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Company ID: 111087 - Click Here for Full DetailsNew Profile
Product Lines:
BBQ Products and Accessories, Casual Furniture, Outdoor Residential, and Indoor or Outdoor Contract Commercial.

Chemical and Related Products for Marine, Cleaning, and Industry. Well Established and Premium Product Lines and a Growing Catalogue. 
Target Markets:
Premium Independent Hearth, BBQ, Patio and Pool Shops. Marine Businesses, Marinas, Residential, and Commercial Cleaning Companies. RV Dealers. We have just begun building the catalog. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a respected long established agency in the hearth industry mainly in Atlantic Canada and BC, We are bringing on a number of new, exciting new lines in BBQ, Hearth and Patio as well as commercial, marine. We have only begun to scratch the surface with the potential of these products.

They are almost all new to Canada. We are looking for established reps in Ontario and Quebec. We used to service this ourselves but it has grown too large to continue. We realize the opportunity for this lineup is huge in Ontario and Quebec, therefore we are looking for only the best. Please submit a sales inquiry to us. We expect to fill this fast.
Company ID: 108846 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Heat Treating Services such as Vacuum Solution Annealing, Hardening & Ageing.

Atmosphere Batch Carburizing, Neutral Hardening & Normalizing, Nitriding. 
Target Markets:
Services are Aimed at Metal Fabricators, Machine Shops, Job Shops, Stamping, and Tool & Die. Targeted Marketing Campaigns to Assist the Rep Agency in Selling our Services. 
Sales Opportunity:
Bodycote Thermal Processing is currently seeking independent Sales Representatives nation-wide. Bodycote is interested in working with well-experienced Representatives that have strong ties, but not limited to, the ever growing Aerospace, Energy and General Industrial markets. A successful candidate would be familiar and experienced in the following areas; vacuum heat treating and brazing vacuum hardening, annealing, age hardening, stress relieving and other related thermal processing services. nickel base alloys titanium alloys austenitic stainless steels PH grade stainless steels.

We want to expand our reach to the thousands of mid-sized and smaller customers requiring heat treating services. That is where you come in.

The advantages for your company:
 Easy to work with supplier
 Easy to sell basic services (no inventory requirements)
 Strong commissions
 Large and growing market

An opportunity to be one of the select few Sales Representatives in the North American market. We are selective in our appointment of Sales Representatives so the growth potential is phenomenal! Let us know if you are interested in exploring this opportunity.
Company ID: 110732 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Plastisol Dip Coating and Plastisol Dip Molding.

We Use a " Hot Dip " Process to Apply the Liquid Plastisol. 
Target Markets:
Plastisol Coating and Plastisol Molding is Used widely in the Automotive and Military. This is also Used in the Sporting Goods Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1974. We will pay a sales commission for all work and this commission is negotiable.
Company ID: 109366 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CNC Machining: Custom, Medium to High to volume EAU 1,000-350,000 pieces.

OEM and Second Tier Customers Parts 4 onces to 60 lbs, Fitting Inside a 3 foot cube. Cryogenic Machining. 
Target Markets:
Transportation, Medium/Heavy Truck, Firearms, Medical, Sustainable Manufacturing, Coolant Free Manufacturing, MERA (Motor and Equipment Remanufacturing Association) Member. Aerospace, Engine, and Transmission. 
Sales Opportunity:
Now owned by a successful former Independent Sales Rep. Hansford Parts and Products a 50 year old Contract Machining Facility is seeking aggressive sales representation for the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest. The company has extensive experience with Engine and Transmission parts, Firearms, Medical Parts and Assemblies.

Hansford is ISO 9001 2008 Certified and by mid-Summer we will be ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001, and ITAR Certified. Immediately following these certifications we will be moving on to AS9100 certification. Hansford has undertaken a Complete redesign of our Website and will be State of the Art by Mid-Summer timeframe.

