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Company ID: 98209 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Liquid Transfer Pumps, with their Exceptional Technology that Conserves Inventory, Assures Worker Safety, and Ensures Compliance with Regulatory Rules -- at Lower Cost.

Compatible with more than 1,400 Chemicals, including Acids, Caustics, Lubricants, Fuels, Volatile Chemicals, and Flammable Liquids. 
Target Markets:
Our Pumps are Used in Aviation, Automotive Manufacturing and Service, Laboratories, Electronics Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Beverages, Construction, and other industries. They can Improve Safety and Efficiency in Any Environment where Fluids must be Transferred Quickly and Easily. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are so popular that our company has growing pains. We need independent sales reps to help boost us to the next level, and ride the tide of success with us. Are you competitive and successful in business-to-business sales? If so, we'd like to talk to you about a potentially rewarding opportunity -- to sell a new, patent-protected product so innovative that it has virtually no direct competition.

We offer an exceptional commission program based on sales, plus generous performance rewards. We provide prompt technical support to both reps and customers. We also offer exclusive sales territories, and will provide qualified leads generated from our popular website, advertising campaigns and frequent participation in trade shows. You will find that Brand loyalty is remarkable, and repeat sales are brisk.

The GoatThroat brand always elicits a smile, at first. But after one trial, our pumps sell themselves, and customers just keep buying more, for different applications, especially as and when users move either to new departments or to new companies. We also offer one other perk -- you'll like working with us.
Company ID: 97116 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Mass Flow Controller, Mass Flow Meter for Gases, and Electronic Gas Mixer.

We are Using Unique Sensor Technology which Leads to Better Performance then other MFCs. 
Target Markets:
Gas Producing Companies
Industrial Furnaces 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a leading supplier of all kind of valves, sensors and controllers. We want to extend the sales of our very successful product lines of Mass Flow products into new markets. We are covering already some markets but want to introduce the product especially to labs and universities.
Company ID: 98345 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Parts Washers
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Air Management Equipment
Metal Fabrications
Target Markets:
Steel Industry, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This position can very well become the best, most diverse line, and hs the strongest support and capabilities. Progressive commission payments and a protected territory for new accounts. We have an abundance of expertise available to assist in helping you become the best in the industry.
Company ID: 97614 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Systems.

Products are FDA Compliant as well as USDA for Intermittent Food Contact.We have been in Business for 44 years with Current Management. We also Offer a Broad Line of Coatings for Chemical Process Industry. 
Target Markets:
Chemical Process and Food & Beverage Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We supply District Managers who work with several regional Reps as needed to help in technical calls and presentations. Our field installation techs work with the local contractor initially to train and help with the various systems. The owner of our company has 49 years of experience and is a chemist by training does all the Lunch and Learns for A&E firms.
Company ID: 97967 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Stainless Steel Fabricators
Top Quality - Stainless Products.
NSF Certified - Restaurants, Casino's, Hotels, Schools
Dairy Industry Specialties 
Target Markets:
Engineering Firms Seeking Custom Manufactures - Restaurant Supply Firms, Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Company has been operating for 15 years and we have just added a 2nd location so we are in need of a new bright energetic team member to help us grow. Our package is based on your expertise. Our sales representative will be the first we have added to our staff - so you will have the leading edge to set the example for future growth.
Company ID: 97896 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Spray Nozzles, Tank Mixing Eductors, Air Atomizing Nozzles, and Nozzles Accessories. 
Target Markets:
OEM's, Resellers, and End Users 
Sales Opportunity:
With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, BEX is a leader in spray nozzle industry. Our sales specialists, engineers, and technical support staff are capable and willing to help solve the toughest of application problems in industries ranging from cleaning, rinsing, and washing to food and beverage, from chemical processes to dust control, and many more. BEX is known not just for our exceptional quality but also for our industry-leading delivery and customer service.
Company ID: 97845 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Serves a Wide Variety of Markets Manufacturing both Batch and Continuous Ovens, Washers, Custom Coating Equipment.

