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Company ID: 105314 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
First Aid Products, Personal Protective Equipment, Written Training Programs. 
Target Markets:
Any and All Types of Commercial and Industrial Businesses. 
Sales Opportunity:
Provision Medical Products is currently seeking distributors for the rapidly growing first aid and safety industry. We have exclusive territories available throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in owning their own business.

Our business model involves supplying commercial and industrial businesses with first aid and safety products, personal protective equipment and written safety programs. Many of the products we carry are required by ANSI and the U.S. Board of Occupational Safety and Health. (NIOSH)

We have over 30 years experience in the First aid and Safety industry and offer full corporate training and support.Since the businesses we call on are required by law to carry many of our products, this creates an incredible opportunity for our distributors.

Employee safety in the workplace is a top priority for commercial businesses and the regulations and mandates are constantly increasing. Joining our team as a Provision Distributor is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and an incredible opportunity to earn a very lucrative income.

Exclusive territories may be available. Please submit Serious sales inquiries only please. 

Company ID: 104070 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Extensive Experience with All Exotic Alloys, Heat Exchanger Products, Baffles, Flanges, Forgings, Castings.

All Basic Materials Cupro Nickle 70/30 90/10. Also welcoming all Proto Type Work. Reverse Engineering. 30 years experience with Military Type Work, Missile, Guidance Systems, Aircraft, Medical. 
Target Markets:
Power Generation, Oil Refinery, Military, Submarine, Ship, Aircraft, Automotive, Medical. 
Sales Opportunity:
I am a Craftsman, Business owner. Quality is job 1! I started in this business in 1975, completed a Journeyman program at my place of employment and worked in every department. ultimately became the CNC department Supervisor for the last 7 years the company was in business. After 22 years there I had to move on but stayed in the trade. I have CNC Milling machines and manual machines. Also a full compliment of QC instruments. Here is my promise - I never miss a date I give or charge more than the quote. The quote is the price and the date is the date! 

Company ID: 104815 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Retractable Phone Leash. 
Target Markets:
Hardware Stores, Phone Accessory Stores, Target, Kmart, Wal-Mart, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We hold a solid Patent Pending with two utility patent filings. We are looking for manufacturers sales reps.

This product is selling extremely well with a number of stores selling out the first week. Statistics report that one third of all Americans lose their cell phone within the first year as well as huge numbers that are broken when dropped. This unique, retractable cell phone reel/chain combination is a perfect solution. The chain mount combination acts as a handle for retrieving the cell phone from a woman’s purse, a students backpack or a man’s pocket. The chain easily connects and disconnects from the cell phone.

Regarding Sales and Payment:
This product are best sold in a display dispenser jug and placed next to the cash register. Each jug comes free of charge with the purchase of 24 units. Our wholesale price to you is $2.25 with the purchase of 24 or more units with a suggested retail price to be between $5.25 and $6.25. With the purchase of 500 or more units it drops to $2.00 a unit and at 2,000 units your cost is $1.75. Price includes shipping. We are paying 25% commission for up to 20,000 pieces — we’ll negotiate.

All net proceeds from this product go to fund Hope For Homeless Youth, a non-profit organization that provides housing, training, and counseling to homeless runaway youth. 

Company ID: 101275 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
NEW: "Hybrid Generator" Renewable Energy Technology:

- Low Cost (Half the Capital Cost of Solar)
- Compact (Uses 1% the Space of solar)
- Powerful (525,000 kWh/yr per Unit)
- Scalable (Up to 50 MW per Location)
- Produces Electricity 24x7
- Zero Carbon Footprint
- Tentative Market Debut 2Q 2016 
Target Markets:
Geography: US & Canada

Prospects: Sell To MANY Private & Public Sector Entities Across MANY Industries Looking To: a) Implement Renewable Energy Solutions, and b) Develop Renewable Energy Projects!

Decision Makers & Influencers: VP/Director of Sustainability/Renewable Energy, CEO, CFO, Owner, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:

Solar has major limitations/constraints, as do wind, fuel cell & many other technologies. Buyers And Investors want better options! The "Hybrid Generator" has an ultra-low capital cost of electricity, and is a compact, powerful, scalable, commercial unit.

A highly differentiable and disruptive technology. So unique and innovative that majority of sales contacts you make will be interested after one conversation!

Tentative Product Launch is late 2Q 2016. Units being sold Now!

US market has strong demand for renewable energy solutions. New ways to produce green energy are being aggressively sought.

Large investors sold on this technology & its promise. US distributor has arranged financing options for well-qualified buyers. Large sources of capital identified for the development of utility scale energy projects.

US Distributor looking to appoint Authorized Representatives with access to the staggering number of US & Canadian organizations moving forward with renewable energy.

High income opportunity. 1099 Contractors.


Company ID: 105046 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
New Off-the-Shelf Orthotic that Uses Revolutionary Foam Materials with Excellent Shock Properties and Rebound for Performance, Support, and Anti-Fatigue.

Exceptionally Durable and Designed from Years of Custom Orthotic design that Helps put the Foot in the Bio-Mechanically Correct Position. 
Target Markets:
Call points include: Podiatry, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, Corporate Wellness, Sports Performance, Sports Clubs. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for area sales rep to promote and sell the best off-the-self orthotics with revolutionary materials. These performance insoles couples form and materials derived from custom orthotics into an off-the-self model as close to a custom as you can get. Already proven and worn at the highest pro and collegiate levels these insoles will continue to benefit any person on their feet as well as the weekend warrior.

