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Company ID: 99431 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
Machining, Casting, Forging, Stamping, Fabrication, Welding Parts for various Industries. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
This is a compliment job opportunity for experienced Reps who might have been representing OEMs for years. We manufacture machining/casting/forging/stamping/welding parts for OEMs.
Company ID: 105511 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
You will have the ability to Sell 14+ Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems.

We Provide Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems and Supplies, All Tailored to the Client’s Individual Needs, Automated, and Equipped with Customized Web-Based Remote Monitoring. ISO 9001 Certified. 
Target Markets:
Heavy Industrial Facilities that:
- Generate Process Wastewater, Requiring Treatment Prior to Discharge or Reuse
- Require City or Fresh Water Treatment Prior to Use
- Have a Corporate Mandate for Water Reuse/Recycling
- Have Operational Issues 
Sales Opportunity:
We have the expertise and the product lines to solve any industrial water problem. You will be provided with literature and a dedicated Sales Manager to guide you through the sales process. This position requires an independent, self-motivated personality with established connections in the aforementioned markets.

About Us:
At ProChem, we strive to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with water and wastewater treatment and to provide sustainable solutions, all while benefiting our customer's bottom line. We provide all the products and services our customers need to maintain their water system, including friendly and knowledgeable technical support.

Benefits of ProChem:
- Fully equipped process laboratory, where we evaluate each customer's water through treatability testing.
- We manufacture our systems to ensure the design quality that meets our customer's needs
- We can provide daily operational and environmental services to support our systems
- We design chemical treatment programs that are tailored specifically to our customer's needs, including custom blends.
Company ID: 105272 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is Seeking New Reps to Bring in Stampings and Component Assembly.

We are a Stamping House with a 109 Year History of Excellence in Automotive and Aeronautical Stampings. We also have a Complete Line of Proprietary Industrial Products that can also be sold as well. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Manufacturing Facilities, Product Catalogs, Military Contracts, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Full commission sales position which allows any driven individuals to build an amazing long term commission benefit package. Travel the Globe representing one of the oldest stamping houses in the US. Our current customers include: Ford Motor Company, Holley Performance, Zenith, and many others. Our company has a long history making everything from the Copper toilet float to the Ford Model "A" Carburetor float. We specialize in difficult thin draw stamping.
Company ID: 104765 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Contract Manufacturing.

- CNC Lathe Machining Ranging from 1" OD to 30" OD and 1 inch to 20 feet long
- CNC 4th and 5th Axis Precision Milling
- Machine Cells to Handle Lower Volume Prototype Orders to Large Quantity Production Orders 
Target Markets:
Our company has been an ISO/API Certified Manufacturing Plant for 16 years. We Recently Passed our Initial Audit to become AS9100 Complaint. We are looking for a Sales Rep to Provide Manufacturing Opportunities in the Aerospace/DOD Market to help Diversify our Business. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is an ISO/API/AS9100 Certified job shop that specializes in high precision tubular products as well as many other capabilities. We are allocating around 4,000 machine hours to either aerospace/DOD markets to help diversify our manufacturing portfolio. We provide great internal support to submit quotes in a timely fashion and services all open orders with great emphasis on quality and OTD (on-time delivery).
Company ID: 83752 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Fabricated Products for Manufacturers of Office & Contract Furniture, Healthcare Products, Shopping Carts, Store Fixtures, Outdoor, Lawn, Patio, Recreational Products, & some Automotive/Truck Parts.

We Powder Coat for our Own Use, as well for others, serving a wide variety of industries. 
Target Markets:
We have nearly 50 years Serving Furniture Industry, have been Broadening our Exposure to many other Industries. We are looking to increase our sales to Healthcare, Auto, Trucks, Fencing, Golf Carts, ATV's, School Furniture, Lawn & Garden, and others. We also aim to increase our business in the US. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are currently operating at around 50 to 60% capacity, and have tremendous growth potential. We are a non-union operation, operating in modern facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff is energetic, well educated and customer service focused. We are looking for Independent Sales Reps who can bring us their relationships with clients, and we will give our focus on expanding their ability to bring solutions to them.
Company ID: 103896 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Critical Sheet and Plate Metal Fabrication Weighing up to 20 Tons, Precision Machining of Metal Parts up to 8 ft x 10ft x 25 ft, Extensive Paint Capability of Parts up to 12ft x 15ft x 60ft, Xylan Coating, Cladding Inconel, We are an NQA-1, Appendix B Nuclear supplier. 
Target Markets:
Industrial OEM, Aerospace, Ag, NQA-1 Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Defense, Transportation, Mining. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1953. Our core competencies center around manufacturing metal components either as a single part or production basis. We gravitate towards items which require demanding technical support in precision machining of small and large parts, comprehensive weld procedures, material traceability and NACE requirements in coatings.

