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Company ID: 98212 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Medical Device Sales for a Highly Innovative Patented Product.

NO other Company has this Technology Available for this market, NO Direct Competition.Facial,Body Contouring,Anti-aging,Skin Smoothing, Tightening,Toning,Texture Improvement,Sport Injury Recovery & Performance and Therapeutic Products. 
Target Markets:
Commercial and Consumer Applications, Plastic, Cosmetic, Aesthetic, Dermatology, Health, Beauty and Fitness Sectors all with Strong Growth Potential in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Natural, Safe and Easy to Use Technology Distinguishes from Competitors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Be a part of an innovative solution in the most lucrative market in the medical, healthcare, beauty industry.

Seeking Sales Reps who have strong established relationships with physicians, physical therapist, health and beauty professional, fitness professionals and office managers who are forward thinkers, solution oriented, and are looking for an added value revenue channel. Commissions of 20-30% on all sales and repeat orders.

This is an EASY-TO-SELL consumer directed product that will gather momentum quickly and generate monthly repeat sales. This is a year-round product that will be consistent and fill in your income gaps. Orders can be drop shipped and there is no need for you or your customers to carry inventory. We will select only qualified Sales Reps with strong established relationships. NO SAMPLES DROPPERS 

Company ID: 98739 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Accessories- totebags, makeup bags
Home goods- pillows 
Target Markets:
Interior stores, lifestyle boutiques, interior designers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our brand is a lifestyle collection appealing to a wide range of retailers. We offer a gorgeous line of home goods (pillows and personal accessories) made in New York. Our collection is made from 100% European linen, and features Italian leather details. We are committed to fostering a wonderful relationship with our retailers and are able to offer an accessible custom program, as we have the benefit of designing and developing our collection locally. Our commissions are excellent and we take exclusivity seriously and treat retailers and reps as valuable to our company. 

Company ID: 98735 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Electrical enclosures manufacturer 
Target Markets:
Electrical distributors and electrical contractors 
Sales Opportunity:
Any existing industry contacts would bring commission on internet sales/existing customers/new customers.
4year company with a niche. Not lots of competitors. Already have a solid customer base, but plenty more out there. 

Company ID: 97225 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
TV Art Cabinets. 
Target Markets:
High-End Interior Designers and Firms, Boutique Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Nursing Homes, Custom Home Builders, Luxury Builders of all kinds i.e. Boats, RVs, Airplanes, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a tremendous sales opportunity to sell a truly "unique" product, there is really nothing like it in the marketplace today. This is a pain point with many Interior designers and you would be the problem solver. 

Company ID: 98727 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
maintenance free patio covers, Lattice covers, patio enclosures, carports ,and other exterior remodeling products 
Target Markets:
Home Remodeling contractors, Residential Glass contracrors 
Sales Opportunity:
We have been the leading manufacturer of high quality, maintenance free patio covers, Lattice covers, patio enclosures, carports ,and other exterior remodeling products for over 40 years. 

Company ID: 66921 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Candy & More!!

An Ideal Business Opportunity is Available for a Self Motivated Individual as an Independent Door Store Delivery Sales Representative whose Primary Responsibilities Include Ordering, Distributing, and Selling our successful Made in America Candy Line. 
Target Markets:
Fast Selling Impulse Candy Items that are Currently being sold in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Independent C-Stores, Gift Shops, Grocery, etc. Where can't you sell candy? 
Sales Opportunity:
Great profit margins! Looking for Serious Minded Store Door Delivery Reps - most territories are still available but going fast - submit a sales inquiry to us today!

The ideal candidate will be a self starter with an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong sales aptitude. DSD experience is a plus, but not required. This business opportunity requires a delivery truck, and storage ability. You can make a living on our products alone or add them to your current line.

We LOVE Vets! Make money the sweet way! 

Company ID: 98209 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Liquid Transfer Pumps, with their Exceptional Technology that Conserves Inventory, Assures Worker Safety, and Ensures Compliance with Regulatory Rules -- at Lower Cost.

Compatible with more than 1,400 Chemicals, including Acids, Caustics, Lubricants, Fuels, Volatile Chemicals, and Flammable Liquids. 
Target Markets:
Our Pumps are Used in Aviation, Automotive Manufacturing and Service, Laboratories, Electronics Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Beverages, Construction, and other industries. They can Improve Safety and Efficiency in Any Environment where Fluids must be Transferred Quickly and Easily. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are so popular that our company has growing pains. We need independent sales reps to help boost us to the next level, and ride the tide of success with us. Are you competitive and successful in business-to-business sales? If so, we'd like to talk to you about a potentially rewarding opportunity -- to sell a new, patent-protected product so innovative that it has virtually no direct competition.

We offer an exceptional commission program based on sales, plus generous performance rewards. We provide prompt technical support to both reps and customers. We also offer exclusive sales territories, and will provide qualified leads generated from our popular website, advertising campaigns and frequent participation in trade shows. You will find that Brand loyalty is remarkable, and repeat sales are brisk.

The GoatThroat brand always elicits a smile, at first. But after one trial, our pumps sell themselves, and customers just keep buying more, for different applications, especially as and when users move either to new departments or to new companies. We also offer one other perk -- you'll like working with us. 

Company ID: 70656 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Industrial Centrifuges and Filters.

We are a Chinese Chemical Processing Equipment Manufacturing Company. Specializing in Separation Machinery, including Centrifuges and Filters. The company headquarters is based in Shanghai, China. 
Target Markets:
Fine & Bulk Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar Refining, Food, and Agricultural Industrial. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are now seeking commission-based sales agents with experience at selling industrial equipment. Our main products are Industrial Centrifuges and Filters. Such as Pusher Centrifuges, Decanter Centrifuges, Top-Suspended Peeler Centrifuges, Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges, Vacuum Drum Filters. Our company was established in 1958 and a leader in China in the centrifuge and filter fields. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 89041 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Multi-Purpose Filtered Mask that filters out dust, odors, smog, airborne, dander, Tobacco smoke, viruses/bacteria particulates .1 microns or larger in size (like the flu), etc. Sold in over 40 Industries Ranging from farming, poultry, power sports, construction, landscape, cold weather, safety, etc. 
Target Markets:
Agriculture Dealers/Distributors
Powersports Dealers/Distributors
Landscaping Dealers/Distributors
Woodworking Dealers/Distributors
Hunting Dealers/Distributors
Construction Dealer/Distributors
Sporting Goods Dealer/Distributor
Safety Dealer/Distributors 
Sales Opportunity:
Our comapany is committed to provide its reps with the necessary sales support and materials to succeed. With it being a unique/comfortable mask and at a low cost, this product makes a great add-on product to your offering. Great commissions offered. 