Responsibilities include prospecting and identify potential new accounts. Follow up on leads, present and sell full product line to current and potential accounts. Establish and maintain relationships in current and new accounts. Provide outstanding customer service. Develop and implement special sales activities and events.

- Competitive commission paid on top line sales.
- Full sales demo support package.
- House sample account for specific shows or opportunities deemed beneficial for the advancement of your business and the brand. 

Company ID: 105307 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Woodworking Hardware
Drawer Slides
Target Markets:
Cabinet Shops
Furniture Manfacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are a new fasteners, drawer slide and hinge that has unlimited potential. Our Next generation of Ultra Fast Assembly hardware helps customers reduce assembly and shipping cost by 80%. Headquartered in Fremont California we need people who are selling to the woodworking industry and have technical skills understanding the equipment used and the manufacturing process. 

Company ID: 105303 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Revolutionary Threadless Instant Cap Technology Allows you to Fully Open/Close your Water Bottle with One Hand in One Click!

Our Water Bottle is the World's Only Bottle which can be Fully Opened (Cap Off) and Securely Locked (Withstand the Pressure of Soda) in One second with One Hand! 
Target Markets:
Outdoor and Sports
Almost Everyone who Needs get Hydrated when Away from Home. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Twist Free/Threadless Cap Technology is truly an Revolutionary in the water bottle industry. It will be the game changer to change the water bottle industry like the zipper did to the fashion industry. Zippers for fashion did not replace all the buttons because buttons can be used for decoration purpose. However our Threadless Instant cap would be a truly a terminator for all the tradition screw-top water bottle because this can do all the screw-top can do but just Faster, Easier, and Better. The screw-top is time consuming to open and close, leak if not tight enough, getting loose when hanging on the backpack, and the screw top is extremely difficult to open when holding carbonated beverage. Our Twist-Free/Threadless Cap solves all the problem.

1. Zero effort for Fully open/Secure lock.
2. Single hand operation.
3. Double seal for best thermal performance.
4. Triple lock for Truly leak proof and mess free
5. Unique gas exhausting handling carbonated beverage as easy as water 

Company ID: 94338 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1) Ice Chests that can Keep Ice for 8 to 25 days.
2) FDA Approved, Patented, Reusable, Washable Ice Packs.
3) Soft Sided Cooler Bags
4) Wilderness Sleeper Tents (military grade). Used by Australian defense forces. 
Target Markets:
-Companies that Require Cold Chain Management Solutions to Reliably and Economically Transport Food, Medicines and other Perishables.
- Sports and Outdoor Products Retailers/Wholesalers
- Camping Products Retailers/Wholesalers
- Marinas
- Medical/Laboratory Entities 
Sales Opportunity:
We need independent reps that can sell to retailers, sporting goods chains, marinas, medical labs, pharmaceuticals, airlines, food service companies and other entities that need cold chain management alternatives. These are proven products from an established ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in Australia (not China) currently selling to companies that include McDonalds, DHL, major airlines, hospitals, laboratories, military and government accounts.

Our Australian Wilderness Sleepers are just now being introduced into the Americas market. Proven product but new in the USA market so the upside potential is fantastic. We are relatively new to the USA market but we are NOT a start-up. We are a 32 year old company with proven products and ample manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of multi-site retail chains. Our USA distribution center is located in Florida. 

Company ID: 105256 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOCs) with housings, Oxidation catalyst for gas engines, 3-way catalyst for rich burn engines, integrated silencing with catalysts, spark and flame arrestors, silencers, custom exhaust equipment for large and small engines.
Catalytic Combustion Corp. 
Target Markets:
Power Generation Market - engine dealers for CAT, Cummins, MTU, Kohler, Generac, GE Jenbacher, etc. End users who need replacement equipment, packagers who put the power regeneration equipments together. OEMs who have designed or will design emissions equipment into their machinery. 
Sales Opportunity:
A USA based manufacturer since 1950 with technology, engineering and manufacturing (midWest USA) with diversified emission control products and services. ISO9001. All territories in the USA are currently open, we have never have used MFG REPS in the Power Generation market before, but have experienced managers who have worked with MFG REPs their entire career. Exclusive territories. 

Company ID: 73805 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
A Sustainable Wood-Plastic Composite Used Primarily for Decking, Decorative Trims and Rain Screen Cladding.

This Unique Technology is Made of 90% Recycled Materials and is 100% Recyclable. 
Target Markets:
Architects, Commercial and Landscape. Contractors, One and Two Step Building Product. 
Sales Opportunity:
The technology is unique and has been very successful through promotion in the architectural channel. The decking category targets not only the specification channel, but also more traditional building product one and two step distribution. The successful representative must be familiar and comfortable presenting to the architect and understand specifications.

The technology is loved by the architect and addresses the need for a natural wood aesthetic and feel with NO maintenance. The diversified product family appeals to the commercial, residential and landscape architect. The cladding is a rain screen and the new 4G aluminum with wood plastic composite is unique and very popular. Show to 100 architects and 99 will have an interest in one of the three technologies. 

Company ID: 105298 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
The Leader in Manufacturing Environmentally-Friendly Breathable Waterproof Products for you and your family.

Waterproofing for Tents, Camping Gear, Shoes, Boots, Outdoor gear, Livestock Garments, Fabrics, Boat Covers, awnings, and many other applications. 
Target Markets:
Camping Equipment Retailers & Distributors
Awning Industry
Horse Equestrian Industry
Footwear Industry
Outdoor Upholstery Furniture 
Sales Opportunity:
Plenty of market potential in various industries across the US. 10-15% commissions. Marketing support and direct shipping from factory. Looking for distribution in US markets. 