Following the Acquisition of the company the new owners are moving quickly to address historical short comings, We have installed a 450 sq ft Cleanroom to house our new ZEISS CMM, purchased a new Mazak Lathe, and State of the Art ERP system to allow us faster, more accurate response and tracking of all business functions. Frankly we need a couple significant customers to replace one that went to China, we know what you need, and how to supply it. Solid and looking, come grow with us.
Company ID: 17142 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture over 1,300 Industrial Specialty Chemicals for Metal Finishing and Phosphating, Metal Working, Metal Cleaning and Re-Manufacturing, Plastic Cleaning, Rust Prevention and Removal, Wastewater Treatment, and Water Treatment Applications. 
Target Markets:
Plant Managers, Engineers, Chemists, and Production Managers in All Industrial Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Facilities. Specific Targets include Plants that Machine, Manipulate, Clean, or Paint all Metal and/or Plastics. Other Target Industries are General Manufacturing, Re-Manufacturing, Metals, Food and Beverage, Concrete, Transportation, plus many others. 
Sales Opportunity:
Industrial specialty chemicals are a long-term commission opportunity. Products are sold and serviced on a weekly or monthly basis based on sales volume and customer expectations. Commission opportunity is 50% of gross profit margin. Chemical sales and/or service experience is highly preferred, as this is a technical field of which knowledge, experience, and a strong work ethic is rewarded.

This would be an excellent opportunity for both a full-time or semi-retired chemical specialist with built relationships, social ability and chemical problem solving skills. A person would expect to earn $ 100,000 on $ 500,000 of yearly sales with our company. Our chemical blending facilities are located in New York, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and California USA.

Poduct specialties include: Metal Finishing (All cleaners and deoxidizers, Iron, zinc, and manganese phosphates, Non-chrome and chrome seals, Nanotechnology and non-phosphate pre-treatment), Metal Working (Drawing, Stamping, and Rust Inhibitor Compounds), Paint Strippers, Rust Removers, General Plant Cleaners, Waste Water Treatment, Boiler-Cooling Tower-Closed System Treatments, a full line of Green products, plus many others.
Company ID: 107649 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Manufacturers of Gift Ware, Jewelry, Souvenirs, Company Incentive Awards, Promotional Awards, Religious Articles, Trophies, Pewter figurines.

Gold & Silver Sub-Contract Plating Service. 
Target Markets:
Companies with Employee Promotional Programs, Distributors of Giftware, Jewelry Manufacturers, Organizations Providing Awards, e.g. NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, etc. Mail Order and Online Companies e.g. Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Amazon. 
Sales Opportunity:
Established in 1947, B&J Manufacturing started producing a vast array of products from gold plated jewelry and giftware to awards trophies for such prestigious events as the Boston Marathon and the U.S. Marine Corps bicentennial. Capabilities include: drawing, stamping, and spinning of brass, bronze, copper, steel, pewter and alloys of stainless steel. Gold and silver plating support services.
Company ID: 103896 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Critical Sheet and Plate Metal Fabrication Weighing up to 20 Tons, Precision Machining of Metal Parts up to 8 ft x 10ft x 25 ft, Extensive Paint Capability of Parts up to 12ft x 15ft x 60ft, Xylan Coating, Cladding Inconel, We are an NQA-1, Appendix B Nuclear supplier. 
Target Markets:
Industrial OEM, Aerospace, Ag, NQA-1 Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Defense, Transportation, Mining. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1953. Our core competencies center around manufacturing metal components either as a single part or production basis. We gravitate towards items which require demanding technical support in precision machining of small and large parts, comprehensive weld procedures, material traceability and NACE requirements in coatings.

We are ISO 9001 Certified and carry a QA program in support of Nuclear NQA-1, Appendix B Safety Related Requirements. Full NDE capability on Staff. We have not worked with Reps a great deal in the past and are all ears to hear how you can help extend our markets.
Company ID: 60859 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
VOC AIM & HAPS Compliant Coatings
2K Zinc, Epoxy, and Urethane Primers
2K Urethane Topcoats
Dipping Enamels
Baking Enamels
UV Metal Coatings
Acrylic Alkyd Primers and Enamels
MDF Wood Primers
Structural Steel Primers
Coatings for Plastics
Title 24 Elastomeric Cool Roof Coatings 
Target Markets:
OEM Metal & Plastic Manufacturers
Farm and Ag
Heavy Equipment Including Road Construction and Mining
Waste, Intermodal and Transport Containers
Automotive Parts
Fence Posts
Structural Steel
Oil, Gas, and Refinery Machinery and Equipment
Oil & Gas Storage Tanks 
Sales Opportunity:
Nationally recognized Paint and Coatings Manufacturer has limited representation around the United States. We are seeking to grow our representation through manufactures reps familiar with the OEM coatings market that are located in geographic areas with a concentrated amount of metal fabrication. We offer very competitive manufacture's rep compensation with opportunities to moving into full time employment with benefits and expenses.