Company ID: 98722 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels, heat exchangers, process systems, tanks, feeders, pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, and fasteners. 
Target Markets:
Fabrication, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, refining, power, water & wastewater, process systems, skidded systems, pump & valve, feeder systems, and food & beverage manufacturers, pulp & paper mills, plastics & extrusion, purchasing, maintenance, & facilities managers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is seeking an experienced rep with contacts in any of the above mentioned target markets and who has at least basic knowledge of any of the above mentioned product lines. We are a master rep and the company is expanding its independent sales force nationally and internationally.

We offer an extremely competitive commission structure - 3% on all revenue generated from rep's territory and/or account. We do not offer a retainer fee or advance commissions. We are dealing with high dollar equipment and components, in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars per order. 3% can easily become a six figure income from an experienced and well-connected rep.

We do not require exclusivity (you can rep others even in the same industry) and we are flexible with our agreement structure, whether it be by territory, by account, or a mix. We simply want to open doors to new opportunities, and we are willing to pay handsomely for those opened doors. 

Company ID: 98720 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Anti-siphon valves, hose barbs, molded tank inserts, fuel pick-ups and other fittings.

A job shop with machining capabilities from 1/4” stock up to 3-1/2”, we can manufactur most parts which require to be turned from bar stock.

Specializing in high volume runs 
Target Markets:
Fuel tank manufuacturers,engineers,any manufacturer of plastic parts requiring threaded inserts,agriculture equipment manufacturers, marine,manufacturers requiring high volume pieces 
Sales Opportunity:
EVM, a family owned and operated machine shop founded in 1967 in Two Rivers, WI, is a leading manufacturer of marine fuel tank components. Highly regarded for best-in-class quality and in-stock availability, EVM is also recognized for its demonstrated engineering and machining expertise that translates into minimal lead-time for custom orders.

EVM’s standard components – including anti-siphon valves, hose barbs, molded tank inserts, fuel pick-ups and other fittings – are suitable for a wide-range of applications. As a job shop with machining capabilities from 1/4” stock up to 3-1/2”, EVM can also customize its products to meet your unique needs and we’re pleased to quote jobs of any quantity. 

Company ID: 92932 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Unique Innovative products Created by Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon.

Our One-of-a-Kind Patented Cane has a Second Pivoting Handle that helps you Rise and Sit Down and has a LED Light. We also have the only 24/7 Carpal Tunnel Bracing System that Reimburses Higher than other Braces. 
Target Markets:
Target, Brookstone, Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Hotels, Casinos, Sports Equipment Stores, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and basically any other Retail Stores, DME Stores, Pharmacies, Distributors, Catalog Companies, Therapist Offices, Doctor Offices and Hospitals. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a great opportunity because we have new premium products that are currently doing great, but only are in a few states. We have products developed by an orthopedic surgeon that are proven by medical research. Every time we show the products we get a great response from people and we are looking to get them out faster to more people. Our products have received great reviews and are ready to be presented throughout the US.

We would love to discuss this more with you including the commission structure. We are looking for reps all across the US. We have been on QVC and had great success and are currently in 800 Walgreens. We are on the verge of getting large quickly. If you are already selling to the medical field you will be perfect and it will be an easy product to add to your line or if you sell to stores who carry canes. If you sale to stores who senior citizens visit often, you are also perfect for this. 

Company ID: 98561 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
One-of-a-Kind Signature Frames and trays.

Using our Engraving Scribe, Friends and Relatives Permanently Engrave their Signatures Into the Metal to Create a Lasting Keepsake. Signing is just like Using a Pen, Without Fading or Tarnishing. Products are Made Solely for our company. 
Target Markets:
Gift Stores, Specialty and Novelty Stores, Stationery Stores, Photography Studios, Framers, Event Planners. 
Sales Opportunity:
Great opportunity to sell unique products that nine years of success in the wedding industry. Your customers need only a sample to display. They can buy stock or have products personalized and drop shipped to end customer. You will also have the opportunity to sell other personalized items such as glassware, bakeware, and pewter platters.

We have fabulous customer service and support. Thousands of end customers over the years have given us great feedback. Commission-based Giftware Sales Representative. Ideal applicant is already selling to gift stores and related. We are looking for someone enthusiastic and energetic to join our solid team. 

Company ID: 98718 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
NICMAXX is one of the fastest growing e-Vapor lines because we offer what most others can't, an e-Vapor product that is made for the full flavored smoker that actually tastes like a real cigarette. NICMAXX is preferred by smokers 9 out of 10 times in nationwide blind taste tests. 
Target Markets:
Convenience Stores
Liquor Stores
Gas Stations
Mini Marts
Tobacco Stores
Smoke/Vape Shops 
Sales Opportunity:
The e-Vapor market will soon be a $3 billion dollar industry.

If you would like to know more about how you can get into this booming market, we invite you to explore how to become an Independent Distributor for NICMAXX. We want you to know that territories are available right now. No experience in wholesale sales is required and we will train you to get you up and running on your path to success. 

Company ID: 98316 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
EGR Filters (Patented) Ford Diesel Market
EGR Valves (Patented) Ford Diesel Market
EGR Coolers Ford Diesel Market
Full line Ignition Coils 
Target Markets:
Wholesale Distributors
Mass Retailers
Midwest and East Coast and Southeast 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a trade/manufacturing company in Kansas City, Missouri. We have been in business since 2012 we are in over 50 Big 3 Dealers in 20 states, and in a few aftermarket distributors. We are seeking a experienced rep to help with efforts to launch a full line of ignition coils and help with the sales of our existing products. Our company is owned by 3 engineers, Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial. There is not much we can't accomplish, we are open to new profitable ideas and have the resources to make those ideas happen. 

Company ID: 98213 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Products
Remanufactured Diesel, Electronics and Controls
Maritime, Boating
Line Transfers
Core Management
Global Product Service Support Through Remanufacturing 
Target Markets:
Original Equipment and Original Equipment Service markets in the following industries:
Industrial Controls & Instrumentation
Electronic Industrial Products
Maritime, Boating
Light Construction Equipment
Material Handling and Automation Equipment
Mining Supplies 
Sales Opportunity:
Do you have a track record of successful business-to-business sales and proven ability to independently develop new and repeat business in our target markets? If so, this position offers plenty of income opportunity for you.