Company ID: 105297 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our product are an ensemble of extraordinary decorative glass products catering to high-end interior projects. From an array of colors, patterns, finishes and graphics, Creanza® Interiors allows for infinite possibilities with a wide assortment of product lines. 
Target Markets:
US Market open. we are looking for a professionals on the architectural and glass business (from the West cost to the East cost), our products are very unique and attractive to architects, glaziers, contractors and more. 
Sales Opportunity:
Great product, great company reputation in the market. Unique capabilities from flat to curved glass, from small to large. These products can be used on Commercial, Residential, Hospitals, any kind of building. On walls, doors, partitions, flooring, stairs, handrails, desks, elevators, wall art.

At our parent company, we have concentrated our efforts for more than 30 years on improving the technologies and services that make signature designs come to life.

Founded with an entrepreneurial vision in 1979, they developed its activity around the special glass needs of the architectural market. A commitment to the industry, the community, and the world of design, inspired them to develop multiple technologies to engineer and manufacture special glass products.

The different technologies they have developed have been used to satisfy very special needs for the architectural glass world by offering high end products at attainable prices, ensuring the company carries on healthy business practices with constant reinvestment, and a continued growth path. Thanks to the preference of many customers through the years, in 2010 we expanded our capabilities to a second facility located in Houston, TX. Regardless of the size of the project, we are now able to deliver high quality glass products in a timely- efficient manner from two of North Americas most modern and technologically advanced glass fabricating facilities. 

Company ID: 105295 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Torque Wrenches. 
Target Markets:
Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Manufacturing, Construction. Any market that has bolting involved 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking for (2) Area Sales Managers.
1. To cover the greater St. Louis area and Southern IL (South of Peoria)
2. To cover Southeastern Missouri

Our company Makes Industrial Bolting Safer and Simpler. With over 40 years of experience focused entirely on industrial torque and
tension systems, ours is the most trusted name in the industry. From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, nuclear power plants, and wind turbines; we have developed solutions for nearly every bolting application 

Company ID: 102997 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Circuit Board Design & Manufacturing as well as other comprehensive value added services to numerous to mention in the space allowed. 
Target Markets:
We provide World Class Electronic Manufacturing Services (Circuit Board Design, Manufacturing & Value Added Services) to Defense, Energy, Transportation, Medical, Telecommunication, & Optics OEM's as well as to the Utility Industry and their tiered suppliers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for experienced partners who share our passion and are looking to build long term, mutually rewarding relationships. These firms/individuals must have experience in selling synergistic, complementary products within our specific industries. We are very competitive within a robust range of capabilities.

These capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Mid to high complexity
Low volume, High mix
Custom Wire Harnesses
Rapid turnaround on prototypes
Box Builds / Custom Assemblies.

Our success is based on:
Operational excellence
Single point of contact
One Stop Shopping
Our operating framework dedicates a core team of professionals to work specifically with your accounts.

*** Circuit boards are relatively inexpensive to ship. Even with that said, if required and within the proper controls, we are willing to not just Kanban and inventory your customers stock boards, we are also willing to discuss consignment at your customers location which will always ensure that have what they need without additional shipping expense.

We have all the infrastructure and back-end processes to support your sales efforts with timely feedback no matter what the inquiry. We are looking to develop professional representation across a broad range of territories, We offer generous commissions which are open for discussion. 

Company ID: 100553 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pet Odor Eliminator.
We have an Amazing New Odor Eliminating Product that uses 100% Live Bacteria (we are the only company to have this product). It is hands down the Best Odor Product Available on the market today. Anyone who owns a dog needs this product so the market potential is unlimited. 
Target Markets:
Lawn and Garden Retailers, Pet Retailers, Janitorial Companies, Carpet Retailers, Carpet Cleaning Companies, Artificial Turf Companies, Landscaping Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a booming market and we are the first company to have a product that uses 100% living bacteria. We are keeping the pricing structure high so our sales reps can earn high commissions. The product also works on carpet so there are literally tens of thousands of places to call on. We offer exclusive territories and the market is literally wide open.

Due to water restrictions and drought in several areas of the country, Homeowners are having artificial turf installed at their homes in record numbers. One serious problem that they have after having artificial turf installed, is when their dogs urinate on the turf. This causes very severe odor problems, and often times the smell is so bad the homeowner cannot even use their backyard for entertaining or as an area for their kids to play. We have a unique new product that the homeowner can use that will completely eliminate this problem.

This product is a liquid, bio-enzymatic concentrate that is designed for eliminating the most offensive pet urine smells and other odors of the most offensive kind.

The synergistic blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria (microbes) in this product results in a unique, high performance product that directly targets the proteins that are found in pet waste. The microbes that are present in our product literally feed on the organic waste, breaking it down to it ’s most simplest form of carbon dioxide and water. 

Company ID: 105289 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Custom wood stile and rail doors 
Target Markets:
Sell to door retailers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is a custom stile and rail wood door manufacturer. If you can dream it, we can build it. We can manufacture your everyday house package and entry units to large commercial projects with hundreds of doors. We have a full line of Fire Rated Doors and Wood Jambs from 20 Min to 90 Min for your needs. We also produce STC Sound Rated doors. 

