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Company ID: 103093 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Target Markets:
Physicans and medical offices through out the United States 
Sales Opportunity:
Eager Sales representative looking to join a Long term Company that distritube Canvanis to Medical facilities. I have been in the Sales field for over ten years and I am very familar with  medical negiotations and the legal procedures. Closing a secure deal and placing a smile on their face that ensures a clients' satisfaction with a reason to come back time and time again is my goal with every potential Customer. 

Company ID: 103020 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
The VersaFormer-3D is a Multi-Function Thermal Forming System. The machine along with the plastic supplies that go with the system will be sold by our Reps. The System is very unique and is a perfect complement to a 3D Printer allowing for larger products, prototyping and short production runs. 
Target Markets:
The ideal Rep candidate will have experience selling 3D Printers and/or call on Engineers, Industrial Designers, Packaging Designers and Prototyping Companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
As a complement to 3D Printers, the VersaFormer-3D will be well received by the target audience. With a price point under $5K, the machine can many times pay for itself with one project! We plan to support your efforts with advertising and sampling. We will offer a generous commission potential with the machine and the ongoing supply sales. 

Company ID: 101859 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Nanotechnological Liquid Protector ( all industries ) ZF1

Nanotechnological Liquid Protector for Weapons, ZF2. 
Target Markets:
Mining ZF1
Oil and Gas ZF1
Others ZF1

Guns Manufacturer ZF2
Guns RetailersZF2
Gun Ranges ZF2
Law Enforcement and Military ZF2 
Sales Opportunity:
ZF1 Liquid Protector, protect all electrical , electronic devices and installations against all forms of water, ZF1 prevents short circuiting and corrosion caused by water and humidity.

You can't remove with water, that means ZF1 Liquid Protector remains in the metal surfaces, wires, connections for long time, excellent product for all kind of Industries, save money and maintenance .
Unique product in USA market.
more info zf1nanotech web page

ZF2 Nanotechnological product specially designed to protect weapons against corrosion. A unique product that protects a weapon from corrosion while at the same time acting as a lubricant, without leaving an oily surfaced no "oil shot" . This means, the weapon will be protected for a long time without over lubricating.

ZF2 can be proved to be an exclusive and unique product in the market. ZF2 has already been approved through extensive testing in military and law enforcement departments. Since there is no oil, the residues of the explosion do not adhere to the weapon causing less cleaning processes.This product does not evaporate, does not emulsify, and can ONLY be removed with Alcohol, meaning that it will remain on the surface for a long time. We are looking for experienced representatives/companies with experience in this market. 

Company ID: 103079 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Specialized fastener manufacturer
- Stainless- 316, 317L, A4 Class 50, 70, 80 - Duplex - Super Duplex – - Monel*- 400, K500 - Inconel*- 600, 625, 718 - Hastelloy* – C22, C276, B3 - Titanium- - Nickel- - Zirconium - Carpenter - Incoloy 
Target Markets:
Fastener Manufacturers, Distributors, OEM manufacturers, Importers 
Sales Opportunity:
Our conmpany has owned three manufacturing units based in UAE and India specializing in stainless steel and exotic grades fasteners with quick turnaround times and have low MOQ. We are stocking raw materials in special grades to ensure faster delivery.

We have our internal quality control team in the manufacturing facility with a in-house QC Lab. Also we have third party testing and inspections conducted in each batch of raw material and finished product to ensure we are supplying highest quality products. Also to support our distributors and manufacturers we are offering an exclusive service to stock their regular moving stainless steel and exotic material at our Houston Facility. We can work on excellent commission structure. The margins are high due to volume of business. 

Company ID: 103078 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our product snaps onto the remote control quickly and easily and prevents users from pressing unwanted buttons that can result in the TV going into limbo.

It accesses the buttons you use and not the ones you don’t. It can be removed quickly and refitted easily. 
Target Markets:
Senior Markets - Assisted Living Facilities
New Parents Through Juvenile Product Buyers
Special Need Adults and Children 
Sales Opportunity:
This problem has been a thorn to most cable companies call centers. Here are the numbers:
330 million Set top boxes in the US
32% of calls to cable company to fix their cable box due to human error
NO COMPETITION on this Patented product.
Independent Market research given 54% would buy for self or loved one.