We are looking for Independent Sales Reps with previous or current experience with Tier 1 OEM clients in our target markets. Our well known company has been in business for over 45 years and is an industry leader in remanufacturing and new parts manufacturing. We are ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 Certified.

We provide multiple service solutions to OE manufacturers - Tier 1 & 2 - to extend the service life of mechanical and electronic components through remanufactured products, low to mid level volume new build electronic components (EMS or CM) and core management. 

Company ID: 98713 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
New Solar Tech.,Ground Floor Opportunity, Concentrated Solar Power , CSP dishes generate thermal or electrical,installed using common methods, fabricated from readily available materials, price competitive with fossil fuels w/o government subsidies and with today's prices locked in for decades. 
Target Markets:
End users and distributors alike. Potential markets include but not limited to; schools, manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, architectural firms and speculative building entities, government agencies. 
Sales Opportunity:
Be the first in your field to offer Concentrated Solar Power Dishes that compete with and beat PV on every level. Protected territories. Made in the US. 

Company ID: 98692 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Novel 3D Wall Arts and Elegant 3D Art Gifts
- Brand-New to market, great add-on to your current portfolio
- Eye-Catching and Wow factor to your client
- One of the kind, no direct competition 
Target Markets:
Décor and Gift Retailers
Design Firms (Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential) 
Sales Opportunity:
1. Easy Sell Products with Hugh Growth Potential
- Unique and Eye-Catching Products
- New to the Market: Huge Market Potential without Direct Competition
- Pricing for Sale: affordable price for great product, that is our motto, we target mass market with wide range of price and product options
- Grow with the Company

2. Robust Sales Support
- Initial free samples: we will provide 2 free samples for demonstration for each sales rep
- E-Catalog: we provide e-catalog which our sales rep can show to client via ipad or laptop easily
- Special Discount Programs: Each quarter and holiday season, we will provide special discount programs to help our sales reps to promote sales as well as increase profit

3. Attractive Commission Plan
We design unique commission plan to partnership with our sales reps and maximize your earnings:
- Commission is based on selling price:
- Selling price variations:
 Retail Price (100% of instructed retail price)
 Discounted Price (5%-45% off the retail price)
 Whole Sale Price (minimum $3000 order/client, 50% off the retail price)

- Commission Rate:
 Sales in Retail Price: commission at 30% of selling price
 Sales in Discounted Price: commission at 30% - Discounted Rate
 Sales in Whole Sale Price: commission at 5% 

Company ID: 98708 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
A new technology in TV media that can give access to over 100,000 movies, TV shows, 1000+ Channels, Over 500 live radio stations around the globe, Live worldwide sporting events, the latest movies in HQ, TV without commercials, All seasons & episodes of your TV series. 
Target Markets:
Any businesses or residential homes that watched TV and like to cut their cable or satellite bills. 
Sales Opportunity:
This incredible new technology already have over millions users internationally. And just launched in U.S. recently, head quarter located in Irvine, CA. How many people do you know who love to cut their cable or satellite bill?

We are looking for savvy business-minded sales reps, managers, leaders, trainers who would be interested to start the process of operating their own office. We are planning to open more than 100 offices across the country, and we need a lot of people who would join and help us to expand.

This product sells itself. Currently we are hiring in Southern California area, if you live in Southern California area, contact us. We will expand shortly to other States as well, if you send us your resume, we will keep you informed when we open our office in your area. If you are motivated enough to come to Irvine area to learn about the product, and the opportunity, you are more than welcome. You might be the first one to open the door in your area.

The compensation plan is very lucrative that includes commissions, overrides, and profit sharing. 

Company ID: 32465 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Scanner Guard Card as Featured on QVC. 
Target Markets:
Flea Markets, Malls, Gun Shows, Coin Shows, Financial Shows. Door to Door, Fund Raising, Home Sale Parties, wherever people are gathered. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a no brainer. We supply the Scanner Guards, you sell them, you get paid we get paid. You sell them for $14.95 you keep $9.00. Look them up on the web. Scanner Guard Card - watch the video on QVC. Put in the search bar Scanner Guard Card and watch. Over $5 million dollars sold on QVC alone. You simply display the Scanner Guard Card in your booth or on a table.

Wherever you are diplaying our product and play the QVC video of Scanner Guard Card, that is constantly playing on their site, and the customers near your booth or wherever you are selling say 'Wow I Need That'. You make over 100%, your only cost is the booth. We supply the Scanner Guard Cards. Everyone wins. 

Company ID: 98704 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
OEM/ODM/CM Service for Wireless, Power & Consumer Electronic product.

- Microwave Sensor
- Diagnostic Testers (LAN, Live Wires, Cables, etc.)
- SMPS Battery Chargers
- Commercial Kitchen Timers
- MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod) Licensee 
Target Markets:
OEM/ODM/CM Customers. 
Sales Opportunity:
ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, provide one-stop service of vertically integrated production process of Tooling, Injection, Assembly, Testing, Approval compliance, TQM (Total Quality Management). More than 60 years of RF, Power & Consumer Electronic product design and manufacturing (ODM) experiences. 

Company ID: 97477 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
All Botanical, Natural Skincare System (Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Masque), Developed by a Doctor of Pharmacy from Pharmaceuticals with the Antibiotics Removed and Replaced with Silver Nanos.

Can be sold Over the Counter. Also a Line of Skin Specific Vitamins and Wrinkle Cream. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturer's Market for Stocking Retail Resellers: Pharmacies, Health Spas, Hair & Nail Salons, Dermatology Clinics.
Retailers Selling Face Care Items: Mackey's, Dillard's. Discount Stores. Pharmacies CVS, Walgreens.
Product Market: Soccer Moms, Youth and Adults with Adult Acne/Face Issues. 
Sales Opportunity:
Generous commission only sales to the target markets; protected territories and customers.

- Commissions protected.
- Website Internet sales "shopping cart" are commissionable.
- No decline in sales commission %.
- Minimum quotas mutually negotiable.
- Website customized to support sales rep.

Local, state, regional, and national sales territories available.
- Importable to any country including Brazil.
- Dallas, Texas based.
- 12,000 bottles in stock. 

Company ID: 86942 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
What sets Quick Fire Cases Apart from other Gun Cases are its Innovative Military Grade Ethafoam Inserts.