Company ID: 54220 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Standard & Custom Size Diamond Shape Interlocking Shingles for Roofing & Wall Cladding

Custom design, Interlocking Shingles. Custom shingles for Turrets, Domes or other 3D Shapes. Quadro Panels. Pressed 3D Ornate Wall Cladding Tiles. Standing Seam System. All Accessories Engineered In-House 
Target Markets:
Our interest is to:
Promote the Different Roofing and Wall Cladding Systems we Manufacture to Architects and Design Firms of Mid and High-End Private and Commercial Projects, and/or Promote to Homeowners, Developers and Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Fine Metal Roof Tech company is expanding and hiring (worldwide locations) marketing and sales individuals or companies with interest and capabilities to represent our world class product line with the support of our exceptional metal building envelope knowledge, offering the longest available warranties in the industry.

We provide material, installation and system knowledge for the sales professionals and world class, hands-on training for selected installing contractors if required. We expect self guided and motivated marketing and sales help. Compensation is based on commission per project sold. 

Company ID: 105285 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
NICU, pharmacy and infection control products 
Target Markets:
Hospitals in Louisiana 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company brings new medical devices and technology to the hospital market. We always have new and exciting opportunities with this ever-evolving market. Our highlighted products at the moment are enteral and oral syringes and extensions, 797 testing supplies for pharmacy, hemostatic powder to stop bleeding on all wounds and a new securement device that is sub-q--all innovative products in their respective industry. 

Company ID: 81443 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a Machine Shop Servicing and Providing Custom Swiss Turned Parts. 
Target Markets:
Anybody that need small precision parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
7 percent of any invoice generated by rep. We current have no sales reps, so this is a great opportunity. 

Company ID: 105282 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are Looking for Reps who can Sell Various Japanese Products.

Our Product Line-Up is: Custom Samurai Suites, Custom Travel Suitcase, Kimono Jewelry, Japanese Sake, Japanese Green Tea, and Natural Skin Care Products. 
Target Markets:
Distributors, Consumers, and Shops for Apparel, Travel, Beverage, Tea Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Nowadays, “Made in Japan” products are very familiar with people in the world. However, we want you to know that there are many small companies having high quality and skill you have not realized yet. We want to connect between those companies and your customers to help creating new business! 

Company ID: 90030 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Company is a Prominent French Manufacturer of High Quality Industrial Stainless and Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators, Automated Valves, and a variety of Accessories.

We provide these Products Separately or Assembled Together in Packaged Orders. 
Target Markets:
Our target markets will consist primarily of Industrial Wholesalers and OEM's in the Pipe, Valves, and Fittings sector. We have 20+ years experience in Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, and Petrochemical Industries, as well as Food Processing, Shipbuilding, and Automobile, all at an International Level. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has recently created it's first subsidiary and Distribution Center in the United States (Atlanta, GA) and we are looking for manufacturer's representatives across all North American states and territories. We believe that we have a very competitive product line, huge growth potential, and excellent commission rates. We seek experienced and seasoned individuals with a successful prior experience selling industrial valves and actuators to wholesale distributors.

Our staff will provide all necessary training and support to the fullest extent, along with necessary marketing materials. We are looking for partners who share our passion in the Pipe, Valve, and Fittings industry and who are looking to build a long term, mutually rewarding relationship. 

Company ID: 105277 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
US company - Nepal Factory US: Good Customer Service Without Time Differences or Language Barriers.

Quality Tailors with 15 years Experience in Fabrics: Hemp Allo Banana Blended with Cotton, Beautiful Embroider, & Crochet Lace Silk Pashmina.from T-Shirts to Finely Tailored Suits. Dresses, Jumpsuits, Rompers, Kimonos, Swimsuits. 
Target Markets:
Mostly Small Boutiques. They can now Make about 350-400 Garments per Month now, Depending on Difficulty. For T-Shirts, 500. They can grow as demand increases. 
Sales Opportunity:
We will pay 15% commission, and provide samples and look books. Commission only. Small emerging designers, limited exclusive collections. Quality, not quantity. Not a sweatshop. Experienced tailors, master cutter, head tailor has 15 years experience. We only make the finest clothes with the finest fabrics available. The last two sales reps - one went on to open her own business, the other went back to school for Technical Fashion Design at FIT in NYC. 

Company ID: 105275 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We purchased and relaunched the world's best selling folding keyboards for the smartphone market. 
Target Markets:
It previously sold in Best Buy, Sears, Costco, Fry's, Radio Shack, Future Shop (now Best Buy), and overseas. 
Sales Opportunity:
Last sales cycle resulted in over 500,000 units sold at over $100.00 USD retail. Since the smartphone has dramatically increased and we now worked in 5 separate segments we are looking at selling over 1M units per year. 

Company ID: 105274 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Fiberglass Mesh, EIFS Washers, Drywall Tape, Stucco Tape, Tools, Safety Helmets and Vests, Abrasives 
Target Markets:
Building Supply, Stucco and Plastering Stores, Hardware and Paint Stores 
Sales Opportunity:
Well established company seeking strong representation for its extensive line of fiberglass mesh, tools, fasteners, abrasives and tape. Company offers strong support with sales aids, training, pricing and exclusive territories to ensure you have everything you need for success. With four warehouses around the US to draw from, we are set up to meet your customer's needs. Excellent commissions and the ability to grow as we expand our product lines. 

Company ID: 104357 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our CPAP Covers Provide a Soft Barrier Between a CPAP Mask and the User's Skin, Reducing Skin Irritation.
Helps Reduce Air Leaks on Many Mask Styles.
Stays in Place with Latex-Free Elastic.
Can be Laundered and Worn Over and Over.
Deceptively Simple. Surprisingly Effective. 
Target Markets:
Market to DMEs, HMEs, Sleep Professionals, Clinics, Hospitals, and Online CPAP Equipment Sales Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
If you understand sleep apnea, you will understand us. We launched at SLEEP 2015 in Seattle June, 2015. Exclusive territories & opportunity to build a sales team. Our CPAP Covers are American Made. The fabric is from North Carolina and the fabrication is done in Spokane, WA. Work with us to help keep sleep therapy patients compliant by adding our covers to your product line. Protected territories. 