We are ISO 9001 Certified and carry a QA program in support of Nuclear NQA-1, Appendix B Safety Related Requirements. Full NDE capability on Staff. We have not worked with Reps a great deal in the past and are all ears to hear how you can help extend our markets.
Company ID: 60859 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
VOC AIM & HAPS Compliant Coatings
2K Zinc, Epoxy, and Urethane Primers
2K Urethane Topcoats
Dipping Enamels
Baking Enamels
UV Metal Coatings
Acrylic Alkyd Primers and Enamels
MDF Wood Primers
Structural Steel Primers
Coatings for Plastics
Title 24 Elastomeric Cool Roof Coatings 
Target Markets:
OEM Metal & Plastic Manufacturers
Farm and Ag
Heavy Equipment Including Road Construction and Mining
Waste, Intermodal and Transport Containers
Automotive Parts
Fence Posts
Structural Steel
Oil, Gas, and Refinery Machinery and Equipment
Oil & Gas Storage Tanks 
Sales Opportunity:
Nationally recognized Paint and Coatings Manufacturer has limited representation around the United States. We are seeking to grow our representation through manufactures reps familiar with the OEM coatings market that are located in geographic areas with a concentrated amount of metal fabrication. We offer very competitive manufacture's rep compensation with opportunities to moving into full time employment with benefits and expenses.

We are able to set up dealers for keeping inventory and tinting small quantities or direct shipping 5's, 55's or totes from our factory. We offer competitive prices with benchmark JIT shipping service. Our specialty it custom formulating coatings specific to the environmental, application or performance requirements of our clients.
Company ID: 99548 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are looking forward to you selling our Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Alloys Machined Parts, CNC Turned Parts, Brass Threaded Inserts, Bushings, Couplers, Screw Machine Parts, Custom Machining, Brass Machined Parts, Fasteners. 
Target Markets:
Target markets are Automotive Companies, Electrical & Electronic Companies, Hardware, and Sanitary Fittings or Accessories, Fasteners & Fixings Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are in this field since past 45 years. The best advantage you have is we can supply the finest quality and most competitive rates due to vast experience and technology. Which allows us optimal production in volume and also volume production leads us to cost cutting. We will fully support our representative and his needs which can be discussed. Commission will be offered 10% on sales
Company ID: 81243 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Precision CNC Machine Shop that is AS9100 and ISO9001 Certified.

We Work from Customer Provided Prints. Prototypes or Production Runs. We work on mostly Small Close Tolerance Parts. We Machine Aluminum, Plastics, Composites, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Carbon Steel, and Tool Steel. 
Target Markets:
We Machine Small Close Tolerance Parts for Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Food Processing, High Speed Electric Motors, and Oil and Gas. Our main target is Manufacturing Companies that Value On-Time Delivery and Quality. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a manufacturing company interested in continual growth. We are Certified to AS9100 Rev. C and ISO 9001. We take our quality very seriously. We are a third tier manufacturer to aerospace and military customers. We can produce large or small quantities and prototype parts. We would like to increase our sales area. We need a sales representitive that will find quality customers that are interested in a long term business relationship.
Company ID: 100382 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Filtration and Separation Equipment is the Type of Equipment.

We Sell Skids that Consist of: Cross Flow Filtration, Distillation, Dehydration, Centrifuges, Electro-Coagulation, Filter Presses, Hydro-Cyclones, then you can Discuss our Product Types with the Target Customer Base. 
Target Markets:
We are currently targeting: Automotive, Power Generation, Steel Mills, Cooper Mills, Brass Mills, Chemical and Petrochemical, Coatings, Mining, Industrial Waste Water, and Metal Working Markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
We sell service contracts not products. We operate the equipment on the customer site. We use products to develop the solution however the equipment remains the property of our company. The service contracts can range from 3 to 10 years in duration at which time the contract is extended for another time frame. We are offering a competitive up front commission for introduction to the right contact within the target markets.

This commission can be paid upfront or spread out over the life of the contract. We will meet with the client and perform the necessary sales presentation, follow up, and perform lab analysis of the fluid that needs to be reprocessed (recycled). Our sales cycles are typically long ( 1 year or more) however are solid contracts once we land the account.
Company ID: 97116 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Mass Flow Controller, Mass Flow Meter for Gases, and Electronic Gas Mixer.

We are Using Unique Sensor Technology which Leads to Better Performance then other MFCs. 
Target Markets:
Gas Producing Companies
Industrial Furnaces 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a leading supplier of all kind of valves, sensors and controllers. We want to extend the sales of our very successful product lines of Mass Flow products into new markets. We are covering already some markets but want to introduce the product especially to labs and universities.
Company ID: 97614 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Systems.

Products are FDA Compliant as well as USDA for Intermittent Food Contact.We have been in Business for 44 years with Current Management. We also Offer a Broad Line of Coatings for Chemical Process Industry. 
Target Markets:
Chemical Process and Food & Beverage Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We supply District Managers who work with several regional Reps as needed to help in technical calls and presentations. Our field installation techs work with the local contractor initially to train and help with the various systems. The owner of our company has 49 years of experience and is a chemist by training does all the Lunch and Learns for A&E firms.
Company ID: 26467 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Product Finishes.