In addition, we Manufacture or Source Guarding, Conveyors, and a Variety of Items for Automation. 
Target Markets:
With Manufacturing Facilities in the United States, China and Thailand our Ovens and Washers are Sold to the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Foundry, and Building Materials Industries. Products are Engineered to Order the Abilty to Sell to Manufacturing, Engineering, and Management are Critical. 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent opportunity to expand product offering if currently selling into the Manufacturing and OEM Markets. With almost 60 years of designing and building thermal processing equipment, with manufacturing capabilities in China and Thailand. We have the resources and are committed to supporting representatives in the field. Our company pays a generous commission on all orders received.
Company ID: 89306 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Hard Chrome Plating, Flash Chrome Plating, Thin Dense Chrome Plating. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Manufacturers, OEM's, Contract Machine Shops. 
Sales Opportunity:
Nationwide company with a solid reputation in the industrial chrome plating field for over 50 years seeks to work with a professional rep with proven experience. Our focus is customer safisfaction through "Doing what we said we would" by completing jobs on time and correctly. Employees at our company enjoy thier work enviroment and this translates to dedicated partners. We seek to gain new customers and have plenty of capacity to grow. We are ready now to accept the new challenges and we all can benefit from dealing with professionals.
Company ID: 96712 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems for Industry.

Proprietary Treatment Technology Coupled with Fabricated High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Units that can Reuse up to 95% of an Industrial Manufacturing Facility's Waste Water Discharge. Web Remote Monitoring. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Operations, Auto, Metals, Heavy Construction, Building Products. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a high growth company with unique technologies and have a comprehensive capability of designing and manufacturing all types of custom and standard systems. We also blend unique chemical formulations to solve water problems. We own and operate installed treatment systems at our customers site. We provide a complete comprehensive design, build, own, operate, and maintenance capability.
Company ID: 96701 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal stampings.

5,000 pcs/yr and up. We don't do short run or prototype unless there is a high likelihood of larger volume orders down the road. We have an in house tool room but only build tools that we are going to run ourselves. 
Target Markets:
Appliance, Automotive, Electronics, Energy/Utilities, Furniture, Hardware, Machinery, Marine. In short, anyone who wants a metal stamping. We are currently targeting parts with 10,000 parts annually and up. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a job shop metal stamping company established in 1953 and located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Owned and operated by engineers, we have the capability and experience you need to solve your stamping problems. Our plant has approximately 40,000 square feet comprising office, tool room, production, inspection, warehousing and shipping areas. We have sufficient space on our lot to roughly double that to 80,000 square feet when needed ISO 9001-2008 certified.
Company ID: 57772 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CWC is an OEM of a Post-Weld Cleaning Process/Machine Designed for Fabricators & Manufacturers that Work with Stainless Steel.Made in the U.S. at our facility in Gilbert, AZ. We also Manufacture and sell some Competitor's Weld Cleaner Consumables. 
Target Markets:
Welding and Gas Distributors, Industrial Distributors who Sell Welding Products, Distributors of Industrial Products whose End-Users are Stainless Steel, Manufacturers and Fabricators. We service many types of equipment manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a fast growing company that has developed a product designed for manufacturing & fabrication companies that work with stainless steel. Welding stainless steel causes a discoloration on the material and that discoloration has to be removed to create an attractive product. We utilize a process that uses a power supply and cleaning solution to instantly remove this discoloration without tedious time consumption and the messy use of abrasives.

Every welded stainless steel product on the market has to go through the process of removing this discoloration and we revolutionize this process into a quick and simple solution. With very little, to no competition, our product is taking a large market share in a very short amount of time.

We're looking for Manufacture Reps that work with:
Welding & Gas Distributors
Industrial Distributors who sell welding products

Distributors to Equipment Manufacturers for:
Food & Beverage, Processing, Packaging and Handling
Semiconductor Support
Medical and Support
Ship Building
Petro Chemical
Car/Truck Wash
Tank Manufacturers
Electrical Enclosures
and many others

Fabricators for:
Water Treatment

We are looking for U.S. and International Manufacturers Reps who will aggressively present our products and explain the benefits to quality distributors. Our products are easy to ship, train, and sell. We pay high commissions.
Company ID: 26467 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Product Finishes.

We Reasearch, Test, and Develop our own Coatings. A complete line of Water, Hi Solids and 2K Urethanes, Air Dry, and Bake. 
Target Markets:
Target markets would be: Metal Finishing Industry, Transportation, Truck Body Builders, Industrial Equipment, Metal Furniture, Construction Equipment, Engines, Compressors, Structural Steel, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have some unique and proven technology being used by very critical customers. Custom formulations to match production conditions, preformance requirements, Enviornmental restrictions, Color, etc. A fully staffed Lab with testing equipment for corrosion, UV exposure, humidity, hardness, color, gloss, etc.