Perfect for seniors communities to stop having their staff become Cable repair persons. Executive Directives have told me that 5-7 times a day they have to fix residents tv due to hitting the wrong buttons on the remote. Priced to sell and commission and territories to earn - great potential. Can be customized as premium item. 

Company ID: 103077 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pop-Up Pallets.

Companies are shipping trucks 1/2 full because they have odd-sized products/boxes on pallets...and therefore cannot stack on top. This Patent Pending product is like an upside down card table. You put the product on the pallet, pop-up the legs, put the lid on, stretch wrap, and go. 
Target Markets:
Manufacturers, Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Huge potential commission for a much needed Patent Pending product. This should easily help customer reduce costs and increase profitability. We offer operating lease options to make it much easier. Full support by phone available any time. Big dollar value items with big commission (10%). 

Company ID: 103076 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Casting game for teaching kids how to cast.

Used by the angler education programs throughout the USA and by organizations such as the Boy Scouts. Tested and approved as a child's learning toy. 
Target Markets:
National and regional retailers focused on sporting goods and fishing. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our casting game has become extremely popular with angler educators throughout the US, including the Boy Scouts for their fishing program. Some states purchase hundreds of sets at a time and we receive numerous testimonials from parents and educators about how much fun the kids have with the game. Now is the time to approach the retail channel with this opportunity. 

Company ID: 100323 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We, ACCU-FIX, are Largest Manufacturer of Tool Holders & Collets like ER, DA, TG, OZ Collet Holders, Endmill & Facemill Holders, in CAT & BT Tapers & Full Cutting Tool line like carbide inserts and other cutting tools. 
Target Markets:
Machine Tool Accessories Distributors & Dealers, Large & small Machine Shops, Tool Holder Manufacturers, Catalog Houses, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Strengths:
• We use high quality Spring Steel Raw Material imported from Europe.
• Our Machines are high precision imported from Switzerland.
• We facility is export oriented and we export to USA, Japan, and European Counties. We supply collets to OEMs.
• Manufacture with Swiss technology, We manufacture Inch and Metric both sizes.
We have 30+ years of experience in manufacturing collets and holders
One stop supply for machine tools accessories & cutting tools.

Our products are already very well accepted in USA & Europe with very reputed catalog houses & OEMs. They sell our products under their own brand names. We have 30+ years experience in Collet Manufacturing. We maintain large inventory for ready delivery. Transit time from India to USA is only 3 to 5 days by door to door air. Commission structure is negotiable. It is generally 5% to 10%. Please feel free to submit a sales inquiry to me with any questions. Thank you. 

Company ID: 103059 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are in the process of launching a new LED technology that is used in retail merchandising. This new technology is the first to scavenge current indoor lighting to illuminate displays/shelves and eliminates the need for grid electricity or battery power. 
Target Markets:
We are seeking experienced sales organizations that currently have multi-channel buying relationships with consumer product manufacturers, major retailers, retail fixture manufacturers or retail display manufacturers. These companies should have sales in excess of $50MM annually. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our objective is to generate a minimum of $100K of revenue to the selected sales representative organization(s) chosen to represent our product(s). The sales representative organizations are required to schedule meetings with our target markets Marketing Managers and Executives of potential customers. Our internal sales team will accompany the representatives on all initial presentations. 

Company ID: 100058 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Listed below are the Types of Filter Cartridges that we Offer.
- Absolute
- Capsule
- Carbon
- Depth Stack
- Melt Blown
- Pleated & Micro-Pleated
- String Wound
- Housings 
Target Markets:
Target Markets Encompass: Drinking Water, including but not limited to: Bottling, Food Grade Water, Brewery/Distillery, Ice Production, and OEMs. Also, Micro-Electronics, including but not limited to: Semiconductor & Circuit Board Manufacturing. Also Ink, Paint, & Chemical Manufacturing. 
Sales Opportunity:
Manufacturer Representation Opportunity Here! All Regions of the United States. RJ Filtration is looking for Representatives that will utilize their years of industry experience and connections to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with clientele and perspectives. Our product lines are comprehensively structured to allow us to supply filter cartridges of the highest quality to many industries.