We are able to set up dealers for keeping inventory and tinting small quantities or direct shipping 5's, 55's or totes from our factory. We offer competitive prices with benchmark JIT shipping service. Our specialty it custom formulating coatings specific to the environmental, application or performance requirements of our clients.
Company ID: 97614 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Systems.

Products are FDA Compliant as well as USDA for Intermittent Food Contact.We have been in Business for 44 years with Current Management. We also Offer a Broad Line of Coatings for Chemical Process Industry. 
Target Markets:
Chemical Process and Food & Beverage Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We supply District Managers who work with several regional Reps as needed to help in technical calls and presentations. Our field installation techs work with the local contractor initially to train and help with the various systems. The owner of our company has 49 years of experience and is a chemist by training does all the Lunch and Learns for A&E firms.
Company ID: 47075 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The POWER OF ONE-STOP SOLUTION. Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards and PCB Assembly Services - Quick Turn High Mix Low Cost PCB Assembly. Prototype PCB Same-Day & Production in 7-10 days. Offshore and In-House Manufacturing at Competitive Prices. ISO/ITAR Certified. 
Target Markets:
Serving OEM, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications, Computers, Audio, Video Products, Industrial, Power Supplies, Gas/Oil Industy, Sensors and more.

Special Materials: - FR406, Getek, SOLA, Rogers, Polyimide, Teflon, Taconic, JP Copper Clad, BT, Ceramic. 
Sales Opportunity:
Precision Technologies, Inc is a team of experienced professionals with over 35 years of accumulated experience in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and a full service contract manufacturing.

From quotations to delivery, our value added services are fast, competitive and committed to total customer satisfaction. The various types of fabrication include Single Sided Up to 40 Layers, Lead-free finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembly techniques and fabrication methods are all considered up front and so our efforts too are successful in providing a quality based product every time. With an objective to satisfy customers and build long term relations, we have proved our reliability and grown over the years along with our entire customer base. We have best On-time shipping record and deliver the order early in many cases.

Compensation: 10% commission on Quick turn prototype orders and 5% on production quantity. All negotiable, so submit a sales inquiry to us for complete details.
Company ID: 81991 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Steel Llighting and Transmission Poles. 
Target Markets:
USA and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Company under new and professional management is expanding its manufacturing capabilities and organizing networks for marketing and finishing of poles. Your contributions to the company's growth and success will be handsomely rewarded. All sales inquiries will remain strictly confidential.
Company ID: 73744 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
ISO 9001, 17025, 13485, TS 16949, 20000-1, 27001, Lean Six Sigma, and CMMI.

These Standards Apply to All Types and Size of Industries. I am unable to pick more than 15 industry categories, however, we encourage all to apply who is interested in selling these services. 
Target Markets:
Small, Medium, or large Manufacturing, Medical Device, Automotive, Test & Calibration Labs, OEM Manufacturers/Suppliers, IT Departments, or IT/Software Companies. Selling to C-Level, Owners, Quality Managers, General Managers, or Decision Makers in the Management. Markets: East Coast & Midwest. 
Sales Opportunity:
Because of the Competitive Manufacturing Market and Globalization, the Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly looking for an edge to help them grow and get bigger contracts. ISO helps them to achieve highest Quality of Processes and certification that allows Manufacturers to Produce Quality End Results and Satisfactory Customers. Price and Quality can be Controlled and Streamlined by incorporating ISO Process.

Some of the larger Companies or govt agencies have now mandated suppliers RFQs with the need of ISO certifications. The ISO process can apply to any size company from small machine shop to big manufacturers. North and South American Companies has started to see the benefit and the growth of such services is exponential.

