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Company ID: 98228 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
LV UL891 Switchboard
LV UL1558 Switchgear
Medium Voltage Switchgear to 15kV
Smallest Footprint 5-15kV ANSI Metalclad Gear ARC Resistant
Paralleling Generator Switchgear
Automatic Transfer Pair
Switchgear Modification and Retrofit
Custom Controls and Integration
Substation Switchgear 
Target Markets:
Data Center Mission Critical
OEM's (Paralleling Gear for Generator Manufacturers)
Power Plants
Oil and Gas 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is 100% vertically integrated. We build our gear from the ground up with copper and steel in-house. We have UL extensions and can provide any major manufacture of breakers, meters and controls. Our company pays 7% commission on all projects. Most projects are between $200K and $2M and large territories available. Must have working relationships with Electrical Contractors, General Contractors and Engineering firms. Must be able to understand electrical infrastructure and electrical single line drawings.

Company ID: 100203 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Jeweled Cross Company, is a leading manufacturer of religious products including crosses, crucifixes, religious medals, inspirational jewelry, and gift items 
Target Markets:
Retailers and Wholesalers of Religious Goods
Retailers and Wholesales of Religious Medals and Spiritual Jewelry
Funeral Goods Distributors and Funeral Home Chains 
Sales Opportunity:
The Catholic and overall Christian products industry as a whole now generates more than $5 billion in annual retail sales. Here’s your opportunity to generate some income from this special industry.
Our Independent Sales Representatives are responsible for performing B2B sales and merchandising activities at assigned and prospected locations within a designated territory. The position allows you to work from home or your home office. Accounts will be assigned to you within a defined travel area and you will be supported in finding new opportunities within that territory. You must be willing and have means to travel within the territory; provide your own office equipment and supply essentials; and maintain your own internet and email access.
Passion for our product line and mission is desirable. Sales and/or merchandising experience is preferred, with a proven record of success, preferably in a related industry. Applicants must have strong communications and organizational skills with a focus on detail. Applicants are required to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Jeweled Cross before becoming an authorized Independent Sales Representative. Representatives earn commission on sales orders and reorders. Jeweled Cross will provide sales materials, and merchandising materials to support your activities. 

Company ID: 100200 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Oilfield, Construction, Power plant, Refining & Air Equipment. 
Target Markets:
Oilfield & Construction Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
25 years experience with an extreme amount of contacts and companies that trust me and the equipment I represent. The company's that I will represent will be an reptacal company with the best products available to t he industry with the best "After the sale" service and warranty. Quality, Price and Availability is key to all my customers in the area.

I would look at all type's of manufacturers for equipment, parts, compressors, generators, light tower, portable heaters, farm equipment of all type's, mining equipment, coal, bentonite, uranium, sand and gravel, underground and surface mining cement trailers, tools, compaction equipment, lawn and golf course equipment, trucking equipment, ranching, water treatment plants, local governments, communications, hunting and aftermarket parts of all type's, welding and fabrication services, railroad, diesel and Natural gas engines, compressors, emissions testing equipment, oilfield production equipment from flares to storage tanks.

Pumps, valves of all types and sizes and applications, snow removal equipment or ski area grooming or trail grooming equipment (snow) sand a n d media blasting equipment and materials. We are in the part of the country with very many natural resources anywhere in the United States. My customer's prefer products made in the United States of America or assembled in the United States of America by American workers. I live in Casper, WY right in the middle of oilfield & mining. 

Company ID: 100199 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Manufacture: Nylon Web Slings, Polyester Web Slings, Round Polyester Slings, Chain and Chain Slings of Different Configurations, Cable Slings also in Different Configuations.

We are the Only Manufacturer that would make Special Slings and Overs. 
Target Markets:
We Only Sell to Distributors in the areas of: Construction Cistributors, Industrial Supplies and Safety, Boat Building, Aerospae and Industrial Manufacturing Industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
All of our products are made in the USA. We continually stay in contact with our sales reps through email, brochures and by telephone as well as catalogs. We keep them informed as to pricing, availability, and shipping. 

Company ID: 100197 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Size Reduction Technologies - Impacting, Shredding, and & Shearing Equipment and Systems. 
Target Markets:
- Recycling Plants, Scrap Yards, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Plants with Furnaces, Electronic, EScrap Collection Sites.
- Engineering Companies who Focus on Recycling and C&D Projects.
- Composting Sites and Biomass Sites. 
Sales Opportunity:
- World leader in manufacturing of recycling equipment and systems is looking for energetic sales reps to be part of the new US based office.
- Complete line of shredders, crushers and impactors.
- Designed 1st commercially successful vertical impactor. 

Company ID: 100196 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Manufacturing is all Custom Based on Customer Specification and Approval.

We have Manufactured a Variety of Assemblies including: Wire Harnesses, Fiber Optic, Coaxial/RF, Coil Cord, Telco, SCSI, Ribbon (Flat and Flat/Round). We Perform Value Added Work with Fans, Power Cords, and USB Cables. 
Target Markets:
Our current markets include: Telecom, Medical, Power, Electrical Test Equipment, Automotive, Gaming, and more. We are Looking to Grow these Fields and get new Repeat Business in other fields including Military. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been in business for over 25 years and has maintained a solid relationship with its customers. Some customers have been purchasing their cabling needs from us for over 12 years. Quality of workmanship and customer service is our focus. This has allowed us to grow its customers to become their primary cable supplier. We are looking for some new customers that want to develop a relationship with their supplier. This will benefit both companies as we have, in the past, provided suggestions to our customer to improve the manufacturability of their product at competitive prices.

