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Company ID: 93185 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
Excellent RX Compounding Program - Nationwide + Salary/Commission Plan
#1 BRCA (Breast/Ovarian + Prostate/Pancreatic Cancer) Test
VERY BEST COMMISSIONS: 50-85% on All Sales
Reps/Large Groups/Distributors Selling PGx, DNA, Women's Health, RX Compounding.
+ Sales Portal (Toxicology+RX Compounding) 
Target Markets:
Preventative/Personalized Medicine.
Call Points include: IM, GP, FP, Onco, PCP, URO, OB/GYN, Geriatric, LTC, Clinics, Health Systems, Dental, Orthodontist
Bottom line: Doctors won’t see U if U DON'T make them money!
Physician Clients Earn 6 figures+/year in ADDITIONAL Revenues, Due to our Products. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you Conservatively Sell 50-100 BRCA tests/MO = $11-22K/Mo.
Reps easily sell 500-1,000+ tests/Mo

We are direct w/Our Lab & Pharmacy Clients - the industry leaders & have Life Saving Products.

Our Focus is on Helping Doctors Grow Their Practice & Increase Revenues with the Very Best Solutions & Life Saving Products Available.
Our FREE Testing & Products Make Doctors mid-high $6 figures++ per year in additional Revenue. Depending on the size of their practice, Doctors could easily make much more. We help them do just that.

What gets you in the Physician’s office door?
Do you have products that are FREE to the Doctors, make them a lot of MONEY, & are FREE to the patients? Do you have products that save lives & are in high demand? We do! And that's all we do - help Doctors make money w/life saving products, covered by Medicare, select medicaid, and commercial.

Strong Doctor Relationships is key to your success. Our products only helps solidify relationships. Exclusive offers.

We are ONLY seeking Medical Reps, Distributors, Sales Groups, & BRCA Reps to sell our products to most Physician Specialty Call Points. Rep can easily earn $40-$50K/month (& much more) on average, just selling our BRCA & Full Cancer Screening Tests. Add our other tests & products & you can make $50K+++/month.

Also sell: Pain Injections, Mental Health Assessments, PharmacoGenetic (DNA) Testing, Toxicology, RX Compounding - Scar, Pain (RX & Tox w/Salary + commission)
Company ID: 97382 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
Cancer Screens
Mental Health Assessments
DME products 
Target Markets:
Group Practices, Podiatrists, Surgeons, Primary Care, Pain Management, OB/GYN, Psychiatrists, Dentists, Oncology. 
Sales Opportunity:
Seeking current or former pharmaceutical/medical reps with established relationships with any of the following: Internal Medicine, Family Practice, OB/GYN, Podiatrists, Pain Specialists, Psychiatrists, Oncologists, and Dentists to sell a variety of lab tests and pharmacy products.

This is a very easy way to make a significant amount of money if you have physician relationships.
Company ID: 92601 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
We Provide a New Type of Wellness Service Membership to the Public, Employees, Holistic Healthcare Providers, Businesses, and Organizations.

Service Involves Fast, Accurate Holistic Bio-Resonance Screening and Database Access for Members. 
Target Markets:
Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Alternative Medicine Clinics, Holistic Clinics, Herbalists, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinics, Health Food Stores, Fitness Centers, Sports Teams, Vitamin Shops, Health Clubs, Weight Loss Clinics, Massage Therapists, Churches, Private Schools. 
Sales Opportunity:
The typical wellness programs draw blood and measure 5-15 health issues. We screen clients for over 200 health issues, using the latest cutting-edge technology, and provide a comprehensive matching database to educate clients on health issues and natural preventative measures used by others to return to optimum health. Our members are more knowledgeable about their own health than 90% of all Americans. Better knowledge means better healthcare decisions.

Our Non-Invasive, fast screening takes 3-5 minutes per person. Our reps acquire a screening location and offer their healthcare provider landlord patient referrals and increased walk-in traffic. Our reps develop the screening location with a dynamic referral program. A typical location screening 20 people per day will earn the rep around $250K per year. A single rep can easily manage 4 screening locations.

We are looking for energetic, healthy, highly successful independent sales/service rep entrepreneurs with honesty and integrity and an interest in Alternative Medicine. This is the best opportunity in America. We provide all equipment, training and marketing material. Preference given to qualified military veterans. If you are looking for a part-time service to add to your list, this is not for you. If you are interested in Conventional Medicine symptom maintenance programs this is not for you. If you want to earn a lot of money helping people get healthy - submit a sales inquiry to us now before your area is taken.
Company ID: 72697 - Click Here for Full DetailsUpdated
Product Lines:
Synchronized Wireless Clock Systems, Analog and Digital Commerical Clocks, Time and Attendence Systems, many other "Time" related products. 
Target Markets:
Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Manufacturing Facilities, Offices, Goverenment Agencies, Military, Electrical Contractors 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business for 40+ Years, All Technical Support is in house when needed. Everyone needs "Time" - Systems Sell Themselves, Demo Units Available. Systems are "Plug and Play". Customers come back for more Clocks & Accesories. Great Product Line to supplement your existing lines. Commission Rate 5-7% - Orders drop shipped to your clients - Lets talk.
Company ID: 92473 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Introducing - How to be a Great Success in Our Workplace and get ready to get excited!

The Book is Used by 100s of Workplaces such as AT&T Mobility, Simmons Mattress, and Morton Salt as a Motivation Tool Given to their Staff with Average Buys of 120 books. And it’s now in Full Color. 
Target Markets:
Any Workplace at all with employees. We have Sold to the gamete including Hospitals, Restaurants, Factories, Stores, and Professional Offices. A real tone setter! What office won’t benefit from a more motivated staff and stronger teams, and greater employee retention at a very small cost? 
Sales Opportunity:
The product is a 182 page book which companies buy branded with their Logo also adding their own Foreword and then give it to their staff as a motivational/instructional team building training tool. The book has enjoyed rave reviews from 100's of Managers and HR Managers. It teaches invaluable workplace lessons on such subjects as teamwork, interpersonal relationships with co-workers, and coping with on the job stress. Plus it’s funny and fun with humor on every page. It’s something every company needs to have, a "difference maker" that sets a positive workplace tone increasing employee contentment, productivity, and retention.

We have designed an opportunity for Reps that is unparalleled whether you do it full or part time, with a 25% commission rate on sells which average 120 books. We also offer Team Talk which companies subscribe to and give to their staff on a continuous basis, with a 25% commission rate as well. Plus the tools we you’ll get are second to none. We provide you with a pdf of the entire book you give to your clients free to them so they can see first hand, samples of the printed books which make for a dazzling impression, plus your own website hosted and customized to you.

We are looking for committed reps, only those that are go getters and who are ready and ready and raring to go. Salesmanship has been described as a “Transfer of Enthusiasm” and this is a product we think once you see it your enthusiasm will come easily.
Company ID: 92932 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Unique Innovative products Created by a Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon.

Our One-of-a-Kind Patented Cane has a Second Pivoting Handle that helps you Rise and Sit Down and has a LED Light. We also have the only 24/7 Carpal Tunnel Bracing System that Reimburses Higher than other Braces. 
Target Markets:
Target, Brookstone, Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Hotels, Casinos, Sports Equipment Stores, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and basically any other Retail Stores, DME Stores, Pharmacies, Distributors, Catalog Companies, Therapist Offices, Doctor Offices and Hospitals. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a great opportunity because we have new premium products that are currently doing great, but only are in a few states. We have products developed by an orthopedic surgeon that are proven by medical research. Every time we show the products we get a great response from people and we are looking to get them out faster to more people. Our products have received great reviews and are ready to be presented throughout the US.

We would love to discuss this more with you including the commission structure. We are looking for reps all across the US. We have been on QVC and had great success and are currently in 800 Walgreens. We are on the verge of getting large quickly. If you are already selling to the medical field you will be perfect and it will be an easy product to add to your line or if you sell to stores who carry canes. If you sale to stores who senior citizens visit often, you are also perfect for this.
Company ID: 67007 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Stamping Prototypes, Short Run (Low Volume), Medium Run (up to 100,000 pieces) and Long Run.

Precision Metal Fabrications. A good share of our business is in the 100,000 piece and down area. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Military, Medical, Electrical, Energy, Aftermarket Automotive, any Industries that Use Metal Stamping. The only exception is we do not want any Tier one automotive work. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a Metal Stamping Manufacturing Company that has a modern facility that has kept up with technologies and are looking to broaden our customer base. We currently have over 500 different customers that we service annually. We sell to small companies and Fortune 500 companies. Although not researched we are probably one of the largest most capable short to medium run metal stamping companies East of the Mississippi.

With three buildings totaling 160,000 sq ft with over 162 machines to build our tooling and manufacture parts. We have over 75 Punch presses. 10 are loaded and unloaded by robots. 7 have coil lines. Our presses are servo, mechanical and hydraulic. We have lasers and a turret press. We have 14 press brakes, CNC servo, hydraulic, and mechanical. We also spot-weld, mig and tig weld, T-stud weld, drill, Tap, Machine, stake, insert fasteners, bar code, assemble kit packs, and custom pack.

EDI, KAN BAN, RELEASE ORDERS, PPAP, FEMA, SPC, FIRST ARTICLE, CAD COMPARISON. Our Certifications are AS 9100:2009 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008. Our tool room has 5 machining centers, 2 wire EDM machines, CNC lathes, automatic surface grinders, rotary surface grinders, CNC mills, manual mills, 3D scanners for reverse engineering. Software used is auto cad, inventor, alias, autoform, esprit, edgecam, range viewer, and meshlab.
Company ID: 78507 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Products include: Plastic Bags such as Disposable Linen Bags, Infectious Waste, and Trash Bags to Hospitals and to Healthcare Laundry Customers.

Other Products include: Plastic Wrap and Supplies for Commercial/Hospitality Laundries, Linen Hamper Stands, Medical Kits, and Labels. 
Target Markets:
We sell to the Hospital and Healthcare and Hospitality Laundry Markets. We also sell products to Medical Waste Haulers. We offer unique programs and products that help to keep customers long term. We are very well known in the Laundry Market and do business with many hospitals all across the US. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are in a well known, national company who is now looking to expand dramatically and looking for sales reps to help us achieve our goals. Since 1999, we have continually shown extremely strong growth due to high quality products and our knowledge of the hospital and healthcare marketplace.

We support our reps full force with internal support and the opportunity to make great commissions on all products and services sold and will do so on a continual monthly basis. Owners of the company are long time medical sales reps who understand the value that reps bring to our company. We offer full training on our diverse product line. We will pay reps on a per case basis and commissions on a new program that we will be offering to our customers.
Company ID: 98927 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Small Diameter Metal Tube Bending and Fabrication (up to 1.00"), including Stainless, Copper, Steel, and other Alloys.

Bending, Ram Forming, Induction Brazing, and some Welding Applications. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers of Refrigeration Equipment and Products, Metal Stamping Operations, Suppliers to OEMs of Lawn and Garden, Truck and Bus, Automotive, Medical Device Manufacturers, and other Manufacturing concerns Requiring Fabricated Tube Products. 
Sales Opportunity:
Integrated Manufacturing Concepts is a tube fabricator with over 28 years of bending and tube fabrication. Dedicated to customer service through the use of CNC bending and multiple tooling options enhanced by the use of "Lean Manufacturing" techniques. IMC has established relationships with value added suppliers for additional processing requirements. Able to respond to unique requirements of low volume products, as well as high volume production needs.
Company ID: 98926 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Funeral (Burial) Caskets, Modern, Color Rich.

Excellent Pricing for Quantity (1), and Additional Reduced Pricing for Quantity (3), Bulk & Share a Crate. 
Target Markets:
B2B Funeral Home & Cemetery Managers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Caskets are needed, and daily purchased Items. These Caskets are available in modern colors & quantity (1) excellent prices. We will bid, price compare/match, and offer quantity (3), & share a crate discounts. Make a 12 to 15 minute Visit to SHOW our Website that can close the Sale for you. It is possible to make Thousands of dollars every week.

For now, looking to contract with Reps for MD, VA, WV, PA, other Regions may need addt'l help soon, so Inquire if interested elsewhere in the US. Warehouses in NJ, CA, IL.
Company ID: 98820 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Ball and Lead Screw Assemblies Used in Linear Motion and Power Transmission Applications. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Life Science (Bionics, Medical Hardware), and System Integration. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a natural fit for any rep organization that is currently calling on Aerospace and Life Science companies. The hardware being offered to the market is only a portion of the overall value. Our biggest differential is engineering support.
Company ID: 98785 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
First and only Rapid Syphilis Test.

Simple Whole Blood Finger Prick, Ten minutes, 98.3% Accurate, FDA Allowed to be Performed by Non-Professional Personnel. 
Target Markets:
Jail Systems and Prison Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Correctional systems look to perform Syphilis Tests at the time of arrest and before bail or prisoner transfer. This test allows for a definitive positive or negative result for Syphilis in ten minutes with incarcerated individual present. Rep Group must already have established call pattern into jails and/or prisons with preference given to groups who carry medical related products.
Company ID: 98212 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Device Sales for a Highly Innovative Patented Product.

NO other Company has this Technology Available for this market, NO Direct Competition. Facial, Body Contouring, Anti-Aging, Skin Smoothing, Tightening, Toning, Texture Improvement, Sports Injury Recovery & Performance, and Therapeutic Products. 
Target Markets:
Commercial and Consumer Applications, Plastic, Cosmetic, Aesthetic, Dermatology, Health, Beauty and Fitness Sectors all with Strong Growth Potential in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Natural, Safe and Easy to Use Technology Distinguishes from Competitors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Be a part of an innovative solution in the most lucrative market in the medical, healthcare, beauty industry.

Seeking Sales Reps who have strong established relationships with physicians, physical therapist, health and beauty professional, fitness professionals and office managers who are forward thinkers, solution oriented, and are looking for an added value revenue channel. Commissions of 20-30% on all sales and repeat orders.

This is an EASY-TO-SELL consumer directed product that will gather momentum quickly and generate monthly repeat sales. This is a year-round product that will be consistent and fill in your income gaps. Orders can be drop shipped and there is no need for you or your customers to carry inventory. We will select only qualified Sales Reps with strong established relationships. NO SAMPLES DROPPERS
Company ID: 67985 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
One of a Kind Device that Assists the Elderly and Mobility Challenged to Pull On and Take Off their Footwear (Shoes, Boots, Slippers) with No Bending or Reaching Required. 
Target Markets:
Anyone with Mobility Problems including: the Elderly, Arthritic, Diabetes, Stroke, Obesity, Orthopedic Surgeries, Prosthesis, Rehab, OT's/PT's, and Dozens other Issues Affecting Mobility. Product can be Sold in Medical and Non-Medical Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
This product is truly "one of a kind" and is needed on a daily basis to put on and take off footwear with no bending or reaching required. It is the only product specifically designed for this purpose. We ship the product all over the world and we are the only manufacturers and suppliers. No one interested in mobility related products will not open the door for you and we have a very professional demonstration video that will practically sell the product for you.

We are offering an opportunity to sell a product desperately needed by millions, basically medical, in nature but can be sold in many different industries. If qualified you will have exclusive territories and will be provided with excellent marketing tools that will in reality sell the product for you. This product is that good, that desperately needed in the marketplace and we are the only suppliers. The uniqueness and usefulness of the product will get you in any door related to this product and many that aren't.

We are looking for high volume sales reps who have the industry expertise and connections to introduce our unique and wonderful products to. This is definitely a once in a lifetime rep opportunity.
Company ID: 89928 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medela's Patented 2-Phase Expression Breast Pumps.

We Offer these Pumps Direct in the Doctor's Office, No Cost to the Practice. Doctor's Office Fills out a Script (which they do now anyway, for Patient to Get Rreimbursed from Insurance) and Provide New Mom their Pump right in the Doctor's Office. 
Target Markets:
Private Practice, Clinics, Doctor Groups and Hospital Groups. OB/GYN's - We are only looking for individuals that currently have very strong relationships with OB/GYN's to represent the #1 Breastpump in the market today.

Sales Opportunity:
ACA - The Affordable Care Act.
There are many parts of the ACA, but one of the most valuable is that ACA requires health plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies 100%. Pump in Style with Medela Advanced Double Breastpump. From the #1 trusted brand that moms aspire to.
Company ID: 76153 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ergonomic Lift Equipment Supplier looking for Established Agents.

Should have a Following in Major Material Handling Dealers and Distributors. Best Suited will be Companies that are Calling on Lift Truck Dealers with Material Handling Divisions. We Offer Customer Directed Solutions. 
Target Markets:
System Integrators, Material Handling Distributors, Catalog Companies, Online IndustrialMmarketers, End-Users of Equipment Markets, Healthcare Distributors, Healthcare Rental, Automation Companies, Lift Truck Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Small but substantial company with multi-market opportunities is specifically looking for representation in California, Northwest USA, Quebec and British Columbia, Alberta, and Mexico. We are also looking for major account representatives that have an ongoing relationship with any and all Major Food companies, pharmaceutical companies, utilities. To develop relationships for stainless steel equipment as well as lifting solutions for specific ergonomic applications.
Company ID: 98457 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
Commercial Surge Protection Products
Power Product Support. 
Target Markets:
Electric Utilities,
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Equipment Processing & Control
On Line Battery Backup & Support
On Site Consulting & Training 
Sales Opportunity:
We manufacture commercial surge protection products under our Pemco brand. Our products can be private labeled. We will work with and flexible in special situations and additional commissions.

Commission as follows:
Products: 10% of net invoice
Services: 8% of net invoice
Company ID: 98459 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are an EMS Provider - Electronic Manufacturing Services.

25+ years of Excellence in Building Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies, and Turn-Key Solutions. 
Target Markets:
Our typical Markets Served are Industrial Automation, Medical, LED Lighting, Military, Audio/Video, and Telematics/Telecom. We do NOT serve the Automotive Market! 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is focused on long term relationships with our customers, employees, and if we can find the right candidate(s), our reps. We have 25+ years of solid goodwill and success serving our customers and we can demonstrate that with our account list and length of those relationships. Our previous experience with "reps" is an excellent discussion as well.

We partnered with a group in Indiana and enjoyed some successes but the accounts served for approximately 5 years, were bought and relocated to California. We are confident in our local coverage here in SE Michigan, but feel as though we are missing opportunities in W. Michigan, N. Ohio, and possibly Canada (Windsor-Ontario). The relationship ended on excellent terms.

I am one of 3 partners at this company & my focus is on the Sales and Marketing efforts. I was a Rep many years ago and hated the too often end game where we were "dropped" after years of foundation building, training, etc. We do not play those games here, we are an excellent partner who build long lasting relationships or we walk away at the start. Thus, if you think there is a match with your current customer base and associated product/service lines-please submit a sales inquiry to us and I will arrange a meeting to further discuss the possibilities between us and yourself or your group.
Company ID: 61223 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Blood Glucose Testing System Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of the EMS Community.

Excellent Quality and Price Point. Nitrile Gloves. Expanding product line. 
Target Markets:
Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance Services), Fire/Rescue. 
Sales Opportunity:
Medical Sales/EMS - We are a niche distributor to the Ambulance, EMS/Fire Rescue Industry and currently do business in 400+ accounts across the country. As an Independent Sales Representative (1099), your focus will be selling our unique product into the EMS market - including private ambulance services, Fire Departments, and Municipalities and Hospital based EMS. Our offering consists of high quality products with good re-order patterns that have been well received by the EMS industry.

This is a STRAIGHT COMMISSION opportunity based on a percentage of the gross profit. For the right person, this is an excellent opportunity. If you are currently calling on this market, this will be a nice add-on to your current portfolio. If you are a rep who already covers a particular geography, this could be a great opportunity for you to begin to call on ambulance services you are passing by in your current travels.

We are seeking reps with integrity, sales aptitude, and a strong interest in the EMS/Fire Rescue industry. If you are enthusiastic, driven, and possess the will and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and get results - we would like to hear from you. Submit your sales inquiry for more info.
Company ID: 28015 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Engineered Products and Components from China, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam.