We Reasearch, Test, and Develop our own Coatings. A complete line of Water, Hi Solids and 2K Urethanes, Air Dry, and Bake. 
Target Markets:
Target markets would be: Metal Finishing Industry, Transportation, Truck Body Builders, Industrial Equipment, Metal Furniture, Construction Equipment, Engines, Compressors, Structural Steel, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have some unique and proven technology being used by very critical customers. Custom formulations to match production conditions, preformance requirements, Enviornmental restrictions, Color, etc. A fully staffed Lab with testing equipment for corrosion, UV exposure, humidity, hardness, color, gloss, etc.

Our goal is to solve coating issues by partnering with the customer, being an active and dependable supplier. We are looking for capable representatives who share our values and have a knowledge of the coatings industry.
Company ID: 47075 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The POWER OF ONE-STOP SOLUTION. Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards and PCB Assembly Services - Quick Turn High Mix Low Cost PCB Assembly. Prototype PCB Same-Day & Production in 7-10 days. Offshore and In-House Manufacturing at Competitive Prices. ISO/ITAR Certified. 
Target Markets:
Serving OEM, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications, Computers, Audio, Video Products, Industrial, Power Supplies, Gas/Oil Industy, Sensors and more.

Special Materials: - FR406, Getek, SOLA, Rogers, Polyimide, Teflon, Taconic, JP Copper Clad, BT, Ceramic. 
Sales Opportunity:
Precision Technologies, Inc is a team of experienced professionals with over 35 years of accumulated experience in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and a full service contract manufacturing.

From quotations to delivery, our value added services are fast, competitive and committed to total customer satisfaction. The various types of fabrication include Single Sided Up to 40 Layers, Lead-free finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembly techniques and fabrication methods are all considered up front and so our efforts too are successful in providing a quality based product every time. With an objective to satisfy customers and build long term relations, we have proved our reliability and grown over the years along with our entire customer base. We have best On-time shipping record and deliver the order early in many cases.

Compensation: 10% commission on Quick turn prototype orders and 5% on production quantity. All negotiable, so submit a sales inquiry to us for complete details.
Company ID: 81991 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Steel Llighting and Transmission Poles. 
Target Markets:
USA and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Company under new and professional management is expanding its manufacturing capabilities and organizing networks for marketing and finishing of poles. Your contributions to the company's growth and success will be handsomely rewarded. All sales inquiries will remain strictly confidential.
Company ID: 71774 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Manufactures High Quality Electrochemical Analytical Sensors & Specializes in the Manufacture of pH, ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen and Ion Selective Electrodes. We are the Exclusive US Partner for Knick pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Portable Meter products. 
Target Markets:
Industrial (Chemical Process, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Water Quality, etc.) and Municipal (Water, Wastewater, Power Utilities, etc.) markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are actively seeking rep organizations that can grow our company's Online Analytical Process Instrumentation Line along with Knick instrumentation products as part of an overall systems offering here in North America. We have numerous market areas available for this broad offering of process instruments.
Company ID: 76066 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Manufacturer of Finishing Equipment. We Specialize in Parts Washers, Dip Tanks, Dry Off Ovens, Cure Ovens and Conveyor Systems (including Overhead and Belt). 
Target Markets:
Wet Paint and Powder Coating Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our ability to provide custom, turnkey equipment to the customer makes us highly competitive in our market. We have experience working with companies both large and small and have equipment throughout the Midwest and Mexico. Our ideal partner would be an organization with an established sales force in a related field such as paint booths and/or spray paint equipment.
Company ID: 105516 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision CNC Machining Capabilities. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We will be AS9100 certified by this Fall. We are already ISO-certified. We work on the cusp of innovation and technology to deliver quality parts to our customers around the world. From startups to Fortune 500 companies. Using the latest industry tools and equipment to meet and exceed required tolerances, we provide 100% quality assurance.
Company ID: 92121 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Glass to Metal Seals, Hermetic Seals, Semiconductor Packages, Hermetic, Feed Throughs, Plating, Metal Finishing, Power Packages, Fiber Optic Packages, RF Microwave Components, Electronic Components, Hermetic Sight Glass, Fused Sight Glasses. 
Target Markets:
RF Manufacturers, Electronic Manufacturers, Relay Manufacturers, Refrigeration Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company provides a variety of hermetically sealed housings to the hybrid microelectronic and microwave industry. Manufactured to exact requirements for accurate interconnects to active devices. We supply the close tolerances and impedance demanded in the industry.
Company ID: 104348 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Grade Fans including Tube Axial Duct Fans, Wall Exhaust Fans, Roof Ventilators/Exhausters, Blowers, Man, and Product Coolers. 
Target Markets:
Mills, Foundries, Manufacturing Facilities, Design/Build Firms, and Warehouses. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is an opportunity for representatives with ventilation sales experience to represent a small, privately-held, non-union company that has been manufacturing industrial fans and ventilation products for 70 years. This company has proven experience, a strong national reputation and excellent customer service. These industrial fan products operate in hundreds of different applications across the United States and throughout the world and are available with industry best lead times.

