and produces stainless steel and high alloy steel castings for various critical and super-critical applications. We have fully equipped plants with investment casting, Replicast®, Shell Moulding & Centrifugal Casting facilities including CNC machining capabilities. We have been exporting over 75% of it products for more than 30 years to countries all over Europe, North America as well as other countries in Asia and South America. Our company enjoys long term associations ranging between 10 to 30 years with most of its customers.

We offer components manufactured using our technologies which are the latest manufacturing technologies in the production of castings, especially in difficult to make alloys like Super Duplex, stainless steel etc. These technologies provide a much better alternative for Sand Molding processes as they reduce and eliminate various constraints and defects associated with the conventional sand molding process for manufacture of castings. With these processes, we are able to manufacture castings up to 5,000 kgs single piece with higher accuracy and improved quality, consistency and reliability than any other casting process for this size of castings.

Our unique technologies offer immense opportunities for our sales representatives. The target customers are mostly large corporates and the remuneration structure shall depend on the size and nature of inquiries and firm orders generated.
Company ID: 81819 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Painting and Coating Facility.

Production Painting and Job Shop Painting. We Handle Large or Small Parts. We also Handle any Castings, Metal Fabrication/Extrusions, Plastics, etc. We Spray all Liquid Products, Epoxies, Milspec (CARC), Primers, Topcoats, etc. Light Assembly is also offered. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturing Industry, Government Agencies, Automotive Industry, Any company that requires their products to be painted or coated. We are a Woman-Owned company! 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1947. Been painting since 1982. We are a smaller family owned business with strong core values and a strong business strategy. I would love the opportunity to talk to you as a potential representative for our company. We have never had a sales rep and I believe it would be a very lucrative opportunity. There is a lot of potential out there just need a sales rep to get the customer/company in the door. Our work and capabilities will do the rest!
Company ID: 103300 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Contract Manufacturing: Our company is a veteran owned, ISO/TS 16949 certified, specializing in prismatic CNC Flexible Machining. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
- Veteran Owned
- ISO/TS 16949 certified
- 3 Flexible Manufacturing Systems. (relatively new CNC technology)
- 60,000 square foot facility.
- 20+ CNC Machines
- 2 Sheffield CMM's
- Largest machining capacity of 800mm cubic.
- DFMA in house.
- Program management.
- Located in Rochester, NY.
Company ID: 100323 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are the Largest Manufacturer of Tool Holders & Collets like ER, DA, TG, OZ Collet Holders, Endmill & Facemill Holders, in CAT, BT Tapers, & other Machine Tool Accessories.

Full Cutting Tool line is also Available like Carbide Inserts and other Cutting Tools. 
Target Markets:
Machine Tool Accessories Distributors & Dealers, Large & Small Machine Shops, Tool Holder Manufacturers, Catalog Houses, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Strengths:
• We use high quality Spring Steel Raw Material imported from Europe.
• Our Machines are high precision imported from Switzerland.
• We facility is export oriented and we export to USA, Japan, and European Counties. We supply collets to OEMs.
• Manufacture with Swiss technology, We manufacture Inch and Metric both sizes.

We have 30+ years of experience in manufacturing collets and holders. One stop supply for machine tools accessories & cutting tools. Our products are already very well accepted in USA & Europe with very reputed catalog houses & OEMs. They sell our products under their own brand names.

We have 30+ years experience in Collet Manufacturing. We maintain a large inventory for ready delivery. Transit time from India to USA is only 3 to 5 days by air, door to door. Commission structure is negotiable. It is generally 5% to 10%. Please feel free to submit a sales inquiry to me with any questions. Thank you.
Company ID: 102047 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
OEM Parts - Critical Fasteners, Precision Parts, Castings, Plastics, Rubber, and much more. Includes Logistic & Custom Costs.