Company ID: 105268 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Injection Molding Machines up to 110 Ton. 
Target Markets:
Customers in all kind of Industries that Make Plastics Parts. 
Sales Opportunity:
The opportunity lays in with those reps that currently sell to plastics manufacturing companies. What we are looking for is working together with reps that have great contacts in this market and identify the need for our product at his customers. We will help and support in any way we need to get the deal closed and sell our product. 

Company ID: 105272 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our company is Seeking New Reps to Bring in Stampings and Component Assembly.

We are a Stamping House with a 109 Year History of Excellence in Automotive and Aeronautical Stampings. We also have a Complete Line of Proprietary Industrial Products that can also be sold as well. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Manufacturing Facilities, Product Catalogs, Military Contracts, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Full commission sales position which allows any driven individuals to build an amazing long term commission benefit package. Travel the Globe representing one of the oldest stamping houses in the US. Our current customers include: Ford Motor Company, Holley Performance, Zenith, and many others. Our company has a long history making everything from the Copper toilet float to the Ford Model "A" Carburetor float. We specialize in difficult thin draw stamping. 

Company ID: 96143 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Men's Silk Shirts - High-End with Embroidered Retro Car Art on Back of Silk Shirts.

Wall Art that turns into a Coffee Table and Also a Desk Table I have a Patten on this Product.

Also Art Work, go to markwattsstudios to check out my other products. 
Target Markets:
Men's Clothing Stores, Car Stores, Furniture Stores, High-End Department Stores, and Fine Men's Shops as well as Vegas Casinos, Cruise Lines, etc. Wall Art That turns into Coffee Table With Art Top Patent Pending. Chain Furniture Stores. Chain Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
1st of its kind High-End silk men's shirts with Classic Car Art Embroidered on back. Direct from our company Mark Watts has done art for the Rolling Stones, Clint Eastwood, paramount pictures to name a few.

Also Wall Art that turns into Coffee Table with Art Top, Patent Pending. To see details of his work, Bio, and shirts available in his line please submit a sales inquiry today. Canvas Art. Thank you.
Check Out All The Products At: markwattsstudios 

Company ID: 105269 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Auto Air Filters
Residential Portable Air Filtration systems
Whole House HEPA Air Filtration Systems
Industrial Air filtration Systems
Clean Room Filtration Systems
Medical Filtration Systems
Custom Engineered Solutions 
Target Markets:
Target markets include HVAC, Medical, Industrial, and Clean Room Supply Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our brand prides itself on providing customers with products and service of high and consistent quality to ensure the expectations of customers are more than satisfied.

Principles of constant improvement guide the research and development behind each of our systems, creating product innovation that leads in the air quality industry. Our manufacturing is focused on quality, durability and performance for every one of our products to ensure the cleanest air possible is delivered to you. 

Company ID: 56223 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Original Handy Micro Fiber Cloth, X Guard Tubular Bandana, Digital GPS Maps and Map Apparel T-Shirts for Outdoors including Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Biking, Rafting. 
Target Markets:
Chambers of Commerce
State and National Parks
Water and Amusement Parks
Specialty Retailers
Theme Parks
Golf Courses
Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Outdoors
and more! 
Sales Opportunity:
X marks the spot. Map the Xperience is seeking an outside/inside sales rep. We are a professional GIS Company specializing in the outdoors. We create one of a kind digital gps maps for fishing, hunting, mountain biking, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. We then take our maps and print them on our proprietary micro fiber cloth, x guard tubular bandana, poly tech t shirts and make the maps available for download and use on mobile devices via a free PDF Map App from Avenza Systems.

Your job, call on every outdoor related store, gift store, convenience store, guest ranch, guide service, tourist related store, ect... in North America. Markets are national park related products, fishing and fly fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking, river rafting, and hiking.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for a sales pro who loves and is passionate about the outdoors and can work with little supervision. Goal oriented and self motivated will excel.

We are seeking reps to call on all the above plus open up any new markets you deem appropriate. We pay a 20% commission on all new sales and recurring sales. We will supply all samples on professional packaging and provide you with several PDF documents which can be emailed or printed for marketing. This is a fantastic opportunity for outdoor minded individuals who love hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and all other outdoor pursuits.

Only serious need to submit sales inquiries to us. We will email you more information. 

Company ID: 103597 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Full Line of Brass Valves and Water Hoses for Commercial and Industrial Applications. 
Target Markets:
Big Boxes, National Hardware Stores, Appliance Stores, Plumbing Distributors, Property Management Companies, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are one of the largest manufacturers in the industry and we have complete products, top quality and very competitve pricing. Great commission income potential. 

Company ID: 105266 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Products for Steel Mills, Mines, and Municipal industries.Pumpshafts,hub plates,suctionplates,castings,fabrication,and small componet production runs.Rolls for tube mills. 
Target Markets:
Energy companies,mines,maintance facilities,machine shops, fabrication. 
Sales Opportunity:
About us:
We have 21 years experience machining products for the steel mills, mining, and municple industries. Some products we have machined include AWWA castings, elevator and pump shafts, hub plates, suction plates, thrust collars, pump pedestals, pump bases, cast bearing housings, liners and rollers. Using our cad/cam systems with our CNC equipment, productive and efficient setups, prompt quotes, and low overhead, we can produce quality products at a price that allows the work to stay in the U.S.A. 