All of our products are produced in a world class manufacturing facility allowing our Representatives to have the opportunity to bid on any projects without regard to the "large-scale" nature of the industrial and commercial markets. Please submit a sales inquiry to us for further information about our product lines and our commission structure! 

Company ID: 103070 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
ASME pressure vessels such as blowdown tanks, bladder and diaphragm expansion tanks, hot water glycol storage tanks. 
Target Markets:
commercial and industrial plumbing and heating contractors and engineers 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a expanding aggressive ASME code certified fab shop looking to expand in North America. We have +/-50,000 sq.ft. of shop and have over 15 years of experience in the market. 

Company ID: 74339 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Electronic Manufacturing Specializing in Wire Harness, Cable Assemblies and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies. 
Target Markets:
Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Gaming, Industrial Machinery, Instrumentation, Medical, Telecom, Transportation, Utilities - Any industry that needs to get power and/or data from one point to the other. 
Sales Opportunity:
With over 30 years of experience in the Electronic Industry, we are one of the most complete, technically advanced cable assembly and wire harness companies around. All work is manufactured to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standards and is UL certified under the UL Recognized Component program. We are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

The industries we serve include Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Medical, Utilities and many more. We're tooled up for many different manufacturers including TE, Molex, JST, T&B, Delphi, and many more.

What sets us apart from the competition is our Custom IT System with an In-House Software Engineer. Our system is the most comprehensive because it's fully customized to our manufacturing process. Our system is fully integrated and encompasses everything from the production/assembly process to inventory to quality control and every other aspect of the business. We have a history of working with our customers to develop programs that meet their needs; programs like Kanban, Just-In-Time, and even consignment.

All of our reps are fully supported with inside sales support and our commission structure is competitive. Please submit your sales inquiry for more information. 

Company ID: 89824 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
IP-PBX,Self-Service KIOSK, POS Terminals. 
Target Markets:
Specialty Retailers
System Development Corporations
OEM/ODM for Manufacturers 
Sales Opportunity:
Introducing the MOT/Mini, the next generation telecommunications solution for small businesses. The MOT/Mini is the only reliable small PBX system that allows users to register up to 8 lines and use conventional telephone functions for business LAN lines. MOT/Mini is also compatible with smart phones. We have the lowest price to own without having to sign any contracts or worry about hidden fees. In addition to our wide array of functions, MOT/Mini allows users to send and receive virtual Fax through the convenience of your smart phone anywhere you go.

• Virtual Secretary with automated transferring extensions
• Receive calls from you office/home landlines anywhere using Voice Over 
Internet Protocols (VOIP)
• Receive and send virtual fax on smart phones to computers
• Use PC as a landline phone via MOT/Mini available software and headset
• CTI functions can authenticate calls, screen against a database of numbers. Allows computer telephony integration (CTI) to log and record calls in CRM tools like Sales force.
• Hold and transfer calls to another telephone
• Free three way calling

Enjoy the feeling of life without having to worry about being stuck in the office. Phone lines, fax machines, and other communications products are virtually replaced by the MOT/Mini. Our telecommunications solutions let our customers save big money without having to sign a contract because “you” own the hardware. Buy the MOT/Mini for your small business today. 

Company ID: 103065 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity:




Company ID: 76525 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
"The Ultimate Pain Relief and Toxin Removal Topical Patch".

We are the Exclusive United States and Canada Manufacturer Rep and Distributor Licensor for a New and Market ready 
Target Markets:
Pharmacies, Doctors, Large and Small chain Pharmacies, Health and Fitness, Supermarkets, Seniors Health outlets, any retailer who sells pain relief or health products. 
Sales Opportunity:
Reps make good money because Reps buy wholesale at fair price, easy to sell, unique and exclusive product that will move fast off the shelf of your clients, generate good re-orders, and could be your best one appointment sale. Wholesale makes more for you.