Our Line of Cases Consists of Pistol, Multi-Pistol, Range, Storage and Rifle & Shotgun Cases. Semi-Custom to Full Custom Inserts for the Individuals Firearms. All Made in America! 
Target Markets:
Quick Fire Cases Sells thru Gun Dealers, Sporting Equipment Stores, Gun Accessory Stores, and most any Resellers that are in the Gun Related Market of Online, Stores, or both. We don’t sell direct and we support our resellers with Map pricing. 
Sales Opportunity:
We need aggressive market penetration in the selected states to represent our line of quality gun cases. We currently have selective line of pistol cases, revolver cases, rifle cases and shotgun cases. We design gun cases that meet or exceed the customer’s requirements by creating a versatile design that will house many different styles of weapons.

Which make the value of the case go up due to the customer can change weapons without changing cases and still have maximum protection of his equipment, or we make total custom cases to fit the prize positions. Airtight/watertight with an interior that's impervious to water, oils, & some chemicals. Quick Fire Cases the Ultimate in Firearm Protection! Our commission rate is 10%. 

Company ID: 95173 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ultimate Efficacious Natural Kelp/Crustacean Antibiotic for Use Against Human, Pet, Livestock, Equine, and Crop Infections. 
Target Markets:
Health Supplement Retailers and Distributors Nationally and Internationally or Franchised Shopping Mall Kiosk Retail POS. 
Sales Opportunity:
Newly developed kelp and chitosan formula melts parasitic microbes systemically in human, animal, and plant. Current internet sales indicate product's effectiveness from customer reports of chronic infections, e.g. psoriasis, cold sores, nail fungus, tape worms, etc. independently posted on Company facebook page. All microbes' chitin outer exoskeletons soften from new product, (Ultimate) Candida Cleanse, cleansing the host victim.

We seek independent manufacturers' representatives to create their local route of retailers, homeopathic practitioners, etc. First order must be COD or 50% upon placing order. International inquiries are welcome.

Interested parties please submit a sales inquiry to us. 

Company ID: 98698 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ceramic Fiber Products: Boards, Gaskets, Modules, Custom Vacuum Formed Shapes, Textiles. High Temperature Putty, Adhesives, Moldable Ceramic, Refractory Precast Shapes. 
Target Markets:
Steel Fabricators, Industrial Furnace Builders, Primary Steel Making, Casting and Forging Foundries. Petrochemical Plants, Heat Treaters, Investment Casting, Incineration, Boiler Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
With the weakness of the Canadian Dollar, our pricing, in US Funds, is very competitive. We manufacture custom refractory products that are in most cases repeat business. OEM's give us specs and drawings and we help engineer a solution to their high temperature applications.

We currently offer the industries fastest turnaround with ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes. We have inside sales support with engineering and cad support. Average transaction is $2,500 and as high as $80,000. 99% of our customers are repeat business (within 12 months) with many consumable product sales, some customers ship weekly. 

Company ID: 98697 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
All Manufacturers are Proud of their Logo and like to See it Promoting their Company on Caps and T-Shirts.

Business's Logo Screen Printing on Caps and T-Shirts. Businesses' Logo Embroidered on Caps and T-Shirts. We have the Ability to Design a Line of Stock Ccaps and T-Shirts for Resale. 
Target Markets:
Auto Parts, Sporting Goods, Manufacturing, HVAC, Automobile Dealers, RV Dealers, Gun Manufacturers, Gun Retail Stores, City and County Governments, Restaurants, Hotels, Radio Stations. 
Sales Opportunity:
We promise you that if you bring up the subject of buying caps to promote one's company, you will hear them say "I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT" 9 out of 10 Times. Our products are good quality, yet we are priced at the bottom end of the market. They are easy to sell! If one of our reps has a customer that wants a line of products to retail, and our rep thinks the line will sell to others, We will be on board.

We will pay top commission. We always deliver on time because we maintain a 100,000 cap inventory. We do not have to wait for inventory to arrive to print or embroider it. We will give you a company to represent that you will be proud of. Management, Owners, and Team Members alike are easy to get along with because we all feel that we are on the same team. All looking toward the same goal. A happy customer that will pay us all for a lifetime. 

Company ID: 97539 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are looking for a Qualified Rep in Apparel which Includes Athletic/Active Wear, Running Wear, Compression Apparel, Base Layers, Cycling Apparel, Medical Sports Recovery Accessories, Casual Apparel,Specialized Sports Socks. 
Target Markets:
Sales Rep must have a Strong Connection to Sell the product at Independent Store, Health/Sports Clubs, Chains, Departmental Stores and other places where they have a strong sales Relationship. 
Sales Opportunity:
We will initially start with a Technical Athletic Apparel as Describe above like Compression/Base Layer Athletic Apparel/Active Wear, Complete Range of Cycling/Bike apparel, etc. Sales Representative have an unlimited Opportunity to earn Commission on sales and salary. More points can be discussed step by step in our private conversation. 

Company ID: 98331 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pension Planning Software which is Unique, Easy to Use, Flexible, Comprehensive, and Transparent. 
Target Markets:
Small local Businesses
Medium to Large Companies which have their Own Company Pension Plan 
Sales Opportunity:
Do the work once and get paid over and over - recurring commission. Your sales job is easier than with other opportunities because your clients pay $0.

There are three markets:
1) Medium to large companies which have their own company pension plans, in which case you would explain our custom offering - we customize our Pension Planner to calculate the benefits for their employees enrolled in the company pension plan. Commission 50%
2) All small local businesses which market their products/services to consumers 40 to 60 years of age (across Canada - except Quebec). For this market, we offer a savings certificate which the company can give to their customers - providing a lifetime of free marketing. Commission 25%
3) Retailers (regional & national). Commission 10%

You can feel proud of offering this valuable product to your client base; everyone needs to save for their retirement. The Pension Planner provides a one page snapshot of what their retirement years will be like if they don't save enough - the Planner will help them determine what is enough for them. This product will have repeat sales - due to annual updates for tax, government benefits, etc.

Your clients will be interested in a no-cost marketing opportunity which provides huge value to their employees/customers. Your commission is calculated and paid to you for as long as we are in business. Performance Bonus up to $50K/yr for lead agent in each territory. 

Company ID: 98695 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Unique Closet System which Doubles the Capacity of Any Closet.