Our goal is to solve coating issues by partnering with the customer, being an active and dependable supplier. We are looking for capable representatives who share our values and have a knowledge of the coatings industry.
Company ID: 86518 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Our sales office & warehouse distribution center base at Irwindale, CA. We are fully stock at our CA warehouse to service our customers nationwide. Factory located overseas, with 50+ years manufacturer experience. We offer a wide opportunity to all sales rep. nationwide. We have excellent products lines, now need to build a strong solid sales force that benefit both party. All potential business are open for discussion.

Being a manufacturer we fully focus to maintain top quality of our production lines, that's also our promise and commitment to our customer. We also welcome the opportunity for OEM products, and forge all new potential business. Most of all, we guarantee our direct manufacturer pricing, best quality and service.

Company ID: 47075 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The POWER OF ONE-STOP SOLUTION. Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards and PCB Assembly Services - Quick Turn High Mix Low Cost PCB Assembly. Prototype PCB Same-Day & Production in 7-10 days. Offshore and In-House Manufacturing at Competitive Prices. ISO/ITAR Certified. 
Target Markets:
Serving OEM, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications, Computers, Audio, Video Products, Industrial, Power Supplies, Gas/Oil Industy, Sensors and more.

Special Materials: - FR406, Getek, SOLA, Rogers, Polyimide, Teflon, Taconic, JP Copper Clad, BT, Ceramic. 
Sales Opportunity:
Precision Technologies, Inc is a team of experienced professionals with over 35 years of accumulated experience in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and a full service contract manufacturing.

From quotations to delivery, our value added services are fast, competitive and committed to total customer satisfaction. The various types of fabrication include Single Sided Up to 40 Layers, Lead-free finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembly techniques and fabrication methods are all considered up front and so our efforts too are successful in providing a quality based product every time. With an objective to satisfy customers and build long term relations, we have proved our reliability and grown over the years along with our entire customer base. We have best On-time shipping record and deliver the order early in many cases.

Compensation: 10% commission on Quick turn prototype orders and 5% on production quantity. All negotiable, so submit a sales inquiry to us for complete details.
Company ID: 81991 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Steel Llighting and Transmission Poles. 
Target Markets:
USA and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Company under new and professional management is expanding its manufacturing capabilities and organizing networks for marketing and finishing of poles. Your contributions to the company's growth and success will be handsomely rewarded. All sales inquiries will remain strictly confidential.
Company ID: 71774 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Manufactures High Quality Electrochemical Analytical Sensors & Specializes in the Manufacture of pH, ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen and Ion Selective Electrodes. We are the Exclusive US Partner for Knick pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Portable Meter products. 
Target Markets:
Industrial (Chemical Process, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Water Quality, etc.) and Municipal (Water, Wastewater, Power Utilities, etc.) markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are actively seeking rep organizations that can grow our company's Online Analytical Process Instrumentation Line along with Knick instrumentation products as part of an overall systems offering here in North America. We have numerous market areas available for this broad offering of process instruments.
Company ID: 76066 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Manufacturer of Finishing Equipment. We Specialize in Parts Washers, Dip Tanks, Dry Off Ovens, Cure Ovens and Conveyor Systems (including Overhead and Belt). 
Target Markets:
Wet Paint and Powder Coating Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our ability to provide custom, turnkey equipment to the customer makes us highly competitive in our market. We have experience working with companies both large and small and have equipment throughout the Midwest and Mexico. Our ideal partner would be an organization with an established sales force in a related field such as paint booths and/or spray paint equipment.
Company ID: 58675 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture:
- Continuously Anodized Aluminum Coil
- Anodized Aluminum Sheets – Cut to Length from one coil.
- Architectural Aluminum Panels & Column Covers
- Composite/Sandwich Panels
- Roofing Material
- Highly Complex Fabricated Aluminum Products
- Broker large Metal Order Transactions 
Target Markets:
- Architects
- Glass Installers
- Building Product manufacturers & suppliers
- Builders
- Aerospace and Aerospace Parts Suppliers
- Automobile Parts Suppliers
- Consumer product manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
- We have been in business for over 50 Years with three facilities.
- Anodize our own coils, ensuring quality and price competitiveness from the beginning of the process.
- Highly skilled, experienced workforce can perform just about any project, on-schedule.
- Our long relationship and volume with suppliers assures us of a highly competitive raw material cost and allows us to broker metal transactions as well.
- Closed Sales are usually $750K+.
- Ship Worldwide
- Union Workforce
- Woman Owned
Company ID: 60859 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
VOC AIM & HAPS Compliant Coatings
2K Zinc, Epoxy, and Urethane Primers
2K Urethane Topcoats
Dipping Enamels
Baking Enamels
UV Metal Coatings
Acrylic Alkyd Primers and Enamels
MDF Wood Primers
Structural Steel Primers
Coatings for Plastics
Title 24 Elastomeric Cool Roof Coatings 
Target Markets:
OEM Metal & Plastic Manufacturers
Farm and Ag
Heavy Equipment Including Road construction and Mining
Waste, Intermodal and Transport Containers
Automotive Parts
Fence Posts
Structural Steel
Oil, Gas and Refinery Machinery and Equipment
Oil & Gas Storage Tanks 
Sales Opportunity:
Nationally recognized Paint and Coatings Manufacturer has limited representation around the United States. We are seeking to grow our representation through manufactures reps familiar with the OEM coatings market that are located in geographic areas with a concentrated amount of metal fabrication. We offer very competitive manufacture's rep compensation with opportunities to moving into full time employment with benefits and expenses.
We are able to set up dealers for keeping inventory and tinting small quantities or direct shipping 5's, 55's or totes from our factory. We offer competitive prices with benchmark JIT shipping service. Our specialty it custom formulating coatings specific to the environmental, application or performance requirements of our clients.
Company ID: 99036 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
High quality and performance RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