The wholesale/retail pricing is structured to provide good profit for the representative and the retailer, good profit for your clients as happy retailers who will certainly endorse and spread the word about the product that will continue to generate ongoing new and repeat sales. Launching soon inquire NOW! 

Company ID: 103051 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
A brain enhancement and focus supplements
It' comes as a 60 capsule bottle which is a 30 days 
Target Markets:
18 - 65+
Anyone who needs energy drinks and coffee.
Anyone who works long hours, stressful jobs, high intense jobs
Anyone who needs athletic focus for certain sports (golf,tennis, etc) 
Sales Opportunity:
I have received a doctorate of pharmacy from Xavier University with over 8 years of schooling. I have over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. So I have a tremendous grasp on the voids that are not being met out here. I understand side effects and interactions with medications and vitamins very well. I also am well versed in disease states (I.e Diabetes, Hypertension, ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc) so my competitive advantage is that I have experience with all of these types of products. I'm not just reading some information off the internet. I'm flexible with the commission, meaning that we can discuss. I would like to pay $5 per bottle that you sale. Subject to increase once we add more products to our lineup. 

Company ID: 103047 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Unique artwook applied to Serving Trays (nesting in 3 sizes), Trivets also know as hot plates, coasters, mugs, placemats, clocks, wood signs, and some unique adult coloring mugs 
Target Markets:
Retail shops from Coast to Coast, gift shops, big box retailers 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a North American company who manufactures our products right in your backyard. What that means to you is quicker turn around times on shipping, ability to design and create unique programs to you markets, quicker turn on commissions. We are expanding into the U.S. market, already very successful in the Canadian market. We are looking to set up a sales force in the U.S. currently recruiting for all territories. This is a commission based position. Enthusiastic, and energetic reps required, This is a great opportunity, as we have 10 years of gift manufacturing behind us. 

Company ID: 103046 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Spices and Ingredients blends for the Food Industry we specialize in the meat industry; Casings, Meat processing equipment 
Target Markets:
Meat Processors, Food Service, Bakeries, Pasta Manufactures 
Sales Opportunity:
This is a great opportunity for a sales rep with a food science degree to develop and grow sales in California. Our company's headquarters are in Austria and we are proud of the quality of products.

Our sales representative position contributes to the success of our company by helping to maintain and build a healthy customer base and promote our products developing long term relations. Deliver value added service to our customers making sure they are successful keeping our company as a preferred supplier and keep high scores when customers evaluate and measure supplier performance. 

Company ID: 103039 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
1. Machine Tending Gantry Automation
2. Material Handling Solutions
3. Powertrain Assembly Solutions
4. Robotic Handling Solutions 
Target Markets:
1. Automotive OEMs
2. Tier I for the Automotive OEMs 
Sales Opportunity:
A brief intro about our company:
Company established in 1990 by two technocrats who studied in United States. Company is head-quartered in Pune, India, having facility spread across 74 Acres with 200K sqft of Shop floor and in house machining facility. In 2001 PARI established its US subsidiary at MI, who are serving to key accounts such as Ford, Fiat-Chrysler and General Motors.
Today we enjoy more than 1,400 installation base of various automation projects deployed for different applications in power-train and material handling solutions. 

Company ID: 103037 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Batteries, chargers, testers, power inverters, solar products and more. 
Target Markets:
B2B sales 
Sales Opportunity:
Unique opportunity to be involved with a rapidly growing company. Our new exclusive products will make selling easy. We supply A leads and book appointments. No cold calls. 

Company ID: 99793 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Blood Glucose Monitoring Device (Blood Glucose Meters).

This is a for People living with Diabetes to Monitor their Sugar Levels by Testing Themselves Using our Device. Our Meter is Free (with the Purchase of Test Strips), Easy to Use, Accurate, and No Coding Required. 
Target Markets:
People living with Diabetes throughout Canada. We Sell our products through our Online Pharmacy. 
Sales Opportunity:

If you love to sell, and you love to help people living with diabetes manage their condition in a cost effective manner, then this sales position could be the thing for you. Our company is seeking ambitious, presentable, and educated sales professionals to market their blood glucose monitoring device.