ISO consulting is an extremely fast growing market not only in manufacturing sector but also across several types of business (product and service both). The opportunity of growth is endless and the market is still not very competitive yet. We are building a team of aggressive sales personnel who don't shy away from working with a small but fast growing company. We offer 15% commission with an incremental commission above the achieved target.
Company ID: 10042 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Filter Presses and Ancillary Equipment including: Fully Automated and Unmanned Filter Presses with Plates to 2Mx2M, Automatic Filter Cloth Washing Systems, Polymer Make Up and Chemical Dosing Systems, Filter Plates (Membrane, Recessed Chamber, Plate and Frame), Hydraulic Ram Pumps. 
Target Markets:
Major Process Industries, New Mines and Mineral Processing Plants, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Major Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies Serving these Markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our equipment features state-of-the-art technology, is of the highest quality and carries an industry-leading warranty. We work extremely hard at building fine customer relationships, by meeting and surpassing our customers' expectations.

We are completely dedicated to building a strong sales team of independent sales reps with no house accounts. We offer highest possible production rates, based on world-leading technology and meticulous attention to detail, all at very competitive prices. We provide full ongoing technical support and training to sales reps, with fully-illustrated proposals customized for each sales rep organization.

And we are committed to expanding our web-based marketing advertizing and promotion to improve company recognition and generate sales leads for our reps. We offer a flat 10% commission on all sales.
Company ID: 76727 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings.
Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging done In-House.
Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines. 
Target Markets:
You will find Our Components in Phones (Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs), Awnings (Large Springs to Provide Tension), Tool Handles (Medium and Large Metal Stampings), Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment (Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers), and more. 
Sales Opportunity:
Many territories in the USA and Canada are still available.

Our company is a well-established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in-house.

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs.
Company ID: 110662 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
As A Valued Sales Agent, You Will:
- Prospect Companies and Identify Surplus Equipment for Consignment
- Provide Information to Prepare, Market, and Sell Equipment
- Communicate with Consignors Throughout the Sale as Needed
- Develop and Grow Existing Energy and Industrial Sector Accounts 
Target Markets:
Target Markets are Companies in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities, Mining, and Industrial Sector Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Become a Commissioned Sales Agent - Uncapped Commissions - OTE starting at $120,000.

Our company is seeking commissioned Sales Agents/Contractors to join our global network of Agent Representatives. This is an income producing opportunity by acting as our exclusive Sales Agent. In this role, you will represent the company and source consignments from potential sellers of industrial and energy assets in your region/network.

This is an ideal opportunity for a seasoned professional with a go-getter personality who has deep industrial contacts with equipment brokers, distributors and other companies in the energy, mining, petrochemical, heavy industrial and machining industries that have surplus assets and need assistance with dis-positioning.

Prospect companies and identify surplus equipment for consignment
Liaison and occasionally perform work to identify and verify assets
Recommend potential buyers of assets
Provide information to prepare, market, and sell equipment
Communicate with consignors throughout the sale as needed

Preferred Qualifications:
Background in Energy and Industrial assets
Network of Clients in Equipment and Asset opportunities
Knowledge of auction process or background in sales of equipment
Company ID: 110512 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Batch Paint Systems for High Mix/Low Volume Manufacturers and Wash Systems. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Contract Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Target market is North America with limitless opportunity. Complete systems range in sale price from $600K - $1,500K. Commission is typically 5%. System component and upgrades range from $100K - $300K.
Company ID: 110155 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Forklift Training/Certification:
Class 1 Electric Rider Trucks
Class 2 Electric Narrow Aisle
Class 3 Electric Motor Hand Trucks
Class 4 Internal Combustion Engine Trucks
Class 5 Internal Combustion Engine Trucks
Class 6 Electric & Internal Combustion Engine
Plus: Train-The-Trainer Course 
Target Markets:
Any Type of Company that Employs Forklift Operators such as:
Distributions Companies
Third Party Logistics
Mom and Pop Businesses 
Sales Opportunity:
We are an OSHA Compliant Forklift Training and Certification Company offering onsite forklift Certification OR Train-the-Trainer certification.

OSHA requires that any employer employing a forklift operator must adhere to the following:
- OSHA standard 29 CRF 1910.178 requires employers to establish and implement forklift training and certification as required by OSHA regulations can result in fines up to $7,000/employee.