We Provide Aluminum and Steel Castings, Aluminum, and Steel Extrusions, Machined Components, MIM, PIM, Powder Metal, Forgings, Stampings, Drawer Glides, Hinges, and Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Product Manufacturers and Parts Suppliers looking to Reduce Costs while Maintaining or Improving Quality. Sales are made Primarily to High Level Purchasing and Production Personnel, Owners, and Executives that understand the Value of International Sourcing with Domestic Ease of Business. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a well established, quality supplier with factories in Taiwan, China, India, and Vietnam. We are searching for qualified manufacturers representatives to help expand our business. We have expertise in numerous areas including assemblies, metal products, rubber and plastic, castings, and specialty fasteners. US based engineering and program management for smooth program flow. We offer a unique value proposition. We offer warehousing and KanBan deliveries.
Company ID: 58935 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Replacement Fire Extinguisher Bubble Covers. Acrylic and Unbreakable. 
Target Markets:
Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels, any building that has fire extinguishers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Fire extinguisher covers break all the time either from vandalism, cleaning carts, or some type of accident. I manufacture them using either acrylic or a high impact material that will not break. I have been in business since 1982. I am looking for sales reps that call on schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, etc. Thanks.
Company ID: 97836 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Flexible Electric Heating Elements.

Cutting Edge Designs and Materials, including Polymer Thick Film, Silicon Rubber, and Kapton, along with more Traditional Materials. Also a Variety of Rigid Element Styles, including Mica and Tubular. All are Geared toward OEM applications. 
Target Markets:
OEMs in a Wide Array of Markets. Food Service Equipment, Telecom, Transportation, Life Sciences, Packaging Equipment, Lighting, Aerospace, Battery Heaters, Antenna Heaters, Composite Bonding, Freeze Protection, Clothing and Apparel, and Consumer Products. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a small company that has pioneered new materials and designs that can provide your customers with superior heating at lower costs than many typical materials. All of our products are custom engineered for OEM applications. Most carry UL recognitions, and are Manufactured in the US in our ISO 9001 facilities.
Company ID: 89464 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Designer and Manufacturer of High Precision Inclinometers, Accelerometers, Along with a Range of High Performance Compression Force Transducers, Force Sensors, and Load Cells. 
Target Markets:
Civil Engineers
Metal Processing
Military-Fire Control Systems
Mining & Tunneling
Test & Measurement
Satellite Communication
Continuous Casting Monitor
Aircraft Health Monitoring
Railway-Track Monitoring
Flight Simulators
Accident Data Collection
Paper Mill
Sales Opportunity:
This is a great opportunity to partner with an organization manufacturing a state-of-the-art technology product.

Our Force Transducers and Load Cells offer unequaled performance and reliability for all load measurement requirements. Our Inclinometers provide angular and tilt measurements to the highest levels of accuracy and reliability and our Accelerometers measure linear acceleration, deceleration and vibration to extreme levels of precision.

A little about the History of our company:
The roots of this company can be traced back to 1945, with the formation of Schaevitz Engineering, a USA based manufacturer of LVDTs and other precision sensors. Prompted by their sales success overseas, Schaevitz Engineering began manufacturing inertial products in the UK in 1974. This business model continued until 2002, when a group of former Schaevitz Engineering employees in the UK purchased the inertial products business from the owner at that time, and formed our company, thus continuing the design, development and manufacture of original precision sensors, as well as other inertial sensor products.

In 2007, we extended our product range beyond inertial sensors by obtaining the former Maywood Instruments force transducer product lines and intellectual property. We have since extended its operation further, establishing a sales and stocking location in North America in 2009.
Company ID: 48446 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Prescription Safety Testing Company, in Business for 8 years and having Long Term Experience in Working in the Market. 
Target Markets:
Long Term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilties, and Behavioral Health Centers, Pain Management, and all Specialities. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for experienced laboratory sales professionals or rep groups with a minimum 3 years successful industry experience for highly visible territory. You will be working with medical professionals, alcohol and drug rehab and recovery programs, OB/GYN, Pediatrics and pain management professionals to promote prescription management and drug monitoring programs.

The position could lead into a management role. Looking for professionals with experience. Best commission plan in the business for self starters and true leaders. We are a leader in compliance and marketing strategy with reps that can earn substantial income. If you are mature, like being rewarded for hard work, not micromanaged, strong support, talents respected, and a fun progressive environment send your resume. Sales inquiries and then resumes accepted from candidates with experience and industry contacts only.
Company ID: 76768 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Designed and Manufactured Electronic Transformers and Inductors. 
Target Markets:
Specialty Manufacturers. Present markets are: Railroad, Military, Industrial Instruments, Medical Instruments, Medical Devices, Manufacturing Equipment. 
Sales Opportunity:
We presently sell only through the web. We know we are missing opportunities due to the lack of relationship based direct selling.

Because of our design and build capabilities, we can sell in any geographic market.
We are committed to customer satisfaction through free design service, free prototyping and guaranteed full satisfaction.
Company ID: 95880 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We have Offered Affordable and High OEM Quality Repair Services of Most Medical Equipment and Surgical Devices since 1993.

The Global Medical/Surgical Device Repair Market will be Approximately an $8.45 Billion Market by 2017 with an Estimated Annual Growth Rate of 7.8% over the Next Five Years. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Biomed Departments, OR Staff, Materials Management, and Purchasing, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Qualified representatives will be selling high quality, low cost repair services from a company with a successful 21 year history of providing OEM quality repairs with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

You will be selling repairs for:
Cables and Transformers
CUSA Hand Piece Repairs
Fetal Monitoring Equipment
Harmonic Scalpels
Instrument Consoles and ESU's
Lipoplasty Equipment
Lithotripsy Equipment
Medical Pumps and Infusion systems
Patient Monitoring Equipment
Phaco Hand Piece Repairs
Powered Instruments
Remote Controls and Footswitches, etc.

As one of our representatives, you will earn a 20% commissions on all repairs and rebuild services that typically range in cost from $1,000 to $6,000+.
Company ID: 88189 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
100% Solid Stainless Steel Faucets and Showers, Showerheads, Stainless Steel Parts, and Accessories.

100% Lead-Free, Rust Resistant, and Corrosion Free. Durable, Health & Green oriented, modern, and unique designs. 
Target Markets:
Hotels, Public Facilities, Builders, Designers, Distributors, and Chain Department Stores and Retailers, Home Fixture and Plumbing Product Dealers and Distributors, Kitchen and Bath Specialty Showrooms, Wholesalers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for experienced and aggressive Sales Reps in different geographic areas in North America to represent our unique product line of solid stainless steel faucets and shower heads. Our products are made with 100% stainless steel 304 with single cast technology. They are truly innovative, green, healthy and durable, 100% recyclable, and eco-friendly. We offer great commission rate and bonuses for our sales reps. We're especially looking for Sales Reps. who have established accounts with hotel chains, local distributors, major retailers, and department stores.
Company ID: 97101 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Hospital Communication Devices - Pillow Speakers, Bed Cables, Call Cords, Bed Controls, OEM Equipment, Custom Items. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
If you’re a professional healthcare agency generating sales from an existing base of hospital customers in the US, we have a quality, competitive line of patient care products that will add real value and customer satisfaction for your existing clients. With competitive commissions, creative marketing materials, a user-friendly website, and experienced and professional inside support staff we would ensure that your sales efforts would be fully rewarded. For a chance to explore this opportunity please submit a sales inquiry to us.
Company ID: 90749 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Flexible Packaging Materials made of Plastics. 
Target Markets:
Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Companies. Food Companies are also our target. 
Sales Opportunity:
We manufacture flexible packaging materials. Our unique and value-added materials are used for foods, beverages, pharmaceutical products and medical devices all over the world. We believe "Quality" is one of the most important values. We have been supplying our "High Quality" packaging materials for medical and pharmaceutical market in the North America for more than 20 years. Our packaging products: Non-PVC film/bag, High Gas/Water barrier films, etc. In order to expand our business, we are now looking for Reps, especially who have strong connections with medical & pharmaceutical companies.
Company ID: 96996 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Painting, and Finishing. 
Target Markets:
OEM's, Contract Manufacturing, Medical Instrumentation and Products, Power Supply Manufacturing. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a full-service precision sheet metal fabrication and painting operation located in Rochester, New York. We are actively seeking sales representatives in areas outside of Rochester, New York. We have an account in the Chicago area and we have an immediate need for a sales rep for this account.
Company ID: 96747 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Canvas Art
Canvas Gel Coat
Silk Screen Glass
Injection Mould Frames
Art Framed and Matted Under Glass
Reclaimed Wood Mirrors and Frames
Photo Frames, Portrait Frames, Collage Frames
Furniture Production on Storage Ottomans, Bed Benches and Accent Chairs 
Target Markets:
National & Local Retailers
Independent Stores
In-Store Fixtures
Garden Retailers
Craft Retailers
Pet Retailers
Any Retailer or a Company that Purchase Art, Mirrors, and Frames to Use or Resell.
Production Capacity is 35,000 Units per Day and over 2,000 eCommerce Orders Daily. 
Sales Opportunity:
Established in 1995 as a golf memorabilia company, we shifted into wall décor and has grown to be the industry leader. PTM has a corporate 30,000 sq. ft Showroom in, Chatsworth, CA, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in San Luis, Mexico, and a distribution center in AZ. PTM services all tiers of retailers worldwide from mass to specialty, as well as a broad array of DTC and online partners.

PTM also oversees a multitude of commercial and hospitality accounts; from Retail Store Fixtures, Hotels, Motels and luxury resorts globally. With products ranging from oversized originals to framed posters, photography to mirrors, PTM Images will meet the needs of any budget while pushing boundaries to produce the most pleasing artworks possible. Being the only vertically-integrated company, we invest heavily in modern equipment and business support functions to ensure timely delivery of customer orders.

We are the first in North American company to incorporate Robotics in our system. With exceptional talent, knowledge, and resources, PTM Images is confident in providing the most expansive selection of distinguished art and wall décor for any setting. A leader in providing affordable and quality Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) to the lodging and hospitality industry nationally and worldwide.

At PTM, we value:
•Ethics in business
•Operational excellence
•Quality manufacturing
•Ease in buying
•Leader in market trends
•Flexibility to our customers
Company ID: 96296 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Identification Products 
Target Markets:
Decision makers for identification products. This may include Engineering, Maintenance, Operations and Purchasing. Provide a identification solutions to a wide variety of industries including Aircraft / Aerospace (AS9100 Certified), Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Utilities and more! 
Sales Opportunity:
Unique opportunity to partner with an Award Winning manufacturer of identification solutions where ALL parties (customer, sales representative and manufacturer) will benefit. ISO 9001 + AS9100 Certified Quality Management System. Wide variety of identification solutions available. Made in USA since 1923! Economically produce large and small quantities.
Company ID: 91467 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
TEZ Sells 2 products:
- SMS Valet is a Ticketless Valet System that Uses a Guest’s Mobile Phone as the Ticket. They Receive Advertising Messages and can Request their Car.
- Waiter Locator Allows Customers to Order Menu Items, Request Service, or even Request their Check right From their Phone. 
Target Markets:
Valet Parking Companies
Shopping Centers
Nightclubs and Bars
Drive-In Theaters
Comedy Clubs
Retail/Dressing Rooms
Manuafacturing Lines 
Sales Opportunity:
SMS Valet and Waiter Locator are also recurring revenue products. This means you keep getting paid when they use the service. Typical contracts are 12-24 months.

TEZ has more than 100 years of hospitality experience and we understand this market. Our sales opportunity is simple: you register a lead with us and introduce us to the customer. Of course, you can also sell the client but as you get started, we feel we must handle this work until you get the product knowledge you need to be successful.

We can do online demos anywhere in the world so don’t be shy if you live outside the USA (and the online demos work great!). You are be paid 10-20% commission rates (depending on the sales price) just for introducing us. We do not give exclusivity to a territory until you have proven yourself.

However, we will give exclusivity to a particular account within a territory. Most of our products are recurring revenue so we small amounts each month. However, you can elect to receive a one-time finder's fee if you prefer being paid up front. We are easy to work with and understand the rep business.
Company ID: 43906 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Imagination Series Ceiling Tiles plus our branded LED ceiling panels 2x2 and 2x4 grid size drop-in.

These are the most cost-efficient decorative scenic tiles available. Perfect for the health care industry! 
Target Markets:
Our products have extremely wide Audience Appeal, Medical Facilities, Doctor Offices, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Homes, etc. Our product lines are extensive. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a well established (1998)national supplier of architectural decor, stocking over 2,200 different products under our brand names ProCeilingTiles, uDecor, and Wishihadthat - we ship from our centrally located warehouse in Louisville, KY. We are specifically looking for REPS IN KY (possibly CA as well). If you desire to establish substantial income potential, submit a sales inquiry and give us 30 minutes phone time to show you how our dealer site and program can work for you!
Company ID: 94983 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Manufactures High Quality and Precision Motors and Gear Motors.

Its product lines offer from Shaded Pole Gear Motors, Induction Gear Motors, PMDC Gear Motors in Modular Design to BLDC Gear Motors with speed Controllers (Sub-Fractional HP). Planetary Gear Heads are also available. 
Target Markets:
We cover a variety of industries such as Food Preparation, Conveyor, Packaging Machine, Medical Equipment, Lab Equipment, OA Machine, Auto Doors, Water Purifiers, and Coin/Bill Counters. Our Major Markets have been Light Manufacturing, Medical Beds, Ice-auger machines, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company provides not only stock products, but custom-made OEM products, and competes against major motor brands in the market. Our engineering capability together with its application experience help us to build a strong customer relationship and to offer economic solutions to satisfy customers' needs. We also offer consignment services and local technical support from its US Headquarters/Warehouse in suburban Chicago.
Company ID: 57772 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
CWC is an OEM of a Post-Weld Cleaning Process/Machine Designed for Fabricators & Manufacturers that Work with Stainless Steel.Made in the U.S. at our facility in Gilbert, AZ. We also Manufacture and sell some Competitor's Weld Cleaner Consumables. 
Target Markets:
Welding and Gas Distributors, Industrial Distributors who Sell Welding Products, Distributors of Industrial Products whose End-Users are Stainless Steel, Manufacturers and Fabricators. We service many types of equipment manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a fast growing company that has developed a product designed for manufacturing & fabrication companies that work with stainless steel. Welding stainless steel causes a discoloration on the material and that discoloration has to be removed to create an attractive product. We utilize a process that uses a power supply and cleaning solution to instantly remove this discoloration without tedious time consumption and the messy use of abrasives.

Every welded stainless steel product on the market has to go through the process of removing this discoloration and we revolutionize this process into a quick and simple solution. With very little, to no competition, our product is taking a large market share in a very short amount of time.

We're looking for Manufacture Reps that work with:
Welding & Gas Distributors
Industrial Distributors who sell welding products

Distributors to Equipment Manufacturers for:
Food & Beverage, Processing, Packaging and Handling
Semiconductor Support
Medical and Support
Ship Building
Petro Chemical
Car/Truck Wash
Tank Manufacturers
Electrical Enclosures
and many others

Fabricators for:
Water Treatment

We are looking for U.S. and International Manufacturers Reps who will aggressively present our products and explain the benefits to quality distributors. Our products are easy to ship, train, and sell. We pay high commissions.
Company ID: 88126 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:

Custom Commercial Modular Buildings, Portable Buildings, Office Trailers, Toilet Trailers, Shower Trailers, Portable Classrooms, Bunk Houses, Field Camps, Sales Offices. Delivered & Installed on your Customers Foundation. ALL YOU DO IS MAKE THE COLD CALL. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
You make the call, find some interest & we do all the rest. Cold calling pays big time. Many of your clients may office in a factory built building. Did you attend school in a Portable Classroom? You will now notice office trailers, portable Buildings & Modular Buildings are everywhere you go. Take advantage of what you find. stop in perhaps they want additional office space or upgrade what they already have. We pay 5% commissions for the hot leads. When the sale is made the cash come rolling in.

- Custom Design, Sales floor plan, Final plans & Energy calculations, Sales contract, Manufacturing, Delivery, Set-up, Billing, Collections.
Company ID: 84504 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Home Bath & Body Lines, African Black Soap, Olive Oil Aged Soap, RELAX Line of Luxury Body Wash with Essential Oils, SPA Tranquility Body Wash, High Quality Pet Shampoo with Citronella and Cedar, NON-GMO Vegan soy Massage Candles, Massage Solid Drops, Vegan Lip Balm NON-GMO, Made in the USA. 
Target Markets:
Health and Beauty Category, Specialty Markets, Sprouts Grocery, Whole Foods Markets, Roths, Henry's Markets, C & S Grocery, UNFI, Top's Markets, Retail Shops, Gift Shops, SPAs and SPA Resorts, Hospitals, Bath and Spa Retailers, Specialty Retailers, Airports, Transportation Centers, Grocery. 
Sales Opportunity:
Thinkplanet is looking for experienced Independent Sales Reps with 2-4 years experience working with corporate buyers, EDI ordering, and Brokering accounts, to cover various territories throughout the US. Compensation is PO based (nominally 5%). Our product line of Luxury Bath and Body care is made with high quality NON-GMO kosher certified eco-friendly ingredients manufactured in Oregon, WA, USA. Our packaging is high selling and sustainable which is the latest trend in consumer buying. Get in before all the terrirories are gone.

- 2+ years of experience with general understanding of Natural Bath & Body Care market.
- Established account base.
- Highly organized and motivated!
- Excellent communication skills.
- Able to cover your entire sales territory.

Job Description:
- Maintain retail account relations by selling our products through incoming/outgoing sales calls, emails, store visits, and attending tradeshows.
- In-store line presentations to new and existing accounts
- Strong communication to retailers and inside sales support.
- Manage inventory levels of each shop for reordering purposes.
- Receiving, processing and inputting sales orders.
- Attending mandatory seasonal company sales meetings and tradeshows.
- Maintain detailed records on all accounts in regards to shipping addresses and shop contact info.
- Reaching sales goals and objectives.
- General retailer customer service.
- Management of territory.
Company ID: 93444 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Flat Rolled Steel Products - Precision Sheared Steel Blanks and Sheets
Steel Coils - Slit to Width
ISO 9001, 2010-2013 Quality Certification
Low Cost Producer - Ccommodity Pricing
Finest Equipment for Fast Deliveries 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers of Products with Steel Components.
Examples: Steel Cabinets or Enclosures, Fluorescent Light and Commercial Lighting Fixtures, TV Racks, Steel Files and Office Furniture, Steel Shelving, Steel Tubing, Steel Hinges. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer excellent support for our sales representatives. Specifically, we have the inventory, delivery and price competitiveness to help you get the order and to assist you in building long-term/strong relationships with your customers. That means repeat business. Our commission rates are always competitive. You make the contacts and our inside sales representatives will back you up with responsive service and quick turnarounds.
Company ID: 92590 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Complete Web marketing solution for Physicians and Medical Practice Groups including a mobile friendly Web Site, a content management system, a patient scheduling and acquisition system, social media management, search engine optimization, videos, and print brochures. 
Target Markets:
Individual medical practices
Small to medium medical practice groups
Large hospital affiliated physician networks 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company will provide sales collateral that can be presented when calling on physicians, medical groups, or physician network organizations whether the call is specifically for us or for other products and services. Our Web Marketing Package is a subscription based service offered for $1,200 per month with upsell opportunities for additional services. You will receive a 16% commission ($192) for each successful sale, which recurs monthly for the duration of the customer‘s subscription. We provide all technical and administrative support, so you have no further commitment after the sale other than to collect your monthly commission check.
Company ID: 93242 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Quality Manufacturer of Specialty Electronic and Electrical Cable Products for a wide Variety of Applications.

You would be Selling Cables from 28 AWG to 2 AWG, Medium to Low Voltage, most with UL and CSA Approvals. 
Target Markets:
We will expect you to sell into Industrial Markets for Instrumentation, Robotics, an/or Factory Automation. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business for 30 years and has a deep knowledge of the wire and cable industry. We are looking for representatives who know the industry and want to grow their base of business in their respective territory. We believe that a strong, ethical, relationship between the manufacture and the representative is key to growing in the market place.

We believe in setting common goals and working hard as a team to meet those goals. We design and manufacture high quality, custom products to meet customer specific needs.
Company ID: 49544 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a National Distributor of PVC Coated Fabrics for the Automotive, Marine, Contract Furniture, and General Upholstery Markets.

We have Four Regional Warehouses Located Conveniently Throughout the U.S. and Sell Through an Extensive Network of Regional Distributors and Manufacturers. 
Target Markets:
We are Seeking Reps for several territories for Sales into the Automotive Aftermarket, Marine Markets, Contract Furniture/Restaurant Markets. Experience in upholstery industry a plus 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a High Quality producer/importer of PVC Coated fabrics. We sell through an extensive network of distributors located throughout the U.S. from four regional warehouses. We are interested in independent representatives for certain parts of the U.S. to take charge of our existing customer base and expand that base primarily with Upholstery Manufacturers.

