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Company ID: 97539 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a European Trademark "SALMANS" in Sports Goods and Apparel which Includes Athletic Active Wear/Running and Compression Base Layers, Cycling Apparel and Hoodies, Tops. 
Target Markets:
ALL Over USA and Canada. Sales Rep can sell the product in their State where they have a Good Connections and have an access to the retailers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We will initially start with a Technical athletic Apparel as Describe above Like Compression/Baselayer Athletic apparel/Active wear,Complete Range of Cycling/Bike apparel, etc. Sales Representative have a unlimited Opportunity to earn money/Commission on sales. More points we can discuss step by step in our private Conversation. 

Company ID: 97623 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Olive oils,balsamic vinagers.corn oil,vegetable oils 
Target Markets:
Super markets,distributors,wholesale clubs,grocers 
Sales Opportunity:
We are importers and packers of edible oils and vinagers.We would like to expand our
Distribution to other states.We are lower in price than our competition by 10 to 15 percent. 

Company ID: 65331 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Eagle Pro offers a full line of Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders and Pumps.

We Manufacture our own products, from 5T up to 1000T Lifting Cylinders, as well as Various Hand, Electric, Air/Hydraulic Pumps, Hoses, Fitting, and other Accessories. 
Target Markets:
Mining, Petro-Chemical, Rail, Construction, Rental, MRO, Foundation Repair. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a very aggressive, new company to the US market. We are priced better than our competition and our quality level is on par with the market leaders in this industry. We started in the North American market in June of 2011 and have seen explosive growth in every distribution channel. This is a great opportunity to get started with a company that does business worldwide.

Our products are sold in Canada, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. We offer exceptional comissions and have many opportunities for a highly motovated and effective sales force. We are looking for agencies/reps that have experience with high pressure (10,000psi) hydraulic products and/or systems. 

Company ID: 97621 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
All Stainless Steel Mud Flap Releasable Hanger Brackets.

U.S. Patent Protected 
Target Markets:
Dump Trucks, Cement Mixers, Asphalt, Block, Logging, Roll Off, and Garbage Trucks. Ideal for both on-road and off-road trucking. Also great for Freight Haulers that frequently experience mud flap damage. 
Sales Opportunity:
Just check out the Demonstration Video on my website (it speaks volumes). Our comapny has a Proven Product! Thousands in use by Owner Operators, Fleet, Municipal and DOT equipment throughout the U.S. & Canada. I'm the only one who can sell this product. U.S. Patent Protected. 

Company ID: 96576 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a thermoforming company that has the capability to produce large orders for larger companies or chains and small orders for smaller companies, inventors or prototypes. Ranging from very small parts (like a cheese scoop) to large part (like pick truck bed liners). 
Target Markets:
We specialized in agricultural, transportation and aerospace thermoforming but are looking to expand into other markets such as medical supplies, recreational (i.e. golf carts, RV, trailers, educational materials and more. 
Sales Opportunity:
Technical support will be provided by our engineers, estimators, design/marketing and other basic office staff to ensure a well round presentation and a wealth of information. 

Company ID: 67976 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Skincare Equipment and Products include the MegaPeel EX Microdermabrasion System, ClearQuest Diode Laser, Quadra Q4 IPL, and dm Skincare Professional & Retail Line. 
Target Markets:
Spas (all types, Medi-Spa, Day Spas, etc.), Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Private Aestheticians. 
Sales Opportunity:
Dermamed Solutions is looking for top-performing sales professionals to help grow our business and establish client relationships within the professional skincare market. The ideal candidate is a serious hunter with high closing rates and the ability to maintain healthy pipelines.

If you have experience in the Dermatology and Skincare industry and are looking to add this type of equipment to your current lines, please inquire. If you are on the market for a company that sustains personable service to not only their customers but their independent representatives as well to support you in your everyday sales then submit your sales inquiry for more info 

Company ID: 88962 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Seeking Highly Motivated Representatives with Proven Sales Success to Introduce and Sell our Line of Structural PVC Columns, to Lumberyards and Building Supply Centers in New England, North East, and Mid West.