SMPM, SMP, SBMA, BMA, 2.4, 2.92, SSMA, 3.5, SMA, N, TNC, 7/16, Adaptor, and Calibration Kit (N, 3.5, 2.4). 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Testing Labs, Telecommunication Service Operator, and others in the Industry of Telecommunication, Aerospace, Defense/Military. 
Sales Opportunity:
For our customer, we provide high quality and performance product with a competitive price and custom design and products. For reps, we can provide all the product related information, and target customers, tech-support and so on. Commission are open for discussion.
Company ID: 99030 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are an Isotropic Mass Finishing Services Provider.

We Offer High Energy Polishing, Vibratory Deburring, Deflashing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Radiusing, and Descaling Services. We Specialize in Developing Surface Improvement Processes Specifically Designed for Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines. 
Target Markets:
You'll be Selling Finishing Services to Design Engineers and Production Managers. Key markets include Medtech Manufacturers, OEMs, Injection Molders, Aerospace, Firearms Manufacturers, Dental, and Automotive Suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company seeks to partner with experienced manufacturers rep groups that possess technical skill set and proven professional track record to drive our product specific surface improvement services. With our process development engineers we offer manufacturers the ability to focus on product development by outsourcing their finishing operations.

Reps will be able to offer finished parts, overall cost savings and the ability for manufacturers to maintain a contaminant free production line. We are prepared to offer commission programs at or exceeding market averages for those reps capable of acquiring customers that fit our scope of production.

Typical materials: titanium, stainless, aluminum, rubber, plastic, ceramics.
Typical part dimensions: .030" x .25" x .5" x up to 4" x 6" x 26".
Typical quantities: 5 to 10,0000,000.

You will work closely with process engineers to determine project feasibility and to provide samples to customers.
Company ID: 24351 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Sell Electroplating Plating Services to all Machine Shops, Sheet Metal Shops, and their Primes.

The Services Offered by us are Electroless Nickel, Gold, Silver, Chem Film, Passivate, and many more. We are a ISO 9001:2000 Certified NadCap company. 
Target Markets:
All Large Primes who Manufacture Product Made of Metal. Our target industries are: Aerospace, Defense, Milspec, Semiconductor, Laser, etc. Your responsibility will be to call on primes and the machine shops that serves those primes. This territory is established. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for a full time company rep, to cover all of Los Angeles county. This is a established territory with great potential. We are based in San Diego. We have been in business for over sixty years, and been growing at a healthy rate and expanding into the aerospace and defense industry.
Company ID: 98516 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Combustion Flow Measurement
Flow Meters for Various Applications
Sampling Systems, Portable Anemometers 
Target Markets:
Combustion, Nuclear, Biogas. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the pioneer in the manufacturing of flow thermal meter. Almost 40 years. We invented and designed the majority of the thermal instruments on the market today. We have the first WET GAS thermal meter, the only portable capable of operating at 500C, and more. Submit a sales inqurity to us. We are interesting in covering France and Germany.
Company ID: 97989 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Quality Services - Inspection, Sorting, Containment, Quality Liaisons, Re-Work, Repair, and Supplier Audits. 
Target Markets:
Automotive OEM and Tier Suppliers
Electronic Industry
Any Company needing Quality Services 
Sales Opportunity:
Develop new customers and leverage existing contacts for third party quality services.