We can Sell, Lease, Lease Purchase the System. 
Target Markets:
Builders, Condos, Homeowner Groups, Property Managers. Virtually Anyone who has a Closet and Needs More Space. 
Sales Opportunity:
A totally unique, highly effective closet system, Patented, Great Financing flexibility, inexpensive compared to other systems. Long term position. Due to the market character, it can last indefinitely. Also oversees markets are real possibilities. Commissions are on an escalating scale. 1099 hire. 

Company ID: 98623 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Chromogenex Technologies Ltd is the UK’s Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Advanced Light and Laser Technology Systems for Use in Medical and Cosmetic Procedures.

Our products include: the iLipo, iLipo Xcell, iLipo Ultra, and the Regenlite. 
Target Markets:
Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Clinics, Medical Spas, etc.

Since its beginnings in 1986, Chromogenex has Applied Ground-Breaking Innovations in the Laser Industry to Respond to the Dermatological and Cosmetic Challenges Facing Medical Professionals. 
Sales Opportunity:
Today practitioners worldwide use Chromogenex products to offer safe, effective treatments for a wide range of conditions using non-invasive procedures. These currently include the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, psoriasis, vitiligo and acne and well as permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and fat reduction.

Duties & Essential Job Functions:
• Prospect and identify new account opportunities.
• Achieve targeted sales goals and objectives within the territory.
• Consult with physicians regarding product benefits to patient, and ROI to practice.
• Develop ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities, provide sales status, territory forecasts.
• Maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction within the accounts in your territory.
• Maintain a positive, professional 'total customer service' attitude and demonstrate the company's core values.
• Demonstrate the ability to address each customer's unique inquiry, while providing them with the proper information based on the customer's specific needs and interests.
• Develop business plans, which align to the assigned geographic and business needs.
• Understand and work in all aspects of the sales cycle, including qualifying, presentations, demonstrations, negotiations and the closing process. 

Company ID: 96042 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
High-End Work Outerwear, Apparel and Accessories.

Designed in Canada and Manufactured in Winnipeg, Canada and Off-Shore for Worldwide Distribution. A complete line of 10 and 12 Ounce Duck Work Outerwear, High-Visibility Safety Wear, and Flame Resistant including Outerwear, Apparel, and Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Farm and Ranch Retail, Traditional Workwear Retail, Work and Industrial Wholesalers and Distributors, Promotional Distributors, FR Distributors, Online Retail (Drop-Ship Programs). Prices are landed, duty-paid in U.S. Dollars, F.O.B. Pembina, North Dakota. 
Sales Opportunity:
Richlu Manufacturing (featuring Tough Duck and Work King) is a 75 year old, third generation family-owned company, based in Winnipeg, Canada. We still manufacture many of our products here in Winnipeg, but source worldwide to our customers specifications. Supported by two hundred experienced apparel designers, merchandisers, marketers, and knowledgeable sales and distribution staff, managing half a million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space in Winnipeg and Pembina, North Dakota. 

Company ID: 98660 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Manufacturer of The Body Archer, a Sophisticated Alternative to the Exercise Ball, Fine Furniture that serves as a very Comfortable and much Safer Back and Upper Body Stretching Device, as well as a very Comfortable and Therapeutic Chair. Kids love it, too! 
Target Markets:
Our sales rep will be Offering The Body Archer to Fitness and Sports Equipment Retailers, Physical Therapy Equipment Dealers, Furniture Stores, and Chiropractic Supply Dealers. The Body Archer can be Manufactured in Custom Colors for Major Clients. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our product has virtually no competition because there is nothing else like it and, quite simply, when customers try it for themselves, they immediately "get it." The typical reaction is a very pleasant "Aaaaah!"

We are a very small entity with no marketing infrastructure but with a nearly unlimited local manufacturing capability in the Los Angeles area. We would like to engage a single, well established rep to handle our product in addition to your already well established lines, and to attract a small number of large retailers so that we can devote all our energy and resources to a select few reliable partners. An exclusive contract with one large retailer may be possible.

Also of interest to us would be marketing The Body Archer as an American made product to other countries. We believe, for example, that there would be very strong interest in Asian populations.

The commission structure is completely negotiable, as is the price point of the product. We can supply our rep with any and all necessary sales materials. Ideally, we would like to work with a rep located here on the west coast, but this is not a hard requirement. 

Company ID: 33235 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Patented Column Lally Lock System.

It is a Concrete-Filled Steel Column for Basements, Fence Posts, Decks, or Bumpers. Fire-Trol Prefabricated Fireproof Columns for Commercial/Institutional Projects. 
Target Markets:
Wholesalers, Retailers, Commercial, Institutional and Architects. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has been around since 1929 and we have just introduced a patented column. This column eliminated the need to cut the columns and weld the cap and base plates onto the column. This saves contractors time and money. We mainly service the northeast but with this new product we are branching out across the country.

We also manufacture a prefabricated fire proof column that eliminates spray on fire proofing in the field. It gets delivered and installed already fire proofed. We are looking for representation across the country and parts of the northeast. Thank You. 

Company ID: 77799 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Ours is an Established Company that Manufactures a Quality E-Cigarette Line Catering to the Full Flavored Smoker.

We Ssell a Full Range of Flavors in Rechargeable Units, Disposable Units, and Cartridges. 
Target Markets:
Tobacco Shops, Smoke Shops, Convenient Stores, Mini Marts, Gas Stations, Convenient Stores, Direct To Store Distributors, Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is an established company that manufactures a quality E-Cigarette line catering to the full flavored smoker. Preferred in a nationwide taste test 9 out of 10 times over leading brands, we show excellent repeat sales with smokers. Retailers and Direct to Store Distributors love our company because of these repeat sales and excellent margins. We started our sales efforts and established healthy distribution in Ohio, Southern California, Florida, and Hawaii. We are expanding territories now with immediate openings. We'd love to hear from you. Please submit a sales inquiry to us. 

Company ID: 98678 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our product is a Disposable POS System Cleaning and Detailing Kit.

Environmentally Safe, Polish your Point of Sale Hardware. The Dirt and Germs on the Keyboard Adhere to the Various Swabs and Wipes then both are Disposed of into the Garbage. A Good Trade Show Give Away, Novelty, Promotional Tool. 
Target Markets:
Hospitals, Grocery Chains, Call Centers, Retail Store Chains, Promotional Advertising Companies, Internet Cafes, Best Buy, Geek Squad. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ground floor opportunity, tremendous possibility for profit, I need the sales side to complete things.This product which is a disposable POS system cleaning and detailing kit. The product is environmentally safe and will polish your Point of Sale hardware.