Looking for representatives who are willing to work the territory, possess good people skills, and are capable of working with plant engineers, purchasing managers, design/build firms and maintenance managers. Should have fan knowledge in order to assist customers in selecting and sizing correct fans for the application. Must have website with contact information to link to our this manufacturer website.
Company ID: 103668 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Identification Products: Nameplates, Decals, and Labels. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial Sectors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company provides permanent labeling solutions to companies throughout the automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors. To ensure the highest standards of quality, we maintain certifications to meet each industry’s precise needs.
Company ID: 103551 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Subcontract Production Assembly Services.

Our Services include:
Product Assembly: Reverse Logistics, Re-Work, Sorting
Disassembly: Hand Assembly of Components, Hardware, Parts Kits, Part Finishing, Sorting, Inspection
Bagging, Boxing, Repacking, Collating & Stuffing, Poly Bagging, Heat Sealing
911/Just in time 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers. Our Clients are very Diverse and cover a very Broad Scope. We Work with very Small Mom & Pop Machine Shops to Publicly Traded Companies Serving the Aerospace Industry as well as many others in between. 
Sales Opportunity:
It's been our experience that the most successful Reps enjoy long term relationships with their clients based on the value they deliver. Price is very important but if the relationship is contingent on being the lowest cost provider only, it won't last. We believe in the principal of Pain over Pleasure. Think about it. Not many companies change providers or suppliers when all is going well just for the sake of change.

Change only happens when despite everything else that is going well, the pain outweighs the pleasure. As Sales Professionals, success is most often achieved when a solution for the pain is provided and not the promise of pleasure. The VERY BEST Salespeople don't sell, they provide solutions to their clients PAIN. We view our Reps similar to a Physician. You meet with the client, you diagnose the pain, and you write the prescription. We see ourselves as the solution to the pain or one that you prescribe.

Delivering Value in addition to what the competition is offering is the key to client retention. Offering our services in addition to your already successful relationship will separate you from your competition. Just like every company, we pay our reps based on the profit of the project. Our reps earn 25% of that profit and are paid every month for as long as the project lasts. We both have a vested interest in retaining clients and delivering value. Since every project is unique, you will know in advance of delivering the quote what that profit is.
Company ID: 103387 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Spray Guns and Filters., Filtered Thermo Dry Systems for Spraying Paints. 
Target Markets:
Auto Body and Industrial Spraying Accounts. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a fast growing importer to the United States and we have cutting edge technology that helps cure waterbase and solvent beased paints at the point of atomization. It is a very good opportunity with a wide product range.
Company ID: 81819 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Painting and Coating Facility.

Production Painting and Job Shop Painting. We Handle Large or Small Parts. We also Handle any Castings, Metal Fabrication/Extrusions, Plastics, etc. We Spray all Liquid Products, Epoxies, Milspec (CARC), Primers, Topcoats, etc. Light Assembly is also offered. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturing Industry, Government Agencies, Automotive Industry, Any company that requires their products to be painted or coated. We are a Woman-Owned company! 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1947. Been painting since 1982. We are a smaller family owned business with strong core values and a strong business strategy. I would love the opportunity to talk to you as a potential representative for our company. We have never had a sales rep and I believe it would be a very lucrative opportunity. There is a lot of potential out there just need a sales rep to get the customer/company in the door. Our work and capabilities will do the rest!
Company ID: 103302 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacturer Process Control Metrology Instruments for the Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Industry. 
Target Markets:
Semiconductor Wafer Foundrys, Solar Cell Manufacturers, any Company that does Metalization or Uses anything Conductive, ie: Conductive Inks, Thin Film Coating Services, and Photovolatic Services. 
Sales Opportunity:
The industry continues to grow with the constant growth of the solar cell manufacturing industry along with the popularity of cell phones, personal tablets, and televisions. Even the food industry has to have controls in place for microwave food industry.
Company ID: 102047 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
OEM Parts - Critical Fasteners, Precision Parts, Castings, Plastics, Rubber, and much more. Includes Logistic & Custom Costs.

Essentially your one stop shop. 
Target Markets:
Customers in need of OEM Parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking to expand our business by finding manufacturers agents with whom we can create a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Annual income $75,000-$160,000/yr easy money. Paycheck is based on how hard you work! If you have contacts who are in need of OEM parts, we can help you. Usually up to 20-40% lower than our competitors. Try us out you have nothing to lose - No Quota, No fees, and No pressure. Please reach me anytime to discuss this Fresh Opportunity further.
Company ID: 56550 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
X-ray Fluorescence Elemental Analyzers from the World Leader in Portable XRF Instrumentation.