We can complete prototype, small and large scale manufacturing. Providing it an advantage of working with its customers from design through active production. This helps our customers because they do not have to work with multiple suppliers to get a product line from design to production. We work with our sales reps to provide them with the support they need to accurately, and effectively discuss the assemblies with their customers including visiting with reps if desired. Our commission rate is 5% unless a unique opportunity presents itself, then a rate for the item would be looked at and agreed upon. 

Company ID: 100193 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Rubber and Plastic Parts as well as a full line of Radial Lip Seals and O-Rings/Hydraulic Seals and Packing, Teflon, Urethane, Nylon, and Spring Energized Seals. 
Target Markets:
We service small to large OEM and MRO accounts. We don't walk away from small orders. Our philosophy has always been to give the same pricing and service to our customers no matter how small or large. We demonstrate that every day and have built a very successful company doing business this way. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are not your typical Rubber and Plastics company. We are family owned. Your family and financial success is as important to us, as it is to you. We offer engineering support and profit sharing and we recognize your value and demonstrate it every day. We offer a wide variety of domestic and imported products to our customers and share the profits with you, the life blood of our company.

Offering aggressive pricing and compensation along with a bonus program to all those associated with the company. If your tired of the same old flat percentage and not knowing what the profit margin are, you might want to consider a company that puts you first. 

Company ID: 96470 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Precision Machining Services to work Off of Engineering Blueprints.

We have Several CNC Machines to Produce Several Different Types of Precision Parts. 
Target Markets:
Narrow Web Machine Builders, Paper Mills, Printing Companies, Automotive Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
This will be a commissioned base opportunity with a base salary and possible ownership in the company depending on net sales. We currently do $1.5/$2 million in sales a year, we have the capacity to double that in the next 2 years. 

Company ID: 94371 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
ISO9001/AS9001 Manufacturing Source for Build to Print Steel, Non-Ferrous, and Composite Products.

120 CNC Machines, including Turning, Vertical/Horizontal, OD/ID Grinders, Automated Twin Spindle Turning Centers - Exceeding 3,000 Parts/Day. CAD/CAM Programming plus DNC Linkage to all CNC Machines. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace, Automotive, Bottling Industry, Defense/Military, Fire/Safety, Fixtures, Forge Tooling, Machine Builders, Medical, Oil/Gas Industry, and Wind Energy. 
Sales Opportunity:
Great opportunity for established reps with contacts and prior experience in metal machining area to work with a financially sound Company providing full range of service with strong sales support system and offering Commission Rate of 5%. 

Company ID: 86108 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Developed a new Product that Cuts into many Different Markets. It is a Wearable Device Used by Tradesmen and other Individuals to Maintain a Pencil or Pen and a Notepad in an Accessible, Safe Location for Quick Use and Reference. Patented, Trademarked, and No Competitive Items. 
Target Markets:
Independent Lumber and Flooring dealers, Home Improvement Retailers, Tool Dealers, eCommerce Sites. Classic Distribution Through 1 Step and 2 Step Distributors, and we have a Dealer Direct Program. Private Labeling is also Available. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a number of exclusive territories available and pay a straight 10% commission. We need a fresh look at new markets by experienced reps. Join our other reps helping us bring our product to market.

We are and established company with 10 years of manufacturing wood products used in the construction industry. We have been around long enough to know what it is like to pioneer an item. We strongly believe that due to its unique nature and preliminary acceptance it would be a great add on product for someone with an established line card. Not looking for a home runs, just consistent sales and taking care of the customer. Dealer and distributor contacts are both a key to success.

Who can use our new product? So far, trim carpenters, drywallers, tile setters, roofing estimators, surveyors, hospitality associates, general aviation pilots, plumbers, office personnel, sales reps., delivery drivers and the list keeps growing. 

Company ID: 94428 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Product Line Consists of Scarves, Hats, as well as Accessories and Leggings, in a Wide Variety of Styles and Materials. 
Target Markets:
Re-Wholesale to Local Wholesale and Retail Stores (Boutique Stores, Men's & Women's Stores, Gift Shops, etc.), targeting mostly Female Customers. 
Sales Opportunity:
Are You An Experienced Independent Sales Representative?

As an import/wholesale business, our company has withstood the harsh tests of the economy, and thrived by providing our customers with what they need for their wholesale and/or retail business, with some of the lowest prices, guaranteed. Our sales representative will find our products easy to sell, and would be paid by the standard commission rate, although it is negotiable based on the rep's performance. 

Company ID: 89220 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Fluidized Bath Thermal Cleaning Systems Quickly Remove all Plastic, Resins, Paint, and Adhesives from Tooling, Parts, and Hardware. Fast ROI and Safer than Using Ovens, Manual Cleaning, and Torching.

Also great for General Temperature Apps such as Calibration, Annealing, Thermal Analysis, & others. 
Target Markets:
Plastic Extrusion, Injection Molding, Medical Tubing & Devices, Plastics, Chemicals, Fibers, Wire & Cable, Hose & Tubing, Pipe, Packaging & Film, Paint & Power Coating, Manufacturing & Extrusion Engineers, Plant Managers,Tool Room Managers, Technicians, Maintenance Personnel, Production Engineering. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our systems are easier to operate, safer, and faster than competing methods. We provide all technical support, literature, YouTube video showing the process, and sample cleanings. We have 25 years of experience in the industry and this proven application. This is a good opportunity for a rep who calls on a lot of accounts weekly who can simply hand out the brochure and find out how the customer is cleaning their tooling and hardware.