Open territories include the Northwest, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Caribbean, Mexico. We are looking for Reps for exclusive representation to maintain current accounts and to actively bring new business. Must have experience in furniture manufacturing, automotive distribution markets.
Company ID: 92019 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
An opportunity of a Lifetime for you and the People that get Involved with Federal Machine's Corporation Program. 
Target Markets:
Individuals or Businesses looking to make an addtional Income. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are the Worlds Largest Manufacture of Vending Machines We have a Program where you can help people get into the Vending Business. You make approximently $1,000 per machine in Profit. We Provide your New Vending Operators, In-House Financing with as little as No Money Down. We provide you Preset appointments with folks who are unhappy with their Current Vending Program.

This opportunity you can earn $100K+ by only finding 19 people who would like to suppliment their Income. In your Community you have people working 160 hours per month to make $40-$50K. Your customers can work 15 Hours a Month to potentoaly earn the Same Income.

Your Prospects are folks looking to Suppliment their Income, Folks looking to Build their retirement fund, Folks starting to save now for their Childrens Education, or Folks looking to start a Small Business where they can earn $50K or More to give them Security if they should ever lose their full time Job.This is the Best Opportunity for Professional Salespeople
Company ID: 91608 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We have Partnered with this New Orleans, Louisiana, Based State-of-the-Art Biotech Company that Offers Pharmacogenetic Testing and Toxicology Confirmation Testing. 
Target Markets:
Primary Care, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Pain Management. 
Sales Opportunity:
Do you have strong physician relationships? Would you like to be financially rewarded for those relationships? Prove it! Submit a sales inquiry to me today and let's get started. There are only three open positions.
Company ID: 90317 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Convergent Telecom is a leading distributor for hosting and colocation, IP PBX, MPLS, Ethernet Intenetworking, Office 365, Premise Based Telephone Systems, Mobile Device Management for Corporate Smart Phones, Real Time Wireless Telecom Expense Management Systems, and Corporate Pricing Plans. 
Target Markets:
Our target market is small to medium size business clients who are not happy with their current service providers such as Rogers Wireless and/or Telus Wireless. We specialise in integrating mobile smart phones with premise based (and hosted) PBX systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Convergent Telecom, a fifteen year old company, is uniquely positioned to enable the right candidates the opportunity to sell Bell Canada, and Bell Mobility, products and services to small and medium business clients right across Canada.
Company ID: 88798 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Water Coolers, Water Filters, Air Purifiers, Air Washers, Air Dehumidifiers, Ultra-Filtration System for Water, Bag in Box Cooler, Undersink Water Chiller. 
Target Markets:
Importers, Distributors, Retailers, Installers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a leading manufacturer of Air and Water Products for the Home and Office. The company is extending its activities to Europe and it is a right time to get on board and maybe become one of our Country Sales Managers in the future. You must have an entrepreneurial spirit and high motivation to help us develop our business in Europe and the rewarding part will be to become one of the key people of the global company within a few years
Company ID: 86445 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Wool Bedding and Specialised Care Accessories for the Whole Body for Comfort, Sore Prevention, and Wound Treatment. Wool is also Known to Alleviate Pain. 
Target Markets:
Seniors' Care Homes, Veterans' Affairs Residences, Hospitals, Medical Stores, Pharmacies, Special Interest Care Organisations, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We carry the highest quality Medical Sheep's Wool fabric on this continent. Our wool products meet Canadian Infection Control Standards and hospital laundry requirements. The FDA approved the use of Medical Sheepskins many years ago. The extensive range of patient aids which we presently manufacture are sold on our website all over North America.

There are no synthetic substitutes that come close to duplicating the extraordinary blend of healing qualities that this traditional 'miracle fibre' embodies. As the medical establishment becomes more and more concerned with cost-effectiveness, the superiority of wool is becoming widely acknowledged, bringing this ancient, traditional, natural, renewable, and sustainable fibre back into focus as the healing resource of the Future !
Company ID: 85013 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our products are Sold to Physicians in all Specialties, Surgery Centers, and Hospitals. We are a Leading Managed Rep Sales Organization that Partners with 10 (Non-Competing) Manufacturers to Offer Independent Sales Reps a Complete Product Portfolio. 
Target Markets:
Looking for Experienced Medical Sales Reps that Have Established Relationships with Physicians, Surgery Centers, and Hospitals to sell a variety of product lines, Ranging from Medical Disposables, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Equipment. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is an outstanding opportunity for sales professionals who have experience working with physicians, surgery centers and hospitals. This opportunity has the potential for huge commissions and offers both monthly recurring sales as well as one time sales. We supply all selling materials. Our company supports it's reps and is the most innovative in the industry. This an exceptional opportunity is for aggressive and focused reps.
Company ID: 79884 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pain and Wound Care Products to be Prescribed by Physicians. 
Target Markets:
Physicians, Specialists, and their respective Clinics/Practices. Existing relationships with Physicians and their Clinics is preferred, but not required. All Physicians/Specialists that treat patients suffering from any type of pain is a primary target for these products. 
Sales Opportunity:
This growing Medical Distributor has been awarded nationwide territory for one of the fastest growing medical products currently on the market. We have an urgent need to fill independent sales representative positions in almost EVERY STATE. We need highly motivated individuals to work full or part time, exclusively or in conjunction with your current position, to sell this exciting new product into medical practices across the nation. Our ideal candidates include current Medical Sales Professionals, Pharma Sales Professionals, current or former nurses and PA's, physical therapists and medical practice managers/office staff.

This product has an extremely short sales cycle with commission rates that are very aggressive. The product is easy to sell and fills a patient need that doctors and their clinics are eager to provide. This is a fast rising opportunity you do not want to miss.

- Aggressive commission rates
- UNCAPPED earning potential
- $50,000+ Monthly sales realistically obtained in less than three months.
- Existing Medical Sales Professionals
- Existing Pharma Sales Professionals
- Nurses looking for career crossover
- Opportunity to set your own schedule AND income
Company ID: 79922 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Hospital Wayfinding Products and Services. Other lines as added. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals in the United States. "C" Level Sales. Defined and Protected Territories. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is hiring for hospital sales reps in defined and protected territories. is the exclusive manufactures rep organization for several very innovative and hot IT/Capital Equipment companies that sell exclusively in the hospital marketplace. Need self starter that can utilize their contacts and experience to sell these products. High commission rates, most territories are drive only, no expensive travel costs.
Company ID: 79955 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Induction Lighting: Street Lights, High Bay Lights, Parking Lot, and Garage Lights, Loading Dock Lights, Flood Lights, Tunnel Lights.

LED Lights: Ceiling Troffers, Utility, Cove, Canopy, Vapor-Tight, Retrofit Kits, Screw-In PAR, and A-Type Lamps.

Custom Made Specialty Lighting. 
Target Markets:
Municipalities, Power Companies, Industrial Users, Large Retailers, Electrical Supply Wholesalers, ESCOs, Distribution Centers, Airports, Convention Centers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Green is in. With energy costs soaring and pressure for large organizations to become sustainable, Our company tackles the low hanging fruit---Lighting. With payback in the 12-60 month range and product lifetimes of 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours+, we can provide return on investment of up to 100% per year!
Company ID: 78253 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. Custom Injection Molding - Small to Medium Sized Parts, Emphasis on Closures, Lighting, Construction, Consumer Products.
2. Custom Blow Molding - Up to 1 Gallon.
3. Proprietary Containers: 1 Gallon F-Style, 3000ml Square, 1 Quart Oil.
4. Proprietary Butyl Based, Sound & Vibration Damping Sheets. 
Target Markets:
- Industrial
- Chemical
- Fillers (Bottles, Closures)
- Electronics, Communications
- Automotive Tier Suppliers and Aftermarket
- Appliance 
Sales Opportunity:
Injection molding - versatile capabilities to mold simple or complex thermoplastic parts, low to medium volume, assembly capabilites. Seeking custom molding jobs.

Blow molding - versatile in HDPE and PP containers or hollow parts, assembly. proprietary bottles (1 qt oil, 3000ml square, 1 gal F style) for industrial chemical and hospital supply applications. Seeking proprietary product customers and custom molding business.

Sound damper - unique product for sound or vibration control in any type of structure. Seeking customers in automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, business machine, etc.

Commission structure up to 8% on net sales with volume incentives commensurate with representative expertise, realistic opportunities and time to market.
Company ID: 9450 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Cost Reduction Services Help Customers Generate extra cash and improve their bottom line by recovering the over spending on indirect expenses. We address 11 Cost Areas and over 68 separate indirect expense categories. And, we’re continually adding more. 
Target Markets:
All businesses with between 100 to 1,000 employees including: non profits, private schools & colleges, manufacturing co’s., insurance co's, long term care, nursing homes,rehab hospitals, professional associations, banks, distributors, wholesalers, consulting & professional service cos., etc.. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are an experienced professional practice with a strong track record of results and are looking to grow. This is an exciting opportunity for independent sales representatives with a successful track record selling directly to the ownership and/or executive management of small and midsize businesses.

If you’re looking to bring additional value to your current customers or to attract new ones, you need to consider this opportunity. We’re paid on a contingency basis. We produce immediate, measurable results in terms of hard dollar savings, we remove the risk, we represent no net cost and we require little time commitment and no investment from our clients. That’s a strong value proposition!

We know that these businesses are overspending on some indirect expense categories by as much as 15% to 50%. Profits are leaking straight through the bottom line in virtually all of these businesses simply because they do not have the time and in some cases the expertise to recover or prevent all the over spending. We have the time, processes, benchmarks, relationships and expertise to stop the leaking and recover the dollars. Here’s what we offer you:

- Attractive commission,
- Residual income,
- Training,
- Sales collateral and support,
- Delivery,
- Customer service and support,
- Account management support,
- Opportunities for additional account penetration.
Company ID: 64369 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Chemistry Analyzers, Point of Care Diagnostics and Instruments. Lab Instruments and Analyzers for the Physician and Hospital and Clinical Lab Markets. Tests include Urine Reagent Analyzers and Strips, Infectious Disease, Fertility and Drugs of Abuse. 
Target Markets:
Physician Office Labs, Hospital Labs, Reference Labs. 
Sales Opportunity:
Product line is widely used in medical and lab practice. This is an innovative and competitive brand. Strong marketing and sales support. Very good commission structure. Strong reagent sales from instrument installations insure continued income.
Company ID: 74046 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Precision Machine Shop. CNC Milling and Turning. Proto-Ttype, Short, and Long Run Production. Aluminum, Plastic, Ferrous, and Non-Ferrous Parts, from Bar, Rod, and Plate. Can also provide Assembly Operations. 
Target Markets:
Our customers are Areospace, Aircraft, Medical, Electrical, Telecommunications Manufactures and Department of Defense. 
Sales Opportunity:
Started business in 1969. With the same family ownship, we focus on qualitiy products to our customers. We are looking for modivated individual. Commission structure to be negotiated.
Company ID: 41013 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Power Quality Measurement Instruments 
Target Markets:
Electric Utilities
Industrial Engineers
Facility Engineers
Power Quality Engineers & Consulting firms 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been leading this industry for 22 years. We have several new products that are being introduced this year.

With the best technical support in the business, new product introductions and fantastic market growth PMI is ready to expand from the US market into the WORLD.
Company ID: 99289 - Click Here for Full DetailsNew Profile
Product Lines:
Ground Floor Opportunity with start up. PowerSPOT 250 Generator, PowerFLASH flashlight, 30P Solar Panel, 10P Solar Panel. All portable, lightweight, durable, and powerful. 
Target Markets:
Electronics, Energy Retailers, Sports Retailers, Power Product Suppliers, Large Capacity End Users, Solar Power Retail Suppliers, Energy Product Distributors, Outdoor Retailers, Distributors, B2B Suppliers, Off-Grid Services, Survivalist Retailers, and general markets 
Sales Opportunity:
PowerSPOT is seeking qualified Independent Sales Representatives that have experience with direct sales, B2B sales, whole-sellers, distributors, and value-ad sales in building strategic relationships with our clients.

For industrial purposes PowerSPOT provides immediate power for electrical tools, computers, lighting for in the field research to places where power is not immediately available. Geo-research and remote offices.

PowerSPOT is perfect for outdoor needs. Our products are poplar with people for camping, hiking, tailgating, outdoor events, parties, picnics, etc.
It is a perfect product for emergency services providers, State and Local Emergency services agencies, police, fire department, and have military applications as well.

These sturdy units will provide a reliable source of energy that is quiet, safe, and environmentally friendly. Powered by ultra high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels, lithium polymer batteries makes energy output steady and long lasting.

Clear lighted displays makes easy to use with clear instructions as to
efficiency, usage times giving you error free power every time. PowerSPOT
contains simple plug-n-play connections that fit most all type connectors. 110V, 12V and 2 USB ports.
Company ID: 99163 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Clean Safe and Clean Green High Performance Eco Healthy Cleaning Solutions™.
Our Products are Eco-Healthy™ Manufactured in FDA Food Grade Facilities.
FDA GRAS Status Ingredients, Food Grade, Ingredients Kosher Certified Ingredients, 100% Plant Based and Biodegradable. 
Target Markets:
Restaurants, Distributors, Food Suppliers, Sanitary Supply, and all Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, all Industrial Supply Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Clean Safe and Clean Green with High Performance, Eco Healthy Cleaning Solutions™.

Our Products are Eco-Healthy™
Manufactured in FDA Food Grade Facilities
FDA GRAS Status Ingredients
Food Grade Ingredients
Kosher Certified Ingredients
100% Plant Based and Biodegradable
Extremely Concentrated
Free of NP or NPE (nonyl-phenol ethoxylate) Surfactants
Free of ODC (ozone depleting chemicals)
Free of HAP (hazardous air pollutants)
Free From Dyes and Perfumes
Safe Around Children and Pets
Company ID: 99154 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. We Design and Build Industrial Electrical Enclosures.
2. We Design and Build Fully Automated Single Station Cells.
3. We Provide Contract Controls Engineering services which includes (PLC, HMI, Robot, and Vision Programming, also Controls Drawing Packages). 
Target Markets:
1. Automotive
2. Electronic
3. Medical Industry
4. Food Industry 
Sales Opportunity:
Offering Competitive commission rates. Geographical location based. With Lower volume,there will be higher commission rates offered to the sales rep.
Company ID: 99005 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
* Information Security Services & Solutions
* ISO 27001 Solutions, Support & Certification
* HIPAA Services, Solutions & Support
* PCI DSS Solutions & Support
* Security Training
* Security Testing services (Penetration Testing) 
Target Markets:
* Healthcare organizations - Clinics, Hospitals & other Healthcare entities (HIPAA)
* Small to Mid-size Business entities who would want to secure their IT systems (ISO 27001)
* Online Businesses, Banks, Insurance (PCI DSS)
* Any small to mid-size company which is IT-enabled 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for INDEPENDENT SALES REPS to market our Information Security Services & Solutions. You can EARN very attractive COMMISSIONS on deals closed and can EARN recurring income month-on-month.

We are looking for Independent Sales Reps to market our services and solutions nationwide.

You shall get the leads and make the initial contact with prospective clients; we will answer all technical questions (if any) and would facilitate to close the deal. We can offer NO OBLIGATION FREE Security Assessment**(Remote & offsite)for a limited period to all prospective clients.

We will provide you with all necessary marketing collaterals and support you thru online presentations/demos.

** Limited to a few IPs or a website.
Company ID: 99030 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are an Isotropic Mass Finishing Services Provider.

We Offer High Energy Polishing, Vibratory Deburring, Deflashing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Radiusing, and Descaling Services. We Specialize in Developing Surface Improvement Processes Specifically Designed for Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines. 
Target Markets:
You'll be Selling Finishing Services to Design Engineers and Production Managers. Key markets include Medtech Manufacturers, OEMs, Injection Molders, Aerospace, Firearms Manufacturers, Dental, and Automotive Suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company seeks to partner with experienced manufacturers rep groups that possess technical skill set and proven professional track record to drive our product specific surface improvement services. With our process development engineers we offer manufacturers the ability to focus on product development by outsourcing their finishing operations.

Reps will be able to offer finished parts, overall cost savings and the ability for manufacturers to maintain a contaminant free production line. We are prepared to offer commission programs at or exceeding market averages for those reps capable of acquiring customers that fit our scope of production.

Typical materials: titanium, stainless, aluminum, rubber, plastic, ceramics.
Typical part dimensions: .030" x .25" x .5" x up to 4" x 6" x 26".
Typical quantities: 5 to 10,0000,000.

You will work closely with process engineers to determine project feasibility and to provide samples to customers.
Company ID: 98993 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Surgical Instruments, Scissors, Plastic Instruments and Plastic Patient Items, ENT, Dental Instruments. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for agent/sales representative for the market of Europe, South America, and the Far East on commission basis. Our company is based in Sialkot most commonly known as the City of the Exporters.

We manufacturer and export Surgical instruments used for the Surgical Procedures. We have supplied the medical profession with high quality, correctly styled products in accordance with the International Standards. Our company is certified by the FDA ( Food & Drug Administration USA ), ISO 9001 : 2000 / ISO: 13485:2003 and CE Mark.

We produce all the patterns most widely used and accepted occasionally, another style may be preferred. In this event we can usually supply the instrument if either a catalogue number, sample or a brief description can be provided. Our worldwide reputation for high-quality Surgical Instruments spans more than 50 years. And it is a reputation that is well earned: every instrument is made of durable, surgical-grade stainless steel, crafted to exacting tolerances, and then rigorously tested for reliability and function.

For any further information, details, enquires or requirements please feel free to submit a sales inquiry to us.
Company ID: 98970 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Machine and Assemble Iron, Steel, and Aluminum Parts, Primarily for Engines and Generators. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Companies (OEM). 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent add-on opportunity for established representative or company. We have machine capacity available, and want to diversify our customer base and industries.
Company ID: 98942 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
US Manufacturer of ASRS Products, Vertical Lift Modules, Vertical and Horizontal Carousels.

Products Sold to Industrial Warehouse and Product Manufacturers looking to Increase Product Storage. We Provide Inventory Control Software that Enhances the Product Picking Process and Increase Picking Accuracy. 
Target Markets:
Our Product is a High Dollar Capital Equipment Sale that sells well in Distribution Centers, Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturers, Gas and Oil, and Healthcare. We also do well in Machine Tool Storage of all kinds and Automotive Parts Dealers. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you're looking to add a proven high end product to your already successful material handling arsenal that will be an alternative to conventional shelving and rack storage, we can assist you in your greatness. We are a top provider of ASRS products in a small arena of suppliers backed by a $400M company.

We are the only US manufacture of VLM's and can provide top quality service and installation to your sale. We offer a 20% discount off list price of which you can sell at any price. We can also carry the paper if need be. Extensive product training will be provide at your place of business as well as assistance with putting our product on your website.
Company ID: 98843 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
DI and Pure Water Laboratory Recirculating Faucet. 
Target Markets:
School, Universities, Commercial, and Institutional Labs and Research Facilities. Also, Laboratory Casework and Bench Suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the leading manufacturer of high purity water distribution plastic piping systems with a well established, national, distribution network in place. We have a unique, recirculation water faucet that provides better quality water, easy to install and reduces overall installation costs. We are seeking a high quality network of specification agents to gain product consideration in the early stages project development. Typical commission structure of 10% for successful sales cycle.
Company ID: 98774 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ultracold Freezers. 
Target Markets:
Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical School Researchers, along with Blood Banks. New Construction Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
We sell a unique ultra cold freezers. We have both chest and upright from -86 C to as low as -150 C. We have both air cooled and water cooled. These systems are made to a strict QC standards, and have features that our competition has not even dreamed of. These products have low energy usage that will save money for the institution. Commissions will be generous.
Company ID: 98672 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Full Service Tool and Die Shop doing All Types of Tooling and Precision Part Manufacturing.

We do Product Development as well. We have a new Ocuma Genos CNC Lathe, a Hardinge/Bridgeport CNC Mill as well as an Ocuma CadetMate CNC Mill as the Center Pieces of or Toolroom. 
Target Markets:
Our target market is OEMs in the Medical or Electronic Field. Companies that have Molding Capabilities and/or Stamping Capabilities. We are also Interested in Short Run Prototyping or Specialty Machining. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have over 60 years of toolmaking experience among our toolmakers. We are very precision oriented, and have good CNC and CAD skills. We are open to commission rates including paying on tooling. We take pride in meeting delivery requirements.
Company ID: 98659 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The company Offers Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Services/Solutions.