We will reimburse its blood glucose meter users for the cost of their co-pay/deductible for their test strips so they pay little or nothing for the test strips plus free pairs of diabetes socks and free shipping anywhere in Canada. Our glucose meter is also free with the purchase of test strips. This offer is for people who are on a private payer plan or have no insurance. We will assist its sales agents with national advertising and referrals along with a very attractive commission of up to $30.00 for every new customer.

To apply for this position, your background should include the following:
• A completed degree from an institution of higher education.
• Previous or current experience working in sales, marketing, or in Healthcare is a plus.
• Strong presentation and selling skills. 

Company ID: 102266 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Full Body, 3D, Electric Health Massage Chairs. 
Target Markets:
Individuals, Wholesalers, Retailors, Therapists, Hotels. 
Sales Opportunity:
Full Body Massage Chairs have become very popular in the USA in the last couple of years and sales are booming. This opportunity is very good since the demand for this pruduct is rapidly growing. Our Reps have an opportunity to earn on average $300.00 per sale.

We have a huge competitive advantage over other sellers of this product because we are the manufacturer and wholesaler. As such our pricing reflects huge savings that our customers enjoy. We directly issue full warranties. Plus all shipping is from our warehouses in the USA.

We support our Reps with traning and marketing materials. As well as 0% Interest financing to their customers. Commissions are paid within 24 hours of sales closing.

Our company is a leading provider of massage chairs in the USA. We do our own design and development of quality techniques that are integrated throughout the production process. Massage therapy has been studied and proven to be beneficial for good health.

• Anxiety
• Backpain
• Blood Pressure
• Depression
• Headache
• Job Stress 

Company ID: 102957 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Precision Machining, Short Run Production, Prototypes. 
Target Markets:
Various High Tech Industries and anywhere top quality is required. 
Sales Opportunity:
Several well known companies have been end users of work done by Excel Machine. Among these are computer chip equipment manufactures, smart phone manufactures and laser equipment products. 

Company ID: 102388 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are in the Business of Buying and Selling Plastic Resins. 
Target Markets:
We would like to Sell to other Companies who have an Ongoing Need for Plastic Resins. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are interested in finding someone to help us expand our customer base. We are also interested in finding someone who can help us find new suppliers to buy from. 

Company ID: 103026 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Innovative Water Heater Drain Pan Line Made of a Proprietary Material Approved for Use Under Electric or Gas Water Heaters.

A Battery Powered Leak Alarm that is the ONLY one Designed Specifically for Water Heaters. Second Version Coming with WiFi Communication to App in Phone. 
Target Markets:
You will Call on Inspectors, Contractors, and Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
You will be showing a Unique product that has quality advantages, price advantages, and will help distributors increase profits! We have brought a product to a category that has no real innovation, no excitement, no conversation, and created a reason to evaluate and compare products! You will have something new, exciting, and profitable to discuss with buyers! You will have something new, innovative, and better for the contractors. 

Company ID: 103023 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Machined Parts, Machine Rebuilding, Precision Metal Fittings, Precision Machine Components. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Agriculture, Aerospace, Hydraulic, Electronics. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are currently a metal working machine rebuilding firm that has a background in precision machined component manufacturing. We were part of a company that serviced all the tier 1 and 2 automotive companies for over 30 years with precision mass produced and short run machined components. We have been rebuilding the machines we used to use for end users until our non compete clauses were up and now we are seeking to start a production facility again.

We have a 40,000 square foot state of the art facility with CNC mill, lathe, screw machine, and Hydromat machines. We are ready to go. We are familiar with all of the high quality standards that are required in today's 0 defect climate and have over 100 years of combined machining experience ready to go to work. We are seeking contracts of all kinds and with our low overhead and paid off equipment can be very price competitive. 

Company ID: 103018 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We produce business checks including:
Laser Checks (Compatible with Any Software)
Blank Laser Checks
3 on a Page Checks
Payroll Checks 
Target Markets:
The great thing about Checks is that Every Business Needs Them. The Majority of our Existing Business Portfolio Consists of SMB's in literally Hundreds of Verticals.