With a successful sales record in the South East we are now looking to expand. 
Target Markets:
Lumberyards, Building Supply Centers, Millwork Distributors, and Siding Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our companys' square structural PVC columns and square tapered PVC columns fill a well defined demand in the new and remodeling construction marketplaces. Our factory assembled columns utilize a miter folding technology, developed by our company in the early 90's, that remains a state of the art process today, and provides contractors with the best value in non-fiberglass, load bearing columns.

Very few column manufacturers have gone to the expense of tooling up to build this unique column and therefore, in many markets, we will be the only source of supply. A new column product that creates a win-win-win scenario for you, your customers and their customers. 

Company ID: 14518 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Original Capital Equipment, Automated Parts Washing Systems, Central Filtration systems. Filtration skid packages, Replacement filtration production both liquid and air. Dust collecton systems and replacement media. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, Tier one manufacturers, Chemical, Aerospace, food and beverage, Pharmaceutical. 
Sales Opportunity:
21 years experience selling filtration/pollution prevention systems. Multi-million dollars annually in original equipment.

Personally have taken products from market introduction at trade show to global specification for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota,

Worked closely with regions largest Engineering firms to specify water treatment systems that helped the buildings aquire "Green Building" status. 

Company ID: 97465 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Manufacture Products Through all Industries (Horticulture, Construction, and Industrial) that Use Perlite's and Vermiculite's except food grade. 
Target Markets:
Construction, Industrial, and Horticultural markets. Commercial Growers, Block Yards, Chimney Restoration, Distributors, Foundry Supply, Oil Fields Supply, etc. 
Sales Opportunity:
Commission based opportunity. Looking for the next generation of sales representatives to help drive our products into the forefront in the market. Long term potential. We have 30 years of experience manufacturing perlite and vermiculite for these markets. Hoping you know where the bones are buried. We are coming into the second generation of ownership and are looking for the next generation of sales reps. Are you it? I sure would like to find out.

Waste Water Treatment, Liquid Filtration, Concrete Aggregate, Insulation, High/Low temp. Insulation, Acoustics, Cryogenics, Pre Coat/Air Filtration, Abrasives, Fillers, Carriers, Horticulture, Soil amendments, Growing Media, Fireproofing, Oil Well Treatments, Spill Clean Up, etc. 

Company ID: 68232 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Manufacturer of SuperGreen FarInfrared Tankless Water Heaters & Hydronic Radiant Heaters. Newly Patented, UL499 & European CE Certified.

With Power Modulation down to 50 watts, a Wet Heating System is as Cost Effective as it can get. Our products are Green, Lime Scale Free, & Need No Maintenance. 
Target Markets:
Our Representatives will have the opportunity to sell to Wholesale & Plumbing Supply Houses, Distributors, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Spas, & more within a given region. This is the Newest in Green Technology. Thinking out of the box is always welcome. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our mission was to fix everything wrong with the current electric tankless water heaters produced today. Using our Quartz heating technology, we're the ONLY TRUE Tankless Water Heater on the Market. All the other tankless units use a mini tank that eventually leak, the elements scale up, or they just burn out. The cheapest ones use a plastic tank prone to leaks. Their water heating hasn't changed for 80 years & none of them can handle hard water OR keep pace with Hydronic radiant heating like ours. Did you know, 1 Millimeter of scale is equal to 7% loss of efficiency?

Our Competitive Advantages:
Greenest product
Use of Far Infrared Technology for complete heating of water
Greatest Energy Efficiency
Maintenance Free
Breaks down mineral content to help make the water softer and energized for the body
No limescale/calcium build up
No loss of efficiency and no metal coils for heating.
No Tankless Water Heater can match that

Representatives selected to sell our products will have the greatest opportunities for sales. We're the only company using our technology for heating water on demand. If your company is looking for that one new product, here it is. With all the benefits mentioned, plus some that are not, this product stands out when compared to any of the antiquated units currently on the market. There is nothing out there like it. It's a big country with 1 1/2 million water heaters needing replacement every year. 

Company ID: 87068 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Solar Building Systems.