The dirt and germs on the keyboard adhere to the various swabs and wipes in each cleaning and detailing kit, and then both are disposed of into the garbage container at the same time. A card reader cleaning card is included in each kit to help reduce credit and debit card machine mis-reads. This product is a good fit for a wide range of organizations as a trade show give away item, a novelty, or a promotional tool. Free samples of this cleaning and detailing kit available. 

Company ID: 93522 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
* Industrial Cleaning Products & Specialty Chemicals
* Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers, Bathroom Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Disinfectants, Drain & Sewer Line Cleaners, Hand Wipes, Carpet Care, Insecticides, Wastewater Treatment, Food Service Cleaners, Automotive and Bus Maintenance 
Target Markets:
* State & Local Government Agencies
* Municipalities
* Law Enforcement Agencies
* Housing Authorities
* Janitorial
* Cleaning Companies
* Distributors
* Healthcare & Dental
* Hospitality
* Food Service
* General B2B 
Sales Opportunity:
* We pay up to 30% commission on the sale of products.
* Products are industrial strength and are superior to the competition.
* We provide marketing materials.
* Over 55 proprietary products.
* Flexibility in distribution and delivery options.
* Private labeling available.
* Protected accounts in assigned territory. 

Company ID: 71036 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Packaging Supplies:
Bags (Poly)
Bins, Shelving & Storage Boxes
Boxes Corrugated/Mailers
Bubble & Foam
Cable Ties
Chipboard Cartons
Janitorial Supplies
Mailing Tubes
Shrink Film
Stretch Film
Warehouse Supplies 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers of Products that Use Packaging Supplies in any industry. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are looking for reps to sell packaging products to existing customer base (cross-selling opportunity). We are also looking for reps who have an interest in selling packaging to manufacturers as their main line. We offer an extremely competitive referral program if you just want to refer existing clients to us and a high commission payout under our rep program.

By cross-selling to an existing client base you are building a stronger relationship with your client which will improve retention of your sales on all lines. We will have the program ready to go by end of 2nd quarter 2015. All inquiries will be responded to at that time or sooner. 

Company ID: 95070 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Mini Motor Manufactures Coaxial Gear Motors and Worm Gear Motors, both AC and DC.

Electronic C ontrollers for Single-Phase Motors with Tachometric Feedback, Inverters with Positioning Possibilities, Brushless Servo Motors, With and Without Planetary Reduction Unit, and Relevant Drives. 
Target Markets:
OEM's, Packaging Machine Manufacturers, Industries served include: Medical/Pharmaceutical Equipment, Laboratory, Packaging Equipment, Conveyors, Printing Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Machine Tools, Factory Automation, Carwash Industry, and more. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company appoints Representative as its exclusive sales representative, for the his/her territory, to solicit orders for those products and services we provide. The Representative accepts this appointment and agrees to promote the sale of our products line. The Rep will provide details quotations and technical support with regards to the selection, price and delivery of Mini Motor Products that will meet customer's requirements. The Sales Rep will communicate and collaborate with the sales office and manufacturing personnel for details information about the product line. 

Company ID: 98672 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a Full Service Tool and Die Shop doing All Types of Tooling and Precision Part Manufacturing.

We do Product Development as well. We have a new Ocuma Genos CNC Lathe, a Hardinge/Bridgeport CNC Mill as well as an Ocuma CadetMate CNC Mill as the Center Pieces of or Toolroom. 
Target Markets:
Our target market is OEMs in the Medical or Electronic Field. Companies that have Molding Capabilities and/or Stamping Capabilities. We are also Interested in Short Run Prototyping or Specialty Machining. 
Sales Opportunity:
We have over 60 years of toolmaking experience among our toolmakers. We are very precision oriented, and have good CNC and CAD skills. We are open to commission rates including paying on tooling. We take pride in meeting delivery requirements. 

Company ID: 76710 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:

The Fastest Growing Motorcycle Helmet Brand Worldwide and is Owned by the Largest Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer in the World. Our Factory Produces Helmets for some of the Top Names in the Industry and Offers the Finest Value through its own Unique Branded Helmets. 
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:
(1) Call on powersport dealers selling the best and most exclusive line of motorcycle helmets.
(2) This is a high commission ground floor opening, to sell what will be the hottest brand, in the top demand product category for powersports dealers.
(3) Great income through exclusive territories. 

Company ID: 74339 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Electronic Manufacturing Specializing in Wire Harness, Cable Assemblies and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Gaming, Industrial Machinery, Instrumentation, Medical, Telecom, Transportation, Utilities - Any industry that needs to get power and/or data from one point to the other. 
Sales Opportunity:
With over 30 years of experience in the Electronic Industry, we are one of the most complete, technically advanced cable assembly and wire harness companies around. All work is manufactured to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standards and is UL certified under the UL Recognized Component program. We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

The industries we serve include Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Medical, Utilities and many more. We're tooled up for many different manufacturers including TE, Molex, T&B, Delphi, and many more.

What sets us apart from the competition is our Custom IT System with an In-House Software Engineer. Our system is the most comprehensive because it's fully customized to our manufacturing process. Our system is fully integrated and encompasses everything from the production/assembly process to inventory to quality control and every other aspect of the business. We have a history of working with our customers to develop programs that meet their needs; programs like Kanban, Just-In-Time, and even consignment.

All of our reps are fully supported with inside sales support and our commission structure is competitive. Please submit your sales inquiry for more information. 

Company ID: 97536 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
- Product Safety Testing Equipment
- Equipment used in Labs
- Probes: Finger, Fingernail, Kit
- Electric & Electronics
- Environmental: Jet Nozzle IPX, Spray Shower, Spillage Tester
- Flammability: Glow Wire, Copper Slugs
- Impact & Material: Impact Spring Hammer, Sharp Edge
And many others. 
Target Markets:
- Labs
- Consumer Product Goods Manufacturers
- Engineering and Design Companies
- Medical Devices Manufacturers
- Plastic Manufacturers
- Lightning Manufacturers
- Circuits Electronic Manufacturers
- Power Tools Manufacturers
- Maritime System Manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the ultimate provider of testing equipment for product safety.
- The right product and service solutions to meet your product safety testing equipment needs.
- Calibrated and Certified products, in compliance with International Regulation & Standards such as IEC, UL, and others.
- An overwhelming majority of our product range is both Designed and Manufactured in the USA.
- Our products have been deployed by many leading global testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities delivering excellent results in terms of accuracy, performance at a lower cost than our main competitors.
- Some of our clients: UL, Intertek, TUV, General Electric, Makita, LG, Apple, Samsung. 