Company ID: 105263 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Used in the Landscape Lawn Care Equipment Industry.

This Product Relates to the Handling of Grass Clippings and other Lawn Debris. 
Target Markets:
The Rep will initially Sell Directly to the End-User because they will understand the need. Initially Dealers and Distributors will be Hard to Convince there is a Need until Customers Make it Apparent. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a new product with very limited sales to date but the test market in a remote county in central Nebraska in a town of 6,000 there have been 6 sales to end-users with continued inquiries (unsaturated). The retail prices of the unit is in the $6,500.00 range. There have also been sales across the U.S. from Massachusetts to Idaho and also Europe.

The need for this product has been mostly ignored to this point but with our aging population and the need to handle lawn waste, the market is growing and destined to grow as time goes on. Getting totally new products into these markets is challenging as can be demonstrated by the fact that the ZTR mower was Patented in 1963 and went almost undetected for thirty years before every mower manufacturer finally decided they needed it.

End-users have reported time savings of up to one hundred percent with this system over their previous methods. One small business reported an increase in receipts of 60% they attributed to using this system alone. Reports from the field are extremely encouraging. Using sales based on the sales from the target market as a baseline the total provable sales would be 1 in 1,000 which would mean U.S. sales could be 350,000 or more. 

Company ID: 105253 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Custom and Semi-Custom, Decorative Coffered Ceiling Systems. 
Target Markets:
Developers, Builders, Contractors, Interior Designers, Homeowners. 
Sales Opportunity:
New and innovative patent protected products unlike anything available in the marketplace offering you a unique opportunity to help your customers differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. 

Company ID: 105252 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ours is the Heavy Duty Solution for Floor Drains that so Many Businesses and Organizations Desperately Need.

Plumbers, Distributors, and Retailers all are in Agreement on its Quality and its Position as the Leader in its Class. 
Target Markets:
Pest Control Suppliers, Plumbing Wholesalers, Janitorial & Sanitation, Restaurant supply, Hospitality Supply. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company holds a significant number of Patents in both the plumbing and water conservation sectors, making us one of the most innovative companies in the industry today. Our eco-friendly products have been designed to improve or replace existing, poorly designed technologies that waste energy or have harmful effects on the environment. We make our products available through retail for businesses, schools, industrial locations and more all across the nation. Our innovation combined with our focus on sustainability has made us a go-to choice for many customers. 

Company ID: 103700 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We provide NERC specific software solutions for organizing, categorizing, and finalizing NERC compliance information to give peace of mind to utilities responsible for maintaining NERC compliance. Towerline also provides a range of consulting services for both 693 compliance and CIPv5 compliance. 
Target Markets:
Utility Compliance Team Members, Asset Managers, Plant Managers, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
NERC Compliance can be a huge headache for many utilities, this is especially true for smaller resource challenged utilities. Our company provides all utilities with the option to gain relief and confidence in their compliance process through automated processes and quick and easy audit preparation. 

Company ID: 74339 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Electronic Manufacturing Specializing in Wire Harness, Cable Assemblies and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Gaming, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical, Telecom/Networking, Transportation, Utilities. Any Industry that Needs to get Power and/or Data from One Point to the other. 
Sales Opportunity:
With over 30 years of experience in the electronic industry, we are one of the most complete, technically advanced cable assembly and wire harness shops around. All work is manufactured to IPC standards and is UL approved and audited quarterly. We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

The industries we serve include Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Medical, Transportation, Utilities and many more.

We're tooled up for many different manufacturers such as TE, Molex, Hirose, Delphi, JST, FCI, Panduit, T&B and more.

What sets us apart from the competition is our custom IT system with an in-house software engineer. Our system is the most comprehensive because it's fully customized to our manufacturing process. Our system is fully integrated and encompasses everything from the production/assembly process to inventory to quality control and every other aspect of the business. This translates to a lower cost structure with very competitive pricing. It also leads to full product traceability, which is critical to customers.

We have a history of working with our customers to develop programs that meet their needs. Programs like Kanban, Just-In-Time and even consignment. All of our reps are fully supported with inside sales support and our commission structure is competitive and negotiable. 

Company ID: 105064 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
DewPoint-RH% Analyzers, Transmitters, & Probes Compressed Air/Dryer Alarm Systems, Trace Moisture Analyzers, Atmospheric Condition Hygrometers, Precision Humidity Chambers, Engine Test Cell Hygrometers, Chilled Mirror, and Polymer Sensors.

For sale or rent. Made in USA. 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Metrology Industries, Users of Dry Air/Gases, Private/Government Laboratories, Users of High Precision Moisture Analyzers, Calibration Laboratories, Field Calibration Service Providers, Compressor Manufacturers, Gas Dryer Manufacturers, End-Users, and OEMs. 
Sales Opportunity:
A global leader in the design and manufacture of chilled mirror hygrometers and other moisture measurement and calibration devices. The company is seeking aggressive manufacturers’ representatives in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, northern California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Eastern Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming wishing to add a domestically manufactured and supported, premium analyzer line to their portfolio. Also seeking representation in south and central Americas. 

Company ID: 70656 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Industrial Centrifuges and Filters.