These Handheld Instruments Sell in a Range from $16,000 to over $50,000, are USA Made, are Sold on an Exclusive Factory Direct Basis, No Additional Distribution to Compete with. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Recyclers, Colleges/Universities, Petrochem, Medical/Dental, Manufacturers, Jewelry/Precious Metals, Fabricators, Mining, Foundries, Pb Paint, Art, Positive Material Identification, Auto, RoHS/Electronics, Furniture, Ceramics, Fibers, Power Gen, Government/Military, Consumer Products, and many more. 
Sales Opportunity:
The successful candidate will have an established history of selling into the technical market place. An education background in engineering or the sciences is preferred however, experience will be taken into consideration. We prefer a person already established as an independent rep looking to add a high profile technical product to their mix that would become a major source of income. The territory includes Alabama, Tennessee & Georgia. Commission position with an expense reimbursement program.
Company ID: 101641 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
- Rust Removers
- Wall Preparation
- Cement Preparation
- Hardwood & Laminated Floor Cleaners
- De-Greaser
- Stain Removers
- Cerami-Pro
- Lime-Scale Remover
- Descaling of Coffee Makers
- Formulated for Automotive Industry 
Target Markets:
- B2B & B2C
- Big Box Stores, e.g. Home Depot, Lowes
- MRO Suppliers, e.g. Grainger, McMaster, MSC Direct
- Commercial Contractors e.g. Painting, Surface Preparation, Janitorial Services
- Supermarkets, for Home Use 
Sales Opportunity:
1 - Competitive, this product line is made in Canada and is currently a very good opportunity to bring it in to USA market because of the 30% US/CA dollar exchange rate.
2 - Private labling option.
3 - We're flexible & very easy to communicate with.
4 - In April 1992, Polytechnic school of Montreal made the study of scientific research about our products and the study reveals that our products are five times greater than anything you can find on the market. For several years and today still, our products are specified and used by deemed companies and engineer.
Company ID: 102845 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Screw Machine Parts, CNC Parts, Electroplating Capabilities, Trimmer Capacitors. 
Target Markets:
Telecommunication, Military, Air/Space, possibly Automotive, and Medical. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a manufacturing plant in NJ with an assembly division in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for more opportunities for both our machine shop and electroplating. Also, the Dominican space has more room to grow with trained and dedicated staff. Our company has been in business for 70 years and has a stellar reputation in trimmer capacitors. We need more dedicated feet on the ground.
Company ID: 102166 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Laser Cutting
Fully Automated Machining
Powder Coating
Assembly and Turn-Key Manufacturing
Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum Capabilities
Warranty and Out of Warranty Service of All Manufactured Products 
Target Markets:
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers, Civil Engineering Projects, OEM and Turn Key manufacturing. 
Sales Opportunity:
A one stop shop for both low volume and high value equipment parts manufacturing. High volume repetitive manufacturing of parts, including fabrication, liquid paint, or powder coating. High volume complex machined parts under full automation. Assembly and testing of turn-key products, using in-house manufactured parts, and parts purchased from outside suppliers.

Partial Equipment List:
DMG Mori NT5400/1800SY - 5-Axis Mill Turn w. 80 tools
DMG Mori CTX beta 1250TC - 5-Axis Mill Turn w. 40 tools
DMG Mori NHX6300 - 4-Axis Horizontal w. 60 tools
DMG Mori NLX2500/700SY - 4-Axis lathe & Sub-Spindle w. 12 tools
DMG Mori Duravertical 5100 - 3-Axis Vertical Machining w. 30 tools
2 Trumpf Laser machines
2 Trumpf Press Brakes
Plasma cutting tables
Marvel Saws
35+ fabrication stations
Large paint booths
Powder coating booth
Sand Blasting booths
Many other smaller tools
Company ID: 102130 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Chemical Tanks, Stacks, Ducting, Covers, Process Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Water/Sewage Treatment Plants
Oil and Gas Industries
Food Process Plants
Any Manufacturing Plant where Corrosion is an Issue 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a Fibreglass Manufacturing company in Central Canada who specializes in custom tanks and vessels to contain chemicals or will not rust or corrode when exposed to wet or chemical environments. We have the engineering horsepower to design and build to the customers needs. With the exchange rate that is applied to the Canadian Dollar, this would be the perfect time to start looking at the opportunities around you.
Company ID: 102086 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Knobs Pulls, Drawer Slides, Lighting Hinges, Cabinet Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Hospitality, Furniture Manufacturer, Cabinet Makers, Office Furniture. 
Sales Opportunity:
High quality and value priced items.Hhigh customer service. Easy to communicate. Quick to meet market demands, Support with up to date website catalogs leads. 6% gross sale commission easy math.
Company ID: 94588 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Value-Added Roll-to-Roll Converting, Tolling, Coating, and Laminating Services for Textiles, Papers, Films, Non-Wovens, PVC Foams, etc.

Coating Capabilities include: Gravure, Offset, Knife, Reverse Roll & Mayer Rod Coating Methods. Material Widths from 18” to 62”. 
Target Markets:
Any Industrial or Commercial Accounts that would Generally be Manufacturing, Assembling, Converting, or Specifying Use of the Above Service needs either to Create a Finished Product or as an Interim Step or Component Part of a Finished Product. 
Sales Opportunity:
There's not enough space in this format to adequately describe what we do, the products and services we offer or the target markets we can serve. Please submit a sales inquiry to us so that we can link you to case studies on our website and forward a PowerPoint & flyer on our firm.

We've been in business since 1969. We have tremendous laminating and coating capacity and experience with unique, specialty and commodity applications. We have R&D capacity to bring a specialty application to fruition. And of course, we welcome providing alternative supplier support to existing business and opportunities.