Must automotive industry experience.
Results oriented individual with entrepreneurial drive
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Strong Computer skills
High School degree, College Degree preferred
Available for local and some overnight travel
Valid driver's license with good driving record
Company ID: 97920 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Are a Precision Screw Machine House. ISO9001 with Many Capabilities. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Hydraulics, Fastener, Defense. 
Sales Opportunity:
At our company are very responsive manufacturer. That can produce at large or small quantities. We have our own wash line and paint line. Print to final product is our specialty with in house engineers. Whether it is traditional screw machine work or new CNC Swiss machines we are ready for any market.
Company ID: 76727 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings.
Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging done In-House.
Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines. 
Target Markets:
You will find Our Components in Phones (Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs), Awnings (Large Springs to Provide Tension), Tool Handles (Medium and Large Metal Stampings), Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment (Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers), and more. 
Sales Opportunity:
Many territories in the USA and Canada are still available.

Our company is the US branch of a well established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in house.

The principals of the US office and the main office in China have been doing business together for over 8 years. This business venture was formalized in 2011 to establish a full time sales office in the US to better serve our customers needs. We also provide product and part design and engineering services and consulting to our customers. We use Solid Works 3D cad software as well as AutoCad to assist our customers in developing their products to their specifications.

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs.
Company ID: 97400 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Produces Prototypes and short Run Custom Manufacturing. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Manufacturing, Industrial Machining, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Medical Equipment, Optics, Research, and Science. 
Sales Opportunity:
This company is a leading LEAN manufacturing organization with state-of-the-art, high tolerance, multi-axis, and large-format machining equipment. From satellites to nasal sprays and everything in between, we are the trusted source for short run prototypes, custom manufacturing, quick turnarounds, and quality precision.

CAD-CAM Design/Engineering
Complex Precision Machining
High Mix Low Volume Runs
Tolerances >0.0001
Quality Inspected Deliverables
Finished to Specifications
Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
95% Performance-Against Schedule (PAS)

Since 1976, our company continues to help our customers reduce costs, ensure quality, and shorten time to market with design & engineering services for precision prototyping and machining. We are looking for Manufacturers Reps that Specialize in Machine Services Sourcing in the Western U.S.
Company ID: 97377 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Forging Parts
Die Casting Parts
CNC Machining parts 
Target Markets:
Our main targets are Businesses that Deal with Thermal Solutions/Heatsinks, Automobile Parts, and Medical Devices. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company takes pride in our ability to serve our customer with PRECISION MACHINING, COLD FORGING, EXTRUSION, and DIE-CASTING parts. Our main targets are businesses that deal with thermal solutions/heatsinks, automobile parts, and medical devices. We are looking for outside sales representatives/teams to join us.

As an outside sales representative you will focus on new business development in an assigned territories. The outside sales representative will be working with out engineering team understanding customer needs and recommending solutions that satisfy the needs of the customer.
Company ID: 97310 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. RF Generators
2. Matches
3. Plasma Systems
4. CounterMatch Mobile Testing Station
5. Service/Repair - Repair, Refurbish, or Retrofit for all Manufacturer's RF Generators, Matches, or Plasma Systems. 
Target Markets:
Semiconductor Businesses, Universities with Advanced Research especially in Nanotechnology, Nanomanufacturing, Engineering, DNA Sequencing, Bio-Array, Optical Suppliers/Manufacturers, and Defense/Government. 
Sales Opportunity:
We built our business on 15 years of repair service experience and have accumulated a large warehouse of obsolete and legacy parts. We have repair all makes and models of RF generators and matches, and therefore have learned from our competitor's equipment failures. We now build our own equipment with superior power delivery, self-diagnostics, and anodized metal chambers for longer service life.

We produce matches that ensure maximum power transfer from the RF generator to the energy consumer. Our generators and matches are highly competitive and priced right! Our plasma systems have replaced acid to etch, clean, and wash which results in environmental benefits. Sixteen of these units are already used in universities performing nano-research and need nanotechnology.

Our Mobile Testing Station addresses the issue of testing, analyzing, and repairing 13.56 and 27.12 MHz RF matches for Plasma Systems to refine accuracy and produce consistent data for mass production. We are poised for expansion and are gaining a fair market share. We are looking for sale reps in the engineering field that are working with advanced technology, have good contacts, and want to earn good commissions.
Company ID: 97029 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management

Density Analytics Liquid Density/Specific Gravity Meter/Monitor

Device does remote, in tank, measure, monitor and automatic process control (4 - 20 ma or dual 5 amp relays) of liquid density/specific gravity. 
Target Markets:
Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management 
Sales Opportunity:
Discount pricing, direct shipping, backup servicing. Simply email a PO with density range and cable length.

Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management
Company ID: 96893 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Produce Custom Parts and Consumables Through a Large Variety of Manufacturing Processes: Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Forging, Stamping, Casting (Die, Sand, Investment), Screw Machining, Milling, Bending, Threading, Laser Cutting, Grinding, Punching. 
Target Markets:
We are Currently Focused on the Oil and Gas Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are always looking to expand our pool of manufacture reps. Please submit a sales inquiry to us and we can discuss in detail how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you!
Company ID: 96783 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Fiberglass Pipe, Fittings, Custom Fabrication, Installation, and Repair. 
Target Markets:
Water/Waste Water
Sales Opportunity:
High quality fiberglass manufacturer, located in W. PA, is looking for aggressive independent sales representatives to promote and sell our very price competitive pipe/fittings. Great support and top commissions. We Are Growing!
Company ID: 96650 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours are HVLP turbine products.

Including Turbine Air Blowers, HVLP Spray Guns, and Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Auto Body Shops, Custom Painters, DIY Auto Painters, Fleet Shops, Trucks, and Buses. 
Sales Opportunity:
Do you love cars? We're looking for a "car guy" or "car girl" to sell our High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Spray Finishing System to custom car builders, car painters and body shops. This position pays unlimited commissions and provides complete training. You will enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to "dial in" your own W-2. You can work from home and set your own hours, calling on body shops, custom paint shops. Earn 20% commissions on sales with no cap! You will be able to determine your own income.

We're North America's premier manufacturer of HVLP spray finishing systems. Your customers will benefit from a 40% reduction in their paint costs. This system virtually pays for itself within a matter of weeks! Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of a wave of exciting, income-generating potential. Don't miss this opportunity; submit your résumé today! Limited number of positions available in southern California ONLY.
Company ID: 95866 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Canadian company under Dutch management with offices in Toronto & Xiamen, China, helping clients to contract manufacture their parts/products and/or designs in China for 12+ years.

Some examples: Parts, Components, Rims, PCB, LED, Consumer Products, Displays, Bumpers, etc. 
Target Markets:
Retailers, Engineering Firms, Retail Designers, Merchandiser Designers, Architects, Pharmaceutical Industry, Automotive Industry, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Marketing Solutions Firms etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a large network of ISO certified process manufacturers in China who only make products or parts owned by clients. This is why we are looking for reps who can sell manufacturing contracts for products or parts in China within their network and beyond. We have experience in almost every process and therefore we are looking for opportunities in virtually any industry. We operate in China through our Xiamen office to ensure quality and confidentiality.

It requires skill, knowledge and vast experience to be able to make products from the ground up successfully in China, and we have plenty of all of that acquired over the past 12 years manufacturing an extremely wide variety of products and parts.

We know that this sales process is quite different from selling an existing, ready made product, and with the many steps involved from start to finish, we offer therefore 10% commission over the FOB value of the contract. We are very hungry to grow and take our business to the next level and we seek reps who are equally as eager to grow their business and increase their commissions substantially.

Some examples of the processes we cover: plastics injection, plastics extrusion, blow mould, roto mould, clean room injection and extrusion, rubber moulding, vacuum forming, metal processing, alu die cast, sand cast, investment cast, alu extrusion, wood processing, LED, PCB, CNC, Printing.
Company ID: 96068 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Materials Engineering Company Offering a Series of Treatments that Enhance the Host Material that we are Working With.

These Enhancements can Result in Greater Corrosion Resistance, Substantial Increase in Hardness, and Lowering of the Coefficient of Friction. 
Target Markets:
Upstream Oil and Gas OEM's and Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our processes our proprietary and do not require years of extensive testing for a sale to result. Our performance life increase 3-5 times that of original materials which translates to a substantial increase in MTBF. Our treatments require no pre or post machining or grinding and we can treat areas that are non-line of sight.

Our company is offering protected accounts and in some cases protected territories. Commissions are higher than average with no inventory requirements. We are a rep friendly company. Our founders began as Manufacturers Representatives and migrated to manufacturing. Our price/value equation is being readily accepted by our customers.