The systems are priced from $7K to $40K with a commission structure between 10% and 15%. Submit a sales inquiry to us today to discuss our products and the application further. 

Company ID: 100189 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
young contemporary. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
Since 2014, our company is a global manufacturer and wholesaler with its exclusive women apparel scheme. Located at its offline store in the heart of Los Angeles’s apparel district in Los Angeles, CA. We are pleased to offer the best assortment of women’s apparel products including basic knit, fashion knit/woven tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and much more. 

Company ID: 100129 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ola Tropical Apothecary Beauty is an Artisan Crafted, Luxury, Organic Hawaiian Plant Based Body and Skincare Collection.

Ola Means Life Force in Hawaiian. We Offer a Wide Range of Retail and Professional Products and Services. 
Target Markets:
Salons and Spas
Specialty Boutiques
Better Gift
Bath and Body
Beauty Supply
High-End Grocery
Partners with Similar Values 
Sales Opportunity:
Offering an opportunity to sell a rare and exclusive tropical concept line that will compete with the top selling similar concept lines on the market. Our products are beautiful and effective, high quality natural and organic made in small batches using pure, fresh ingredients. Our company is a small family owned and operated business that started in 2005.

We support many small farmers and small businesses and we are committed to relationships and to people. We offer 15% commission and can offer you samples, signage, brochures, print outs, videos, and our website is a gold mine of information. We have great rates with FedEx to ensure our products arrive in two days for just a few dollars! 

Company ID: 28327 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Concrete Waterproofing, Building Envelope, Bituminous Products, Crystalline Waterproofing, Epoxy Coatings Cementicious Underlayments. 
Target Markets:
Architects, Specifiers, General Contractors, Restoration Contractors, Surface Prep Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Waterproofing Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Epoxy Contractors, Coatings Contractors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Koster American has specialized in waterproofing products and systems for decades. These systems protect and preserve buildings and structures Worldwide. Whether the subject is restoration of a heritage building, waterproofing of a new building, reinstalling failed horizontal barriers in masonry, restoration of wet basements, or waterproofing of roofs and facades, rest assured, with our comprehensive and deep product program Koster has the optimum solution. Exclusive Territories available in Central America, South America, US. 

Company ID: 100185 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Heavy Duty & Standard Duty Positive Displacement Blowers & Blower Packages. 
Target Markets:
U.S. Municipal & Industrial Markets i.e. Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company's Certified Personnel have designed, built & delivered over 7,000 blower systems worldwide. We have designed and tested a wide variety of system configurations, some based on unique customer requirements.These designs provide ample and easy access for maintenance of the blower system. We can supply Positive Displacement Blowers, Hi-Speed direct drive turbo & Regenerative blowers including all accessories with their supply.

Blower system operating noise levels are a great concern therefore we have developed & tested a wide variety of acoustical enclosures, specifically designed positive displacement & Turbo blowers. Our company manufactures all blower components in house at our 24,000 sq. ft. facility located north of Atlanta, GA including fabricating machinery to build American made blower sytems. 

Company ID: 100174 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Oil & Gas Seals. 
Target Markets:
Fluid Power, Hydraulic Cylinder, Pneumatic Cylinder, Oil & Gas Valve, Wellhead. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We are one of the main seals manufactures in China. We provide oil & gas seals, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, seal manufacture machines, semi-finished materials. We do a lot of OEM business and provide products in metric and inch. All the parts we made in China and ship to USA. 

Company ID: 85501 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Best Quality/Low Price Women's Missy & Contemporary Tops. 
Target Markets:
Wholesalers and Major Retailers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are both manufacturer and distributor of successful line of women's Missy & contemporary tops in major discount chain stores. We are looking for energetic and hardworking sales people who has strong connection with major chain store in US such as TJ Maxx, Burlington, Target etc. and willing to work and grow together. We look forward to hearing from you. Please submit your sales inquiry to us today.

Price Point - Budget to Moderate.
Target - Women 25- 50 Years.
Product - Shirts, Blouses, Tanks, Tunics, Dresses, Fashion tops.

- Prior experience in sale of woman's apparel preferred.
- Ability to maintain and gain new business opportunities.
- Ability to develop sales strategies based on the current trends.
** This position is commission based only ** 

Company ID: 100179 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1. MIH VMJ PV Cell: Our Core Product, the VMJ PV Cell, Provides both High Power and High Voltage in a Small Receiver Package (1*1cm2=30V). We Posted an Article on Laser Focus World and received Orders from Israel and Belarus.
2. Power Over Fiber
3. Power Beaming
4. MHStick 
Target Markets:
Utility like all kinds of Sensors, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Rail Traction (IGBT), Aerospace/Aviation (UAV), Energy Management Equipment, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Refrigeration/Cold Storage Equipment & Supplies, and other Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is headquartered in Taiwan, manufactures high performance silicon-based vertical multi-junction (VMJ) PV cells that enable laser power transmission. Now we are marketing our PV cell to customers developing power over fiber (PoF) and power beaming applications, and has also introduced its own PoF product targeted at high power and high voltage applications. Further, we developed a product that utilizes the PV Cell’s feature of high voltage density to create HVEF (High Voltage Electrostatic Field), which can implement to food preservation, agriculture, livestock farms.