World's Most Advanced, Using U/l Listed Solar Walls, Windows, Balcony, Atrium Shades, Pool And Radiant Heating Technology Existing Only for Past 14 months Makes our company Unique. We Private Brand Over 800 Construction Items. 
Target Markets:
Government, Schools, Universities, High Rise Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and even Homes are Ideal Customers for our Solar Building Systems. Market to Architects, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Solar Contractors, Competitors, Building & Home Owners. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are Seeking Qualified Manufacturers Representatives that will be Loyal to our company and require Loyalty from us in return. Manufacturer Reps that want to limit their travel and be home every night are our ideal candidates. But must be aggressive, honest, and want to build a home based business. This opportunity requires a minimum investment of $2,500 for an Exclusive Territory for all our solar building systems.

Territory is limited to 50,000 population, but can be expanded based on sales performance to adjoining areas, if available. You would be classified as our exclusive solar building products dealer for the area assigned and may volunteer to cancel within one year. You will not get your investment returned but you would receive $2,500 in credit to purchase at our dealer discount prices any of the 800 products we stock, so little risk to you.

If you do your research you will find no other solar products company in the world with our solar building systems and no others will meet our high performance level. Our competitors will be your best customers. We design using the highest efficiency thin film solar modules in the world with Cdte chemistry, made by only six manufacturers. In the USA first solar, with about $4 Billion in annual sales is the biggest and we are the smallest, but are the only ones with transparent thermal windows and solar building designs you will have. 

Company ID: 70656 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Industrial Centrifuges and Filters.

We are a Chinese Chemical Processing Equipment Manufacturing Company. Specializing in Separation Machinery, including Centrifuges and Filters. The company headquarters is based in Shanghai, China. 
Target Markets:
Fine & Bulk Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar Refining, Food, and Agricultural Industrial. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are now seeking commission-based sales agents with experience at selling industrial equipment. Our main products are Industrial Centrifuges and Filters. Such as Pusher Centrifuges, Decanter Centrifuges, Top-Suspended Peeler Centrifuges, Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges, Vacuum Drum Filters. Our company was established in 1958 and a leader in China in the centrifuge and filter fields. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 18102 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Sports Licensed and Branded Apparel Line for Men, Women, and Children Consisting of T-Shirts, Hoodies and Letterman Style Jackets Imprinted with the Collectible Autographs and Artist's Illustrations of Iconic NFL or NBA Players, Coaches, and Internationally Recognized Car Racing Champions. 
Target Markets:
Mass Market Merchandisers, Department Stores, and Specialty (Apparel and Sporting Goods) Retail Stores for the Sale to Every Sports Fan of the 318 Million in America from the age of 4-94. 
Sales Opportunity:
I am seeking manufacturer's representatives for sales to mass market, department stores and specialty (apparel and sporting goods) store retailers throughout the country (and perhaps the world). Consisting of my innovative and licensed Apparel "collectible" sportswear line for men, women, and children. My products include: T-shirts, hoodies, and letterman style jackets.

The T-shirts and hoodies of the line are imprinted by silk screen and the letterman jackets by embroidery with the autographs and my artist's original illustrations of the "iconic" NFL and NBA players and coaches including Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Reggie White, Brent Jones, Jim Lachey, Jack Del Rio, Don Shula, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Clyde Drexler, Christian Laettner, Hakeem Olajuwon and Chuck Daly.

And Internationally recognized car racing champions including Richard Petty, Emerson Fittipaldi, Danny Sullivan, Lyn St. James, Ivan Stewart and Johnny Rutherford, who are featured in the skill demonstration, life story audio, video programs that I created, wrote, and produced for television and home entertainment and these programs are being marketed at this time. 

Company ID: 97606 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Produce Custom Injection Molded Silicone Parts from LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber). 
Target Markets:
Medical and Dental industries have Used Silicone for Components, Seals, O-Rings, as well as parts that need to be Sanitary, Heat Resistant, and Flexible. Currently a small industry compared to rubbers and plastics but Growing Fast with Great Profitability. 
Sales Opportunity:
Silicone molding can produce low to high volume parts with incredible characteristics. Tooling is affordable and parts have a great profit margin. Liquid Silicone molding is the fastest growing process in the rubber industry. All Form will work with you and your customer to work through R&D and full production to establish a long term relationship. Commission structure is open and negotiable. 