We are a Chinese Chemical Processing Equipment Manufacturing Company. Specializing in Separation Machinery, including Centrifuges and Filters. The company headquarters is based in Shanghai, China. 
Target Markets:
Fine & Bulk Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar Refining, Food, and Agricultural Industrial. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are now seeking commission-based sales agents with experience at selling industrial equipment. Our main products are Industrial Centrifuges and Filters. Such as Pusher Centrifuges, Decanter Centrifuges, Top-Suspended Peeler Centrifuges, Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges, Vacuum Drum Filters. Our company was established in 1958 and a leader in China in the centrifuge and filter fields. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 105237 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Fashion and Active Bracelets, Necklaces, and Belt will Help you Obtain your Goals more Consistently.

As you Wear our products, you will always be reminded to stay on track. 
Target Markets:
You would be Selling to Gyms, Supplement Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Personal Trainers, Health Food Restaurants, and any company that is into the "Fit Lifestyle" 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products has exploded through our E-commerce sales, and has generated $2 million in sales over the past year. We are looking for motivated sales reps to push our products to gyms, nutrition stores, etc. We have an extremely niche product that our customers love. This is an easy sale for a good rep. We will compensate you very well. I look forward to reviewing all applications. 

Company ID: 105236 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Black Nitrile Gloves, Orange Nitrile Gloves, Green Nitrile Gloves. 
Target Markets:
Mine Suppliers, Mine Supply Distriburtors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company offers dependable products and service since 1980. Offer your customers the most popular disposable Glove Brands: Grip Gloves, Grip Gloves, Grip Gloves, Grease Gloves. We offer raised texture surface gloves, micro texture gloves, powder free for unmatched grip. Our nitrile formula features extreme durability and wear strengths while offering best dexterity and flexibility in disposable gloves. Commissions terms are 7.5%. All products are centrally warehoused and shipped nationally from our Ohio facilities. 

Company ID: 105235 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Make a High Quality Note Card at an Affordable Retail Price.

Our Packaged Note Cards come in a 10 ct Box and a Larger Format 4 ct Package. We Offer Innovative Floor and Inline Displays. The Card Designs are Made by a Variety of Artists and are Constantly Updated to Keep Up with Todays Styles. 
Target Markets:
Our target market is Grocery Stores and Larger Drug Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business for many years and we know the market. The packaged note card market is one that many stores have ignored. Many grocers carry little to no note cards and that gives us our niche.Our racks have designs for every need from classic to cutting edge. We pay 15% for full price orders. 

Company ID: 105233 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Company is Committed to the Responsible Use of Natural Materials in its Corrugated Packaging and is the Exclusive Representative of a Company with a New Sustainable Composite made from 100% Recycled Materials Providing Performance Enhancements in POP, Merchandising and Custom Free-Standing Displays. 
Target Markets:
Brands-Direct, Agencies, and Manufacturers who are interested to become Certified Packaging dealers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for a Southern California & Northern California sales representative, or sales group interested in adding a sustainable, certified, differentiated product offering in POP, displays and packaging materials to their existing customer base and serving the consumer products and beverage markets. Current customers include: Levi's, The North Face, Lucky Buddha Beer, Simpson. 

Company ID: 105234 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Distribute over 130 Brands of Door Hardware.

Key Categories are: Locks, Door Closers, Exit Devices, Electric Hinges, Padlocks, Lockdown Products, Detention Locks, Cylinders, Cores, Keys, and Locksmith Supplies. 
Target Markets:
Our target market is Hospitals and Colleges in Boston, MA 
Sales Opportunity:
Our wide and deep line of products will be used by everyone you meet! Product shipping and support comes from our office in Northvale, NJ and from our manufacturers. We are a 60 year old company with a staff of expert locksmiths to assist clients in choosing the right hardware for their facility. This is a great product line to complement the current relationships you have and to open new doors! 

Company ID: 105231 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Off-Road ATV's and UTV's.

13 Different UTV's from 250cc to 1000cc and 10 Different ATV's from 110cc to 1000cc. 
Target Markets:
PowerSports Dealers, Lawn & Garden Dealers, RV Dealers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are proud to announce we are currently seeking sales representatives in selected market areas to sell to dealers. Dealers across the nation are enjoying Full-Margins (18% to 24%) on these UTV’s and ATV’s. Our factory has been manufacturing high quality products since 1988. Our company has 7.1 million square feet of manufacturing facility on 150+ acre property and distributes through more than 120 distributors worldwide.

We are located in the Dallas, TX area and have more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space where we perform final assembly on all UTV’s and ATV’s using US based workers and ship fully assembled to dealers. We pride ourself in supplying customers with quick parts shipments and expert technical assistance.

To date, we have sold more than 105,000 Utility Vehicles in the United States and Canada. In fact, we were the 6th largest manufacturer of UTV’s in the US and Canada in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. We stock a full supply of replacement parts in McKinney which occupies 75,000 square feet within our facility. 

Company ID: 105230 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Non-Slip Tape for Stairs and Other areas where Safety is a Priority. 
Target Markets:
Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware. 
Sales Opportunity:
Currently Home Depot sells a version of our product for $7.67 per strip. Look it up on Home Depots website. Our offering has 12 strips in a more presentable box that will retail for $19.99. Pictures of our packaging are available upon request. 

Company ID: 68742 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Large Diameter Bearing Repair & Custom Manufacturing up to 11 feet in diameter. 
Target Markets:
Heavy Construction Equipment Manufacturers, Rebuilders, Rental Companies, Cranes, Excavators, etc. Industrial applications including many types of Large Rotating Equipment. Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Bottling, Marine. Gearbox Repair. Oilfield Drilling Companies, and OEMs. Oilfield Equipment Repair Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a new company with extensive expertise in manufacturing and repairing large diameter ball and roller bearings up to 11 feet in diameter. One of only a handful of companies in the world can provide the type of service that we offer. Truly a niche industry with high value products. We have one of the largest diameter manufacturing capacities in North America. Our services typically save our customers about 50% of buying new so new prospects are very happy when they discover our services. 