Key Verticals:
Employment Services
Property Management
Business Management
Insurance Companies 
Sales Opportunity:
Checks are an excellent addition to any supply product line as every business has a requirement for them. Our company has been in business since 1995 and currently fills an average of 800 orders per day. All of our business orders ship for free.

We have a dedicated wholesale support team to assist with order taking and marketing needs. We are willing to assist in the development of marketing materials and co-advertise based on opportunity. Dedicated territories are available. We are willing to work with you to develop a program that will work for your clients. We offer 25% off of our already low market retail prices. 

Company ID: 101791 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Gun Care Products(r) Brand of Firearms Lubricants,Cleaners, Stock Finishes, Polishes and Greases.

Since 1969, we have been Manufacturing a Line of Premium Firearms Products Targeted to Shooters and Sportsmen who Demand Quality and Value for their Weapons. 
Target Markets:
Gun and Pawn Shops, Sporting Goods Stores, Gunsmiths, Internet Retailers, and anyone else Selling Related Merchandise. We Prefer Dealers and Distributors of our products and want to Avoid Discounters and Liquidation Companies, and their websites. 
Sales Opportunity:
Currently soliciting Regional representation (Specifically Eastern Pennsylvania and N.J., FL, Ala. Southwest and Western States) of our line of Premium Firearms Lubricants and Cleaners. Prefer Reps and their firms currently should sell to the Sporting Goods industry, have an established current customer base and preferably not have conflicting lines. Many new items for 2016 to expand the lines.

We Offer an added 5% Commission to our regular rep commission for the extra effort of establishing new dealers and distributors. Currently Bakers dozen with each aerosol case to use as a dealer sample. Product training and support is always available. We want you start earning TODAY! Want to have reps in place by Dec. 31, 2015. Submit a sales inquiry to us today!

Your established customers who are on terms with other manufacturers can expect priority open account terms. Any and all house leads generated will be forwarded to our representatives, with exception to federal and state governmental agencies. We are willing to work with our rep regarding commissions and territories desired.

We want you today! Submit a sales inquiry to us today to ensure your protected territory. Outstanding commissions earned will be settled promptly. We plan on offering Seasonal promotions and specials that will induce more sales and increase your commissions. 

Company ID: 103014 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Concrete Floor Cleaners, Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads. 
Target Markets:
Large Janitorial Distribution Companies, Janitorial Sub-Distribution, Grocery Retail, Logistics Companies, and Large Janitorial Contracting companies. 
Sales Opportunity:
As more and more floors become polished concrete, the traditional suppliers to the floor care world (Jan/San distributors) have lost significant market share due to decreased sales of floor finish and traditional floor maintenance supplies. They need to be presented with an opportunity to increase their product and solution portfolios so they can address the many floors their customers now have.

The only products that Jan/San distributors have available to address polished concrete is diamond maintenance pads sold to them as a commodity by manufacturers of traditional floor pads. These manufacturers offer no training on concrete floors and only participate in selling daily maintenance solutions without helping the distributors with a knowledge base for concrete floors in general, not addressing the minor restoration, interim maintenance and repair opportunities available, and not helping them gain a foothold in the industry.

Our company has the products, resources and solutions to bridge the gap between the concrete contractor sector and the general floor maintenance sector resulting in a company that will be recognized as a leader and profit center for Jan/San distributors wanting to recapture/increase their business, while providing new profit opportunity to the Janitorial industry. 

Company ID: 103015 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Pro Energy is a line of Protein Meal Products (65 Différent Products) with a Protocol that All Clients will be in this Program for a Minimum of 6 weeks. 
Target Markets:
Esthetic Spas
Weigh Loss Centers
Beauty Spas
Chiropratic Offices 
Sales Opportunity:
Pro Energy is a leader in the weight management industry and ensures the distribution of high quality protein products and the best program to more then 300 weight loss clinics across Canada.

- Become a Pro Energy independant Advisor with a recurring paid commission (paid every 2 weeks)
- Signing Bonus
- Increased income of $2,000 to $7,000 monthly
- Support and expertise of out Team
- Exceptional Customer Service

Your main responsibilities will be to grow sales by the representation of our services to various businesses in the health and esthetics industry. 