Company ID: 97558 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Hearing Protection, Tasco is a Domestic Manufacturer of All Types of Hearing & Head Protection Products.

We Manufacture Foam & PVC Ear Plugs Including Metal Detectable, Molded Tri-Grip, Corded & Uncorded. Ear Muffs and Hard Hat Adaptable. We also manufacture Face Shields & Hard Hats. 
Target Markets:
Safety Distributors, Industrial Distributors. Catalog Houses, Grainger, Gun Ranges. 
Sales Opportunity:
We currently supply almost 300 distributors in the continental USA. We have many States with out representation. Tasco has been in business since 1975. If you are selling to the Manufacturing industry and selling through distributors we may be just what you are looking for. Tasco is the last family owned hearing and head protection company in the country. Perhaps we can build a profitable future together. 

Company ID: 93819 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Electrical Transformers
Single Phase Transformers
Ferroresonant (Constant Voltage) Transformers
Three Phase Transformers
Toroidal Transformers
UL Class 130C, 180C and 200C Systems 
Target Markets:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for Battery chargers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Packaging Equipment, Oil & Gas Industry, Cathodic Rectifiers, Medical Equipment. 
Sales Opportunity:
Well established (almost 40 years) manufacturer for ferroresonant transformers looking to expand our market. Full engineering and manufacturing capabilities. All transformers are custom designed for specific applications. Available ratings depend upon a number of factors including power requirements, maximum voltages, currents, and frequency. Our typical range is from 50va up to 10KVA dry type. 

Company ID: 76114 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Stampings Up to 250 ton, All Alloys
Aluminum Extrusions 6" Capability
Metal Fabrication 
Target Markets:
OEMs, Non-Commodity Industries. Short Run Jobs. 
Sales Opportunity:
New owner looking to increase sales in our 4 main manufacturing processes. No inside sales team to compete with. No teritories. Open capacity in each area to allow for quality products with quick lead times. Our competitive edge is pricing with quick lead times. We build our own stamping dies. Aluminum extruder with open capacity for short runs of 500 lbs. Standard commissions honored. 

Company ID: 32465 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
For every $150.00 you give us we will give you back or you will have gotten back $300.00 within 45 days we guarantee it. Or we will return your money. 
Target Markets:
Just offer our product at Malls or Flea Markets, Shopping Centers on Carts, at Gun Shows, Financial Shows, Security Shows. Every $150.00 becomes $370.00 we Guarantee It. 
Sales Opportunity:

WE HELP YOU WITH THE SIGNS, VIDEOS, ETC. THAT HAVE PROVEN TO WORK FOR OUR SELLERS. WE COACH YOU, WE HOLD YOUR HAND, AND WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU DO NOT DOUBLE YOUR MONEY. You have NO RISK, you can buy as many Scanner Guard Cards as your want at $6.00 each. Mininmum order will be 25 or $150.00 plus shipping.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do not sell them and DOUBLE YOUR MONEY at the end of 30 days. Simply return what you have not sold which NEVER HAPPENS and we will reverse your credit card or send you a check whichever makes you happy. THIS PRODUCT, THE SCANNER GUARD CARD FLYS OFF THE CARTS AND KIOSKS. WE HAVE PEOPLE MAKING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY WEEK. COME JOIN THEM. $150.00 NO RISK TO GET STARTED LIKE TWO DINNERS BUT YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE FOOD. 

Company ID: 95690 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Manufacture Pet Bedding & Blankets, Stainless Steel Items (Treat Jars, Bowls), First-aid, Natural Grooming Care, Plush, and Rubber Toys. 
Target Markets:
We are seeking reps for 2015 to Sell to Independent/Multi-Chain, Specialty, and National Retailers. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a manufacturing company that carries our own brand with a selection of products in multiple categories. Provide sourcing and private label for customers. Our brand carries unique and innovative pet products. High quality and value at reasonable price. Seeking reps for territories or specific categories. 