Technology: Our core product, the VMJ PV cell, provides both high power and high voltage in a small receiver package. Our proprietary and patented technology, originated in the US, is ready for integration into end products. 

Company ID: 100172 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our company Manufactures Healthy Skincare and Phytocosmetic (Plant-Based) Products.

The Products are Certified Eco-Healthy with a Patent Pending Technology. 
Target Markets:
Career Women in Leadership Positions that are Looking for Prestige and that have High Incomes and are Suffering from Skin Disorders (Dermatitis, Eczema). 
Sales Opportunity:
If you believe in the cause for safe cosmetics and you are interested in being part of a dynamic team, we would love to meet you. Your skills, network and expertise in sales will help women make their skin a source of pride. We will support you by offering a training program tied to an accrediation in the phytocosmetic field at no cost. We offer a competitive salary coupled with commission and further incentives as goals are reached.

Creativity, diversity and communication are our core values and we look forward to growing our team. With the launch of multiple new concepts, this market has a lot of opportunity for growth and protected territories will be assigned to our selected line reps. We have been nominated for two scientific awards last year for its innovations in skin care.

Mission: We are committed to deliver healthy-benefits through the manufacturing and the distribution of our product, a plant-based alternative skincare and makeup, as well as fulfill Conscious Consumers' needs and expectations to make their skin a source of pride. Our company is on a mission to increase the propensity towards safe-cosmetics.

Vision: We will create a paradigm shift in the way we care for our skin. We will revolutionize the cosmetic industry by providing solutions and empower all individuals to nourish, rehabilitate, protect, and support their skin's health, and its functions, including reclaim its youthful vitality, naturally! 

Company ID: 100150 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ours is the Best Fast Acting, Fiberglass Boat Hull Cleaner. No Smell, No Fumes, No Burns, and it Won't Damage your Clothes. Imagine Detailing a Boat Without Wearing Special Clothing or Mask. Best thing yet you can also Remove Rust in 60 Seconds on your Boat, your Car, in your House. 
Target Markets:
Many different targets. Boaters, Marines, Marina, Retailers, Car (like NAPA), Auto Body Shop. Retail Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have people constantly asking for our products. We are a small Mom & Pop company and we need help. Our completions products have the fumes and you can't even smell it its so nasty. We would talk about the commission and we feel confident we will meet an agreement. It would be a % of sales. 

Company ID: 100163 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Complete Line of Synthetic Roofing Underlayments with a Unique Best in Class Slip Resistant Surface. 
Target Markets:
All Roofing Supply One step and Step Two Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is based in Western Canada and has extensive sales and distribution within Canada and we are now seeking to grow our business across the USA. We are looking for seasoned representatives with contacts within the roofing supply industry who are looking to grow their business.

We have synthetic roofing underlayments with a patented slip resistant top surface that have been proven to be effective in all weather conditions. We offer a combination of price and performance that will be compelling to your customers. We offer competitive sales commissions, product support and marketing and are looking for qualified regional reps throughout the United States. 

Company ID: 100164 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a Small Electro-Mechanical Assembly House Offering Assembly Services Up to Full Turn-Key Operations from Purhcasing Parts to Delivery of Assembled Products.

We will Build to Print or we Offer Full Engineering Design and Development Services. 
Target Markets:
Any Engineering or manufacturing Facility looking for Assembly Help. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are available immediately with an experienced staff of assemblers. We offer a small company feel and attentiveness with the benefits of a large company's resouces. 

Company ID: 99761 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pillow Pets 18" Folding Plush Licensed and Classic, Dream Lites, Crazy Clingz Plush Wall Décor, Apparel including Flipper Slippers - Flip Flop Style Indoor Slippers, Hoodies, SlingPaks - Drawstring Backpacks, FabTablets - Universal Fit Tablet Covers. 
Target Markets:
Specialty Retail Accounts - Many Categories Available including Hospitals, Amusement Parks, Electronic Retailers, Home Décor, General Merchandise, and more.

Note: Looking for Specialty Reps Only. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our product is an established name familiar to retailers everywhere with proven sales. Reps are supported with samples, sales materials, online weekly updates, and development of sales presentation materials to fit your customers. 

Company ID: 100159 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Box Build
Test Development Services including Pressure, In-Process and Functional Tesitng
Value Stream Engineering for Supply Chain, Lead Time, and Cost Management of Projects 
Target Markets:
Medical Instrumentation
Industrial Commercial
Power and Energy
Sales Opportunity:
Leading supplier to the oil and gas industry is searching for a few selected market innovators to help diversify and grow well established division of $1.5B global enterprise. Primary facility in Houston with new facility opening in Asia by end of 2015. We specialize in low to medium volume applications with high cost of failure and special testing and engineering processes to support the required quality, on-time delivery and cost points required by the markets we serve. Strong technical talent pool with custom power supply products and truly global customer base. 

Company ID: 99793 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Blood Glucose Monitoring Device (Blood Glucose Meters).

This is a for People living with Diabetes to Monitor their Sugar Levels by Testing Themselves Using our Device. Our Meter is Free (with the Purchase of Test Strips), Easy to Use, Accurate, and No Coding Required. 
Target Markets:
People living with Diabetes throughout Canada. We Sell our products through our Online Pharmacy. 
Sales Opportunity:

If you love to sell, and you love to help people living with diabetes manage their condition in a cost effective manner, then this sales position could be the thing for you. Our company is seeking ambitious, presentable, and educated sales professionals to market their blood glucose monitoring device.