Core Competency includes, Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses, Bulk Wire & Cable, Connectors, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Full Turnkey HLA/Box Build Services. 
Target Markets:
OEMs for Medical Devices, Automotive, Industrial ( Automation), Transportation, Communications, & Consumer. 
Sales Opportunity:
44 years in business
Financial solid
7 global locations, including 5 manufacturing facilities, all in low cost regions
Customer service & stocking warehouse in the USA
Hybrid path to market (Regional Direct plus MREPs)
Competitive Commission structure
Incentive plans available
Company ID: 98600 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pressure Sensitive Labels, Decals, Overlays, Tags, Nameplates, Membrane Switches. 
Target Markets:
OEM Primarily. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a Certified Woman-Owned business established in 2002 with headquarters in Columbia, TN. We print Custom Labels, Decals, Overlays, Membrane Switches, POP (point of purchase), RFID labels, and In-Mold labeling using the following methodologies: Digital, Screen Printing, Flexography & Offset Printing. The company has been WBENC Certified for 7 years. In 2013, we were awarded HUB Zone Company of the Year for the State of Tennessee. Our company purchased the first digital LED press in the US, Jetrion 4950LX LED digital press. This press offers sustainability with its green technology.

• Digital & Specialty Printing using LED Technology
• Screen Printing – Roll to roll or sheet fed
• Flexographic & Offset Printing
• 3D Crystal In-Line Doming
• Point of Purchase
• Extended text booklets
• Membrane Switches assembly including embedded LED’s
• In-line Laser Die Cutting
• Prototyping 1 piece to thousands
• Sequential numbered barcode labels
• Variable Data Printing
• High quality digital print resolution 720 x 720 dpi to 2 point type
• Expert design, engineering, material selection and testing
• Many UL/cUL approved constructions
Company ID: 98490 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Designs and Manufactures Standard and Custom Motor Control Centers (MCC), AC/DC, VFD Drives, etc.), Dead Front Switchboards, OEM Control Panels, Power Distribution Units (PDU), Specialty switchboards of all types, and custom commercial/industrial panels. We can manufacture to all codes. 
Target Markets:
Power Generation (Wind, Solar, Gas/Steam Turbines, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Mass, etc.), OEM, Air Pollution Control, HVAC, Off-Shore Marine, Food Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Sewage/Waste Water Plants, Data Centers, Material Handling, Automation, Fluid Handling/Pump Manufacturers, SCADA/Services Technology, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are currently seeking new representatives through out North and South America. We offer competitive compensation commission program. Quick design and build.
Company ID: 98468 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Office Use Tool - Electronic Deduster
Commercial and Residential Air Movers
Pet Grooming Equipment 
Target Markets:
Retail Chains - Staples, Office Supply, Home Depot, Food Chains, Hotel Chains. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the largest manufacturer in the world for commercial and residential use equipment for water damage restoration, Jan/San Cleaning Industry and Pet Grooming Industry. Our products have big potential for retail chains. The production facility is based in GuangDong, China.

Our company has twenty five year of experience in designing and manufacturing injection mold tooling, injection plastic housings and many different kinds of motors. Our products are in chain stores such as Lowes and Menards.We are looking for manufacture reps for office market, hardware market, food chain and hospitality market.
Company ID: 98399 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Graphic Design Services
Website Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Printing Services
Advertisement Creative Content Writing
Business Cards, Brochures, Banners, Magnetic Cards
Ecommerce Sites, FaceBook Sites
T-Shirts, Mugs, and Special Designs 
Target Markets:
Small - Medium Large Business.
Especially Franchise and Multi-Location across America.
Everyone Needs to Increase Sales and have Revenue Projections.
Doctors, Clinics, Vets, Hospitals, Dealerships. 
Sales Opportunity:
Since 2007 our company has been helping business and doctors in enhancing their image and create revenue generating websites and printing ideas. The best part of this opportunity is coach the client through the design process & have a complete design and estimating team that backs you 100%. Creative & imagination is helpful - but not necessary.Our competitive advantage is that we are a marking & revenue solution - able to look at the business from a different perspective. Typical printers focus on competitive pricing & some cases graphic design. We however are a creative powerhouse of ideas.

Our support process - has customer service agents, a graphic design group, and an estimator.
Our estimators do the math & coordinates the printing or graphic process for you. Your role is to represent our brand.
Our company is continuously advertising in the rep market which in turn the lead is forwarded to the field rep to follow-up them.

- Customized email
- 800 # Company Phone Extension
- Material Support - Training

Our payment is commission & Residual on each transaction. The Client is coached to continue to purchase from our Rep that receives residuals from each order.
For more information about the compensation structure - kindly contact us with your interest.
We are seeking representatives across America - Communities and small towns.
Company ID: 94948 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Provides the Engineering and Manufacturing Expertise behind Innovative Solutions to a Broad Range of Industries. 
Target Markets:
Our company Specializes in Affordability for High-Mix, Low-to-Medium Volume Mechanical and Eletro-Mechanical Assemblies as well as Ultra Precision Machining. Domaille Serves OEMs in Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Telecommunication, and Medical Equipment Markets. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are currently the global leader in design and manufacture of ultra precision fiber optic polishing equipment. Our global brand is very strong in this market, with several patents and trademarks. The core competencies developed while producing the number one rated polishing machine in the world are now being used to expand our business in contract manufacturing.

We have in-house thermal, structural, electrical, and manufacturing engineering capabilities, along with project management and product development. In-house equipment includes multi-axis milling, multi-axis turning, EDM, surface grinding, jig grinding, mechanical, and electro-mechanical assembly. We can manage a project through the entire project life cycle-from prototype through full-scale production.

We are currently performing concurrent design with several Fortune 100 companies. Current customers include Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Danaher, Boeing, and Corning. It takes creativity and innovation to provide engineering solutions that help customers gain market share.

This is true whether providing our brand fiber optic polishing equipment or being a contract engineering & manufacturing partner for Fortune 500 companies. Our brand, innovation, creativity, manufacturing excellence and superb customer service. We are unique and are looking for unique people for our independent sales team. Compensation is 5% commission.
Company ID: 98229 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The Airborne Microbe Barrier and Enhance - The Variable Spirometer. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Corporations. 
Sales Opportunity:
To Our Health!

Ours is a new company that is creating innovative biomedical devices to treat and prevent the spread of some of the most common respiratory illnesses on earth. Our state-of-the-art technology attempts to break the “cycle of transmission” of viral and bacterial airborne contagions and also improve lung functioning for patients after major surgeries.

As the development of our products continues, we are entering 2015 with plans to launch our inaugural devices, a One Day Use and a Seven Day Use Airborne Microbe Barriers. Our other devices are planned for release in 2015 and Q1 - 2016.

The respiratory disease world within the medical field is one that has stayed relatively traditional for the past 30+ years in a few key markets. Illnesses like influenza and the common cold are still being spread easily in America and throughout the world, infecting millions every year.

We make "High-Tech Handkerchiefs" for Influenza and Cold Sufferers. We also make Compact, Automated Spirometers for Surgery Patients. From the same technology platform, we've created state-of-the-art medical devices designed to break the "cycle of transmission" of viral and bacterial airborne contagions and improve lung functioning for patients after major surgeries.
Company ID: 97875 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company has Developed an Innovative Therapy Tool Using Music as the Backdrop!

Music is a Great Motivator to Engage Patients with Cognitive Impairment and those that have Limited Physical Abilities. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Senior Care Facilites, Occupational, Recreational, and Music Therapists and Groups. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is hiring Independent Reps nationwide to call on senior care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare organizations to sale our much needed therapy solution. Senior care, rehabilitation and therapy are some of the fastest growing markets in the healthcare system.

We are seeking outside reps with sales experience and established contacts in these areas. The commission sales rep will be trained and provided with all the resources needed to succeed. The rep will be responsible for identifying, qualifying and cultivating leads and prospects, while using existing contacts to ensure continued success.
Company ID: 58510 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Food and Beverage Processing Equipment, to give Extended Shelf Life, and Disinfection of Fluids.
Surface and Air Disinfection for Healthcare Establishments
UV Closed Vessel Equipment
UV Surface Treatment
Dairy Treatment
Microwave Biomass Dryers
Industrial Lighting
Greenhouse Propagation 
Target Markets:
Industries, such as Healthcare, Industrial, Water, Food and Beverage, Aquaculture and Agriculture. The Potential Markets are Worldwide our target markets are in USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Our products Cover all Aspects of Fluid, Air, and Surface Disinfection. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a UK company with a US subsidiary that was formed in 2010 and we are looking to expand on our rep base by employing seasoned companies and individuals to promote our products. All products are well supported with good literature on each product, newsletters, eNewsletter, everything is downloadable from our websites.

Our competitive edge is that the processes are all RF/Microwave powered or enhanced. We can help reduce carbon footprints and all our processes help conserve energy or offer long component life. We have an office in Illinois, USA, our Head Office is in the UK, and an office opening shortly in Asia.

Our markets can be broken down into Healthcare, Food processing and water treatment. All our products use our unique Microwave powered plasma lamps which gives us huge advantages over competitor systems.
Company ID: 98095 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our product is a Bed Tent Designed to Create a Private, Secluded, and Dark Space in Shared Sleeping Quarters.

It is Available in Multiple Sizes from Twin to Queen and Comes in many Popular Colors. 
Target Markets:
- Parents with Children Between ages 4-24.
- Parents with Children of Special Needs such as Autism, Sensory Disorders, etc.
- College Students
- Military Personnel
- Hostels, Hotels
- Mattress Stores.
- Furniture Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is the new and Patented Product that is changing the way that kids and teenagers, college students, and anyone that has to share a room lives. The unique design of this exclusive bed tent gives users unprecedented privacy and comfort. Great opportunity for motivated sales reps to sell a unique product with a large amount of demand. Commission structure negotiable.
Company ID: 93703 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
World-Leading Filterless Air Purifiers from Finland.

#1 in Power/Efficiency, Energy Savings, and Overall Economy, Saving Health and Even Lives. Portable Models with a Wide Variety of Medical, Commercial, Residential Applications.
In-Line Models for Hospitals, Commercial, Industrial Applications. 
Target Markets:
Our Independent Agents choose their own Medical, Commercial, Industrial, or Residential Targets. At our Company's Launch, America is open, No Territorial Limitations. Assisted Living Facilities, Doctors, Dentists/Dental labs, Veterinarians Offices, and Hospitals are Prime Targets. 
Sales Opportunity:
Stunning but true, because our Pure Air Independent Agents (Full or Part-Time) are 100% Commission based and our products are big-ticket items, we offer after effective agent training an income scenario involving not just 5 or 6 figures, but 7 figures and beyond. For a diligent professional with steady zeal and conviction who reaches their chosen market(s) with our new and mind boggling technology, (which few people know about yet), there is literally no limit to the potential commission income he or she can earn.

Note our one requirement for full approval as a contracted Independent Agent of our company selling our world leading AIR PURIFIERS: Study our well-written company training materials as well as our 2 websites in order to pass one test (Q's and A's provided in advance) to gain a passion for helping others understand and take advantage of our world class solution for modern society's harmful indoor air environments, (Our products can also address outdoor air needs). Optional: Purchase of a demo model for greater effectiveness.
Company ID: 67449 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
- Shipping Cases
- Transit and Rackmount
- Custom Foam Inserts
- Custom Fabrication
- German Engineering
- Fully Recyclable
- In-House Engineering and Consultative Solutions 
Target Markets:
-Hazmat Shipping
-ATA 300 Category 1 
Sales Opportunity:

We are looking for a driven door opener with the willingness to do missionary work. Our product is high end German engineered and there is a keen and growing demand for what we do. UN Hazmat approved transit cases, rackmount cases for instruments, electronics, and deployable systems. We can meet any size requirement. High transaction value.
Company ID: 97976 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Wound Care Products, Surgical Sutures, and Disposable Hypodermic Syringes, Including Insulin Syringes. 
Target Markets:
Our reps are selling to Clinics, Nursing Homes, Home Healthcare Facilities, Wound Care Clinics, Hospitals, and End-Users. 
Sales Opportunity:
Currently the market has started to change from buyers purchasing major brands at higher prices to looking for high quality products at lower costs. We have the quality and the prices and being a relatively small company we can pay much higher commissions than the average company. Our commission rates are in the 15% to 18% range depending on the type of product. Wound care products are becoming a hot commodity.

People are living longer but at the same time obesity is becoming a serious problems, creating high blood pressure followed by diabetes and ending in all forms of diabetic ulcers (open wound). Our line of surgical sutures is of excellent quality but selling at 1/2 or less than the most popular brands. We offer an excellent opportunity for those familiar with the wound care market and various types of surgical facilities.
Company ID: 97973 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours is the Automated UV-Light HVAC Cooling Coil Cleaning System that is Designed According to ASHRAE Recommendations.

This Product Saves Operators Time and Money by Eliminating the Need to Manually Cleaning Fouled Cooling Coils and by Returning the Cooling Coil to a like New Condition. 
Target Markets:
Hospital/Healthcare Facility Director of Facilities, Director of Engineering. Hotel Director of Facilities, Director of Engineering. School/Education Facility Director of Facilities, Director of Engineering. Commercial Building Director of Facilities, Director of Engineering. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you work with HVAC equipment then you'll love offering our product to your customers. UV surface disinfection systems are so effective that they are mandatory in all federal building HVAC systems (see GSA Facility Standard 5.9). Possible synergistic lines that a rep would already be involved with are HVAC-R, and cleaning/sanitation equipment.

Our company understands the value of our independent rep network and we are actively seeking to build up our representation with successful and ambitious reps. Our systems are easy to install on any new or existing equipment and we ship out the complete kit ready to install on site. We offer excellent marketing material, installation instructions, and sales and technical support including a free UV surface disinfection report of the cooling coil with any quote.

Rep need only provide the width and length of the cooling coil, along with confirmation that the system can be installed 12-18 inches from the surface of the coil either upstream or downstream. Our company attends several national and regional tradeshows and we invest heavily in promoting this product.

Our rep commissions are very attractive for this industry and it basically sells itself with a very aggressive return on investment that can deliver 10-20% electrical savings for the AHU. In addition to commission on unit sales, It also requires simple annual lamp replacements, which is a perpetual residual income earning opportunity.
Company ID: 97796 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours is the Best-Selling Ice Machine Sanitation System in the World.

The National Restaurant Association awarded it the 2014 Kitchen Innovations Award. Our product is Certified by UL and NSF and can be Installed on All Makes and Models of Ice Machines and Won't Void the Manufacturer's Warranty. 
Target Markets:
Restaurant Owners, Operators, Directors of Equipment, Directors of facilities. Hospital/healthcare facility directors of facilities, directors of equipment. Hotel directors of engineering, directors of facilities. School/Education Facility director of dining services, director of equipment. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you work with foodservice equipment then you'll love offering this system to your customers. Possible synergistic lines that a rep would already be involved with are ice machines, beverage dispensers, and kitchen equipment. Our company understands the value of our independent rep network and we are actively seeking to build up our representation with successful and ambitious reps.

It is the best-selling ice machine sanitation system in the world. It is easy to install on any new or existing ice machine and it is chemical free and keeps ice machines clean. There are tens of thousands of happy customers throughout the USA and we offer excellent marketing material, installation instructions, and sales and technical support. Our company attends several national and regional tradeshows and we invest heavily in promoting this product.

Our rep commissions are very attractive for this industry and it basically sells itself with a very aggressive return on investment that is typically less than 12 months. In addition to commission on unit sales, this product also requires a simple annual lamp replacement, which is a perpetual residual income earning opportunity.

This product is so effective that SUBWAY has made the technology mandatory in all new ice machines, effective March 2014. Operators love automating the difficult task of ice machine sanitation and they will thank you for introducing them to this product!
Company ID: 97964 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Contract Furniture, Architectural Products, and Lighting, Ergonomic Fools 
Target Markets:
Contract Dealers, Specfiers, Design Merchants, End-Users. 
Sales Opportunity:
Established SW-US independent rep group is looking for representation in NV, to market our manufacturers products and drive specifications. Good interpersonal skills in person, via phone, text, and email necessary, as well as organizational skills, and knowledge of the furniture contract industry. This is a 1099 contractor position with no ceiling on earnings.
Company ID: 96052 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Generate Relationships, Network Compatible Business Consultants and/or Health/Wellness Practitioners to Partner/Bio Marker Equipment Systems of Direct Consumer Education on Lifestyle, Genetic Expression and Overall Antioxidant Health Verification, Scientific Validated Products with Guaranteed Results. 
Target Markets:
Professional Healthcare Providers who want to Integrate a Legitimate Wellness Ccomponent into their Practice. Current Clients include MDs of Every Specialty, as well as Qualified Fitness Trainers, Chiropractors, and Natural Paths. 
Sales Opportunity:
Exploit under the radar niche that is rarely recognized. Product partner offers long term recurring commissions. Significant product discounts. Highly valuable loyalty rewards program.
Company ID: 97819 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is seeking Travel Services Representatives.

Our Company has a Tremendous Reputation for Travel Services and very Competitive Pricing for ALL your Business & Leisure Travel Contacts. Our Travel Advisors will Help your Referrals/Contacts Find the Best Travel Deals and you Earn Referral Fees. 
Target Markets:
Currently Seeking Reps to Refer our Worldwide Travel Services to their Personal & Business Contacts who Want the Best Deals for their Business and Leisure Travel. Reps are Paid a Referral Fee every time a Trip is Booked. Reps Family Members Receive Special Deals. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are seeking Reps serving as our referral agents who will earn rewards fees payable by a prepaid Visa card. It's simple with very little work on the reps part every time one of your referrals books a trip your prepaid Visa card is reloaded.
Company ID: 92656 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Safe Patient Handling Equipment
Ergonomic Products
Infection Control Product 
Target Markets:
Acute Care Market
Long Term Care Market 
Sales Opportunity:
My Business partner and I have over 20 years experience in the acute care and long term care markets in the New England, Connecticut, and New York markets. We have now been in business for just over 1 year with exciting opportunities in Infection control and ergonomic markets.
Company ID: 83356 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
This Product is Patent Pending and the Only Medical ID that Offers 4 in 1 Protection for a Patient.

Four Different Ways for First Responders to Get Vital Medical Information. The Swiss Army Knife of Medical ID's. 
Target Markets:
The Market is Wide Open, Seniors, Kids who have Allergies, Alzheimer Patients, Police, and Fire Departments, Municipalities, Hospitals, Retail, Anyone with a Medical Condition. Since we Custom Engrave each Product, they can be Branded for a Business as well. 
Sales Opportunity:
You would be selling a one-of-a-kind Patent Pending product that's very unique. No inventory required you can wholesale it and retail it. There are technologies out that we are using but each one is individual. By this I mean that there is a product with just a QR code to scan. There is another product with a number and website to go to.

There of course are the current Medical ID that you wear that list just one condition. The problem is this, If you have just a QR code product and the first responder does not have a smart phone or data service it does the patient no good as they cant use it, the same with just a web and number the patient can suffer or even DIE!

Just wearing a wrist band listing one condition can help but what if the person has several problems and is allergic to a drug or they take a lot of medications none of the above individually solve the problem. Put them all together like a 'swiss army knife' and "when seconds count" we are the only product that has you covered.

One other thing to note is that there are USB type flash drives on the the market, these could be killers because hospitals and ambulance companies do not allow anything to be plugged into the USB port on their computers because of the fear of a virus or trojan. We are offering a ground floor opportunity to help bring this to market. If you currently rep any medical product this would be a good choice to add to your linecard. Please submit a sales inquiry to us for more info.
Company ID: 96027 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Offer Trainers our Health Monitor and Fitness Platform.

We Provide Trainers with a Virtually Offered Meal Plan, Fitness Regiments, and Health Monitoring. We are Offering a Bundled Package with FREE FitBit Type Bands and Postcard Marketing to Grow their Client Base. GREAT PACKAGE for you to present. 
Target Markets:
Independent Fitness Trainers.
Independent Gyms
Physical Therapist and Independent Rehab Centers
Fitness Departments: Universities
Clinics & Hospitals 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer Fitness Trainers a Flat-Fee Package that Includes: User Accounts, Fitness Bands, and Postcard Marketing.

We desire a Manufacturers rep to build a portfolio of 50-125 Trainers Nationwide. We provide you with a list of names and contact info of trainers nationwide. Average recurring profit for you are between $50 to $250 Monthly or more per trainer.We provide marketing support and leads support.

**Lifetime Residual Payments – As long as the trainer uses our services, you’ll receive your commissions. 1 year or 10 years from now, it will not matter. All trainers that you secure will always remain in your portfolio. We provide you guaranteed commission payments "in writing" even after you are no longer selling with us. (With some exceptions including: lying, misleading acts, or committing a crime. Any of these acts will nullify your commissions).