Company ID: 102998 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Engineered "Sprung" Flooring, Dance Performance Vinyl, & Related Accessories.

For Theatres, Studios, and other Dance/Athletic Related Facilities. Products are Listed in CSI Divisions 096451, 096452 and 096516. 
Target Markets:
Commercial Architects & Specifiers. 
Sales Opportunity:
L'AIR International is a small established manufacturer that invented the engineered sprung floor concept over 30 years ago. L'AIR is a recognized industry leader in sprung flooring for studio, theatre and touring applications. With almost 2,500 installations globally, L’AIR is universally specified as the finest sprung dance flooring available and our clients include some of the finest theatres, dance companies, studios, university dance departments, and aerobic centers in the world. Including our line in your portfolio, means you'll be representing the absolute best in the industry.

We are searching for professional independent reps who carry related products lines and have existing relationships with architects and specifiers. Heavy focus on promoting the L'AIR product specification during the early design stages, and handling submittals and substitutions during the bidding stages. 

Company ID: 99372 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We have a Patent to a Vertical Support System and Currently we are Manufacturing an Innovative Line of Curtain Holders that Dress Up Any Window.

It can be Matched to Custom Cabinets and Interior Decorations or Used as Accent Pieces. 
Target Markets:
Home Depot, Lowes, Kirkland, Walmart, Target, Furniture Stores, Wood Accessories Stores, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
This is one of a kind curtain holder product that serves as a primary element in the house, which are curtains, the product offers a wide variety of models, styles, colors, finishes, etc. It has very unique characteristics that make it look elegant and clean. Something that everyone would like to use to decorate their walls and match to house decor.

Either kitchen style and color, wood work, wood floor, or furniture. The product is an ever demanded product, As long as there are windows being put up, there is a very good chance people may want to use one of our many models and styles. Our curtain holder is very easy to install, plus curtains are very easy to put on and take off and it does not show any hardware. 

Company ID: 103012 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Sportswear, Team Wear, Active Wear, Outer Wear, Casual Wear, Fitness Articles, Sports Balls. 
Target Markets:
Retail Shops, Clubs, Sports Stores, Schools, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Participation in Exhibitions of Sporting Goods and Accessories, Sports Apparel, Fitness and Indoor games, direct buyers and distribution will be main target to enter market and fetch with quality control and acceptance.We are basic SME's and feel opportunity to be availed through our Reps. 

Company ID: 103009 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Manufacture Fashion Jewelry & Accessories for both Women and Men.

Our products are: Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Brooches, Cufflinks, Keychains, Tiepins, etc. We already Supply: Max Mara Group, H&M, Massimo Dutti, Maje, Tk Maxx, Adolfo Dominguez, etc. 
Target Markets:
Fashion Retailers, Department Stores, Fashion Brands, Fashion Private Labels. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company manufactures fashion jewelry for 35 years, thus we have a solid hisory and strong reputation.

We have developped a vertically integrated production process (the galvanic plating is executed internally too), therefore, we are able to offer:
- Costs competive items while using both the latest technology and top-quality materials.
- Design and packaging fully tailored to customers needs.The Style team designes the items strarting from a fashion-mood or from an existing sketch/technical pack (both provided from the clients or not).
- 24K, 16K, 12K gold plating on request.
- Allergy-free products in compliance with the EU Directive against forbidden and risky substances.
- Strong focus and flexibility toward customers’ requests and specs.
- Outstanding customer service both before and after the purchase.
- 100% on time delivery.
We are able to offer a convenient commission on sales and we are likely to meet the needs of our reps. 

Company ID: 103007 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Cannabis Potency Measurement Systems 
Target Markets:
Growers, Labs, and Retail Outlets. 
Sales Opportunity:
Cannabis Potency Measurement Systems are in demand in a big way. Not a hard sell as you are bringing sales tool to clients. Exploding market that is wide open. The growth will not stop for many years to come. I have talked with several lab, growers and retail outlets that need this equipment now and they will pay whatever it takes. This is the future. 


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