We will reimburse its blood glucose meter users for the cost of their co-pay/deductible for their test strips so they pay little or nothing for the test strips plus free pairs of diabetes socks and free shipping anywhere in Canada. Our glucose meter is also free with the purchase of test strips. This offer is for people who are on a private payer plan or have no insurance. We will assist its sales agents with national advertising and referrals along with a very attractive commission of up to $50.00 for every new customer.

To apply for this position, your background should include the following:
• A completed degree from an institution of higher education.
• Previous or current experience working in sales, marketing, or in Healthcare is a plus.
• Strong presentation and selling skills. 

Company ID: 100157 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We make Abrasive Products for Wood, Metal and Glass Sanding.

Products include Wide Belts, Portable Belts, Stroke Sander Belts, Edge Sanding Belts, Pump Sleeves, Resin Fiber Discs, PSA/Sticky-Back Discs, Sanding sheets, Sanding Blocks, and Cleaning and Finishing Hand Pads. We also make Custom Belts. 
Target Markets:
Selling mostly to Businesses in the Metal, Woodworking, Glass, and Book Guilding Industries. We also sell to "Re-Sellers", but with their Discounts, Commissions are Reduced. On the other hand, they tend to sell large quantities. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a family-owned business that treats its employees and associates like members of the family. We pay our reps. during the first pay period after the customer pays an invoice. We are not a large company, so we MUST compete by providing high quality products at competitive prices, then back it up with great customer service.

We typically ship orders within 24-48 hours of receiving the order, and frequently ship same day. We make many standard grits and sized, but also do custom orders. Our office staff is seasoned and very knowledgeable. They will provide exceptional support! 

Company ID: 100156 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Respirator Bags for Escape, Half-Face, and Full Face Respirators. 
Target Markets:
Chemical and Paper Industries. Any Company that Manufactures, Sells, Handles Hazardous Materials. Industrial Sales. 
Sales Opportunity:
Patented design to protect worker and extend useful life of the personal respirator. Proven sales for over 20 years. Commission structure negotiable. 

Company ID: 100152 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Magnetic in Wall Catches for Curtain Rods. 
Target Markets:
New Home Builder's, Apartment Complex Management, window Manufacturing, and many others. 
Sales Opportunity:
Manufacturing needed for mass production but speck for production are available. It's a must see! Once they are installed. There will be no need for nails, screws, anchors. There will be no need to call painter or no need for painter to back charge. It's a win/win for all homeowners property mangers, home builders, renters, etc. 

Company ID: 100151 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Manufacture and Market Over the Counter Health Products that Utilize the Exclusive Technology and Innovative Delivery systems.

Examples include Vitamins, Liquid Stevia, Herbal Muscle Gels, Magnesium Creams, etc. 
Target Markets:
Major Grocery Store Chains with a Health Product Section and any other Naturopathic Health Product Store. 
Sales Opportunity:
Check out our products on our website and let me know if you already call on departments and buyers in the natural medicine arena. Our products are second to none and we have our own in-house art department for designing private labels. 

Company ID: 96866 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
UV/LED Protective Gloves for Gel & Shellac Manicures.

Available in Both Disposable and Reusable Styles. 
Target Markets:
Full Service Spas, Nail Salons, Boutiques, Beauty Supply Stores, Speciality Retail, High-End Department Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Inspired by the increasing popularity of long lasting gel nail treatments, the gluvleez™ line puts an end to the growing concern over the aging effects of UV/LED light used to cure gel, shellac, and acrylic polishes.

Market tested in Southern CA and launched at the NailPro show in Sacramento, the response has been overwhelming. Using gluvleez™ WILL become the industry standard for salons and spas offering gel and shellac nail treatments. As such, the opportunity to provide gluvleez™ to your salon, spa owner, and specialty retail clients right NOW is better than ever. Private labeling is, of course, an option for any client that would like to create a brand image.

gluvleez™ is an all woman owned and operated company with years of sales and manufacturing experience combined amongst the principals. We know the need for this product in the market place and are committed to its success, just like we'll be committed to your success. Our commission structure is paid at the beginning of each month on all paid orders. Additionally, we will provide promotional and point of purchase items for your clients. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to our team. 

Company ID: 100146 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Commercial/Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting Products. 
Target Markets:
Electrical Distributors, Specifiers, Wholesale Suppliers, Lighting Show Rooms, Lighting Designers, ESCO. 
Sales Opportunity:
A division of a large company which has been in business for over 55 years and is renowned for its high-quality and diverse product portfolio. Our company Designs, engineers, manufacture high value, high performance outdoor commercial/industrial LED lighting products with DLC certification.

Our product portfolio includes a complement of landscape, security and flood lights, many also available in low-voltage versions as well as our new wall pack series launched in June 2014. We provide a quality product at an attractive and affordable price point as much as 30% less than many major brands. We maintain a reputation for robust inventory levels and meeting tight delivery schedules. Our lighting brand has enjoyed robust sales growth and enrichment of brand equity. 

Company ID: 100145 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Collegiate Licensed Infant/Baby Products for On the Go Parents.