We currently sell to the downstream process industries and have spent approximately one year learning the upstream Oil and Gas industry. Opportunities that we have worked on include valves, piping, rotating equipment, nozzles, bolting, and heat transfer equipment. Literature is complete and website is inviting.
Company ID: 94142 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
* Rust Inhibitor & Primer - Unique 1 Step Solution for Permanently Eliminating Rust, Corrosion, Seal Out ALL Moisture.
* Rust Remover - Extremely Effective, No Acids, No Sanding, No Odors.
* Vapor-Stop - Unique Thin Coat Impermeable High Density Coating that Stops Water, Water Vapors. 
Target Markets:
All Industrial, Oil & Gas
Marine Bridge Maintenance
Construction & Refurbishing and many others
Automotive Restoration
Home Decor & Repair 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has a unique range of SAFE, EFFECTIVE, STEP SAVING, STABLE PERFORMANCE, and ECONOMICALLY SALEABLE products that include Rust Removers, Vapor Barriers, Concrete and Cement Additives (to be launched); as well as co-packer ability to make specialty OEM Coatings. Company can also work with you on custom product formulations for specific or unique needs.

We also offer diverse and flexable packaging options that allow for a wide variety of export distribution & Domestic distribution for product lauches in Retail, Commercial, and Industrial applications.
Company ID: 95415 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Machined and Fabricated Plastic. 
Target Markets:
Automation, Medical, Packaging, Water Treatment, Any and all who use plastic components. 
Sales Opportunity:
Possible candidate would have opportunity to have ownership in the business. The company has been in business for 2 years with great growth potential.
Company ID: 95412 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is Specialized in the Production and Export of Accessories for 3C Products, Especially Protective Cases and Bumpers Compatible for Famous International Brands.

Our Monthly Capacity:
PC: 300,000 pieces
TPU: 150,000 pieces
Aluminum: 250,000 pieces
Leather: 150,000 pieces 
Target Markets:
1. 3C Accessories or Cconsuming Products Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Chain Stores. Both Online and Offline who are Interested in Low Price, High Quality Protective Cases Made in China.
2. 3C Accessories Brands who are Looking for OEM/ODM Manufacturing Solutions from China. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are sincerely looking for long term independent sales agents/representatives worldwide to work closely with us selling our mobile phone and tablet covers to targeted customers.

Our wide variety of products, fast R&D launching capability, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality control, strong project management capability, and professional after service team provides great support and confidence to our commission sales agent.

Usually, we provide 5%-8% commission to our agent. And commission is paid when balance of an order is received or on a monthly basis.

We are honest and sincere people. We do not cheat or deny paying our agents because we know only long term cooperation can bring in long term benefit to both. We want to always sell through our agent and have our agent maintaining customer relationships but not to kick them away after the first order because we believe in the power of teamwork.

We welcome you to work with us soon and achieve a mutual win together.
Company ID: 94588 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Value-Added Roll-to-Roll Converting, Tolling, Coating, and Laminating Services for Textiles, Papers, Films, Non-Wovens, PVC Foams, etc.

Coating Capabilities include: Gravure, Offset, Knife, Reverse Roll, Mayer Rod Coating Methods. Material widths from 18” to 62”. 
Target Markets:
Any Industrial or Commercial Accounts that would generally be Manufacturing, Assembling, Converting, or Specifying Use of the above service needs either to create a finished product or as an interim step or component part of a finished product. 
Sales Opportunity:
We've been in business since 1969. We have tremendous laminating and coating capacity and experience with unique, specialty and commodity applications. We have R&D capacity to bring a specialty application to fruition. And of course, we welcome providing alternative supplier support to existing business and opportunities. Flexible commission rates.
Company ID: 95313 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Label Printing Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Label Producers in the following industries:
- Food
- Wine Spirits
- Cosmetics
- Pharmaceutical
- Personal Care
- Beverages 
Sales Opportunity:
You customers are asking more and more for short to mid size label run and they are considering digital as an option? You are not ready to comprise on quality and what a quick return on your capital investment? Ideal for the high-end market such as the wine industry or cosmetic where short to medium size runs are common (cost competitive range from 1,000' to 60,000').

Our product can print on a wider range of substrates and surface material such as film label, aluminum label, wine label material and even unsupported film, etc. It also offers real offset quality - resolution can reach over 200 lines per inch and the 23 inking roll gives very good lay-on results.

Faster and cheaper than flexo:
•Shorter make-ready time
•Less waste
•High quality printing
•Low initial investment
•No tooling changes required
•Low cost plates
•Plate imaging time - from 1 hour to 5 minutes
•Easier proof matching

Compare to digital:
•Lower cost usually over 2,000'
•Possibility of inline production, from roll to final products, including value added finishing such as flexo, lamination, cold foil, hot foil, embossing, and screen. Efficieny one pass production requires less operators.
•No primer coating required
•Equipment longer life
Company ID: 94984 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Lubricants, Coolants, Metalworking Fluids, Oils, Greases, and other Chemicals Used in an Industrial setting.