We have customers that have been with us for decades. Once we solve a problem for them, they tend to stay for years and years. This means ongoing revenue for us and commissions for you. Flexible commission rates.
Company ID: 101947 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Mold design, molding and precision die casting. 
Target Markets:
United States and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company Yuan Yan established in 1997 located in Taiwan with over 35 years of experiences in developing mold design, molding and precision die casting. We shipped our products aluminum, zinc and stainless steel worldwide. These are widely used for a variety of industries for automotive, home appliances and military applications.
Company ID: 101910 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Environmentally friendly metal pretreatment technology and products. No waste water, no sludge generation, low energy consumption.

Product range includes solutions from manual cleaning to high pressure cleaning.

Process range spans single parts washer to conveyorized pretreatment tunnels. 
Target Markets:
Metal furniture
Paint shops / job shops / subcontractors
Electromechanical industry
Machine tools
Heating and air conditioning
Automotive components
Gardening products and equipment
Sales Opportunity:
Unique technology for selected markets. Allows users to pre-treat metal parts in 1 step, 1 tank and in 1 minute. Technology results in impressive coatings to metal adhesion, effective rust protection. Process operation is simple and uses lower cost, compact plants.

Effectively replaces multi-stage classic phosphatization processes.
Company ID: 96068 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Materials Engineering Company Offering a Series of Treatments that Enhance the Host Material that we are Working With.

These Enhancements can Result in Greater Corrosion Resistance, Substantial Increase in Hardness, and Lowering of the Coefficient of Friction. 
Target Markets:
Upstream Oil and Gas OEM's and Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our processes our proprietary and do not require years of extensive testing for a sale to result. Our performance life increase 3-5 times that of original materials which translates to a substantial increase in MTBF. Our treatments require no pre or post machining or grinding and we can treat areas that are non-line of sight.

Our company is offering protected accounts and in some cases protected territories. Commissions are higher than average with no inventory requirements. We are a rep friendly company. Our founders began as Manufacturers Representatives and migrated to manufacturing. Our price/value equation is being readily accepted by our customers.

We currently sell to the downstream process industries and have spent approximately one year learning the upstream Oil and Gas industry. Opportunities that we have worked on include valves, piping, rotating equipment, nozzles, bolting, and heat transfer equipment. Literature is complete and website is inviting.
Company ID: 101532 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a CNC Machine Shop here on LI, NY.

We Machine Parts for most Industries. Auto, Aerospace, Food. Our Shop is Fully Equipped to Handle Any Size Work. We have Two Facilities that we Manufacture in. We are Certified: AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. 
Target Markets:
Designers, Manufactures, Architects. If you dream it we can build it. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a CNC Machine Shop here on LI, NY.

We Machine Parts for most Industries. Auto, Aerospace, Food. Our Shop is Fully Equipped to Handle Any Size Work. We have Two Facilities that we Manufacture in. Our facility is about 1500 sqft and it's equipped with top of the line CNC equipment. We produce parts that are of high tolerances to customer requirements.

Our facility in Israel is 10,000 sq ft and there we manufacture on a much larger scale we have 4, 5 & 6 axes machines and we turn very sophisticated parts both to the airline industries and military. We work with major international military companies, we also work with the Auto industries and major robotics manufactures. I’m attaching the AS9100 certificate and the ISO 9001 we also have ISO 9002. We are looking forward to working with you. Please submit a sales inquiry to us for more details
Company ID: 101741 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Stampings, Fabrications, and Powder Paint. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Located in Matamoros, Mexico with warehousing in Brownsville Texas we offer Quality stampings, fabrications, and an automotive size powder paint line at reduced costs compared to U.S. vendors. Our equipment and experienced people allow us to manufacture any volume from samples to long run quantities.
Company ID: 101644 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Plate Heat Exchangers, Brazed Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Welded Heat Exchangers, Plate Coils and Refurbished Heat Exchangers. 
Target Markets:
Architects, Engineers, Purchasing, Contractors, Hospitals, Government. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is an American heat exchanger manufacturer headquarted in Moraine, Ohio, previously the GM Assembly building. We have satellite offices worldwide, with six additional locations in the United States. We began in 1980, performing service and maintenance on heat exchanger plates for other OEM models.

Our company has grown to develop it's own line of branded Heat Exchangers that directly compete with original manufacturers. We harvested the knowledge of over 30 years in the industry to create products that surpass the competition in quality and customer service. Our engineers custom heat exchanger solutions to optimize heat transfer performance.
Company ID: 98209 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Liquid Transfer Pumps, Exceptional Technology, Conserves Inventory, Assures
Worker Safety, and Compliance with Regulatory Rules -- for less.

Compatible with 1,400 Chemicals,Acids, Caustics, Lubricants, Fuels, Volatile Chemicals, and Flammable Liquids. Environmental Health & Safety people love us. 
Target Markets:
Our Pumps are Used everywhere; Aviation, Automotive Manufacturing and Service, Laboratories, Electronics Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Construction, and more. They can Improve Safety & Efficiency in Any Environment with Fluids being Transferred Quickly, Safely and Easily. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are so popular that our company has growing pains. We need independent sales reps to help boost us to the next level, and ride the tide of success with us. Are you competitive and successful in business-to-business sales? If so, we'd like to talk to you about a potentially rewarding opportunity -- to sell a new, patent-protected product so innovative that it has virtually no direct competition.