Four Different Product SKU's to include a Infant Car Seat (Summer and Winter), Portable Easy Seat, and On the Go Diaper Changing Pad. All Products are New and Unique to Collegiate Licensing and Designed Specific for Each University. 
Target Markets:
All Parents, Grandparents, Baby Shower Gifts, and Alumni. College bookstores, Retail Stores and Outlets Selling Collegiate Licensed Merchandise. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been the leader in infant travel products for over 20 years. This opportunity is unique in terms of taking proven products and establishing a network within the collegiate licensed market. There is no competition in this category. 

Company ID: 66166 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Turn Any Surface INTO a SPEAKER!

We Offer a Complete Branded Line of Tech-Forward, Patented, Demand Driven, Universal Peripheral Speakers - that Magically Utilize the Environment in which they are Placed, to Produce Wonderful Sound. State of the Art–Quality Products – Exceptional Consumer Support. 
Target Markets:
Any Business that Interacts with Customers who Own and Carry Cell Phones on their Person will be Amazed by this Speaker. From “Mom and Pop” to Big Box, from Car Dealerships to Tattoo Parlours, from Skateboard Shacks to High-End Furniture Stores – if the business has a door they will be interested. 
Sales Opportunity:
Observe the amazed reaction of your customers to this product line! If it is cliché to say that a product sells itself, then this speaker is cliché. Selling becomes fun again.

The perfect storm of high demand and limited access to supply awaits our Manufacturer Reps. Contacts will seek you out for information, demonstrations, and product. The market is vast, the demand is high, and the product is just plain fun to sell.

The speaker itself is the culmination of years of product development. When holding the product you immediately appreciate its value - when you hear it you are amazed. The Brand provides unprecedented consumer support. Our Brand is known for the consumer focus and responsiveness. It is for these reasons – quality and support - that the BRAND is sought out and competitors sloughed off.

Our website will drive sales to your accounts for fulfillment, creating instant cash flow for participants, and increasing commissions for you. Sales will grow virally. Every hit on our product website is potentially a speaker out the door in your accounts. WE sell for YOU 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We don't rest on our laurels. Product development is ongoing and relentless. New products are in development to bolster the Brand. New products will become the new buzz in the marketplace. Carefully nurtured, the new additions compliment rather than replace the current offerings. As the brand matures, the reputation – and sales – grow as well. 

Company ID: 99983 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Bamboo Clothes Made in USA.

Yoga Pants, Capris, Tank Tops, Men's Tee Shirts. High Performance Bamboo Socks. Bamboo is Antibacterial, Moisture Wicking, Compression Comfort, & Odor Free. 
Target Markets:
Yoga Studios, Exercise Clubs, and other Women Apparel Stores. Police Officers, Firefighters, Security Companies, Grocery Store Workers, Military, etc.
Our Socks: Food Servers, Police Officers, Firefighters, Security Staff. Also great for Running and Hiking. 
Sales Opportunity:
These clothes are an amazing product line to sell. They feel wonderful and truly benefit the environment. They just make good sense. We are the manufacturer of a line of bamboo clothes Made in the USA. We can customize our product line to best fit many sales opportunities. Made in the USA makes our opportunity a great one. We have spent our time fine tuning our products. We are now looking for Sales Collaborators to help us take our amazing items to market. We are open to all options in moving forward. 

Company ID: 91132 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
40 Years in Business, Growing Industrial Ball Valve Manufacturer/Supplier.

Industrial Ball Valves. High Pressure up to 6K. We also Carry Lower Pressure Lines in 2K. Both come in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. And we Carry an Industrial Bronze Ball Valve as well as a Lead Free Ball Valve. 
Target Markets:
Oil and Gas, Off Shore, Chemical Processing, Steam, Municipal, Building and Construction, Equipment Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking to expand our distribution network and need you to help us! Will be looking for someone who is energetic and self motivated to help sell our products. We have accounts with nationwide distribution companies with regional business that can be expanded to other areas. We have an aggressive growth strategy to expand our current products and start offering new ones. Be a key part of this growth! 

Company ID: 100139 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1. Fasteners: Hot & Cold Bolts,Threaded Rods, U-Bolts.
2. Auto Parts: Mechanical Screw Jack, 2 Ton, Winch, and Lift.
3. Castings: Centrifugal, Ceramic Mold Die, Injection Molding, Investment.
4. Machining, Forging, and Milling.
5. Industrial Supplies: Pennant Flags, Hand Gloves, Manila Ropes, Poly Ropes. 
Target Markets:
Automotive Aftermarket
Industrial Supplies Market
Customized Manufacturing Jobs
Dealers & Distributors 
Sales Opportunity:
Company's presence in US and India. Unique and new products with best quality Company is Original Equipment parts supplier to General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, and Mahindra. It is a TS-16949 company so quality of the products is guaranteed.

We have recently introduced a 2 Ton Mechanical Screw Jack which meets American ASME PALD-2005 standard, which we would like to offer to you. In many ways, our Mechanical Jack is superior to a Hydraulic one namely: Long Life, Universal use, Can be used in any angle (horizontal, vertical or slanting), no messy leakages, ready for All-time, All-weather use, topped with a superior design that minimizes user effort and robust quality.

As majority of the activities are done in-house, we are able to offer a high quality product at a very competitive price. Furthermore, our competencies are stamping, forgings and castings, including machined parts. With our extensive knowledge base, technical support, and available facilities (Captive and Contract) from 15 Ton to 1000 Tons capacity in Stamping, Open Die and Closed Die forging, Precision Ferrous & Non-ferrous Investment and Gravity Die Castings and Machining, we can offer quality at low cost! 