Essentially your one stop shop. 
Target Markets:
Customers in need of OEM Parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking to expand our business by finding manufacturers agents with whom we can create a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Annual income $75,000-$160,000/yr easy money. Paycheck is based on how hard you work! If you have contacts who are in need of OEM parts, we can help you. Usually up to 20-40% lower than our competitors. Try us out you have nothing to lose - No Quota, No fees, and No pressure. Please reach me anytime to discuss this Fresh Opportunity further.
Company ID: 103243 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Die Casting and Plastic Tooling. 
Target Markets:
Industries for Automotive Parts, Home Appliances, and Military Applications. 
Sales Opportunity:
Located in Taiwan with over 35 years of experiences in developing Precision Die Casting and Plastic Tooling. Our services covers complete engineering services from design concept, prototyping through machining and metal finishing and producing from 500-1,200 ton production-ready dies at a competitive cost.
Company ID: 56550 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
X-ray Fluorescence Elemental Analyzers from the World Leader in Portable XRF Instrumentation.

These Handheld Instruments Sell in a Range from $16,000 to over $50,000, are USA Made, are Sold on an Exclusive Factory Direct Basis, No Additional Distribution to Compete with. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Recyclers, Colleges/Universities, Petrochem, Medical/Dental, Manufacturers, Jewelry/Precious Metals, Fabricators, Mining, Foundries, Pb Paint, Art, Positive Material Identification, Auto, RoHS/Electronics, Furniture, Ceramics, Fibers, Power Gen, Government/Military, Consumer Products, and many more. 
Sales Opportunity:
The successful candidate will have an established history of selling into the technical market place. An education background in engineering or the sciences is preferred however, experience will be taken into consideration. We prefer a person already established as an independent rep looking to add a high profile technical product to their mix that would become a major source of income. The territory includes Alabama, Tennessee & Georgia. Commission position with an expense reimbursement program.
Company ID: 103106 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company produces high quality iron castings ranging from 1 to 120 pounds on Hunter 20 x 24 and BP 20 x 26 molding machines.

Excel at small to large lot sizes. We pour the following alloys: Class 30 and 40 Gray Iron, Acicular Gray Iron, Ferritic Ductile Iron, and Pearlitic Ductile Iron. 
Target Markets:
The target market will be other manufacturing companies using iron castings in their products produced. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been a preferred iron-casting supplier to railroad, mining, oil, natural gas, and agriculture industries in the upper mid-west for over 40 years. Our lead times are typically under 8 weeks with an on-time delivery rate of 98.7%. We are ISO 9001:2008 and AAR-M-1003 quality certified. We pay a 5% commission on the sales price less raw material surcharge.
Company ID: 103077 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pop-Up Pallets.

Companies are shipping trucks 1/2 full because they have odd-sized products/boxes on pallets, and therefore cannot stack on top. This Patent Pending product is like an upside down card table. You put the product on the pallet, pop-up the legs, put the lid on, stretch wrap, and go. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Huge potential commission for a much needed Patent Pending product. This should easily help customer reduce costs and increase profitability. We offer operating lease options to make it much easier. Full support by phone available any time. Big dollar value items with big commission (10%).
Company ID: 100530 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Looking for Manufacturing Representative who have a customer base of:
Paint Manufacturers
Paint Making Machine Manufaturers

To Represent Supplier from India who is Specialized in Manufacturing of Paint Machine Spares for Replacement Parts and Process-Equipments. 
Target Markets:
Paint Manufactures & Paint Making Machine Manufacturers and Distributors.
Spare Parts: Sand Mills, Agitator Discs, Saw Tooth Caws, Extruder Liners, Rotor Plates, Extruder Elements, Classifier, ACM Liner.
Process Equipment: Ball Mills, Powder Container & Mixer, Filter, Cone Blender, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Manufacturing above spares require multi-steps processing such as Mold Casting, Precision Machining, Hardening, and Grinding, etc. Sometimes spares need manufacturing from samples. This is very labor intensive and cost is very high in USA. Many customers procure them from China. USA businesses are concerned of Risks of China Suppliers and looking for second source.
Company ID: 102985 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Sales/Rep for Automotive, Heavy Truck, Medical, Appliance, Lawn/Garden, Agriculture, Commercial /Recreational Markets. Rep Manufacturers Plastic Inject, Compression, Rotary,Structural Foam, Prototype Stack Tooling, Molding Exhaust Mufflers, Steel Product Machining, Aluminum/Steel Castings, Aluminum Extruding. 
Target Markets:
OEM's and Tier 1 Suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Seeking OEMs and Tier's requiring our current Product Lines and Manufacturing Companies seeking representation in the above Markets in Canada, USA, and Mexico.
Company ID: 102972 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Packaging and Bagging Machines