**Commissions are Transferable – If for some reason you want to transfer payments to a relative, spouse, or a child or grandchild in your Living Will, we will abide by it. **Minimum Requirement Applies.
Company ID: 97598 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Manufacturer Supplies. 
Target Markets:
Contractors, Food & Beverage Industry, Hospitality School, Safety, Government General Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
Great opportunity for any rep with entry-level experience or extensive experience. We offer uncapped commission and lucrative territories! Support, training and marketing material will be provided. Submit a sales inquiry to us to learn more!
Company ID: 85741 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We have a New Medical Technology Product that has Four Patents on it.

It has “No Competition“, Pays the Doctor, Clinic, or Hospital $ Thousands to Millions and is Brand New to the Market. We Need Coverage for this product Nationwide in Canada and Puerto Rico. 
Target Markets:
Strong Sales Background Needed to call on CFO’s. Medical Sales Background and Contacts would be Helpful but Not Mandatory. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is looking for experienced sales people, making at least $100K/yr, who are self starters and work well without supervision. You need to be income driven to be successful. This is a Commission Only, 1099, Independent Sales Representative position. We have a new medical technology product that has four patents on it. It has “No Competition“, pays the doctor, clinic, or hospital $ Thousands to Millions and is brand new to the market.

We need coverage for this product Nationwide in Canada and Puerto Rico. Some of the sales people have made over $1,000,000 for 2015 and are still growing in sales. Strong sales background needed to call on CFO’s. Medical sales background and contacts would be helpful but not mandatory. If you are looking for an ethical, no pressure and top dollar company to work with – this is it. Come join us.
Company ID: 34219 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Patented Industrial Ergonomic Adjustable Height Workstations, Machine/Fixture Bases, and Operator Lift Platforms are Rapidly becoming the Standard for Large Manufacturers and their Suppliers across the country! 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Custom Machine, Fixture, Automation Manufacturers for Automotive, Medical, Appliance, Consumer Products. Virtually all Industries that have Manufacturing Facilities with Manual Labor Operations need our products to minimize worker injuries! 
Sales Opportunity:
We have an exciting patented product that is in major demand. It has a proven track record in the limited geographical area that it has been promoted. We are looking for sales representatives to service all 50 states in the US plus all Canadian and Mexico provinces, and have many states are closing with great representatives right now but there are still a majority of states left.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Our Patented Industrial E-Series Adjustable Height Workstations (E2 Ergonomic Workstation), Machine Bases (E1 Ergonomic Base, E2 Ergonomic Base, E4 Ergonomic Base), and Ergo Operator Platforms are the solution to this major trend right now in manufacturers to increase their level of ergonomics! The Safety Teams of these OEMs and manufacturers are creating Ergonomic Teams, and are changing their standards to add Ergonomic Adjustable Height requirements to all of their production equipment, assembly lines, and entire plants!

Here we are very blessed with strong sales growth, and are constantly developing new products around customer and industry needs. We praise God for all of this, and are looking for talented, energetic, and ethical sales people to join our team! We look forward to hearing from you! Please submit a sales inquiry to us today! We look forward to hearing from you!
Company ID: 86407 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours is a 41 year old company and is the largest Manufacturer in the US of Commercial Body Composition Scales.

The "Body Comp Scale" Measures, Displays, and Printouts % Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, BMR, Bodyweight, and Body Mass Index all in Less Than 30 Seconds. 
Target Markets:
Primary markets are Medically Supervised Weight Loss Clients, Hospitals, Wellness Centers, Fitness Clubs, Rehab Clients. Any business that uses a scale. 
Sales Opportunity:
The average single unit selling price of our scales is around $3,500 to $4,400 In many cases we will sell 5,10, or 20 scales in one order to a doctor's group which have that number of locations. One of our larger doctors groups has over 500 of our scales. We have an athletic club franchisee customer which have 150 of our body composition scales.

Obviously when we sell in quantity to a customer we negotiate on pricing. The market is enormous. We are looking for sales reps nationwide with established relationships with our target market.
Company ID: 97261 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Fitness Equipment
Exercise Equipment
Sports Performance Training Equipment 
Target Markets:
Fitness Centers, Sports Performance Centers, Medical Rehab, YMCA for Boys and Girls Clubs, JCC's, Schools, Recreation Facilities, Senior Centers, Early Childhood,
Occupational/Physical Therapy, GSA. 
Sales Opportunity:
Today, all the science points to the importance of physical movement to human health. The recent trend to inactivity driven by technology is affecting all aspects of human health especially brain and neurological health. In 2011 the Nobel prize was issued for science proving that "neurons that fir together wire together". The challenge is to create exercise solutions that could attract and engage this new wave of technology lovers.

This points to the huge opportunity we offer in our exercise solutions seen as the next generation of functional fitness. By stimulating the brain with highly engaging computer driven games and drills that used the body is in motion to earn score, we produce a level of strength, and cardio fitness that also grows brain cells and repairs neurons.

Our company and product lines are new with 140 installations around the country. However, the core team have worked together for over a decade and designed and sold over $30M in product. However, we have finally found and implemented the technology to plant us years ahead of any competition. Best of all, we have managed to bring our entry level pricing down to under $3K while still maintaining our higher priced product lines thus providing a wide range of offerings.

Our new product lines are ready to take sales through the roof and we need a team of sales people and managers to help us do that. For high performers, we offer an opportunity to earn or buy in as co-owners.
Company ID: 92350 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We have Two Versions of the Carton Caddy®, a Handle for Holding Waxed Cartons of Milk, Juice, etc.

The SteriStand® is a Disposable Toothbrush Holder Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Cruise Lines, etc. We also Manufacture a Custom Rehabilitation Table for Use in Rehabilitation Centers. 
Target Markets:
Hotels & Motels, Assisted Living, Mom and Pop, Grocery, Dairies, Promotional Items, Hospitality Industry, Travel Industry, Cruise Lines. Our products are also Well Suited for Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities. 
Sales Opportunity:
25%-30% initial commission plus residual commissions.

We are a start-up company looking for representatives with contacts in the target markets we have defined. We are a U.S. manufacturer with unique products for the grocery and hospitality industry. Some of our products are consumable so repeat business is assured. We manufacture our products here in the United States and Canada and are still able to provide excellent margins to our resellers.

Additionally, we can provide you with a personalized web page where you or your customers can create and track their orders. We provide free samples of our products. Some of our products can be custom branded for the customer. Note: that the prices listed on our site reflect our desire to sell through distributors and retailers rather than direct.

If you have your own site and would like to become an affiliate to see if that works for you, we would be happy to pay you a referral commission on a trial basis (you have nothing to lose).
Company ID: 92078 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Products: We Custom make everything for such things like Rubber/Silicone, Membrane Switch/Overlays, and Small Plastic Parts.
California Based Office with Manufacturing in Taiwan and China.
Certs: ISO9001/14001 & ISO/TS16949:2009 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Military/Aerospace, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been in business since 1982. We are looking for reps in all location except Southern California. We are able to work with the customer on engineer and design, so you don't have to. We only ask you to help us get in the door. Commission fee is pretty standard manufacturer rep agreement. If you wish to discuss, please submit a sales inquiry to me. Thanks!
Company ID: 96580 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Looking for an additional income? Our Products are an Antimicrobial Phage Preparations for Use Against Listeria, Salmonella, and Ecoli.

No Chemicals or Preservatives, Safe and Effective, Approved by Health Canada, FDA (GRAS), and USDA for Direct Application on Food and Ready to Eat Foods. 
Target Markets:
Our Target market is Large Food Manufacturers Especially Meats like Chicken, Turkey, Red Meats, Cold Meat Products, Ready to Eat Meat Products, Raw Dog Food, Dog Food Manufacturers, Seeds like Chia, Bean sprouts, All vegetables, All Fruits and Egg Producers, Hospitals. 
Sales Opportunity:
Want to generate an additional revenue stream, we be willing to look at it especially if you are already established in one of these target markets like large food manufacturers. You need to have a good a bio sciences background. Ous is a Canadian company.
Company ID: 97069 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ring Pen Ultra and Ring Pen. 
Target Markets:
Providers of Medical or Assistive Technology Equipment. End-Users include People with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Poor Fine Motor Skills of the Hand, Wrist, and Fingers, Stroke, Mental and Physical Disabilities, People Receiving Vocational Rehabilitation, and Special Ed Dept in School Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
These ergonomic writing devices and grips are unique to the industry. With an individual retail price of under $8.00 they are affordable to most individuals that have difficulty writing with a conventional pen or pencil. This pen's ultra grip allows the user to change from a pencil or pen of their choice. If you sell to school systems, or the healthcare device/DME market, these are a natural.
Company ID: 96941 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours is an Electrotherpy and Bracing company that Manufactures, Distributes, and Bills TENS Units and Orthopedic Bracing.

All of our Devices and Braces are PDAC approved. Braces include Back, Neck, Knee, Ankle, Wrist , Elbow, Shoulder, etc. 
Target Markets:
The target market for these product include but not limited to; Chiropractors,Pain Management, Podiatrist, D.O, Neurologist, Sports Medicine, M.D. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for Sales Reps, and Sales Teams looking to add new lines to their existing Networks. Compensated for each Unit or Device Sold or Billed. Also residual on all business.
Company ID: 96894 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Energy Efficient Lighting. LEDs for Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal Markets. 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal Markets. We can Sell to Warehouses, Office Bbuildings, Factories, Schools, Gyms, etc. Everyone needs lights! 
Sales Opportunity:
Help with a product that everyone needs. Our unique products provide easy and inexpensive opportunities for our customers to retrofit with LEDs with a ROI of less than 2 years. There is huge potential with great commissions. We look forward to working with you.
Company ID: 80700 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our product has been in the Marketplace since 2007, Capturing Interest and Sales from Health and Wellness Markets.

It Oxygenates Drinking Water Safely and Affordably. A Generous Commission Payout. Made in the USA, 3 year Warranty, Tons of Testimonials. No Replaceable Parts. 
Target Markets:
We'll be at the International Home and Housewares in the Wired and Well Pavillion in Chicago, March 2015 and are Seeking Small, Boutique Health/Wellness Stand-Alone Stores or small Chains. Also, makes great Corporate Gifts. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our manufacturing company is growing rapidly as we enter the 7th year of marketing this product.It was featured in SkyMall Magazine, by invitation, for 5 years and is currently selling extremely well in a national catalog and is on several online wellness sites. The president of the company is the leading researcher in the area of the physiology of oxygen in the body and her book (a compilation of 10+ years of research) will be published soon, to be used as a sales and educational tool.

She wants to form rewarding relationships with a select group of manufacturers' reps who want to take this exciting, unique product to the next level.
Company ID: 96744 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Labels are Specially Designed for Use in Healthcare.

Pre-Printed Labels (Stock and Custom), Consecutive Numbered Labels, Bar-Coded Labels, Varied Blank Label Stock for Thermal Direct/Transfer Printers, Blank Stock for Laser Printers, Cryogenic Labels, Ribbons, Tags, and more. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Centers, Surgery Centers, Physician Offices, Laboratories. Department Managers in Laboratories, Blood Banks, Pharmacies, Nursing, Biomedical Engineering, Admitting, Anesthesia, Central Service, Sterile Processing. Purchasing Buyers, Managers, Contract Managers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company stands out for many reasons. We have been in our industry for over 40 years and we only carry the highest quality products. Customers know our name and our brand.

We will supply full support from our home office. Literature, samples and product training will be made available. Service and quality are the main decision factors and your ability to provide an additional level of service, in the field, for assistance with label orders, will only be viewed as an added benefit.
Company ID: 96099 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Sells a Variety of Safety Knives Designed to Keep the User Safe while Preventing Damage to Product that can be Damaged by Traditional "Open Blade" Boxcutters & Utility Cutters.

Each of our Products is Designed with a Specific Cutting Task in mind. 
Target Markets:
Potential customers include Distribution Centers, Schools, Hospitals, Manufacturing Facilities, Paper Companies, Grocery Stores, Construction Companies, Convenience Stores, Governments- State and Local, Trucking Companies, and the Armed Forces. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a good opportunity for reps already calling on companies that are using cutters in their workplace. From a direct selling standpoint there is very little competition. Safecutters is a family owned business. We started operations in 2005. We only sell safety knives and related products which making us experts in the business.

Our competitive advantage is our 10 years of experience working hand in hand with the customer to be sure they get the right tool for their application(s). We support our sales reps by providing samples for potential customers and we have experts on staff to promptly answer any questions. We will also provide sales leads that we may have in our system. Commissions usually run 10%.
Company ID: 96498 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Focus is Primarily in the Vertical of Senior Assisted Living Homes, Products, and Services.

Our Digital and Print Publications include Local Deals and Senior Living Publication. 
Target Markets:
We are looking to add one High Quality B2B Sales Manager to our team for our Senior Living and Local Deals Publications. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you are self-motivated, personable and a leader this is an environment in which you can thrive. You will be given significant responsibilities and with your responsibilities, the expectation is that you will be rapidly learning, and will be dedicated to career growth within the company. If you have a background in advertising sales, marketing, online marketing, print advertising, it's a definite plus. Requirement – Must have at least 3 years of sales experience.

In exchange for your efforts we proudly offer the following:
No caps on Commissions, Incentives, Work your own hours
Average Commission paid is $7,200 a month
High Commission earners make $10K plus a month
Company ID: 96493 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Metal Stamping House.

We Work in Milled Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless. Part Sizes from Bread Box Size to 60" x 120". About 40 Presses from 28 to 1,000 ton capacity. Customers Range from Small Appliance to Large Farm Impliment plus Lawn and Garden. We also have Painting and Plating Sources. 
Target Markets:
Any Manufacturer that outsources Metal Stampings. 
Sales Opportunity:
Exclusive territory available in the Southeast. Our company has been arould for over 60 years. We have experience in many types of industries ranging from truck to electronics. Solid experienced management. No limitation on commissions.
Company ID: 87188 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Family-Owned Rotational Molder, Thermoformer (Sheet Fed Work, not in-line packaging) and Fabricator of Custom Plastic Parts with over 60 years of Experience.

We are known for our Tight Tolerance Capabilities, and we are ISO-9001 Certified. 
Target Markets:
As a Custom Molder and Fabricator we are Involved in many Industries. We have a Strong Background in Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Housings, Tanks, and Agriculture Products. We are Strongest in Small to Medium Sized Production Runs, and our Tooling is Relatively Low Cost. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for a Sales Representative in Upstate New York with existing contacts with buyers and engineers who source this type of work. The ideal candidate will have experience selling our processes within the Upstate New York territory. We typically work with Fortune 500 OEMs, mid-level manufacturing operations, and small start ups.

You will be supported by an experience group, supplied with training as needed, and will be working for a industry leader. We are a New York based company, and we are actively interested in growing our presence within our home state.
Company ID: 96265 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Chilled Water Air Conditioning. (Residential and Commercial).

Data Center Chillers, Operating Room Cooling, Radiant Cooling, Employee Spot Cooling, Industrial Process Cooling, and Custom Design Chiller Systems. 
Target Markets:
Wholesalers or Manufacturers to Businesses, Government Agencies, Contractors, and other organizations. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the frontrunner and is building the best chillers for many applications, such as: dry cleaning chillers, medical chillers, brewery chillers, bakery chillers, winery chillers, restaurant chillers, marine chillers, potable water chillers, air conditioning chillers, plastics chillers and many more.

We have been manufacturing high quality, small ton (1.5 – 20 tons) chiller systems since 1993 and takes great pride in providing its clients with quality systems that are designed for just about any application.

Every chiller is custom built, designed and hand crafted for each application. Since 1993, there have been over 500 different applications that these chiller systems have been implemented in. Whether your application is air conditioning, dry cleaning, medical, brewery or winery, you can trust the years of expertise that Aqua Products provides.
Company ID: 96231 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Products and Services for Primary Care Clinics.

Recurring Commission

Address Physician Diagnosis of Major Clinical Conditions:
- Diabetes (Diabetic Retinopathy)
- Glaucoma
- Macular Edema
Enhance Physician Business Practice with state of the art technology that drives revenue and quality. 
Target Markets:
Physician Office Market: 200,000 Physicians across 75,000 Practices:
Product & Service Solution sold to Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Family Medicine Physicians, Internist, Endocrinologists, and Large Health Systems.

Be the first to introduce this revolutionary service to your area. 
Sales Opportunity:
One of Best Business Partner Opportunities in the Business.
- Attractive Commission structure per Installed Unit to You (Each Year)
- Address Major Clinical Diabetic Complication
- No Capital Investment by PCP Physicians (or you)
- Strong Revenue Generator for PCPs ($30,000+ Net Revenue/Year)
- Average Account does $20,000 per year in Sales
- Proven Platform used to capture over 1 Million Patient Images
- Best in Class Sales & Marketing Support

Seeking Business Partners in Mid-Atlantic, South East, South Central, Central, and West Coast areas of the Country
Company ID: 92766 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Synchronized Clocks That Display the Correct Time for The Life of the Clocks. No Sync Wires, Radios, or Master Clocks Required. Simply Connect them to Power and Hang them Up. The Most Reliable, Trouble Free Clocks Available Anywhere. Low Cost LED and Analog Clocks Available. Made in the USA. 
Target Markets:
The market for our products is huge. Just about Every Commercial Operation as well as Education and Government Use Synchronized Clocks. Markets include, but are not limited to, Healthcare, Business, Industrial, Government, K-12, and Higher Education. 
Sales Opportunity:
30% Sales Commission with single sales ranging from tens of thousands to over a million dollars. You sell a product at MSRP and you receive 30% of the MSRP price, same as a stocking dealer. No sales territories used. Inside associates are available to answer technical questions and support field sales representatives. Sales literature and training are provided. Demo products are available.

While your at a business promoting other products, you can ask about their time display needs. Nearly every business is counting down to something and our event countdown timers may be just what they need. Our products are used by every branch of the U.S. Government from the CIA to the USDA, nearly all U.S. Military locations, Industry, Hospitals, Universities, K-12 Schools, Motion Picture, and Television Industry and more.

Nearly all medium to large businesses and schools use synchronized clock systems. We developed a wireless clock system that does not require wiring. A single low power master clock can cover any size facility, even as big as the Pentagon. This is because every clock receives and repeats the time update signal. You can sell a system to one school or to an entire school district. Nearly all businesses that have more than one office around the country or around the world can make use of our digital time zone displays. No other company comes close to the flexibility that our displays offer.

Please submit your sales inquiry to us as soon as possible.
Company ID: 70412 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
High Quality, Aggressively Priced Line of Advanced Wound Care Dressings including: Hydrocolloids, Foams, Collagens, Hydrogels, Alginates, Alginates with Silver, Films, and Composites. 
Target Markets:
Nursing Homes, Podiatrists, Wound Clinics, Hospitals, DME, HHC. 
Sales Opportunity:
Exceptional opportunity for an experienced Medical Sales Professional to sell a high quality, aggressively priced line of advanced wound care and post surgical dressings to the health care market. The company offers protected territories and a generous commission structure, along with, Clinical and Marketing support.
Company ID: 96308 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our First Product is a Cover for the N95 Respirator Masks. One Package Contains Eight Peel and Stick Covers.
Our Second Product is a Travel Filter Mask with Hand Sanitizer. Each Package Contains Six Single Use, 3-ply Ear Loop Face Mask Plus Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel that Kills Germs on Contact. 
Target Markets:
Drug Stores, Dollar Stores, Medical Supplies, Grocery Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking to expand our line of products to the open market and are willing to work with reps who are creative and have strong relationships. We currently are working to get the NFL approval to use the team logos on the masks.
Company ID: 96270 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Fabricators of Custom Sheet Metal Products for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We Manufacture Tool Boxes, Industrial Storage Products (Cabinets, Bins, etc.), Electrical Enclosures and Cabinets. Material: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel. Production Runs from 25 pcs to 10,000+ pieces. 
Target Markets:
We Service a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets: MRO Distributors, Tool Manufacturers, Electronic Assembly Houses, OEM's of Fire Alarm Systems, Mass Notification Systems, Access Control Systems, Automotive Aftermarket. Typical Contacts: Purchasing Agents, Product Line Managers, or Engineers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Selling for our company is not about selling a particular product. Selling for us is about selling our capability as fabricators of custom sheet metal products. The products we manufacture are unique to each particular customer. Representing our products is an opportunity to enhance you line offing and the service you offer to your customers by having the ability meet any requirements they may have for custom fabricated metal component parts, boxes, enclosures, chassis, etc. Commission rates are established on a job by job basis. They typically run in the 5%-10% range. Typically once we land a customer, they become long-term customers with repeat business.
Company ID: 94327 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
BRCA 28 Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Test Sales! Our test encompasses the traditional BRCA 1 and 2 tests, plus 26 other genes!

