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Sample Sales Opportunity Listing:
Company ID: 105303  

Product Lines:
RevoMax’s revolutionary threadless instant cap technology allows you to fully open/close your water bottle with one hand in one click! RevoMax water bottle is the world ONLY bottle which can be FULLY opened(Cap Off) and SECURELY locked (withstand the pressure of soda) in one second with one hand! 

Target Markets:
Outdoor and sports Offices Household Almost everyone who needs get hydrated when away from home. 

Sales Opportunity:
RevoMax Twist Free/Threadless Cap Technology is truly an REVOLUTIONARY in the water bottle industry. It will be the game changer to change the water bottle industry like the zipper did to the fashion industry. Zippers for fashion did not replace all the buttons because buttons can be used for decoration purpose. However RevoMax Threadless Instant cap would be a truly a terminator for all the tradition screw-top water bottle because RevoMax can do all the screw-top can do but just FASTER, EASIER and BETTER. The screw-top is time consuming to open and close, leak if not tight enough, getting loose when hanging on the backpack, and the screw top is extremely difficult to open when holding carbonated beverage. ReovMax Twist-Free/Threadless Cap solves all the problem. 1. Zero effort for FULLY open/ SECURE lock. 2. Single hand operation. 3. Double seal for best thermal performance. 4. Triple lock for TRULY leak proof and mess free 5. Unique gas exhausting handling carbonated beverage as easy as water Please see this presentation on Adobe Slate with this ending "/cp/qTir6/" For more information, please watch the you tube video with this ending: "/channel/UCv9NHC7Q5pYmdpO2BNiwIzg" 


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