We offer an exceptional commission program based on sales, plus generous performance rewards. We provide prompt technical support to both reps and customers. We also offer exclusive sales territories, and will provide qualified leads generated from our popular website, advertising campaigns and frequent participation in trade shows.

You will find that Brand loyalty is remarkable, and repeat sales are brisk. We expect you to identify and set up serious consultative distributors, not Order Takers. Our brand always elicits a smile, at first. But after one trial, our pumps sell themselves, and customers just keep buying more, for different applications, especially as and when users move either to new departments or to new companies. We also offer one other perk -- you'll like working with us.
Company ID: 101463 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company was established in 1958, we are contract manufacturer specializing in metal stampings, precision CNC machining, wire forms and assemblies, split seam tubular products, laser cutting, robotic welding and thread rolling. 
Target Markets:
OEM manufacturers in the following industries: lawn and garden, automotive, electronics, aerospace, window and door, outdoor power equipment, off road vehicles, fractional distillation, HVAC/R, agricultural, water treatment, furniture, fencing and power distribution industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
There's a lot more to our company than our name would imply. While our roots are in metal stamping, today it's about metal fabrication of virtually every kind, in every metal type and stock, and through numerous processes. We've perfected proprietary means of forming metal to simplify production and deliver higher quality products. Our name says 'stamping', but there's a world of metal fabrication that goes on in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Vertical integration ensures what we deliver is what you expect when you expect it. From comprehensive in-house tooling to prototyping and ongoing managed inventory programs, Wisconsin stamping controls everything.

There is something to be said by experience-because the most impressive equipment list doesn't demonstrate what you've actually accomplished. After six decades, we have been fortunate to work with some of the most successful companies that ever were. So, we've likely manufactured something similar to what you need.

Let us show you how we can bring vision to life.
Company ID: 101460 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CNC Swiss Machining
CNC Turning & Milling
Screw Machine Products
Precision Turned parts
Centerless Grinding 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Medical, Hydraulics, Power Generation, Consumer Products, etc. We are a full service Precision Turning Job Shop with. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are seeking a motivated Individual or Firm that we can partner with to reach a mutual goal of growing our businesses together. Our team is very service oriented and will go the extra mile to make sure the customer is taken care of. We take pride in forming relationships with our customers so they like the people they are placing their orders with. The Customer is our Boss!
Company ID: 99645 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Custom Manufacturer of Rubber Rollers.

We Work with our Customers to find the Best Solution for their needs. From Re-Coating/Recovering the Current Rollers, Creating a New Rroller, to Problem Solving, and Consulting Services, or Applying a Special Coating for Specific Needs. 
Target Markets:
OEMs and End-Users of Rubber Rollers in Packaging, Food Processing, Textile, Carpet, Conveyors, Woodworking, Film Extrusion.
Territories: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a great opportunity for a Manufacturer Rep to add an international company to the portfolio.

Who we are looking for a successful Manufacturer Rep:
- who is established already in some of our customer markets (packaging, food processing, textile, carpet, conveyors, woodworking, film extrusion, automotive)
- who is actively working in one of our geographical target markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America)
- who is interested to acquire new prospects for us and together with us turn them into Alrol Customers

Our company is different:
- Our competitive advantages
- Strong focus on quality and consistency of our products
- Reliable in delivering what and when we promise
- flexible in planning and services

How we work:
- We offer our Customers a full range of services.
- Even we are specialized in small to mid-size rollers, we produce large rollers, too.
- Our customers are OEMs and end users of rubber rollers in packaging, food processing, textile, carpet, conveyors, woodworking, film extrusion, automotive, and more industries.
- Our pricing is fair, reflects our performance, and is rather higher than our competitors.

What we want:
Located in Dalton, GA (USA) we are looking to our services in new geographical markets: West of USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Our offer:
We plan to work with you on a commission and bonus basis.
Company ID: 101331 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Surface-Treatment Systems (Production Lines) for HVAC and Automotive Component Manufacturers. 
Target Markets:
HVAC and Automotive Component Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the top Korean surface-treatment systems vendor and does business worldwide today, except in the US. They will develop exactly the high-volume line that your customer needs.
Company ID: 86518 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
OEM High Quality Hardware for All Industries. Residential & Commercial Doors, Windows Hardware. Shower Door Hinge, Continuous Gear Hinge, Door Closer, Panic Exit, Pull Handles, Cylinders, Locks, Latch, Handicap Grab Bars, Multipoint Lock, Brass Trim Handle Set, Patio Door Handle Lock Set, and more. 
Target Markets:
Direct Domestic And International Manufacturers for OEM Products Line. Windows & Doors Manufacturers, Glass Fabricator, Aluminum Door & Glass Store Front Manufacturer, Plumbing Distributor, Toilet Partition, Chain Store, Hotel/Condo Projects Worldwide, Contractor/ Builder, Wholesaler. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our sales office & warehouse distribution center base at Irwindale, CA. We are fully stocked at our CA warehouse to service our customers nationwide. Factory located overseas, with 50+ years manufacturer experience. We offer a wide opportunity to all sales rep. nationwide. We have excellent products lines, now need to build a strong solid sales force that benefit both party. All potential business are open for discussion.