Earn $50,000-$150,000/year or more. (This is the potentially life saving test that Angelina Jolie made the public aware of). 
Target Markets:
OB/GYNs, Oncologists, Breast Surgeons, and Imaging Centers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a CLIA and CAP certified Next Generation Sequencing lab approved to perform BRCA Breast Cancer testing! This is a wide open market with tremendous potential due to widespread patient awareness. We are seeking Full or Part-time sales representatives who want to earn $50,000-$150,000 or more Per Year (can be done without leaving your current job!).

You will be selling our BRCA test which has many advantages over the current tests on the market advantages over the current tests (i.e. cost, turnaround time, testing methodology, technology)! You will make 12% per lab test you generate including residual sales. (average reimbursement is between $3,000-$4,000)
Company ID: 43180 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture in the USA, Custom Framed Artwork, Mirrors, Shadow Boxes, and Bulletin Boards.

We Manufacture 500 Framed Products Per Week. The Perfect Add-on to Reps Calling on Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Hotels with Furniture, Wall Covering, Carpet, Window Treatments, Signage Floor Covering. 
Target Markets:
Our Major Market is Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, and Hotels. New markets but using the same product would be Restaurants and Doctors Offices. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company manufactures custom artwork primarily for elder care facilities and Hotels. We are a Woman owned small business, manufacturing our products in the USA. We offer a unique beginnig to end service that includes help with product selection, locating the framed artwork, and installation. All of our work is done by our own staff, including the installation.

We never leave a project before the customer is 100% satisfied. Our Reps would be given protected territories, customer leads, testimonials, and total management support. Management is available for sales meetings during any required training period. We offer a sliding commission from 8% to 30% depending on project submissions.Our average sale in 2014 has been approximately $16,000 to date. Our product would be a great additional product for furniture, carpet, or window treatment lines.
Company ID: 96168 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Transfer Device for Mobility Challenged Individuals.

A Pair of Pants with a Built-In Mesh Liner and Nylon Handles Sewn into the Pants and Liner. These Pants Allow Loved Ones both Dignity and Safety Plus Allowing Caregivers More Control at the Same Time Protecting there Backs from Sprains and Strains. 
Target Markets:
DME Retail Outlets, Assisted Living Homes, Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy Department's, Occupational Therapy Department's, Hospitals, and Individual's Homes. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a patented transfer device (pants) the only one of its kind on the U.S. Market. We are a start up an more than willing to sit down an negotiate a fair and friendly contract. This is a national business plan and many territories to cover. This field is growing do to the amount of baby boomers becoming seniors. This product works better than other transfer device in the market.
Company ID: 96087 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company Provides Psychiatric and Psychological Tele-Med Services to Residents of Nursing Homes and Correctional Institutions throughout the United States. 
Target Markets:
Target Markets are: Executive Management, the Key Decision Makers of Privately Owned Corporations that Own Detention Centers and Prisons throughout the United States, as well as Key Contacts Within the Prison System of Local, County, State, and Federal Prisons and Jails. 
Sales Opportunity:
This sales position is a great opportunity for anyone with a successful career selling healthcare products or services to the prison system in the United States. We are growing at a very significant rate, and expanding our presence in the prison system nationally. We are on track this year to double the number of patient visits made to nursing homes in 2013. We are seeing similar trends in our service to prisons. Sales to the US prison system is the fastest growing segment of the service market. We offer a competitive salary with bonus structure. We also provide a competitive benefits package.
Company ID: 96053 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are a Specialized Company that Manufacturers Acrylic/Lucite Embedment Awards (Tombstones) Directly In-House in Los Angeles.

We have Decades of Experience and Expertise in this Highly Complicated Manufacturing Process. There are Only a Handful of Manufacturers in the USA. 
Target Markets:
Any Company that wants to Showcase their Unique Products as Display Items or for Special Events and Hand-Outs as a High-End and Completely Customizable Product. Companies in the Fields of Banking, Manufacturing, Movie Industry, High Tech, Drug Companies, Food Manufactuers, etc. Use these products. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for professional and aggressive reps calling directly on most larger corpoarations already. These unique producst are suitable for all companies that need to showcase their products or services in a unique and creative manner.

All our products are custom made in the USA. We are a small, very specialized company that works hands on with our customers. We can make pre-production samples at low cost, modify and change the item if the customer desires. Everything is done in-house and we are very particular about quality. The owner of this company is an aerospace engineer and learned this business right out of school with the help of his father. To date we have never had a complaint filed against us in 28 years!

We do not believe in having a simple form to complete on-line regarding these products (as I have seen elsewhere) telling customers that 'someone' will get back to them within 2 days. These products are complicated to specify and it is hardly possible to explain without talking to someone directly, the intricacies and design limitations of what is required.

Reps would be given samples to show prospective customers and on occassion, we will even send a sample directly to a customer as well. Our reps can call and/or e-mail us at any time to discuss anything they would like to. Payment to reps will be based on a commission fee off the amount of any order processed.
Company ID: 95917 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Replication & Duplication of CD's, DVD5 & DVD9. Customized USB Flash drives. Video brochures, even Vinyl.

Thermal, Inkjet & Offset Printing Services. Graphic Arts Design, Custom Packaging, and Drop Shipping available. New Media Department Website Development, Software Authoring, and Streaming Services. 
Target Markets:
Music Publishers, Religious Publishers, Marketing Companies, Brokers, Fitness and Sports Related Industry, Entertainment, Software Publishers, Video Game Publishers, Government, Print Companies, Health and Medical Care Companies, Insurance Companies, Fortune 500. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is active in many verticals as shown in our target markets. We are looking to further expand into them, as well as open new channels for our services. MR's have the opportunity to earn commission right away, as well as establish new networks of clients. Our company has been a leader in CD/DVD replication and duplication for over 18 years. We work with individual clients, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Located in the Midwest, we can ship to both coasts easily. We are a fully licensed replicator. We are privately held. We manufacture discs in any format: Video broadcast formats, VHS standards conversions, and Trust Content. All marketing materials and samples are provided to MR's. We train MR's on our manufacturing process, so they know it inside and out. MR's are paid straight commission. Certain travel and other expenses are reimbursed.
Company ID: 95901 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Rubber Covered Rollers
Rubber Injection Molded Parts
Elastomeric Coatings Service 
Target Markets:
Office Automation
Respiratory Protection 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been manufacturing precision custom-molded products for over 60 years. By combining various molding capabilities, materials development and finishing technologies, our products meet the most demanding applications and product tolerances.

Custom Molded Elastomers:
We obtain optimum performance from a broad range of materials from natural rubber to synthetic elastomers. These include NR, BR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, butyls (IIR, CIIR, BIIR) to specialty and high performance elastomers such as silicone, fluorosilicone and fluoroelastomers (FKM).

We specialize in a variety of molding processes such as injection molding, transfer molding, compression molding, and insert molding.

Injection molding is high precision process providing high productivity and lower cost. The un-cured compound is delivered to a heated mold under high shear from an injection barrel using a screw and/or ram. The ability of this process to elevate the temperature and reduce the viscosity of the rubber compound allows for thermoplastic flow and shorter cure cycle providing high precision molded parts.

Liquid injection molding (LIM) is synonymous to silicone materials and since the material is in relatively low viscous form, this process allows for lower pressure injection molding providing even higher precision than conventional injection molding with high viscosity compounds.
Company ID: 95840 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Focusing on Specific Technologies, Platforms and Products that will Deliver Value, a Good Value Proposition to a Companies Bottom Line.

We are also open to any products and we have sold EMR Systems in the past to open practice doctors and experience in medical device sales. 
Target Markets:
Business to Business sales is our primary focus. Government, Small to Large contractors, Hospitals and private business owners. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company focuses on accuracy deliver of products. We have a combine 20 years of business to business experience and a track record of executive level of communication. It's all about product knowledge, delivery and execution. We close deals and maintain a high level of relationships throughout our business life and keep selling to our customers that trust us.
Company ID: 95338 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Manufacturer and Distributor of Air Beds, Paper Shredders, Bluetooth Audio Speakers, & Smartphone Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Brick & Mortar Retailers (Local, Regional, National) and Online and Catalog Retailers that Stock (vs. Drop-Ship) to Customers. Secondary Markets would be Healthcare Institutions as well as Promotional Accounts all across the US. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking to hire top producing sales reps that have at least 5 years of selling products directly to the following verticals:
* Retailers (Brick & Mortar, Online & Catalog)
* Promotional
* Healthcare (Hospitals & Senior Care Living Facilities)

All of our products ship from our warehouse in Illinois. Our company is growing (made INC Magazine's list of fastest 500 growing companies last year) and the room for opportunity is unlimited. Please submit a sales inquiry with your work experience and business references. We are looking for hard working reps that want to partner with a great manufacturer! Thanks!
Company ID: 95772 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
My 20 year old Vacuum Forming Company is Ready to Grow.

We Process Sheet Plastic into a Variety of Products from Large Head Liners for CNH Tractors to Small Camera Parts for Imax. Our company the is the Only Canadian Supplier of Vacuum Formed POP Displays for Anheiser Busch. 
Target Markets:
We supply many industries including:
Tractor Manufacturers, Drawer Liners and Covers for Furniture Makers, Housings for Electronics Firms, and POP Displays for Advertising Companies. Products Range from 16" Clocks and 3D Signs to 6ft Dragons for Fireball Whiskey and 72" Wing Span Seaplanes. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a small company interested in growth and stability. We have two main areas of focus, manufacturing and advertising. I am looking for sales reps willing to invest time developing relationships with companies that use vacuum formed components in their manufacturing process. Most if not all industrial forming is repeat business for many years. I am also looking for a rep who has connections to the advertising industry.

One third of our business is currently with firms that supply this industry with displays and product display inhansers. Since we do all tooling in house we have great flexibility for samples. We have found that once we are aligned with an Ad firm they come to us with all new plastic projects. I am offering a commission of 25% of the gross profit on all business brought in by a rep. This commission will be for the life of the product.

Our customer base is southern Ontario but we also have customers in Florida ad would like to expand not only in Canada but northern USA. I am also prepared to invest new equipment that we need to service our customers. If you have interest in our line of work please submit a sales inquiry to us to see if we are compatible.
Company ID: 95676 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
- High Quality Waterproof and Bedbug-Proof Mattress, Box Spring, and Pillow Encasements.
- All Natural, Non-Toxic, Environment-Friendly Bedbug, and Pest Extermination Products (Spray and Laundry Solution).
- Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System. 
Target Markets:
- Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Universities, Nursing Homes, Shelters, etc.).
- Auto Detail and Cleaning Services (Steam Machines).
- Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers.
- Online Markets (we offer Drop Shipping). 
Sales Opportunity:
We are offering a competitive opportunity for Manufacturers' Reps. We are producing top of the line products with competitive prices, and we offering our Reps a 5%-10% commission based upon performance.
Company ID: 95669 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Endoscopic and MIS Products into the Hospital and Doctors Offices. 
Target Markets:
Selling to the Urology, ENT, General Surgery, GYN, and Orthopedic market. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for an independent manufacture rep (1099,) who is already selling into the greater Seattle Wa market. Must be located in the Seattle area and have established contacts with in the surgical market.
Company ID: 95647 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. NEW NON-BULK POWER ALTERNATIVES for Transdermal Pain/Scar Compound Pharmaceuticals (Higher and LONG TERM Reimbursement for your Compound Business).
2. Compound Pain/Scar Transdermal Compound Pharmaceuticals 20-30% pts.
3. Pharmacogenetics 10-15% pts. 
Target Markets:
Internal Medicine
Pain Management
Sales Opportunity:
Are you sick of your compound pharmaceutical commissions going down? Concerned about changes coming in September 2014 with Express Scripts? We have a solution! Same money you are currently making with compounds but for another few years with our pain/scar alternatives! We call it compounds V 2.0 and the best part it's Patented.

We also carry a brand new line of pharmacogenetics which is patented as well. Average monthly revenue sales reps are making with our NEW alternatives for scar/pain compounds is $40K-$60K. Average monthly revenue sales reps are making with our new pharmacogenetics line is $40K-$50K. Compliant reps will only be considered.
Company ID: 95328 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Aquatic Exercise Station Made of Stainless Steel Used for Strength & Cardio Training and Particularly Effective for Physical Therapy.

Patented Product with more than Forty Exercises Supported. Additional Options being Developed. Installed in World Class Facilities. 
Target Markets:
Park & Recreational Pools, Hospital Therapy Pools, Pool Builders, Hotels, Condominium Associations, Home Owner Associations, Commercial & Home Pool Owners. Every Swimming Pool should have this Workout Station Installed. 
Sales Opportunity:
- Proven, Patented Product, ~ 1,000 units sold.
- We are a small aggressive organization that provides great references from first class customers.
- This patented workout station provides exercise and therapy capabilities that is not offered by any other product.
- We support our representatives with training, tools and a first class website.
- We offer 25% commission, $395 commission for the MSRP of $1,595.
Company ID: 95512 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Vein Viewing System:

It Digitally Displays a Map of the Vasculature on the Surface of the Skin in Real Time, Allowing Clinicians to Verify Vein Patency and Avoid Valves or Bi-Furcations. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Generous commissions, strong support infrastructure, selling tools and rep enablement to get reps selling quickly are all part of a company culture that fully embraces the independent rep selling model. Significant growth is expected from our independent reps. We've invested in a network of sales reps and nurse educators who support our independent reps on sales calls and installations. If you have strong contacts, are a tenacious hunter and are eager to work as part of a great team, this is a great time to team up with our company!

We are looking for reps who sell exclusively to hospitals to cover the following territories:
- N. California
- Oregon (whole state)
- New Mexico (whole state)
- Wisconsin (excluding Milwaukee)

More about us:
We are a global leader in medical imaging solutions. Vein visualization with our breakthrough device, allows health care professionals to see a map of peripheral veins on the skin’s surface with the goal of improving venipuncture, the most commonly performed invasive medical procedure, and other vascular access procedures.

Our vein viewing system is the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution. It is built on our proprietary technology as embodied in its patent portfolio which includes over a dozen patents covering a broad range of imaging and medical diagnostic technologies. We have received a number of awards and widespread recognition from within the healthcare sector.
Company ID: 95482 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
With over 20 years of Experience in Manufacturing MRI Accessories that Provide a High Level of Hearing Protection and Visual Stimulation, our company is a Leader in MRI Products.

Our line of Solutions Provide for Patient Safety, Patient Comfort, and Improved Productivity for the Site. 
Target Markets:
Target markets are:
Medical Centers
Academic/Research Medical Facilities
MRI/Imaging Centers 
Sales Opportunity:
With over 20 years and over 2,000 installations worldwide, our company is a leader in MRI associated products. Our company provides full sales and post-sales support to ensure success. We offer a generous commission structure of up to 20% of ASP.
Company ID: 95496 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Device used by Physicians who Treat Chronic Headache and Other Disorders. 
Target Markets:
Pain Management Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer to medical device representatives a wonderful and very lucrative opportunity to offer a new device used by Physicians who Treat Chronic Headache and Other Disorders. SPG Blocks have been performed for many years, but this new technology allows them to be performed with quickly comfort and ease.

The device is a Patented, Single-Use, Disposable Catheter through which a medical professional can deliver medication through the nasal passages to several difficult-to-reach nerve cells in the face and head without needles, sprays, swabs or sedation.

When used as indicated, the device delivers medication immediately to achieve a SPG block and further egress of the medication into other areas as well. Interventional radiologists, neurologists, internists, emergency departments, pain specialists, and general practitioners are interested in utilizing the device for a safe, comfortable, and quick delivery of the medication required for the SPG block procedure.

This drug delivery innovation, is drawing the attention of physicians who treat patients with chronic and episodic migraine, cluster headache, and chronic daily headache and for other facial pain and headache syndromes. Headaches alone affects nearly 45 million individuals, and migraine occurs in 6.8% of men and 15-18% of women. Nearly two-thirds of headache patients discontinue prescription medications due to inadequate relief and side effects.
Company ID: 95479 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Hand Care Products for Medical Use, Using the most Advanced Products Available. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for independent reps for our line of hand care products. This is a ground floor opportunity to pioneer the most advanced hand care on the market today.
Company ID: 95337 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing. This test can determine how a patient metabolizes pharmaceuticals and if they are at risk for side effects, adverse drug reactions that could result in hospitalization or even death. 
Target Markets:
Physicians, hospitals and practice managers. Any doctor that prescribes drugs especially the 150+ drugs with a black box warning recommending testing prior to prescribing - General Practitioners, Family, Osteopaths, Cardiologists, Pain Management specialist, Psychiatrists & Geriatric practices. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our mission is to help medical professionals save patient's lives by helping doctors to Practice Personalized, Precision Medicine and reduce Adverse Drug Events/Reactions (ADR) through Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing.

PGx testing increases per patient revenue in the office, decreases liability for the medical practice, and saves physicians and their staff time, at No cost to the doctor and No cost to the patient. When a doctor or practice manager understands these points, they can't wait to implement this service into their practice!

This test is recommended by the FDA, NIH, Medicare, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries prior to prescribing medications. Very soon the FDA will make PGx testing mandatory and reps marketing this service will see their incomes increase exponentially.

The ideal candidate will have experience in the industry and have already established strong physician relationships, which will help ensure a fast start and add to your success.

Competitive Advantages:
Quick, easy non-invasive buccal swab that can be done by anyone in the practice,
No cost to the practice for supplies or shipping,
Second largest lab in the U.S. located in Salt Lake City - quick turnaround times (3-5 days v. 3-4 weeks),
Saves doctors time not having to juggle medications (Precision Medicine),
Doctors receives a color coded summary report - they can see the results in seconds,
Doctors on staff to help reps market this service peer-to-peer,
Company ID: 95247 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture and Distribute Antimicrobial Copper Products including Pull and Push Plates for Doors, Pull Handles for Doors and Cabinets, and Plates for Light Switches and Outlets. 
Target Markets:
Our target markets include Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants, Public Buildings, Architects, and Construction Firms, and Retail Establishments. 
Sales Opportunity:
Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are currently an epidemic in U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people die each year from HAIs. Touch surfaces in any public establishment may also harbor bacteria*. Bacteria* can live on plastic, steel, and wood for weeks, so there is a good chance that many touch surfaces that the public comes in contact with is contaminated with disease-causing bacteria*. What if you could reduce exposure to bacteria* by simply switching some common fixtures and handles to Antimicrobial Copper?

Antimicrobial copper is a term used to describe copper alloy surfaces made from solid, uncoated copper-based metals and the only touch surface registered by the EPA to continuously kill greater than 99.9% of bacteria* that causes HAIs and other infections. It is safe to use and never wears out.

*Laboratory testing shows that, when cleaned regularly, antimicrobial copper surfaces kill greater than 99.9% of the following bacteria within 2 hours of exposure: MRSA, VRE, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and E. coli O157:H7. Antimicrobial copper surfaces are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices and have been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but do not necessarily prevent cross contamination or infections; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices.
Company ID: 95324 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Molecular Testing Instruments, Reagents, Consumables and Services. 
Target Markets:
Universities, Hospitals and Reference Laboratories. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a worldwide supplier of integrated life sciences and diagnostic solutions that help provide customers with valuable molecular information. From scientists striving to make research advances to technicians reporting the information necessary to identify, monitor and treat diseases, Our company is a trusted partner for research and clinical laboratories around the globe.

With innovative test and data reporting solutions for real-time PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing, We deliver innovative technology and products that address many of the clinical, technical and economic issues facing laboratories in their quest to transform data into meaningful, actionable information.

The company is interested in seeking out qualified representatives with experience selling into laboratories which conduct molecular testing using PCR and Next Generation Sequencing technologies. The commission structure is based on a % of capital equipment value sold as well as customer committed reagent stream. The company supports its representatives with technical training, field based specialists and service engineers. Additional support includes marketing brochures, lead generation activities and reference sites.
Company ID: 88187 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Leader in Manufacturing of High-Tech Printed Circuit Boards. From LED, Aluminum, Double Sided to Complex High Layer Count Multilayers Used in Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Medical, All Instruments, Laboratory, Sensors, Inventory Management. Our company is UL, ITAR and IS0 9001:2008 Approved. 
Target Markets:
Electrical and Electronics Shops, Medical Instruments and Lab, Engineering, Lighting, OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, LED Lights and Assembly House. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company offers same day turn around on double sided circuit boards and 2 day turn around on multilayer circuit boards. Our company is UL, ITAR and IS0 9001:2008 Approved. Commission to our reps are paid out monthly in a timely manner.
Company ID: 95300 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
PC-Based, Desktop, and Portable Handheld Spirometry Systems.