Can make Many Sized Bags from Same Machine, Very Flexible, and Change Length in Seconds, plus Offers Cost Savings Over Pre-Made Bags. 
Target Markets:
Plastic Injection Molders, Furniture Manufacturers, Machine Shops, Contract Packagers, Nuts & Bolts, Small Parts Manufacturers, any Company that Packages Products in Bags (Except Powders or Dusty Products) 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer some of the most flexible packaging and bagging machines in the country, most competitors only use pre-made bags which are more costly. Our machines can make any length bag required within seconds and widths from 1.7" to 23.6" wide. Width can be changed within minutes by changing the roll of film.
Company ID: 102967 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Single Source Provider of High Tech Engineering Solutions and Advanced Manufacturing. Industry Leader in Additive Manufacturing and High Tech Machining.

Complete Process Capabilities with Key High Profile Customers. 
Target Markets:
Our reps will be calling on Major Commercial OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers in the Aerospace, Energy, Healthcare, and Industrial Commodities Sector. We are a Canadian Manufacturer and are AS and ISO Certified with a strong focus on customer service. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for a motivated individual presently in the Industrial OEM market to create new customers in various regions in across the US. We will provide an attractive opportunity to reps that see the future of additive manufacturing and can convert that vision into sales leads. We will support the technical aspects of the sales effort and provide all support necessary to ensure our reps are setup to excel.
Company ID: 100948 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ability to Produce a Wide Range of Precision Machined Products including: Crankshafts, Eccentric Shafts, Scroll Shafts, Motor Shafts, and Pump Shafts. 
Target Markets:
Selling to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the following markets: Air Braking Systems, Air Conditioning, Air Compressor, Automotive Engine, Diesel Engine, Fluid Pumps, Gasoline Engines, Marine Engines, Metal-Forming Machinery, Oil & Gas Compressors, Oilfield Pumps & Refrigeration. 
Sales Opportunity:
A leading manufacturer of precision machined products that specializes in crankshafts for use in engines, pumps and compressors is looking for Independent Representatives to help promote and grow sales. We are a family owned, US based manufacturer with a longstanding reputation in the precision machined products industry for quality and service. We are ISO90012008 Certified and supply leading original equipment manufacturers throughout the world. We have the ability to produce large quantity production runs in addition to fulfilling service parts needs.
Company ID: 102693 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Company is a Manufacturing Facility in South Central Pennsylvania.

Formed in 1990, we Specialize in the Manufacturing of CNC Gear Products including but not limited to Gears, Shafts, Rotors, Spindles, etc. We are an ISO 9001 Certified Company. 
Target Markets:
Heavy Construction Equipment, Automotive, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business since 1990 manufacturing products form many well named companies. We has manufactured gears for NASCAR and John Deere to name a few. We would offer 5% commission on new business brought to the company. The commission would be added to the piece price when quoted.
Company ID: 100703 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Die Casting Parts and Components to Consumer Electronics, LED Lighting, US Automakers, Medical Equipment, Telecommunication, Power Tools, Industrial Equipment, Notebooks, and Tablets, etc.

The Alloys we Process include Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Zirconium. 
Target Markets:
We are Targeting these markets: Consumer Electronics, LED Lighting, US Automakers, Medical Equipment, Telecommunication, Power Tools, Industrial Equipment, Notebook and Tablet Manufacturers, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Manufacturers Rep/Sales Large Die Casting Manufacturer has an immediate need for a Sales Rep in Chicago. Will need to develop new clients in US. Since we are currently in some business acquisition talks, meaning this opportunity could grow exponentially and to be part of the acquisition team. Have backup from a larger overseas Die Casting Company. Provide manufacturing site training. There are general opportunities because of increasing US manufacturers moving back onshore. Commission structure is negotiable.