Being a manufacturer we fully focus to maintain top quality of our production lines, that's also our promise and commitment to our customer. We also welcome the opportunity for OEM products, and forge all new potential business. Most of all, we guarantee our direct manufacturer pricing, best quality and service.

Note: Specializing in forging, die casting, wax casting, stamping, polishing, bending, coating/materials including: brass, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, metal.
Company ID: 100932 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Line of Products for the Application of Floor Epoxies including squeegees, Paint Rollers, Paint Roller Frames, Spiked Rollers, and Spiked Shoes.

We also have a Full Product Line of Paint Brushes and Paint Sundries. 
Target Markets:
Commercial and Industrial Paint Stores, Construction and Industrial Distributors and Retailers, Paint Stores, Epoxy Distributors, and Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Epoxy coating tools are a very underserved area of the paint and concrete business dominated by a few players. Our cost structure and pricing is very competitive. Product line will continue to expand. We have been in the painting tools business for over 25 years.
Company ID: 100816 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Rapid Printing:
• Stereolithography (SLA)
• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
• Objet Connex500 3D Printing (Polyjet)
• Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Custom Production:
• Cast in Silicone, Urethane, Foam, Epoxy
• Medical Grade, Food Grade, and ABS-like Materials Available
• Overmolding, Inserts, Assembly

CNC Machining:
• Lathes, Mills with 5th Axis, Welding, Inspection 
Target Markets:
Design Firms, Developers, Engineers, Inventers Across All Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Reps easily generate 1mm per year in gross revenue typically we pay 10% on new customers monthly for one year and then 3 to 5% after 1 year of orders.
Company ID: 100774 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Contract Manufacturing, Precision Machine and Sheet Metal Fab, Turnkey Provider. 
Target Markets:
Telecom, Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Commercial Market Segments. 
Sales Opportunity:
Rep Needed for 40 year plus family business. Malcolm Baldrige winner, ISO9001, TL9000, AS9100 certifications. Turnkey provider: Precision Machining, Sheet Metal Fab, Full design capability, In-house Finishing: Powder line, wet paint, plating, Quality and Delivery globally recognized. Need you to sell this product for a great company, almost sells itself.
Company ID: 100608 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Steel and Aluminum Fabrication/Assembly.

We are a Full Metal/Aluminum Fabrication and Finishing Company. Specifically, we need Someone Familiar with Steel Tubing. We have Two Tube Mills with 75% Available Capacity. 
Target Markets:
Livestock manufacturers
Office Furniture Manufacturers
Satellite Manufacturers
Sports Lighting 
Sales Opportunity:
We have built our company from scratch with little to no sales support. We currently have one Manufacturer's Rep and are looking to expand our sales with additional sale's reps. Our company is focused on lean manufacturing and short lead times. Our process capabilities are cutting, punching, notching, machining, welded steel tubing, in-house powder coating and anodizing, laser cutting, welding assemblies, etc. Our company is approximately $14 million in sales revenue and we are looking to double our size within the next 3-5 years. Our first year reps will receive an aggressive commission percentage.
Company ID: 100513 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Injection Mold Tools & Plastic Parts
Metal Stamping Tools and Parts
Automation Equipment 
Target Markets:
OEM Customers in Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Aerospace Markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company was established in 2007 and is led by European professionals with over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. The company provides high-precision injection mould tools and parts, progressive metal stamping tools and parts, custom-made automation solutions and engineering/manufacturing services.

Our production is done in three modern manufacturing facilities located in the city of Shenzhen, China. Customer support is done by English staff and fluent English speaking local team members. Approximately 85% of our sales are to European and North American customers. The company's customers represent wide spectrum of industries, including automotive, medical, aerospace, electrical household, aviation and consumer electronics.

We serve customers in quality-sensitive industries such as automotive, military, aerospace and aviation. To comply with the requirements of this highly demanding clientele, the company has built and maintains uncompromising quality control system that covers all production aspects from raw material selection, through design, development and manufacturing, to on-time delivery.

The company operates in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, follows TS16949 directives and uses PPAP tools to ensure maximum quality and traceability. Our company is looking for experienced sales representatives in North America to partner with to further drive our growth.
Company ID: 100046 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Provide Metal Machined Parts from Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Steel.

We specialize in Brass Machined Parts. We Provide Screw Machine Products, CNC Machining, Turning, etc. 
Target Markets:
Mostly our Products are Used by End-Users, in Automotive, Plastics, Electrical & Electronics, Oil and Gas, Fasteners, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a good opportunity for Rep, we provide 8% commission on sales. Our company is best as we have vast experience of 45 years in this field. Most competitive advantages are we can give the best competitive prices then any other due to specialization in brass machined parts. We can support you by providing necessary literature, give you details of companies you need to target in case, try to provide every support required. Commission will be paid on sales and totally will be on commission basis.



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