Digital and Mechanical Asthma and COPD Monitors; Breath Carbon Monoxide for Smoking Cessation, Combo Spirometer, ECG, BP, Pulse Ox, and Scale Systems. Inhaled Medication Trainers. Disposable Filters for most Spirometers. 
Target Markets:
Current market is Allergy, Pulmonology, PCP, Occ Med, Hosp Respiratory. Reimbursable and meet the Outcomes Objectives of Tomorrow’s ACO Based System.

Current Territories are open in NYC metro, UT, ID, CO, WY, MT, NM, MN, IA, ND, SD, NE, IL, WI, KS, MO, AR, MS, LA, TX, and OK. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company name is synonymous with quality spirometry and support. With systems at nationally recognized hospitals, clinics and specialty physicians around the country, we have operated under one ownership for over 51 years. All products have been dramatically re-engineered to meet the current market trends and new products are on the near horizon.

Sales leads, demo units, marketing materials and training will be provided; prior experience selling spirometers is preferred. Full support from our USA headquarters in the Kansas City area. There is a large residual sales opportunity over the life of the product in disposables and optional services. Profit potential via large dealer margin or rep commission is very high, commensurate with the commitment of the individual to providing on-site product demonstrations and customer training.

With reimbursement trends moving more towards outcomes, there is strong clinical and financial evidence that spirometry will continue to be recognized as an important component of preventive care for lung disease. Better management of chronic diseases is a major objective of today’s new accountable care healthcare system.

As such, high quality lung function testing will be attractive in the coming years to 3rd party payers and the new forms of healthcare delivery models. If you are looking to add a new line and have the bandwidth to provide a significant time commitment, submit a sales inquiry to us today and let's talk.
Company ID: 95150 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our Safe Patient Handling Solutions: Lateral Transfer Chair, TC-300 Treatment Chair, Pink Slip Disposable Transfer, and Repositioning sheet, Disposable and Re-Usable Lift, and Repositioning Slings, Sit-to-Stand, Powered Sit-to-Stand, and full body lift. 
Target Markets:
Representatives will be calling Hospitals and Long term care facilities and specifically targeting Employee Health, Risk Management and Nursing. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is an established, GSA contracted developer and manufacturer of products for use in daily patient and resident handling activities. Founded in 1987, we are recognized as an innovator of high compliance solutions for the Safe Patient Handling market. If you are an Independent Manufactures Representative in search of a line of unique products that will give you immediate access to critical care and med-surg areas in your hospitals, this is the line for you! Our products can be found in well over 1/2 of the hospitals in the United States.
Company ID: 82794 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Leading Expense Management Firm that Helps Businesses and Non-Profits Reduce Common, Indirect Operating Expenses. We Typically Find 10-45% Cost Savings and Share in the Savings with the Client. ACC Delivers Savings in over 35 Non-Strategic, Indirect Expense Categories. 
Target Markets:
CEOs and CFOs of $30 million to $2 billion Clients in a Wide Range of Industries including: Manufacturing, Non-profits, Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, Convenience Stores, Banks, Law Firms, Professional Sports, Private Colleges, and many more. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a lucrative sales opportunity for the sophisticated, C-level salesperson. Those with established C-level relationships will do especially well in this business. You will be responsible for qualifying prospects, scheduling appointments, and assisting with the closing of the sale. We manage the entire delivery of the savings. If you can schedule 6-8 qualified, C-level (CFO, CEO) appointments per month, then this is a six figure commission oppportunity for you!
Company ID: 95251 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Machined Products for Numerous Industries Using: Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Plastic, Rubber, Specialty Metals, etc.

Machining Capabilities include Swiss Screw Machining, Turning, Milling, Grinding, etc.

We are ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100:2009 REV C (Aerospace) Certified. 
Target Markets:
Target markets include Aerospace, Industrial Machinery, Plumbing, Engines, Automotive, Medical Supplies, Recreational, etc. We Provide Custom Parts for a Broad Range of Product Applications. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a precision shop that specializes in production CNC machining for many industries for over 20 years. We have a company wide "can-do" attitude with a commitment to quality and our customers. Our customers' are more successful--that's our goal and we can make your business more successful as well! We manufacture parts to a customer's spec's and work hard to beat their time constraints and budget and we know we can beat the competition's quality! Take a look online and submit a sales inquiry to us to discuss this opportunity further!
Company ID: 68883 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Offshore Contract Manufacturing Services.

We Manufacture Parts & Products for Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Retail Clients. Capabilities are Vast and Include Plastic & Rubber Injection Mold, Extrusions, Castings, Fabrications, Machining, Stamping, Finishing, Assembly, and many others. 
Target Markets:
Any Customer looking to Reduce Costs and Increase Margins including Medical Device, Food Service, and General Manufacturing OEM's, along with Sales & Marketing Companies who Source Manufacturing. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is unique and we differentiate ourselves from other offshore contract manufacturers in many ways.

First - We are a United States company headquartered in the U.S. We handle everything from our headquarter facilities in Naples, FL and customers deal only with us, not our offshore partners. This eliminates many of the headaches commonly associated with offshore.
Second - We have many years of experience, strong relationships, and investment/managerial interest with our partner manufacturers in Asia. This gives us strong control over production.
Third - As an ISO 9001:2008 & 13485 certified company, we have a strong quality management system in place. This allows us to guarantee sustained quality and supply for our customers.
Fourth - We offer flexibility. Our customers can have everything manufactured, assembled, and packaged offshore. We can also complete assembly here if they choose as we have assembly capabilities at our headquarter facilities in the U.S.
Company ID: 95168 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We Manufacture Portable and Affordable Shower Commode Chairs.

These Chairs are Lightweight and Durable, Constructed of High Quality Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. No Tools are Required to Assemble. All Chairs Fit into their Own Optional Portable Travel Bags. 
Target Markets:
These Chairs are Sold to the DME/HME Providers, Distributors of Medical Products, and Hospitals/Rehab Centers. We have a Government Contract which Allows us to Sell to the VA and other Government Agencies. These products can also be sold into Hospitality Related Industries, such as Hotels/Motels. 
Sales Opportunity:
Seeking 1099 commission independent sales representative or representative group for a patented products. These products are extremely versatile and the portability makes the product unique. Education of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy staff is vital.

Independent Sales Representative will be provided product training, samples and appropriate literature, as well as a drop box for communication. The Owner or National Sales Director will be available to field any questions or to assist as necessary. Our commission scale is highly competitive, with some additional incentives.
Company ID: 95133 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Healthcare & Commercial Televisions. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities, Infusion Centers, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for Independent Sales Reps with a proven sales track record in the Hospital/Healthcare Field and experience at selling through GPO contracts. We have 6 National Group Purchasing Contracts Sales Rep that can secure and drive repeat business.
Company ID: 94756 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Machined Products for a Variety of Industries Using Materials like Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron, Plastic, Rubber, and more.

Machining Capabilities include: Turning, Milling, Grinding, Lapping, Wire EDM, Honing, and Swiss Screw Machining. 
Target Markets:
We are interested in targeting companies with machining needs in Aerospace, Medical, Industrial Machinery, Aftermarket Automotive Parts, Hydraulics, Lift systems, Data Imaging, Oil & Gas, and others. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business for nearly 50 years and is dedicated to customer service and high quality manufacturing. We are ISO 9001 Certified, ANSI RAB accredited and BSI registered. Our custom manufacturing facility features a fully-certified inspection and quality control lab. We are uniquely qualified to provide superior custom parts for a broad range of product applications.

Our company has the ability to design and manufacture parts to a customer's specifications, time constraint and budget. Customers who purchase from us, know they are getting the highest quality and most reliable custom parts. We are constantly re-evaluating our business to respond to growing customer demand and industry changes.
Company ID: 63225 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Orthopaedic Supports and Braces. 
Target Markets:
Orthopaedic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Orthotic and Prosthetic Labs, Home Medical and Durable Medical Stores, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Schools. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a world class, innovative designer, developer, and manufacturer of superior quality, effectively priced orthopaedic supports and braces. Our owners and management have centuries of experience combines and understand how to grow business and award sales people who partner with us and our customers. We are etremely well-funded and looking for manufacturer's reps (1099) and distributors who have medical device experience and non-competitive but complementary product lines. We pay generous commissions, and offer referral bonuses as well.
Company ID: 94626 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Ours is a Multi-Disciplined Aerospace Company Specializing in the machining of Complex Engine Tooling, Airframe Components, Aircraft Ground Equipment, and Munitions Loading Equipment for the U.S. Government and Commercial Aerospace Ccompanies. 
Target Markets:
Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, Energy, Medical, Automotive, and other Companies that Outsource Machined and Fabricated Components and Assemblies. 
Sales Opportunity:
High precision machined components and assemblies. Our company's operations conform to the following standards:
•ISO 9001:2008 Certified
•AS 9100:2009 Certified
•Mil Std I45208A
•Mil Std I45662

We need representation in all parts of the US. Former military representatives near Governments bases are in critical need.
Company ID: 95044 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medication Dispensing.

We Provide a “Turnkey” Medication Dispensing Program for Medical Practices and Clinics Allowing them to Dispense Medications (Prescriptions) Directly to Patients Saving the Patient a Trip to the Pharmacy while Keeping the Medication Dispensing Revenue in the Medical Practice. 
Target Markets:
Target markets include Doctor Offices and Medical Clinics Writing Prescriptions to the Local Pharmacies. If you are currently selling products and services to medical practices, medication dispensing is the perfect complement to your current sales portfolio to generate substantial residual income. 
Sales Opportunity:
Statistics show that approximately 10% of medical practices are currently dispensing medications in-practice with 90% of the market still untapped. A single doctor practice can generate $500 to $1,000 in monthly residual sales rep commissions. Multi doctor practices will generate substantially higher sales rep residual commissions. Bring your existing medical practice network and we will provide the industries best training, sales materials and customer service.

Leverage your existing medical practice relationships to generate an additional $20K-$30K in monthly residual income. You generate the interest and we will provide the sales presentation via a conference call or an online medication dispensing webinar and work with you hand-in-hand to close your sales. If you are looking for the best medication dispensing program in the industry, we are looking for the industries top sales reps.

Medical practices are looking for this revenue generating solution. A single doctor practice can generate $75K to $125K in annual net revenue for their practice. Medication dispensing is a win for the medical practice and the medical practice sales rep. Please submit a sales inquiry to us today to hear more about this exciting opportunity in medical practice sales.
Company ID: 95024 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
This Patent Pending Technology is the first mover in the Highly Lucrative Drug-Free, All-Natural Sleep Solution Marketplace.

This is a Revolutionary, Leading Edge, Medical Technology Sleep Solution for the 70 million Americans who Report Sleeping Problems. 
Target Markets:
Sleep Centers, Employee Wellness Clinics, Nurses, Chiropractic Offices, Wellness Clinics, Medical Professionals, Hospitals, Holistic Retailers, and Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
This Patent Pending technology is the first mover in the highly lucrative drug-free, all-natural sleep solution marketplace. The cost to the user is about $1 per day as compared to Ambient at $7.00 per day for ONE pill. This is a sales persons dream with a high demand, already proven marketability and acceptance, unique first of its kind all natural, drug-free product, which embraces state of the art electronics and Internet.

The company has extensive marketing materials and Internet presence as well as live USA based customer service and support. Demo equipment readily available, same day shipments for orders before noon, no issue replacement policy.

The Salespeople are the company’s Gold. Sales commissions on wholesale pricing 15%, trade show events 20% to 30%, end user sales 40% to 50%. Volume discounts for wholesale purchases. Private labeling as needed, configuration options available quick response and support for sales people’s questions. Let’s make it happen.
Company ID: 94931 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Water Workout Station which is a Unique, Patented Aquatic Exercise, and Therapy Device for all Swimming Pools. 
Target Markets:
It is Currently Installed in Approximately 1,000 Medical, Exercise, Hotel, Sports Training, Apartment Complexes, Commercial, and Residential Pools. 
Sales Opportunity:
Unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a fast growing industry leader. Commissions exceed industry standards. Strong marketing support from corporate office.
Company ID: 94919 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Custom Rigid PVC Profiles. 
Target Markets:
Marine, RV, Electrical, Point of Purchase, Hydroponic. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a Domestic, (Southern, CA), based Custom Rigid PVC extruder (a division of US Polymers that has over 30 years experience in the fencing, decking, and shutters industries). We have dedicated extrusion lines and an engineering and production team ready to quote out and produce custom profile extrusions for any industry. We are looking for aggressive, forward seeing, knowledgeable reps with relationships in the: RV, Marine, Automotive, Hydroponic, HVAC, and Electrical Industries.
Company ID: 94917 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Metal Cleaning and Coating for Large Industries. Billion Dollar Sales Business Worldwide. 
Target Markets:
- Agricultural Equipment
- Construction Machinery/Equipment
- Appliances
- Building Material (Windows, Steel Doors)
- Furniture
- Military Equipment
- General Equipment
- Machinery
- Transportation/Recreational Vehicles
- Coil Coating
- Cars & Car Parts
- Trucks & Truck Parts 
Sales Opportunity:
You can work from the comfort of your own home until a meeting with client is needed. Research, emails, and phone calls are how you handle the majority of this position.

Territory Sales Managers can work Full or Part Time on a 100% commission basis. You can work 10 - 40 hours a week, keep your current job, and make 50K - 300K a year in the following territories:
L.A./San Diego
St. Paul/Minneapolis
St. Louis
N.Y. City
Des Moines

Should be friendly and outgoing, willing and able to communicate effectively with new people you are meeting for the first time, and travel occasionally. Should be able to make an impact upon first impression!
Company ID: 94857 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is a Well Established Science Studying How an Individual Metabolizes Medications.

Clinical Testing Provides Individualized Insight into Complex Treatment Scenarios and will Help you Personalize Treatment, Lowering the Chance and Severity of Adverse Drug Reactions. 
Target Markets:
Doctors and Hospitals. 
Sales Opportunity:
The commission structure to Reps who have existing relationships with Doctor's and Hospitals is extremely lucrative. We do not exempt Reps who are starting their careers and those who would desire to change field as well. This is a one-time test in a person’s life. The cost of the test is paid by insurance companies and is also covered by Medicare.
Company ID: 94825 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Membrane Switches, Membrane Keypads, Control Panels, Printing Circuits, FPC, PCBAs, Silicone Rubber Products, Rubber Parts, Name-Plate, Touch Switches, and the others Relative Products. 
Target Markets:
You will be working with Engineers, Project Managers, Purchasing at OEM Components, Electronic Components and Materials Companies, Fabricated Products and Assemblies for Metal Companies, Healthcare, Military, Drug Companies, and Fitness Equipment Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a premier custom printer with the highest ratings from our customer base on both quality and on-time delivery. We are expanding in nearly every US market. This is a great opportunity to work with an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITAR Registered custom manufacturer of high quality identification products including screen, digital and hybrid printed labels, decals, faceplates, graphic overlays and membrane switch assemblies.

We have been in business since 1960 and serve many of the largest industrial companies in the Fortune 500. In addition to custom printing, Our services include Product Design and Development, Rapid Prototyping and Graphics/PrePress.
Company ID: 94771 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
3D Printers
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
We offer a new and best product and good commissions. All supports, Training online, Extra Bonus by target at quarter. We have the expertise by 20 years and we can help you to sell all of days.
Company ID: 94751 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Wireless Home Medical Alarm Systems. 
Target Markets:
Baby-Boomers with Aging Parents
55+ Independent Living Communities
Paramedics/EMT/Ambulance Companies
Retirement Communities
In-Home Non-Medical Caregivers 
Sales Opportunity:
There are 12 million seniors living alone in the United States. Every one of them needs a medical alarm. This is a market that is 90% unfulfilled - and predicted to grow steadily over the next 20 years! Every senior (and their baby boomer children) knows what a Life Alert "I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up" system is - so no customer education is necessary.

You simply sign-up new subscribers and we take care of everything else: account set-up, shipping, 24/7 monitoring, billing and technical support. Successful reps work a variety of sales approaches: senior fairs, 55+ community activities, nursing homes, medical offices, physical therapy offices, in-home care offices, hospital discharge offices, etc.

Receive a $50 cash commission on each and every new subscriber you refer - paid weekly! Just two sales a day is a $700/week income. Bonuses, overrides and exclusive territories available to top performers.
Company ID: 90507 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
A Patient Room Retrofit Product that Eliminates Pathogens with 99% Efficacy. 
Target Markets:
Nursing Homes
Medical Facilities 
Sales Opportunity:
We are primarily looking for our rep to leverage their existing C-level relationships with Hospitals and medical facilities to pitch our products/services. Our company offers a complete turn-key energy efficient solution for the customer. We also provide energy savings solutions that require no upfront investment and are immediately cash flow positive.
Company ID: 94692 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Condensing Boilers with sizes of 300K BTU, 500K, 750K, 1MM, 1.4MM, 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, and 5.5MM. 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Commercial, Large and Multi-Family Residential, Laundries, Greenhouses, Education K-12 and Higher Ed (College and Universities). 
Sales Opportunity:
The only technology of it's kind in the US Condensing Market that has High Water Volume with twin water return for higher efficiency, constructed of 316Ti Stainless with the availability to run #2 Oil and Low Emissions of less than 9PPM.
Company ID: 94713 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Motorized Carts
Motorized Tugs
Motorized Patient Transport Chair
Endoscopy Carts 
Target Markets:
Acute Care Hospitals
Fulfillment Warehouses
Manufacturing Companies 
Sales Opportunity:
Industry leader in the market of specialized material handling equipment and medical carts. Constant stream of leads provided to independent reps through our detail oriented inside sales support staff, marketing materials, and overall marketing plan. Independent reps are also supported with free demonstration equipment, detailed successful sales process. Competitive commission rate
Company ID: 94649 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Blank Self Adhesive Labels Used to Mark and Label a Wide Variety of Products from Food to Manufacturing Markets. 
Target Markets:
Large Corporate Companies as well as High Volume Sales Companies including Food Retailers, FMCG of all types. Hospitals and Laboratories. The markets are endless. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a successful self adhesive label printing company in South Africa. We are looking for export agents that will buy up our standard product and sell into the USA markets(s). The demand for blank labels (no print simply label stock die cut to size) is enormous. Our research indicates 100,000,000 blank label sales out of a small state in the USA.

We need people with aggressive sales ability and reasonably fast learners. All products will be bought up front from us, at the very best price available. As a South African manufacturer we can provide you with top quality at low prices. Air freight delivery 3-4 days.

Food processors (abattoirs)

All our products are FDA approved. We will provide full market analysis and strategy with product break down upon signing up with us. Full catalogue of standard labels will be provided. We will negotiate signing larger contracts with out agents as well as a commission paid on each sale - very competitive. On upfront purchases markups can range from 50%-200% on certain labels. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Company ID: 94681 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Stethoscope Disposable Cover to Stop Spread of Bacteria and Virus Ccarried on Stethoscope Between Patients. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Doctor Offices, Ambulances, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Huge market to capture a growing segment in infection control with tremendous clinical validation in the past 12 months and inferior competitive products.
Company ID: 94628 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Company ID: 94615 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
- Liquid Level Gauges and Valves.
- Boiler Gauges.
- Magnetic Gauges.
Complete list available online

We are also a Full service machine shop, with many capabilities, we have welding, laser, forming, polishing, CNC milling, CNC lathe, Paint and Assembly divisions. 
Target Markets:
Refineries, Natural Gas (including Pipelines & Compression Stations), Water and Wastewater. Many of our Products are Shipping Across the World Daily. We have a large facility with extensive machining capabilities, markets in this sector are open to everyone. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are of high value, they are used on a continuing basis and are replaced if broken or damaged, which can happen overtime. Many codes and regulations state that these items (Liquid Level Gauges and Valves) must be replaced after a certain time period, which allows for growth in many sectors. Our main problem is that we do not have a sales force activity looking, but we see inquires from all over the world.

Better customer relations and service would help us grow this industry. We would like to have a commission based relationship with anyone, but we are open to distributor agreements and rep agreements. Overall we are price competitive with anyone who makes this product, and our main advantage is our delivery, we have won many customers by delivering products within one week, which takes most manufacturers 3-4 weeks.
Company ID: 94580 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
US Manufacturer of Low-Voltage Communication Wire and Fiber Optic Cable.

We Offer a Wide Range of Cable Products for Security, Data, Control, Audio, and Video Applications. With 10 years of Manufacturing Experience, it is our Goal to Provide our Customers with the Quality and Service they Deserve. 
Target Markets:
We Sell to over 200 Distributors who Provide Cable Solutions to the following Industries:
Data Centers
Nurse Call
Tek Tone
Wind Farms
Sales Opportunity:
A company that could provide quality cable brands at more competitive prices and to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service in the market today. We support our Reps' efforts in helping us achieve our goals by providing training, literature, and travelling with them to establish new accounts. We provide the highest quality US made products and also the lower cost offshore material giving the customer the best of both worlds.