What sets our company apart is we deliver quality, thorough and efficient training which meets OSHA standards. Our credentialed trainers know the industry rules and regulations, ensuring your company is a safer place to work after we leave. We understand that great training builds driver confidence and poor training leads to accidents which can cause property damage or even worse, injuries that can sometimes be fatal.

This is big niche which is highly misunderstood among employers. There is a large need for companies to seek out third party trainers to implement an in house forklift certification course OR hire us to do the certification in house for them. We are available 24/7 for our reps with any questions you might encounter in order to close a deal. We provide you with the knowledge and support to answer any questions

Commission Structure:
30% Commission from each sale
*Paid out once customer makes payment
Company ID: 110097 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
My Client in New York State Offers Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Services including Fabrication, Machining, Turning, Castings, and Printed Circuit Boards. 
Target Markets:
Any Manufacturer in New England who Manufactures anything with Metal Products should be using our metals product line. 
Sales Opportunity:
Company Background:
Four facilities
Over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space
Additional 20,000 square feet of storage
125 employees in fabrication
On-site Engineering
Auto CAD
Solid Works
Industries Served
Department of Defense
General Industrial
Machine Tool

Client traces its roots back to 1988 when the company founders saw a need for a better way to deliver contract manufacturing services in the Eastern United States to service all your needs. The firm started by combining two companies specializing in electrical and pneumatic control panel and sheet metal fabrication of all types. With a philosophy of superior service to match the superior quality of our products, the company experienced continued growth.
Company ID: 110076 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Laser Cutting, Machining, Powder Coating.

We can Provide a Complete Part, Warehouse it, and Ship as needed. We are at the Final Stages of ISO 9001 with Design (expected in August). With Three Graduate Engineers on Staff, we are Capable of Taking Ideas, Providing Drawings, and Finished Parts via CAD/CNC. 
Target Markets:
Companies that Need Products to Specifications and On Time. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are an Achilles approved company that allows us to do business with very large companies. Many cases we ship directly to production due to our quality and delivery performance. We need help in sales and looking for someone to team up with.
Company ID: 109245 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aluminum Extrusions and Custom Fabricated Parts.

This Includes Powder Coat Painted Extrusions, CNC Machining, Welding, Punching, etc. 
Target Markets:
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a 70 year old company that is 100% employee owned. We have a wide range of customers in just about every OEM market. We sell to all size customers in almost every state in the country and are well known and respected in the market.
Company ID: 92121 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Glass to Metal Seals, Hermetic Seals, Semiconductor Packages, Hermetic, Feed Throughs, Plating, Metal Finishing, Power Packages, Fiber Optic Packages, RF Microwave Components, Electronic Components, Hermetic Sight Glass, Fused Sight Glasses. 
Target Markets:
RF Manufacturers, Electronic Manufacturers, Relay Manufacturers, Refrigeration Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company provides a variety of hermetically sealed housings to the hybrid microelectronic and microwave industry. Manufactured to exact requirements for accurate interconnects to active devices. We supply the close tolerances and impedance demanded in the industry.
Company ID: 109065 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Printed Circuit Boards and Assembly. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
We are a well established ISO 9002 manufacturer in the southeast for the last 27 years. We pay base plus commission. We are located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
Company ID: 108979 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Finishing Processes. Aluminum Anodizing, and Black Oxide. 
Target Markets:
Machine Shops and Stamping Houses. 
Sales Opportunity:
This position is 100% commission based. Located near Milwaukee, WI there is a large customer base to work with. Nearly all CNC machine shops stamping houses and casting business require our services. We are looking for a sales rep to reach out and sell our processes.
Company ID: 108629 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Products include Automotive Fastners, Springs, Disc Springs, Treamsmission Systems, Industrial Finishing Machines System, Cleaning Systems, Deburring Machines. 
Target Markets:
The Rep will be Selling the Products to the Tier 1 OEMs, Manufacturers of Finishing, Cleaning and Deburring Machines, Automotive Industries, etc., Defense and Ammunition Industries in USA. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for the dynamic and enthusiastic reps to work with us. We are #1 company for finishing, cleaning, and deburring solutions. Also, we are one of the most renowned name in the field of disc springs. We are already supplying our product to Germany, China, USA, and India. No Commission limit for the excellence.
Company ID: 108612 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Absorbent Organic Granules for Absorbing Oil, Grease, Paint, Solvents as well as Water.