A Brief background of our company: We are an overseas Die Casting Manufacturer with molding capacity in excess of currently supplying parts and components to consumer electronics, LED lighting, US automakers, medical equipment, telecommunication, power tools, industrial equipment, notebook and tablet, etc. We have plans to expand further our customer base across the industry. We have over 300 Die Casting machines ranging from 120 tons to 4,000 tons, we process our order from casting to precision machining to surface finishing. Alloys we process include Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Zirconium.
Company ID: 102630 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, and Magnesium Die Casting Mould, Squeeze Casting Mould. 
Target Markets:
Engineers, Components. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our integrated service not only makes your life easier but to make your profit Higher! Customers can get one-stop service from DFM, tooling design, mould simulation, mould making, trial shoot service, from our company. We focus on making high quality moulds for automotive parts. We have many successful cases for VW, AUDI, GM, Peugeot, Toyota.
Company ID: 102595 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Wiping Rags and Cloths, New and Recycled Rags and Cloths. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Auto Industry, and Sub Contractors, Maintenance Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
The southern region of the United States is the fastest growing sector for the auto industry and their related sub contractors. Our comapny is a manufacturer of wiping cloths and rags. Our product line consists of both new and recycled wiper and rags. We manufacture and inventory a complete line of cotton, terry, and polyester materials.

Packaging capabilities range from 10, 25, and 50 pound boxes and compressed bales 25 and 1,000 pounds. With distribution centralized in Greer, SC we have the capabilities of just in time delivery requirements for South Carolina's upstate. Our company is not new to this industry, being grandfathered as far back to the med 1930's, we are the only wiper and cloths supplier in the Greenville/Spartanburg industrial area.
Company ID: 102503 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Castings of Aluminum and Bronze. 
Target Markets:
Machinery Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
I am looking for customers who need a source of non-ferrous castings. fast turn around time. We have 39 years experience in metal castings in most alloys. From iron to titanium.
Company ID: 102409 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
High Quality Forgings and Castings.

Special Expertise in Valve Parts and High Precision Finished Components. Pipe Fittings like Flanges, Elbows, & Collets. 
Target Markets:
Oil Well Servicing Companies, Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer excellent opportunity to have win-win situation. Our extensive knowledge and experience gives us high competitive edge over many Asian suppliers. Please submit a sales inquiry to us to discuss offer details.
Company ID: 102178 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Powder Coating, High Temp Coatings, Protective Coatings, and Sandblasting. 
Target Markets:
Small to Medium Manufacturers of Metal Products, Metal Fabricators, Machine Shops, Metal Stamping Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Established powder coating company serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is seeking an experienced rep to market its services. There is a high demand for this service and only modest competition. We have an experienced staff and are able to run multiple shifts in order to meet customer deadlines
Company ID: 102086 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Knobs Pulls, Drawer Slides, Lighting Hinges, Cabinet Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Hospitality, Furniture Manufacturer, Cabinet Makers, Office Furniture. 
Sales Opportunity:
High quality and value priced items.Hhigh customer service. Easy to communicate. Quick to meet market demands, Support with up to date website catalogs leads. 6% gross sale commission easy math.
Company ID: 101986 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is an Experienced Global Supplier of Crusher Parts.

We can Provide a Wide Range of Crusher Parts. 
Target Markets:
South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East. 
Sales Opportunity:
We supply high quality crusher parts that ensure higher reliability of a customer's equipment, such as jaw plates, mantles, concave, copper sleeves, frame, bearing, hammer, blow bars, feeder, head centre, main shaft, main shaft sleeve, torch ring, fixed jaw, swing jaw, upper/lower edge plate, adjustment seat, adjustment block, toggle plate, tension rod, rack, tooth plate, fly wheel, eccentric shaft, separate, etc.
Company ID: 101785 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Casting:
Aluminum Casting, All Types Processes, HPDC, Sand, Gravity, Investment
Iron Casting, Automotion Line or Manpower, High Volume or Low Volume Steel Casting, Investment Casting
Other Metal Casting Upon Request! 
Target Markets:
Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Medical, Automotive, Outer Door Power Equipment, Water, Food Equipment, Light Industry. We Particularly Focus on SMEs - Small and Middle Size Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer the best supply of casting in term of cost which gives our sales rep the largest margin. We have been supplying US market for over 15 years, with the strong quality control system to ensure secure and consistent supply. We have proven solutions for low volume/high mix demand.