Over the last 6 years we have grown tremendously. As we continue to grow, we consistently examine every aspect of the company’s operations from production to systems. We strive to ensure that we are properly positioned to provide our customers with the highest level of both quality and service available in the industry today.
Company ID: 94521 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
An Innovative Solution to the Excess Blood Left on Finger After Blood Glucose Testing.

Small Booklets of Fifty Absorbent Sheets with an Adhesive Backing Designed to Fit into any Blood Glucose Testing Kit. Developed for Anyone living with Diabetes by a Mother of a diabetic Child. 
Target Markets:
Privately owned Pharmacies, CVS, Walgreens. Doctor Offices, Diabetes Supply stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Exciting new product to help the 25 million people living with this terrible disease. Product being used today and getting rave reviews! Provides a safe and clean alterative to the existing licking of the finger or wiping on an unclean surface. Must have add-on to the blood glucose testing process.
Company ID: 94493 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Extra Drive “Anti-Hunger Slim” with Garcinia Cambodgia Extract
Extra Drive “Anti-Stress Relax” with L-Theanin
Extra Drive “Energy Drive” with Caffeine
Extra Drive “Fitness L-Carnitine” with L-Carnitine 
Target Markets:
Elite Retail Stores, Beauty Salons and Shops, Ecological Shops, Night and Dance Clubs, Fitness Centers, Cinema Shops, Sanatoriums, HoReCa, Health Food shops, Sport Shops, Gas Stations, Drug Stores, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company presents you new and innovative product – Functional Chewing Gum (100% Natural Product). It does a function for a body with help of proactive substance implemented in a gum. Our offer for our consumers based on satisfaction of basic needs of all modern and progressive people: Need of being peppy, Need of being fit, Need of being confident.

Main reasons of doing business in this category of product:
Logistic rentability
Innovative product
Low level market competition

Main reasons of doing business with our trademark:
High number of kinds/types
Natural product
European certification

Main reasons of doing business with our company:
Transparent distribution system
Lowest prices on a market
Marketing assistance

We are searching for a wholesalers and distributors in such categories as FMCG distributing companies, health food distributions, dietary supplements, pharmacy, etc. worldwide.

We also have few discounts for our partners:
Discount for the annual plan.
Discount for the quarter plan.
Discount for marketing and advertising needs on a partners territory.
Discount for international design works.
Company ID: 94378 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our product is WiFi Proximity Marketing for Businesses. 
Target Markets:
Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Pizza Parlors, Salons, Churches, Boardwalks, Medical Waiting Rooms, Malls, Retail Outlets, Auto Dealers,Fitness Centers and anywhere people gather. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our service is a cloud-serviced, direct response, location-based, WiFi Proximity Marketing technology. It is designed to geofence shoppers and deliver highly targeted and relevant advertising media; based upon the consumers location, behaviors and interests, utilizing proprietary technology devices. We are a new company with a new technology giving local businesses the opportunity to compete for the local consumer.

We do not install Wi-Fi systems. We install a Wi-Fi router that piggybacks on a merchants current Wi-Fi system. Safety is paramount. It is a 256 bit encrypted device with a VPN data pipeline directly to our secure servers. Commissions paid will vary from 15% to 50% on residual income depending on the level of participation.

There are upsell opportunities available to increase monthly income. Non-hotspot, local, regional, and national brands can also advertise on the network giving even more income possibilities.
Company ID: 88270 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
* Disposable LED Laryngoscopes
* Disposable Laryngoscope Handles
* Available in both Sterile and Non-Sterile Versions
* COMING SOON - Video Laryngoscope 
Target Markets:
* Fire/EMS
* Hospitals - Anesthesiology
* Hospitals - Emergency Departments
* Hospitals - Respiratory Care 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is showcasing the new UltraBrite™ Series LED Disposable Laryngoscope System. This full 100% stainless steel laryngoscope system is the brightest on the market and is becoming very popular, especially in the hospital systems where cross contamination and liability are becoming a problem. Our JCAHO compliant UltraBrite™ Series LED Disposable Laryngoscope System is the perfect choice to for patient safety and regulatory compliancy.
Company ID: 94360 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Medical Disposible, Medical Equipment, Advanced Wound Care, OTC Products. 
Target Markets:
Medical Office, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Wholesales, Hypermarkets. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a big opportunity for make a good money whith excellent and quality products and good prices. Now is available the principals territory. We're ready to build a good deal.
Company ID: 94326 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We are selling software that connects to medical record databases for machines such as cardiographs, MRI, CAT SCAN, Ultrasound machines, etc. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Labs, Medical Buildings, Doctor practices that use health diagnostic machines such as those listed earlier. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer higher than most commission. We are looking for Reps who call on hospital and medical practice decision makers that purchase equipment. If you represent any of those such equipment listed, then having us on your line card as software that talks to those equipment will make the sale of hardware more attractive.

Demos are available of our product capabilities. We offer local support, installation and training for one site or multisite hospitals, medical buildings and doctors practices who use these machines regularly and need ease of access of patients data.
Company ID: 83015 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Revolutionary Diode Laser to Treat Onychomycosis (Toenail Fungus). 
Target Markets:
Podiatrists, Dermatologists, and PCPs. 
Sales Opportunity:
The best toenail fungus laser in the business -without debate- has now received FDA 510(k) Clearance for the toenail fungus indication. We offer a super aggressive compensation plan and complete sales support to help you close deals quickly.

If you are a super aggressive, bag carrying, deal closing sales professional with real experience selling capital equipment to the medical community, know how to prospect podiatrists and get into their offices, and want a manufacturer whose CEO is a bag carrying sales guy at his core, please submit a sales inquiry to me.
Company ID: 94287 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1) Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Lint-Free, Vitamin E with Aloe, BenzalKonium Chloride Infused Microwaveable Bathing Wash Cloths.
2) Coming in Six Months - a Pre-OP Wash Cloth for Hospitals with Proprietary Formulation Awaiting FDA Approval. 
Target Markets:
Long Term Care Facilities
National Distribution Chains
Targeted Retail
Home Care
Hospitals (6 to 12 months) - Once we have FDA Approval on a Unique Patented Formulation 
Sales Opportunity:
In the US infection control and Hospital Acquired infections are getting increasing attention with the cost related to these infections exceeding $11 Billion per year. The insurance companies because of the Affordable Care Act can now refuse payment to hospitals for treatment of Hospital Acquired Infections.

As we market these products to the long-term care market we find that most longterm care facilities use traditional basin, cotton cloth and soap to bathe patients patients that otherwise do not have the capability to take a bath daily. Published studies have clearly identified the dangers of the spread of infection caused by basin based bathing. We have a document that provides additional details. Educating the longterm care facilities on the alternative to using basin, soap and cotton cloth and replacing bathing using the Leading Age wash cloth is critical to our success.

Our focus in terms of wash cloth besides hospitals is the longterm care segment. The US population 60 years and older is expected to increase from 20% of the total population in 2010 or 60 million to around 30% by 2030 or 100 million. Acquired infections also is a major cause of illness and deaths in this segment of the medical market.
Company ID: 94230 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
OrthoScan Mobile DI - Digital X-Ray & Flouroscopy Machine. 
Target Markets:
Veterinarians, Urgent Care Clinics, Sports Organizations, Cruise/Cargo Ships, and Oil Rrigs. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our product is the smallest FDA approved X-Ray Machine on the market. It's size, price, and low radiation output makes it ideal for small offices that have not been able to afford imaging. Great commission structure and an easy sell for people who have existing relationships with our target market.
Company ID: 94117 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Pharmacy Automation - Large Systems For Central Fill, Mail Order, and Logistic Centers 
Target Markets:
Retail Pharmacies at C-Level or Corporate Headquarters C-Level.
(Having a network in this arena is a must) 
Sales Opportunity:
You open the doors. We do the technical sell. You make a sizable commission. There are renewables and smaller equipment. We will train you. We will also open opportunities within the company for full time employment at management levels.
Company ID: 91391 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Our company is a Manufacturer of LED Lighting Products for Indoor and Outdoor Applications including: T8 LED Tubes, Ceiling Light Boxes (Backlit) and Panels (Edge Lit), Pars, Down Lighting, High-Bay/Low-Bay, Wall Packs, Garage Lighting, Flood Lights, Street Lights, and Canopy Lights. 
Target Markets:
Electrical, Lighting Distributors, Contractors that typically serve: State & Local Government, REITs & Property Management Firms for Hospitals/Medical Centers, Banks, Malls, etc. We want to expand there & with Design-Build Architectural Firms, with the Rehab Construction Market and with franchise companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our flagship product is the LED T8 replacement for T12 & T8 fluorescent bulbs. Federal mandates to eliminate low efficiency magnetic ballasts and T12 fluorescent bulbs are driving growth and sustainability in the LED marketplace. Building managers and owners are being forced to consider alternatives as these older ballast and bulbs expire. High efficiency LED products offer the perfect solution.

Our T8 product completely eliminates the ballast, reduces energy consumption by 40-60% and last about 16 years in an 8hr/day operation. The T8 products are made in the St. Louis and are ARRA compliant. These are great for rehab and retrofit projects as well as new construction.

All our products (see Product Lines above) have UL or ETL certifications. They are highly efficient, providing a 40%-60% energy savings over current lamp technologies such as metal halide, incandescent, fluorescent and high pressure sodium. Plus, they have a much longer life (e.g. 50,000 hrs.) and meet most “Green”/“Sustainability” program goals.

Energy incentives/rebates, which are available in most states, help offset the cost to upgrade to LED lighting. These energy savings and incentives result in a very attractive payback period which combined with the federal mandates is a pretty compelling case for installing LED lighting products.
Company ID: 93861 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Lithium Battery Pack.

We have done many top brands OEM/ODM business in tech world. We would like to Utilize our Unique Solution to do More OEM/ODM Business in North America. 
Target Markets:
Robots, Drone, Hardware, Off-Road Vehicles, Houseware, and Power Tools. 
Sales Opportunity:
A booming industry of lithium battery will be widely used in many mobility applications. iRobot robotic vacuum and drones are typical examples.

More and more new products and new applications need new energy for its mobility. However, it is hard to find one company can do the turn-key solution. Lithium battery factories do not know the battery management system. Many battery management system companies do not know the lithium battery supply chain and do not know the domain know how of vertical application. Many lithium battery pack development failed. There is a market need that we can develop our business.

We have unique solution that is leading in this industry in robot, drone, UPS and eBike. We owns those domain know how with our top brand customers. The best industrial experience in the market. We offer good technical support and commission. You can make money by taking the chance of a booming industry. Submit a sales inquiry to us today.
Company ID: 93899 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
P&G Top 300 (out of 85,000) OEM Company. We Specialize in Electrical, Charger, Batteries, and LED Lighting.

Provide R & D and Production only given function and performance, or conception. We have more than 100 World Class Engineers and 50 Patents. Our Customers are GE, P&G, and Panasonic. 
Target Markets:
Sell to Any US Companies who either Manufactures or Sells (Branding Companies) Products. The Charger, Batteries, and LED can be products alone (e.g., Duracell Battery) or part of a product. Our technology is very advanced and works from small to large machine (electrical vehicles). 
Sales Opportunity:
After 12 years in the business, we are now established and aggressively exploring the US market. We are building a solid sales team with a great compensation plan. We believe that we are not be successful if we cannot make you successful. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please submit a sales inquiry to us.

Have a wonderful day.
Company ID: 37370 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
1. ODM and OEM of 19" Rack Cabinets and Enclosure Systems. Very Flexible to Work with Clients to Develop Correct Solution for them.
2. Existing In-House Branded Line of 19" Rack Cabinets and Related Products.
3. Other Sheet Metal Fabrication or Metal Stamping Parts. 
Target Markets:
1. Multinational Firms in the IT Sector--Server, Storage, Network, Structured Cabling and Telecommunications.
2. Data Center Providers and System Integrators.
3. IT Resellers and Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our firm has been designing and manufacturing 19" products for the international IT market for over 25 years. We work with some of the best know names in the industry, in the USA, Japan and Europe. We have a proven track record for our product design results and quality manufacturing, with high volume capacity of several thousand 19" cabinets per month.

We provide a high quality cost effective solution to many global locations. Many American firms want to outsource but don't know where or how to start. Our company is a multinational joint venture and our team includes Americans, and others who have many years experience working with overseas firms guiding them through the process.

Language and communication is not a problem for you or your client. We can provide strong back office support for engineering, logistics and marketing materials. Our capabilities include mechanical assembly and product integration for higher value added to the cabinet. We need a "door opener", who can penetrate into our target companies or have their own accounts in hand. Our commission structure is competitive and based on results. We will work with you to prepare the proper structure.
Company ID: 93812 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Industrial Electronic Repair Services. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturing Companies: Plant Supervisors, Maintenance Supervisors, Corporate Contacts In Charge of Vendor Affairs. 
Sales Opportunity:
Come and Join our team!

Ours is a company with 15 years of growing sales at a rapid pace. Our sales people are respected as an important part of our team and stay in constant contact with the support staff in the home office of Greensboro North Carolina. You will make appointments and meet with current and new customers and explain why we are the best Industrial Electronic Repair Company for them.

You will pick up jobs and keep organized files on contacts and PO's and keep our customers updated on job status. We pay salary weekly. Commissions, phone/car allowance are paid monthly. We offer vacation & holiday pay, medical, dental, vision, and life after 90 days.

We strive to produce reliable repairs at costs of a fair price to make US manufacturing more competitive in the electronic market worldwide. We employ adept sales people, technicians, and office workers who understand that we do not survive without our customers, their loyalty and recommendations.

We offer our associates an environment where they are empowered to make decisions to satisfy our customer needs. We encourage our associates to not only learn as much as possible, but to teach each other- creating team spirit and a sense of belonging. We teach our associates that being profitable is a result of understanding our concept and working within parameters that allow customers to see our true value.

Please submit a sales inquiry to us. We hope to hear from you!
Company ID: 93755 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Two product lines:

1. Motion Wellness System for Fall Prevention, Seniors Independency, and Healthy Active Aging.
2. Active Outdoor Fitness Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Motion Wellness - Senior Homes, Nursing Homes, Parks & Rec, Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Seniors Communities.
Active outdoor fitness - Schools, Parks & Rec, Universities, Hotels, Landscape Architects, Land Developers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our US made products are innovative and sell themselves. Due to the last decade obesity rates and the increasing falls among seniors our products have seen rapidly increase demand.

- No start-up fees, no investment needed only your sales experience and contacts.
- 20-25% commission
- Average sale - $20K
- Average # of sales per sales rep - 1 a month at $20K. Our best sales rep sold 52 in 2013.
- The sky's the limit.
Company ID: 93740 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Memory, Diodes, Audio Codec, Graphic IC, Graphic Tx/Rx, Interface IC, Thermistor, Crystal Oscillator, Raw Material, Connector, PCB/PWB, New Technology. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Industrial, Networking, Consumer, Medical. 
Sales Opportunity:
The company will be promoting and distributing electronics parts, mainly from Japan, which can be distinguished from other common suppliers. We currently has 20 Line Cards. The company will be the window for all 20 companies and an individual will not need to contact vender.
Company ID: 93560 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Online Program proven to Reduce Stress & Dangerous Symptoms (High Blood Pressure, Acute Chest Pains, Insomnia, Tremors, Predisposition to Accidents, etc.).

Highly Successful Track Record across the U.S, Canada, Europe & India. Strong Physician Recommendations & Rapidly Increasing Interest. 
Target Markets:
Doctors (GP's or Specialists) with Small Private Practices who have PPO Patients, and already Have a Cash Based Aspect to their Practice, such as Supplements, Products, or other Services. 
Sales Opportunity:
Wanted: Independent Medical Sales Rep (1099 Rep) with current clients. Would you like significantly more revenue? Our Institute is an established wellness company looking for reps to add our proven online coaching program to their portfolio. This program is delivered in partnership with doctors and has an excellent track record for providing better patient care and enhanced doctor revenue. NOT an MLM or franchise. Seeking reps who can begin in April.

Some helpful stats:
Over 66% of Americans are overweight. Every 25 seconds someone in the U.S. will suffer a heart attack, and every 60 seconds someone will die from a heart attack. Stress is a known contributing factor to all of these statistics. According to the American Heart Association, patients will achieve greater results by working a solid wellness program that they can live with consistently. Not only a diet or exercise plan, but a broad-based wellness plan that includes additional lifestyle issues and mind-body health issues as well.
Company ID: 93635 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Higher Level Assemblies- Example- Up to an Eight Foot Outdoor Cabinet, Fully Integrated.
Backplane Assemblies
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies 
Target Markets:
Power Generation
Sales Opportunity:
Our "Value Proposition" is that since we have the capabilities in house to manufacture printed circuit board assemblies/backplanes, wire harnesses/cables, and fabricate and powder coat sheet metal we do not have an issue as other CEMs purchasing components from another supplier. So when we sell a customer a higher level assembly there is no margin stack-up.

Of course we also sell OEMs the components as well when they would prefer to continue to fabricate the higher level assembly at their location.
Company ID: 62169 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
Contract Electronics Manufacturing.
Our current markets are, but not limited to:
Environmental Controls
Alarm Controls
Digital Timers
Power Supplies
RFID Readers/Writers, Embedded Boards, Smart Readers, Transponders.
Motion Sensors
Plastic Injection Molding
Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies 
Target Markets:
Our current markets are are targeted for any company who is in need of PCB assembly and Plastic Injection molding. We serve a variety of industries and contract manufacturing needs, offering turnkey production design and mass production capabilities. 
Sales Opportunity:
Established in 1985, We are a complete full service EMS, OEM and ODM supplier, with additional support services in the USA, UK, and Australia.
Our facilities can manage High-Mix, Low Volume, as well as High Volume Manufacturing.

Equipped with the latest technology to support SMT, PTH, COB, and BGA.
Clean room technology for PCBA and Plastic Injection Molding.
Silk screen, pad printing, hot stamping, spray painting, and conformal coating.
Complete testing capabilities including environmental.
Tooling design and review.
Electrical and mechanical engineering support throughout the product lifecycle.
Proactive in processes, materials, and design layouts to strengthen products and reduce their costs in production.
Dedicated personnel for each project.

RoHS Compliant.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
IS0 13485
In-house tool and CNC machining facilities. 30 tons - 468 tons (1.5 oz. to 68 oz).
Hydraulic and Electric injection mold machines.
Clean Room for injection mold machines.

Testing Capabilities: In-Circuit, Functional, Vibration, Environmental.
Class 1K and Class 10K Clean Rooms.
Engineering staff capable of hardware & software design, new product development, board layout, CAD/CAM services, R&D.

Manufacturing location is in Southern China (Shenzhen region) Previous experience with CEM is preferred.

USA offices in the Chicago area and Utah.
Company ID: 93511 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
We have 2 Lines of Products. One is selling Clinical Nutrition Products to Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, and Pharmacies. The Second product is Working in the Wound Care Arena with Capital Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Long & Short Term Facilities, and Pharmacies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Throughout my 20 year career in the medical field, I have continually proven myself by surpassing challenges, securing and maintaining accounts, and driving corporate growth through successful product promotion in exceptionally high sales volumes I have extensive knowledge of the medical industry working in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical supply market.

I have the ability to answer questions, provide information, conduct presentations and to hold discussions when appropriate. I have in exceptionally high sales volume. Superior ability to build and sustain relationships with multiple executives and associates across the health care arena. New business development by employing practical techniques and strategies that will improve business processes.

Excellent presentation, influencing. Negotiation skills, both written and verbal. My educational qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Minnesota
Company ID: 93467 - Click Here for Full Details
Product Lines:
The Only LED Lights – Guaranteed for Life

Never change another light again with Forever LED lights.
• Zero Up Front Costs
• LED Lighting that saves 50-90%
• LED Lighting Guaranteed for Life™
• No job too big or small
• The Only LED Lights – Guaranteed for Life 
Target Markets:
Retail LED Lighting
Restaurant LED Lighting
Condo LED Lighting
LEDs for Stores & Supermarkets
LED Lighting for Hospitals
Street Lights & Municipal Lighting
Casino Lights
Lighting for Car Dealerships
Warehouse LED Lighting: Food Distribution 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is looking for top notch individuals to represent us all over the great U.S.A. Less than 1% of all commercial buildings in the US have converted to LED Lighting. We have a life time warranty, 100% financing everybody qualifies, and that includes installation. Savings of 50% to 90% of light bill. Client pays us back with savings.



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