Company ID: 87257 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Smart LED Spotlight, Embedded with the WIFI Communication with Mobile Device.

With the APP, Customers can Group the Lighting Scenes by Selecting Numbers of Lights and Pre-Programming the Parameters of each Light by Lighting Horizontal & Vertical Angles, Brightness, and Turn-On Timer. 
Target Markets:
LED Lighting Fixtures Distributors, Resellers, Wholesalers. 
Sales Opportunity:
3D controlled smart LED light leads the modern intelligent living style. Easy control, easy installation and highly compatibility allow the customers to enjoy the convenience of our smart light. We are offering the 110VAC~240VAC input and DC input models. Two colors of Black and White lighting fixtures are available.

Smart LED lighting is a division of JTT Energy Management Solution. We are a small corporate located in beautiful Vancouver of BC, Canada with no marketing infrastructure but we have our own manufacturing capability in China. Our manufacturing cost is reasonably low, but this is not we want to emphasize, we want to build a knowledge workforce, that all members are proud of our quality and design.

We are started to establish North American sales channels, and would like to engage well established rep to handle our product. Use your professional presentation and communication skills and your ability to market, to attract numbers of retailers, dealers, and distributors.

We supply necessary sales materials and technical supports to our rep. and we would prefer to work with a rep locally in BC, Canada, however, this is not the hard requirement. The sales rep commission structure is completely negotiable. 

Company ID: 98656 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
PVC Vinyl Planking, PVC Vinyl Mouldings, & Trimboards.

Service Reps to call on Home Center Stores. 
Target Markets:
Wholesale Distributors, Independent Dealers, Lumberyards, Retailers & Home Centers (Excluding Home Depot). 
Sales Opportunity:
We have manufacturer facilities in United States, China, and Taiwan. Our main product lines are Fiberglass Entry Doors and Composite Door Frame components. We are looking to expand our product offerings in PVC Vinyl Planking and Mouldings & Trimboards. Looking for sales reps that are able to sell our Planking to major retailers and wholesalers. Our PVC Mouldings & Trimboards are target towards home centers, lumberyards, and DIY stores. 

Company ID: 68232 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Manufacturer of Green Infrared Tankless Water Heaters & Hydronic Radiant Heaters. Newly Patented, UL499 & European CE Certified.

With Power Modulation down to 50 watts, a Wet Heating System is as Cost Effective as it can get. Our products are Green, Lime Scale Free, & Need No Maintenance. 
Target Markets:
Our Representatives will have the opportunity to sell to Wholesale & Plumbing Supply Houses, Distributors, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Spas, & more within a given region. This is the Newest in Green Technology. Thinking out of the box is always welcome. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our mission was to fix everything wrong with the current electric tankless water heaters produced today. Using our Quartz heating technology, we're the ONLY TRUE Tankless Water Heater on the Market. All the other tankless units use a mini tank that eventually leak, the elements scale up, or they just burn out. The cheapest ones use a plastic tank prone to leaks. Their water heating hasn't changed for 80 years & none of them can handle hard water OR keep pace with Hydronic radiant heating like ours. Did you know, 1 Millimeter of scale is equal to 7% loss of efficiency?

Our Competitive Advantages:
Greenest product
Use of Far Infrared Technology for complete heating of water
Greatest Energy Efficiency
Maintenance Free
Breaks down mineral content to help make the water softer and energized for the body
No limescale/calcium build up
No loss of efficiency and no metal coils for heating.
No Tankless Water Heater can match that

Representatives selected to sell our products will have the greatest opportunities for sales. We're the only company using our technology for heating water on demand. If your company is looking for that one new product, here it is. With all the benefits mentioned, plus some that are not, this product stands out when compared to any of the antiquated units currently on the market. There is nothing out there like it. It's a big country with 1 1/2 million water heaters needing replacement every year. 

Company ID: 92023 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Concrete Admixtures that Stop the Moisture and Flooring Crisis, as well as Provide Waterproofing. This is a lucrative opportunity.

Superior Workability of Concrete in all Applications, Ready Mix, Precast, etc. Vapor Lock. The Worlds Best Concrete Repair Material, MG-Krete. 
Target Markets:
Architects, Engineers, GC's, DOT's, Ready Mix Providers, Contractors, End-Users, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a lucrative opportunity for a hard working AEC professional. We will supply you with outstanding support when you are promoting or selling our core products. Ours and our advocate company Imco Technologies only manufacture the highest Quality products. These products are easily specifiable and will result in permanent ongoing specs. 

Company ID: 98659 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
The company Offers Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Services/Solutions.

Core Competency includes, Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses, Bulk Wire & Cable, Connectors, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Full Turnkey HLA/Box Build Services. 
Target Markets:
OEMs for Medical Devices, Automotive, Industrial ( Automation), Transportation, Communications, & Consumer. 
Sales Opportunity:
44 years in business
Financial solid
7 global locations, including 5 manufacturing facilities, all in low cost regions
Customer service & stocking warehouse in the USA
Hybrid path to market (Regional Direct plus MREPs)
Competitive Commission structure
Incentive plans available 

Company ID: 98658 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our company Manufactures the following Organic Wool Bedding Products: Mattress Toppers, Comforters, Pillows, Washable Wool Mattress Pads, Sheets, Pillowcases, Pet Beds including Baby Crib Mattress, Cradle, Co-Sleeping Mattresses, Line of Furniture. 
Target Markets:
Specialty Stores, Organic Featured High-End Catalogs, Home Shopping Channels - Featuring Organic, Private Label. 
Sales Opportunity:
In search of seasoned home bedding representative to market our range of well known brand named bedding products, using all organic raised or grown materials and made in the USA. Custom handmade, can make any size for futons, RV, boats, anywhere we sleep. 

Company ID: 67045 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Sterling Silver Ladies Jewelry Company.

We are a Fully Branded and Private Label Sterling Silver Line Primarily being Sold to Independent Jewelers as well as Majors and Regionals. 
Target Markets:
MANY Territories are Available. 
Sales Opportunity:
We offer excellent support for our sales representatives. Price Range in Retail from $10 to $600 retails amongst 4 collections.