Biodegradable and can be Incinerated. Absorbent Organic Socks for Absorbing Oil, Grease, Paint, Solvents, and Water. 
Target Markets:
The market is Companies with Machines that Require a lot of Lubrication to Operate. Heavy Equipment Producers that Leak or Spill Hydraulic Oil. Companies that Need to Keep Floors Dry for OSHA Compliance. 
Sales Opportunity:
This organic absorbent has several very unique characteristic. It will absorb 4 times it weight in water (Oil-Dri absorbs 1-2 times it weight). Even more astonishing is when saturated with water, and oil is introduced, this product will release the water and hold the oil!

Most products are made from clay (Cat Litter) or a polymer. Cat litter is cheap and not very effective while polymers are expensive and are either water or oil only. Neither litter or polymers can be incinerated nor are they biodegradable.
Company ID: 108568 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Automotive Interior Trim Products that are Class "A" and Non-Class "A" Products for I/P's, Consoles, Door, and Garnish Trim. 
Target Markets:
Automotive OEMs and Major Tier 1 Suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is an existing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Interior Trim Supplier located within an hour of Metro Detroit. We are an injection mold supplier with capabilities to mold, paint, flock, weld, and assemble a wide range of products all under one roof.
Company ID: 108550 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Thermoplastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, HDPE)
Valves (Ball,Butterfly, Check, Relief/Regulating, Diaphragm, etc.)
Pipe & Fittings (PP, PVDF, HDPE, Halar)
Valve Actuation & Instrumentation
Air-Handling Duct (PVC, PP, PVDF)
Corrosion Resistant Blowers and Fans (PVC, PP, PVDF, FRP)
Fusion Welding Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Municipal, Commercial Accounts who Move Liquids or Air Through their Processes or Facilities. Water/Wastewater, RODI Equipment, Mining, Landfill, Swimming/Aquatic Facilities, Light and Heavy Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Laboratories, Food & Beverage Prep, Pharmaceuticals, OEMs, Engineers. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you are focused on the industrial B2B marketplace, are comfortable calling on and discussing applications with engineers, end users, contractors, OEMs and Distributors, our company offers a world class product line as comprehensive as any in the world for fluid and air handling processes.

In addition to a full product line, we offer fabrication services, thermoplastic equipment sales & rentals, and certified training. With an excellent website, literature and competitive pricing. Ours is a USA-based company which offers a lead product line with above standard commission rates. We are searching for representation throughout North and South America. Other areas of the world are also available.
Company ID: 97029 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management

Liquid Density, Specific Gravity Meter, Monitor. Device Does Remote, in Tank, Measure, Monitor, and Automatic Process Control (4 - 20 ma or Dual 5 amp Relays) of Liquid Density/Specific Gravity. 
Target Markets:
Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management 
Sales Opportunity:
Discount pricing, direct shipping, backup servicing. Simply email a PO with density range and cable length. Passivation, Electroless Plating, Metal Finishing, Brine Mixing, WasteWater Management.
Company ID: 62546 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Vibration Isolation and Machine Leveling Products including: Rubber Pad Material, Machine Leveling Feet, Precision Leveling Wedges, Rubber and Low Natural Frequency Air Springs, Custom Vibration Isolated Tables and Tabletop Platforms, Active Vibration Isolation Systems, Vibration Site Surveys. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, System Integrators, End-Users
Semiconductor, Nano, Micro Technology Equipment Manufacturers
Metrology, CMM, Test Machine Equipment Manufacturers
Plastic Injection Molding, Machine Tool, EDM Equipment Manufacturers
Metal Fabrication Equipment, Foundation Designers
Gear Machine & Metrology Manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our German supplier is a 30+ year old company with 30 worldwide distributors. They offer a wide range of vibration isolation and machine leveling products that are installed in many different types of equipment. We have been their exclusive North American distributor since 2000.