Company ID: 98875 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pure 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap
Pure+ Moisturizing Castile Body Wash + Hair
Shea Soufflé Skin Moisturizer + Leave-In Hair Conditioner
African Black Soap bars 
Target Markets:
Natural Foods and Products markets
Body & Bath - Body & Soul specialty
African American hair products retailers
Sales Opportunity:
This is a startup company looking for help introducing our products. We offer 12-15% commissions. Our target market is health conscious, urban, 'Millennial', Vegan, local oriented consumer. 

Company ID: 105216 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Manufacturer and Distribute a Line of Propietary Natural Supplements to Lower High Blood Pressure (Alistrol), Lower High Blood Sugar (Naavudi), Treat Depression and Anxiety (Mood Effex) and the 1st every "All in One" Cat and Dog Formula. 
Target Markets:
Our Representatives will be selling to Health and Wellness Centres, Traditional Retailers, Online Retailers, Chiropractors, Naturopath's, Distributors, Bloggers, and Affiliates. There is also an Opportunity to Private/White Label for Direct Marketing Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
We believe our sale representatives have a tremendous and unique opportunity to distribute and sell our professional grade nutritional supplements because all our products are grown on our own farms - farm to market, supported by clinical studies, have a high re order rate, unique formulas and a trusted brand.

What makes CLE Holistic Health a good company is that we have been in business since 2001 and are licensed by Health Canada. Our company owns the farms that produce our natural proprietary formulations making them consistent of high quality, potency and quality which also provides us a competitive advantage.

We have a high re order rate and manufacturer all our natural healthcare supplements on our own farms so the formulations are unique and not available anywhere else. We have been in business since 2001 and all our products are Doctor recommended. We are eager to expand our reach around the world and have the capacity to export 100,000 bottles per month of each product.

We support our representatives with marketing literature, brochures and a sample kit and our commission rate is 30% from the wholesale price list with bonuses when sales targets are reached. 

Company ID: 37618 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are ready to launch our new 5000 BTU Air conditioner designed to eliminate idling for over the road trucks. Our system includes an easy to install battery box to power the system for 7-12 hours. This system compliments our other DC powered air conditioners that include 12, 24, 48 and 72 VDC. 
Target Markets:
Our primary markets are truck fleets and owner operators to eliminate costly idling and in many states idling is not allowed. Secondary markets include material handling, golf carts and electric vehicles. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have an opprtunity for an experienced sales representative in the trucking industry to promote a product that is mandated by law in many states. Our product eliminates costly idling during mandatory rest periods and emmission. We are EPA SmartWays approved. As electric vehicles increase in popularity our DC powered air conditioners are necessary to maintain driver comfort. We will support our representatives with literature, technical support and advertising. 

Company ID: 105215 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
High and Low Solids Silicone Roof Coating as well as All the Other Materials Associated with Silicone Roofing including but not limited to Foam, Caulk, Tapes, Flashing Grade, etc. 
Target Markets:
Reps would then be Selling to Roofing Contractors, Building Owner, Architects, Schools, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This material does not need a primer most of the time saving your clients time and money. We allow our reps to run their markets the way they see fit, as long as sales are there. 

Company ID: 105212 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1. Our Anti-Fouling Technology is Designed to Make Metal Substrate Resistant to Fouling from Pollutants such as Oils, Paraffins, and other Fouling Contaminants.
2. Our Sapphire Repellency Technology. Make any Sapphire Substrate Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Repellent to Nearly Any Liquid! 
Target Markets:
Oil & Gas Equipment Companies that Use Stainless. In particular Float Sensor Equipment Companies, Refineries, others Users of Stainless Steel.
Oil & Gas Companies that Use Sapphire as Part of the Sensor Technology. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company commercializes unique surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology and other surface modification techniques. Our original focus was the optical industry developing treatments of prescription eyewear, sunglasses and other optics. We now have three core focus areas: Electronics, Oil & Gas and a Specialty treatment business.

In 2010, we also launched our electronics business. We are now the global leader in nanocoating of stencils with our award winning products. Since 2012, we have been a supplier of nanocoating to protect printed circuits from waterproofing, and in 2015, we launched our own series of branded products. Both products represent best in class performance and technology.

We have been a supplier chemistry to the oil and gas industry since 2010 for a variety of applications including down well, anti-fouling and proppant treatment. As our technology bonds to metal oxides to create superhydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces, we are active in the supply of chemistry preventing buildup of oil production contamination on metallic surfaces, protecting sapphire sensors, lubricating particulate and rock formation to enhance oil flow in down well applications. 

Company ID: 105207 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
AC/DC Power Inverters
Power Inverter Installation Kits
DC/AC Battery Chargers 
Target Markets:
Heavy Duty Truck Dealers
Heavy Duty Parts Retailers
Truck Manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Dedicated to the trucking industry since 1995, our success is based on our exceptional reliability, quality, performance and service. Engineered to outperform any other product in their category, all our power inverters are designed and made to last in the toughest of environments. We are so convinced by their exceptional quality that we back them with a 100% satisfaction policy. After two decades serving large fleets, drivers and owner-operators, Our products have been raised to the rank of the best in the world by our clients, not by us. 


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