Company ID: 97603 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Polyisocyanurate Rigid Insulation Board for Building Envelope Continuous Insulation (CI). 
Target Markets:
Selling Through Established Distribution Channels and Acquiring Architectural Specification. 
Sales Opportunity:
The Continuous insulation or CI of the building material envelope is a newly required component to the wall assemble with huge potential. Again, CI is a building IECC 2012 code requirement that will soon be on every building and the new standard for wall assembly design. Our polyiso insulation is the best solution for thermal loss protection and fire/heat resistance that fulfills this energy code requirement. 

Company ID: 97502 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Earth Friendly Pet Products including:
Poop Bags that Break Down in 18 months
Bamboo Grooming Wipes

Coming Soon:
Pee Pads
Nail Clippers
Paw and Nose Moisturizers
Target Markets:
Brick and Mortar Stores of All Sizes, Online Shops, Distributors. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a new pet supplies company looking to expand our presence worldwide. We started with one line of products, poop bags, selling exclusively on Amazon. In less than 8 months our products have been moving very well and we have gotten product inquiries from shops and distributors all over the world.

Our products are of high quality, eco-friendly, attractively packaged and competitively priced to separate us from the competition. We currently have 7 SKUs and will be expanding to much more in 2015.

While I manage the sales on Amazon I occasionally go on sales calls to shops. I've been very successful selling to about 80% of the shops I stop into. Our products look great and are of high quality, if you have a passion for pets and want to sell a product you can really get behind, this is the opportunity for you! 

Company ID: 97588 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Sheet Metal Household Products, Furniture Products usually Made from Sheet Metal, Stools, Dining Tables, Sofas, Beds, Ladders, Basket Bins, Barbecues. 
Target Markets:
Hopefully worldwide but we are first seeking the US and Europe. 
Sales Opportunity:
Ours is a leading company in the sheet metal forming industry. We are manufacturing customized products upon the customer’s request.

In addition to our technical know how in terms of sheet metal work, we can propose logistics solutions adapted to customer needs as just in time delivery, Kanban, Export sea containers, etc.

Major worldwide customers trusted us:
- Schneider Electric. (Egypt)
- Carrier. (Saudi Arabia)
- Carrier. (Egypt)

Our company is Certified ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001. We are looking for Independent Sales agents Worldwide for our new project we are running, We entered the Household industry and we have already began producing different kinds of household sheet metal products like Stools, Dining tables, Ladders, Barbecues, Shelves, Basket bins, etc.

And we are also seeking Independent Manufacturers Representatives, who have experience with Metal Fabrication and Machining. Serving Industries: Automotive, Conveyor Systems, Agricultural, Transportation, Alternative Energy, Medical Equipment, and Consumer Goods Markets. Expanding territories and industries in the United States and Europe. 

Company ID: 97594 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Instrumentation for the Analysis of Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Oils, and Lubricating Fluids.

These Instruments Detemine Ferrous Debris, Particle Counts, Flashpoint Testing, Density, PQ Index, and Rotary Particle Deposition. 
Target Markets:
Industrial Laboratories, Industrial Customer who have a Need for In-House Analysis Capabilities. 
Sales Opportunity:
Looking to setup several regional reps to sell and support our products. Currently selling via hydraulic distributors that do not have the exposure or talent to attack the focused customer. They are traditional distributors who sell to OEM's and industrial accounts on a MRO basis. We are seeking to see if manufacture represenatives are a better way into the high tech market that is new to us by way of an acquisition of a European instrument company. 

Company ID: 97592 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Work Lights, Inspection Lights, and Flashlights. 
Target Markets:
Industrial, Stafda, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing Supply Houses. 
Sales Opportunity:
Maxxeon designs and manufactures state-of-the-art lighting tools for technicians and tradesmen. Our products outperform all other work lights and are preferred by professionals who own the Maxxeon WorkStar and Pocket Floodlight brands. This is your chance to develop and profit from a product line that continues to introduce new, leading edge products, not "me too" products. If you are a "show and tell" type of sales rep, you will love selling our lighting tools - these tools always elicit a WOW response! 