We have several existing Manufacturer Reps and a history of working with manufacturer reps for 20+ years. We provide all leads obtained from our Google AdWord campaigns and the various trade-shows the we attend to our reps. Guaranteed territories. A fully stocked distributor with same day shipping as needed. Provide all quotes and installation/service engineers as needed.
Company ID: 108162 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Air Conditioner for Use in Overhead Crane Cabs. 
Target Markets:
Steel Mills
Manufacturing Facilities 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a product that has been well proven in a couple of large steel mills over the last 5 years, and we have done zero marketing. It is a highly effective air conditioner that is durable and stands up to the abuse of 24/7/365 use, with non-conventional electrical sources. This unique system typically runs off of the 250 volt DC power of the overhead crane, and is far less expensive (and more durable and more effective) than the competition.
Company ID: 108145 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Electroplating Services on Engineered Plastics, such as PEEK, ULTEM, PPS, PEI, PI, and many more.

We Process Injection Molded Parts, Sheets, Films, Fibers, Rapid Prototype. Selective Plating of Antennae, Charging Coils, Circuits, Logos. RFI/EMI Shielding, and Appearance Finishes. 
Target Markets:
Medical, Aerospace, Electronic, Microwave. Any User of Engineered Polymers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We can plate materials that other companies cannot. Users of engineered polymers have either few options for metalizing, or none, and are anxious for other solutions.
Company ID: 107890 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Sell New Oils, Lubricants, Recycle Existing Oils and Lubricants for Industrial Customers.

Our Proprietary Process Takes a Customer's Dirty Oil and Recycles it Back to its Original ISO Specifications which is Good for the Environment and is also Significantly Cheaper. 
Target Markets:
We Sell to Industrial Manufacturers, Paper Mills, Power Generation Plants, etc. Any Manufacturers that Use Oils and Lubricants in any Large Volume should be Recycling their Oil. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer repeat, consistent commissions to reps who can make introductions for us. Our close rate on customer meetings is high as we have a great value proposition (exceptional customer service, cost savings and reduced environmental impact). Typical customers tend to buy regularly and consistently so this is a good opportunity for a rep to gain a sustainable income stream for themselves. Our company has a very strong inside sales team as well as technical sales reps that can help you to close your opportunities.
Company ID: 106579 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Taiwan-Based Manufacturer founded in 1975 with Two Factories in China that Specializes in Manufacturing Audio Cables, Loudspeaker Cords, Various USB Cables, and Wire Harness Assembly Catered to each and every Customer's Special Designs and needs. 
Target Markets:
Our target market includes but not limited to Industrial, Loudspeaker and Automobile, Data Communication, and Medical Equipment Factors. We also Focus on Wholesalers for Audio Cable and USB Charging Cables. 
Sales Opportunity:
We pride ourselves in our flexibility: being able to meet all of our customer's needs. We have a strong development team that is able to help our customers and fulfill their requirements in a product. In addition, we sustain the upmost quality in all of our products, guided by ISO and UL certification.

We are able to provide prompt responses and ensure that every single customer ends up with a satisfied product. This is a great opportunity due to the fact that anything appliance that requires any cable whatsoever, with a sample or an engineering drawing, we are able to manufacture. With your help, we believe that this could be a win-win opportunity for both parties.
Company ID: 107730 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Fabricated Components, AWS Certified Weldments, Assemblies, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting and Painting in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Composite Plastics 
Target Markets:
We could be a valuable supplier to Material Science, Power Generation, Agricultural, Oil & Gas Industries, commercial or industrial company looking for a metal fabricator 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a small business that offers the latest equipment and software to continually delivery high quality products on-time. We have the capabilities and experience to provide companies with value added services whether it be in routine parts supply, gaining extra capacity or performing specialized operations. As a small business we are able to deliver the responsiveness our customers require.

We've been a Defense contractor for your 35 years looking to expand into the commercial market. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and Multi-recipient of the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Land and Maritime Recognition for Excellence Gold Award. We are seeking commission-based sales agents with experience.
Company ID: 107626 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aluminum Extruded Products.