Company ID: 99764 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1. 600, 600 & 300, 1200 can be Designed to Replace Traditional Fluorescent Lamps
2. Own High-Quality Light Guide Plate Products, Effectively Ensure Uniformity of Light Output.
3. Innovative Light Module Heatsink Using the Maximum Extent Effective Cooling Area, to Ensure Product Cooling Capacity. 
Target Markets:
Europe and North America. 
Sales Opportunity:
1.Technical support: UGR <19, identical with European Standard EN 12464-1.
2. Application environment: Under the condition of 4HX8H 70/50/20, UGR up to <19.
3. Exported to Austrian country absolutely meets the standard of Zumtobel Group.
4. Adopts OSRAMs famous LED source as well as OSRAMs worldwide partner.
5. There is completely no flickering, and output ripple <0.5%. 

Company ID: 99652 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We make Sprinklers for the Lawn, Garden, and Agricultural Industry and Commercial Use, Homemade Vegetable Garden, and Landscape.

We have the Best Products and Low Prices, Quality, and Modern Design. We have a great Price, Quality, and Modern Products. 
Target Markets:
We would like the sales reps selling in USA, Africa, Mexico, Central America, and South America.
We have a excelente products. 
Sales Opportunity:
We manufacture sprinklers for use in gardens, vegetable gardens and also for use in commercial agriculture. Our company is in Brazil. Our sprinklers for gardens, vegetable gardens are provided with quick coupler, given the American standard. We serve the largest companies in Brazil and we are interested in exporting to the USA and other countries (South America, Africa and others).

We have price and quality products in varied colors and productive capacity to meet your requests. Ideal products for sale in HOME CENTER, supermarket and stores for agricultural products. We have 25 years of experience. Desire soon to start partnership and start exporting. Best regards.

Our company has 25 years of market share. Come be successful us. Product with great potential in sales. We have production to meet the American market needs. 

Company ID: 98012 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Retail Garlic Products Packed in Glass Containers:
* Mixed Pallets Only
* Available in Two Sizes: 8 oz. and 32 oz.
- Minced Garlic
- Chopped Garlic
- Garlic in Oil
- Sliced Garlic
- Crushed Garlic
- Garlic Puree
- Garlic Paste 
Target Markets:
* Distributors & Wholesalers
* Retailer's Warehouse
* Private Label 
Sales Opportunity:
Caribbean Breeze Frozen Foods is a specialty foods manufacturer. Our USDA 50,000 sq. ft. modern plant is equipped with high speed automatic equipment. Our minimum order is one mixed pallet of product. Our prices are very competitive and our products are premium quality.

We pay 10% commission and provide exclusive territories. We are interested in engaging Manufacturer Reps and Brokers that have Established Contacts And Accounts. We provide competitive prices, great quality products, introductory offers, and supporting sales material. If you are interested, please send us a list of the lines you represent, accounts that you call on. 

Company ID: 40814 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a China based company who has a Proven Track Record throughout the World.

1. Mold Making, Plastic Molding, & Metal Stamping.
2. PCB Design Engineering, PCB Layout, Rapid Prototyping. PCB Assembly Capabilities include SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & Mixed Technology (SMT + PTH). 
Target Markets:
Companies that are looking for Electronic Products, Mold and Molding, Casting Parts that offer Great Quality, Pricing and Customer Satisfaction. Our target customers are OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacture to Improve their Product Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent Commission Structure and Protected Territories for Reps. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps Worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 100001 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1) Battery Charger for Computer Scanner, Printer, Credit Card, GPS-Data, PSC, Intermec, Symbol, Zebra.
2) Battery Charger for 2-Way Radios - Motorola, ICOM, KENWOOD, VERTEX, STANDARD, YAESU.
3) Meter-Scientific Measure Water Quality/Environment Equipment.
4) Rechargeable Consumer & Industry Batteries and Chargers. 
Target Markets:
1) Computer Barcode Scanner Users or Service for all kinds of Offices, Factory, Warehouses, Store, and any Business Area. Hot Line now.
2) 2-Way Radios Users, Service - Police, Hotels, Security, any area, etc.
3) Meters for any Water/Environment Service.
4) Batteries for Consumer/Industry Store. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for highly professional Sales rep with strong physician relationships, who are looking to add to their current or service line. Reps can get high commission at about 10% for business sales value. Maybe rep can get big income of about $10,000 per month, if you are a rep with expert barcode scanner, 2-way radios, Meter test-measuring instruments, Rechargeable consumer, industry batteries business line. 

Company ID: 100120 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We have Over 5,000 Products in 35 Categories just a few are Housewares, Toys,
Hardware & Tools, Pet Products, Stationary, Apparel, Winter Wear, plus a full line of General Merchandise. We offer Many Products with Displays. 
Target Markets:
Markets, Drug Stores, C-Stores, Dollar Stores, Thrift Shops, and any other Retail Shops. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are committed to your success by offering the largest selection of general merchandise products along with the highest level of customer service in our industry. We are a wholesale direct importer of general merchandise, Promotional In & Out Programs as well as Custom sections & Displays for your store. Deluxe Import Trading caters to thousands of stores nationwide, and exports to countries all over the world.

We are always adding new and Exciting items to our inventory. Our commitment is to be the best source for your store by supplying fast selling unique items in attractive packaging at competitive prices. Since our prices are very competitive, many of our customers are Jobbers, Wholesalers, and Distributors. 