- Strong aspirational brand image and POS support.
- A focused evolving collection with a clear design signature.
- MSRP’s offer a 2.8 to 3 times for mark-up for the retailer.
- No minimum orders, so order a little and often.
- Sold with a gift box and gift bag.
- A Retailers Support Program. 

Company ID: 98654 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Focus is Low to Medium Volume Production Produced on Progressive Dies and multiple Operation Single Stroke Dies.

Subsequesnt Operation such as Welding, Staking, Tapping, and Sub-Assembly also Provided. Additional Processes, i.e., Deburring, Heat Treating. and Plating. 
Target Markets:
Certified WBENC Metal Stamping Supplying Products to the Automotive, OEM & Aftermarket, Military, Aerospace & Defense, Electrictrical as well as Commercial Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
As a Certified Diversified Supplier, we can provide prototype to beautifully finished production, on time for a reasonable cost. Our company is based on the quality principle of "making it right the first time". Our goal is to help our customers' meet there goals and expectations on time and as required. We consider NSST another member of the "Team. 

Company ID: 98652 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Renewable Energy Products, Material Testing Lab. 
Target Markets:
Canada, Middle East Countries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Design services for residential, commercial industrial and theme parks including all items required for theme parks, outdoor, indoor playground equipment, design and construction of water parks, supply of fruit plants. 

Company ID: 98650 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
An Advanced, Adaptable, IP Based Communications System. 
Target Markets:
Public Safety, DHS, FEMA/Government Agencies, Military Special Forces, Rural Environments, Oil/Gas, International, Medical where Communication Infrastructure is Limited and On Demand Communications is required. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company provides a complete IP Based Communication System with 3 basic Components based on the premise of using advanced firmware to support easy deployment, installation, and administration providing for a man portable, vehicle, and operation center communications for Voice, Data, and Radio. The system is supportd by a secure cloud environment and leverages available cell and satellite services with exceptional local are range options. We have access to GSA and SEWP Contract vehicles. 

Company ID: 98649 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Weldless & Welded Chain. 
Target Markets:
Lighting Manufactures, Mining, Hardware, and Industrial. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is the largest producer of weldless chain products in North America as well as a prime manufacturer of welded chain products and chain assemblies used in numerous industries with many applications. Our weldless chain line includes double loop and single loop chain, single jack and double jack chain, sash and plumbers chain, safety chain, S-hooks, tie wire, dog runner and tie-out chain, swing set chain and fixture hangers.

Our welded chain line includes proof coil, high test, mooring, transport chain and accessories, as well as straight link coil, straight link machine, twist link and passing link chain. Our company has been manufacturing a wide variety of metal products for over 165 years and currently operates a large chain manufacturing facility in Cullman, AL. 

Company ID: 40814 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a China based company who has a Proven Track Record throughout the World.

1. Mold Making, Plastic Molding, & Metal Stamping.
2. PCB Design Engineering, PCB Layout, Rapid Prototyping. PCB Assembly Capabilities include SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & Mixed Technology (SMT + PTH). 
Target Markets:
Companies that are looking for Electronic Products, Mold and Molding, Casting Parts that offer Great Quality, Pricing and Customer Satisfaction. Our target customers are OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacture to Improve their Product Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent Commission Structure and Protected Territories for Reps. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps Worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 98641 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Slate, Shake, and Barrel Profile Concrete Roof Tiles, and Related Components for Commercial and Residential Sloped Roofs. 
Target Markets:
Mid- Atlantic, Northeast, Great Lakes Area. 
Sales Opportunity:
Eagle Roofing Products is the largest manufacturer of concrete roof tiles in the US. The roof tile industry has historically focused on the residential housing market in the Sunbelt. Our products are universally specified on commercial and residential structures for both new build and reroofing applications.

We participate in numerous building industry, architect and roof consultant trade shows across the country. Concrete roof tile is an affordable permanent alternative to real and synthetic slate, wood shakes and metal roofing. We are seeking independent representatives to help us expand the boundaries of our market and service the leads we receive outside of the Sunbelt region.

We would like to work with reps who are technologically savvy and would consider utilizing our CRM to obtain and track leads generated through our trade shows and outbound marketing campaigns. Eagle Roofing Products USA Made, USA Owned. 

Company ID: 90030 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Company is a Prominent French Manufacturer of High Quality Industrial Stainless and Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators, Automated Valves, and a variety of Accessories.

We provide these Products Separately or Assembled together in packaged orders. 
Target Markets:
Our target markets will consist primarily of Industrial Wholesalers and OEM's in the Pipe, Valves, and Fittings sector. We have 20+ years experience in Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, and Petrochemical Industries, as well as Food Processing, Shipbuilding, and Automobile, all at an International Level. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has recently created it's first subsidiary in the United States (Atlanta, GA) and we are looking for manufacturer's representatives across all North American states and territories. We believe that we have a very competitive product line, huge growth potential, and excellent commission rates.

Our staff will provide all necessary training and support to the fullest extent, along with necessary marketing materials. We are looking for partners who share our passion in the Pipe, Valve, and Fittings industry and who are looking to build a long term, mutually rewarding relationship. 

Company ID: 98636 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Video Analytic Systems and Access Control Systems. 
Target Markets:
Mass Transit, Government, and General Commercial Clients. 
Sales Opportunity:
Opportunities are unlimited. Our systems and the support we provide will transform how clients look at date intelligence in ways that they could not have imagined. 

Company ID: 84800 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Experienced Rep for Test Instruments-Hardness Tester, Surface Roughness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Borescope, Testing Machines, Welding Machines. 
Target Markets:
Direct to Labs, Universities, Automakers, Steel Industry, Metal Production Line, Foundry, Shipbuilding Industry, Aviation Industry, Trade Shows, and Larger Manufacturers (3M, X, AKS), etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
The Products that I'm bringing to North America have about 85% of the Market Share in Asia. This product is of the highest quality and priced right in the market.

Compensation will be higher than the average 3-5% they are used to getting with no cut backs plus bonuses depending on volume. They will be able to sell in Canada and the United States plus will be given the opportunity to own a portion of their territory eventually.

I have been in sales for 25 years and want to find the best quality sales reps possible and reward them (simple as that) for the job they do (sell products, make money, be happy) and work for someone that doesn't feel they are overpaid. If you’re the best, I want you! Simple. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 


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