Mill Finish Lineals, Finished Extrusions including Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, and Anodized Finishes. Full Fabrication Capabilities including CNC Machining. 
Target Markets:
Fenestration Industry, Commercial Lighting, Point-of-Purchase Display Manufacturrers, Solar Mount Manufacturers, Awnings and Blinds, Automotive Aftermarkets, Signs, Storm Shutters, Curtainwall, Door Thresholds. 
Sales Opportunity:
Great opportunity to sell extruded aluminum products from a 64 year old company located in the midwest. We have great capabilities, and are small enough to provide great customer service. We are ISO 9001 Certified. We offer tight tolerances, various finishes, and excellent fabrication work.
Company ID: 107517 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Wet process equipment, etching equipment, plating equipment, custom automatic process equipment 
Target Markets:
Semiconductor manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, aerospace 
Sales Opportunity:
Well respected supplier of world class equipment, over 30 years providing excellent systems with high reliability for a wide range of cutting edge industries. Creative solutions a speciality especially in cleanroom applications
Company ID: 107364 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Secondary Operations such as Vapor Degreasing, Tapping, Shot Blasting, Sorting, and Packing. 
Target Markets:
Automotive Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We're looking for commissioned salespersons to bring in work. We will pay a negotiable percentage of total sales of the work you bring in. We've been in business for 40 years, servicing the automotive industry. We're experienced in metal cleaning.
Company ID: 107349 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Heat Exchangers for ALL Industries.

The Worlds most Extensive Product Portfolio of Heat Exchangers: Plate, shell and Tube, Preheaters, Economizers, Feedwater Heaters, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Charge Air Coolers, Oil Coolers, Cooling Towers, Air Coolers, Condensers, Radiators, Finned Coils. 
Target Markets:
Steel, Metals, Mining, Mineral Processing, Glass, Cement, Surface Treatment and Painting Booths, Tire Manufacturing, Industrial Effluents, Waste Water Treatment. 
Sales Opportunity:
All industries need heat exchangers. Looking for niche reps that cover specific industries, even if its just one of the industries listed. When you partner with Kelvion you have the most extensive portfolio of heat exchangers of any company at your disposal, all with one company.
Company ID: 107275 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CNC Machining Division is Capable to Handle Custom 1 Offs or Long Term Production.

Injection Mold & Plastic Injection Molding Division includes Complete Production Tool Build along with Production Moulding Services. We Specialize in both Short and Continues High Volume Production Programs. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Subcontractors to OEMs
USA and Canadian Market 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer excellent support for our sales representatives to help assist you in building long-term/strong relationships with your customers. That means repeat business. Our commission rates are always competitive. You make the contacts and our inside sales representatives will back you up with responsive service and quick turnarounds. Offering Long term residuals on new accounts and contacts. Service catalog can be supplied.
Company ID: 107117 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Accu-Spray Custom Aerosol Touch-Up Paint
Accuu-Fill Custom Aerosol Filling
Ascu-Touch Custom Paint Pens
Ascu-Stroke Custom Brush in Bottle
Accu-Match Custom Paint Color Mach 
Target Markets:
1) Paint manufacturers
2) Powder Coating Manufacturers
3) OEMs of Metal Products that are Painted, Powder Coated
4) Paint, Powder Coating Job Shops 
Sales Opportunity:
We are expanding our customer base and wish to establish a professional relationship with independent paint industry reps. To be successful, you must have established relationships in the paint and powder coating industry that may be leveraged to promote this business.

Azimuth Spray Systems provides solutions for manufactures with issues in regards to touching up the paint or powder coated surfaces. We can work with the manufacture of the paint or powder to provide them aerosol touch up paint so they can service their customers needs. We can provide a private label aerosol paint in support of a color card or custom non-standard color for one customer. The private label will help them build their brand and it is an opportunity for repeat business.

We can also approach the end-user directly providing aerosols under our own brand " Accu-Spray Custom Aerosol Touch-Up Paint". The customer could be a job shop or OEM with a captive finishing line. We accept orders as small as one gallon. Large orders are not a problem. We have short lead times.

Azimuth Spray Systems has been making aerosols for industry for over 15 years. We produce a quality product in support of great customer relationships. The opportunity is for you to expand your sales to a customer that you are already servicing. This product line may also aid in gaining an opportuity with new accounts. You are paid a healthy commission based on sales.



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