Company ID: 100110 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We have been a Leader as an International Fabric Importer and Wholesaler of Fashion-Forward Solutions for over 30 years.

We are a Major Source for Party Rental Companies and Inventory a Wide Selection of Tablecloths, Napkins, Chair Covers, Sashes, and Drapers. 
Target Markets:
Special Event Industry, Hospitality Industry, Fashion Industry across USA and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is reorganizing its sales distribution network. We are seeking sales professionals for the special event industry for all territories across USA and Canada. We have been a leader as an international fabric importer and wholesaler of fashion-forward solutions for over 30 years. We are a major source for Party Rental Companies and the Party Planning Industries.

We specialize in chic, stylish and trend-setting linens and accessories. We offer all fabric related products for the Special Event Industry. We import fabrics from around the globe and inventory a wide selection of tablecloths, napkin, chair covers, sashes and drapers. You won’t find our products anywhere but with us. We also custom design and sell fabric directly. Join a winning team. Equity position is available for the right candidate. 

Company ID: 29686 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Sealants for All Types of Construction: Caulks, Traffic Deck Coatings, Roofing Coatings and Mastics, Below Grade Waterproofing Products, Wall Coatings, HVAC Adhesives & Sealants, Hardscape & Concrete Coatings & Sealers. 
Target Markets:
Roofing Contractors and Distributors, Two Step, HVAC Distribution, Paint Distributors, Hardscape Supply, Waterproofing and Concrete Products Distributors, etc. Channel Specific Sales Territories Available. 
Sales Opportunity:
Extensive line of highest quality Coatings, Sealants & Adhesives for Professional Contractors.

Concrete & Waterproofing:
Modified Urethane Fluid Applied Waterproofing Membrane, Polyurea Traffic Deck Coating, Joint Sealants for Walls and Flat Work, Water and Solvent Based Cure & Seals, Densifiers, Asphalt Based Coatings and Cements.

Unique Bio-Based Green Paver Sealer, Green 100% solids Paver Adhesive, conventional Water & Solvent Based Sealers and Adhesives.

Roofing Distribution:
We Manufacture Energy Star Rated Solvent and Water-Based Elastomeric Roof Coatings, High-Solids Moisture Cure Silicone Coatings, Sealants and Adhesives, Architectural Sealants (Clear and Colored Exterior Caulks), Gutter Sealants, Asphalt Cements & Coatings.

HVAC Distribution:
Fluid Applied Radiant Barrier, Caulks & Sealants, Water Based and Green Moisture Cure Duct Sealants, Duct Liner Adhesive, Roof Penetration Sealants for AC Lines, Containment Coating Systems, Cool Roof & Wall Coatings.

Our Company was established in 1912 and we have experienced rapid and accelorating growth over the last decade. We sell throughout all of North America and offer professional marketing materials and aggressive sales programs with complete technical support. We have a very large line of products based upon a wide variety of technologies. R&D investments produce a constant stream of new product introductions. This is a 100% commission-based opportunity. 

Company ID: 100041 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Fuel Trailers, Portable Surveillance Trailers, Body Cams, Highway Safety Equipment including Message Boards, Arrow Boards, Portable Traffic Signals, Pole Mounted Surveillance Cameras, Compressors, Towable Generators, Police In Car Cameras, Public Transportation Surveillance Cameras. 
Target Markets:
City, State, Municipal Buyers, Police, DOT Departments, Governmental Purchasing Agents. TEXAS REPS ONLY NEED APPLY. 
Sales Opportunity:
Currently have (4) GSA contracts and (3) TXMAS contracts. In business 16 years. Extensive website. Support and training available. Generous commission plan and bonus available. TXMAS contracts are essential tool in closing the sale and our past history in the state is proof that and aggressive rep can score and score BIG IN TEXAS!! 

Company ID: 99960 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Portable Motor Mechanic Auger Drill for Mineral Sampling and Soil Drilling for General Purposes.

Labor Safety Features Attend to Standards of the Major Mining Companies. Bores from 2" up to 12" Diameter and Reaches Up to 30 Meters Depth. We Produce and Supply the Whole Equipment and Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Mining Companies
Drilling Services Companies
Environment Monitoring Companies and Government Agencies
Construction Companies
Geological and Geotechnical Companies 
Sales Opportunity:
We have 37 years experience. We are the only manufacturer of this equipment on Earth. We offer a very competitive aquisition cost. Our products features high quality that implies low cost maintenance and long useful working life. No skilled labor needed. All major world mining companies are our clients, such as RIO TINTO, ANGLOGOLD, ANGLO AMERICAN, NORSK HYDRO. Commission to be defined. 

Company ID: 100106 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Brass Anchors, Springs, Pipe Anchors, and all other Hardware and Accessories for Swimming Pool Safety Covers. 
Target Markets:
Swimming Pool Safety Cover Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a Speciality Manufacturing Company with a Strong Portfolio of Industry leading Swimming Pool Covers, Industrial Tank Covers, and Tent Fastening Hardware Products and Accessories. We were established in 2002 and gained reputation over the years. There is a huge potential. 

Company ID: 100104 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Safety Products, Sporting Goods Items including Fishing, Hunting, and Camping. 
Target Markets:
United States including Alaska. 
Sales Opportunity:
Quality comes first at competitive prices. Our company is an innovator of quality products in a wide range of categories. The product is imported with strict quality control. 


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