Our aluminum casting, for example gravity casting, unit cost is 1/3 to 1/5 price of domestic supplier, tooling cost is 1/5 to 1/10 of domestic offer. It is huge room there. It is a gold mine. We provide standard industry warrant for our products from TS16949 certified foundry. We have flexible work structure with sales rep to suit everyone's unique situation.
Company ID: 101630 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Offer Casting, Forging & Stamping with High-Precision Machining (3 & 4 Axis CNC Turning/Milling) & Molding Plastics (100 - 600 Tons).

We have our own In-House Designers and Engineers and over 10 Years Top Class Experience in OEM/ODM Projecting. 
Target Markets:
Any customers around the world who are looking for manufacturers that provides:
1. Professional Inspection (IPQC/FQC)
2. High Quality System
3. QC Process Improvement Services:
4. Competitive Pricing and Minimal Tooling Cost. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company was established in 1993, we are a big experienced company which are able to serve customers throught out the worldwide. We makes things easy and user friendly.Our company is supplying high quality parts or assemblies, on time delivery (OTD) and offers competitive prices for customers. We have big company capabilities with small company sensibilities.
Company ID: 89613 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is an ISO-13485 and AS9100 Certified Contract Manufacturer Producing both Porous and Solid Titanium Components Via Metal Injection Molding (MIM).

We are now Offering Titanium MIM Capability Outside of the Medical Device Industry. TiMIM Typically Delivers Cost Savings of 20% +. 
Target Markets:
You will be providing Titanium component manufacturing solutions to New Product Developent Teams, Engineers, Reasearch and Development Teams, Supply Chain Managers, and Executives in Markets including Aerospace, Consumer, Medical Device, Impantables, Dental, Industrial, Firearms, Marine, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company seeks to partner with experienced manufacturers representative organizations that possess the professional track record, geographic coverage and technical skill set to drive the growth of our innovative, proprietary Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) expertise.

With the support of our world class engineering team, representatives will be offering unique product design cpabilities and potential cost saving solutions to companies currently sourcing or seeking to source high quality Titanium components manufactured by convention methods such as forging, machining, casting, etc.

We are prepared to offer commission programs representative(s) capable of finding and closing on opportunities that leverage our unique design and manufacturing capability. Specifically we seek to partner with OEM manufacturers looking to outsource component production programs to develop unique new products or realize cost reductions for high quality Titanium components.

Target manufacturing opportunities include:
- Individual annual part volumes of 5,000 - 1,000,000
- Part weights of .5g to 250g
- Minimum wall thickness of 0.015" (1mm)

You will work closely with our senior management team to qualify projects and develop this growing market.
Company ID: 100967 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Diverse and Flexilbe Ductile and Gray Iron Green Sand Foundry that Offers Cope & Drag and Disamatic Molding, Hyrdaulic Products, Flywheels, Transmission Carriers, Railcar Chassis, Railroad Plates, Valves, Hubs, Planet Carriers, Brackets, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Iron Castings 5 pounds to 280 pounds. 
Target Markets:
Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Railcar, Railroad, Light Vehicle. 
Sales Opportunity:
Progressive iron foundry is seeking Manufacturer Rep Firms in the Southwest and West Coast to make an immediate positive impact to grow sales and customer base. Ownership has invested to modernize core and mold making and implemented LEAN operating manufacturing methods. Investment has increased capacity and the foundry management team has set aggresive new business development growth goals.
Company ID: 101622 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Automation Projects, Repair, Maintenance.
CNC Machines Manufacture and Repair Services.
Servos and Stepper Motors Actuators/Stages Projects and Services.
Smart Conveyors, Positioning, Dispensers, Mixers, PWM Motor Control, and Power Supply.
Ask for Industrial, Medical, Avionics, Scientific. 
Target Markets:
Mechanical Electronics Engineers
Medicine Doctors
Veterinary Doctors
General Aviation
Electronic Scientific Equipment
Small, Custom Precision CNC Milling Machine Services.
Digital and Embedded Microprocessor Projects, with Software and Firmware. 
Sales Opportunity:
1- 27 years experience Working for NY, NJ, FL Companies.
2- Fast and reliable work.
3- Have customers references.
4- Competitive prices.
5- State of the art know how.
6- Friendly and accessible.
7- Free estimates.
8- English, Spanish, Portuguese speaking.
9- Small jobs are welcome!
10- FAAM



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