We also Carry a full line of Automotive Fluids such as Motor Oils, Transmission Fluids, Anti-Freezes, Washer Fluid, DEF's, and Cleaners. 
Target Markets:
We have Three Major Buyers: Manufacturers, Automotive Service Shops, and Entities with Large Fleets or Trucks, Cars, or Tractors/Trailers (Large Company Fleets, Municipalities, etc.). We are not restricted by territory. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has just been acquired, and we are looking to grow fast!! Do you want to be a part of it? We are seeking sales professionals and groups that are either looking to enter this market and generate a book of business, or, those looking to leverage your existing book for a lubricant line, or, a more broad product offering.

We are generous with those that want to sell and who can perform. Our reputation is very solid, but we've always avoided growth. No more. Please submit a sales inquiry to us to learn more.
Company ID: 94917 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Cleaning and Coating for Large Industries. Billion Dollar Sales Business Worldwide. 
Target Markets:
- Agricultural Equipment
- Construction Machinery/Equipment
- Appliances
- Building Material (Windows, Steel Doors)
- Furniture
- Military Equipment
- General Equipment
- Machinery
- Transportation/Recreational Vehicles
- Coil Coating
- Cars & Car Parts
- Trucks & Truck Parts 
Sales Opportunity:
You can work from the comfort of your own home until a meeting with client is needed. Research, emails, and phone calls are how you handle the majority of this position.

Territory Sales Managers can work Full or Part Time on a 100% commission basis. You can work 10 - 40 hours a week, keep your current job, and make 50K - 300K a year in the following territories:
L.A./San Diego
St. Paul/Minneapolis
St. Louis
N.Y. City
Des Moines

Should be friendly and outgoing, willing and able to communicate effectively with new people you are meeting for the first time, and travel occasionally. Should be able to make an impact upon first impression!
Company ID: 94809 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact cutters for the oil drilling industry. 
Target Markets:
PDC Drill bit manufacturers, re-work specialist, dealers & wholesalers 
Sales Opportunity:
Independent representatives will be provided sales leads, sales materials, financial assistance for tradeshow activities and a generous commission for all product sold. This product will fit right in with other products sold to the oil drilling industry. Given the right amount of attention this is realistically a six figure opportunity.
Company ID: 94717 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Connector Pins, Mechanical Pins, Hinge Pins. Die Rolled Products, Cold Heading. 
Target Markets:
OEM Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has unique manufacturing capabilities that no other company in the world has. Our Die Rolling Process is the most efficient way to produce simple pin shaped parts there is. Our Cold Heading department is a perfect compliment to that because it allows us to produce more complex shapes still with forming parts, not cutting them. Both processes are high speed and scrap free. We also have in house plating capacity which means for plated pins there is no way another vendor can compete.
Company ID: 94224 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Service on Precision Measuring Tools - Height Gages, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, All Repairs for Electronic and Mechanical. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturing Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
I have 37 years of experience in repairs and calibration, plus our employees have over 15 years of experience. We are looking to expand outside the Michigan area. We currently handle most of the Michigan Manufacturing Companies including Industrial suppliers such as MSC and E&R as a non-warranty vendor for precision tool repair.
Company ID: 94149 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Some of our product specialization includes:
Tooling, Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, Die-Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, Metal Stampings, Cable Assemblies, Circuit Boards, Electronic Contract Manufacturing and Turn-Key Assembly. 
Target Markets:
Tooling, Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, Die-Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, Metal Stampings, Cable Assemblies, Circuit Boards, Electronic Contract Manufacturing and Turn-Key Assembly.

Offering World Class Global OEM MFG - ISO9000-ISO13468-EN46002-510K-CGMP-QSR-UL-CE-QS9000. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is an engineering and manufacturing company with capabilities providing fabrication and assembly manufacturing solutions for all of our clients. With the ability to cover all aspects of a project from design, manufacturing and distribution, we control the quality of the final product through the entire process.

Our manufacturing process is certified for the following non medical requirements. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 and the Automotive Standardization of QS9000.

Our medical OEM provides the following. Private labeling worldwide. A quality system standard meeting CGMP and ISO9000. We operate the manufacturing plants under the CGMP system and have been Certified (ISO 9002, EN 46002, and ISO13488) by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services (UK) since April 1998.

As all medical industry needs to fulfill the regulatory requirement prior entering to make the markets, They have achieved 510(k) and CE Marks for various products. The OEM is committed to provide world-class standards of manufacturing and regulatory-ready products to our clients.



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