Company ID: 97585 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Product Attaches to the Homeowners' Air Conditioner Drain Line in Seconds to Clean ALL Clogs Safely.

It Instantly Cleans ALL Clogs with a Simple Bicycle Pump Safely from Inside their Home, Simply Add Cleaning Solutions, and they can even have a See Through Clear Window. Patent Utility Applied. 
Target Markets:
I want entry into major Hardware Stores like Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc. Several Models Available and Display Packaging can be Changed to Stores Preferences. 
Sales Opportunity:
It is the ONLY product of it's type ever made for simple consumer use. Requires no maintenance, comes ready to installs EASILY, and can be used safely inside the home at ANY TIME of the day. Most products are gimmicks, and use suction which doesn't have any power, but just partially opens the clog allowing the debris to pass through.

This DOESN'T clean the line, so the clog can and will reappear and flood the floor causing damage. Our units use COMPRESSION which forces PRESSURE AGAINST the entire water back-up, and PUSHES out ALL the clogs. Some models have an opening to add chemicals and even attach a hose.

NO NEED TO HAND HOLD ANYTHING, BECAUSE EVERYTHING ATTACHES DIRECTLY AND CAN BE REMOVED IN SECONDS. Our website shows all samples and animations. It may look simple, but that's why it took over two years of experimentation. Truly a UNIQUE and USEFUL new product. 

Company ID: 97590 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
100% Natural Fertilizers with Micelle Technology. 
Target Markets:
Growers of almost any crop. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our product line, is a new technology, that is Breaking yield records all over the United States. Growing a healthy plant as well as taking care of our environment is important for everyone. We currently are working with growers from some of the biggest companies in the U.S.

As well, we are doing business globally with helping plants produce more yields than ever before. We started small and are growing at a tremendous rate. We would like to see if you’re a good fit to help our company become a household name. Thanks for your time. 

Company ID: 97206 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Gifts including: Coasters, Wine Stoppers, Picture Frames, Magnets, Ornaments, Travel Mugs, Paperweights, Business Card Holders, Jewelry.
Hardware/Home Décor including: Drawer Pulls & Handles, Switch Covers, Tiles. 
Target Markets:
Gift Stores, Museum Shops, Specialty Hardware Stores, Jewelry Stores, Internet/Catalog Sales. 
Sales Opportunity:
Unique product line made from recycled materials. Materials used include seashells (lobster, mussel, scallop, oyster, clam, abalone, and others) and scrap metal (aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium). All products are handcrafted at our workshop in Kennebunk, Maine.

Materials are cast in a highly resilient transparent epoxy resin. Many of our products can be customized for corporate, personal, and tourist applications. We've had tremendous success over the past 5 years in the Northeast and are seeking to expand all of our product lines into other regions. 

Company ID: 97582 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
The Dura-Grader line of Graders are Top in the Industry.

These Attachments make it Simple to Grade a Road, Maintain Parking Lots, Clear Land, Build Pads, Move Dirt, and Easily Accomplish other Dirt Related Jobs. Reps will also be Promoting a One-of-a-Kind Aggregate Base Spreader. 
Target Markets:
Municipalities, Agriculture Related Businesses, Contractors, Dealer Groups (i.e. Bobcat, Case, John Deere, Cat, etc.). 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Dura-Grader line of graders and our Aggregate Base Spreader are very unique products. We were first to market with a pull behind grader that has mechanically adjustable blades. Our Dura-Grader is one of the only effective graders on the market that can be used behind a truck or SUV. Our Skid Steer series Dura-Grader lineup is perfect for contractors/construction companies doing any type of dirt work.

This is the only mechanical aggregate spreader on the market today. We hold a patent on this unit. This unit cuts labor cost and saves on material expense immediately. This is a must for companies who focus on or bid many road construction jobs, airport runway jobs, or levee jobs.

We are an aggressive and growing company looking to expand our territory reach and dealer network. Our marketing is focused on digital platforms with a heavy emphasis on video for the year to come.

Reps will be directly supported by our management team at company headquarters. Commission structure and territories will be discussed in more detail with qualified candidates. 

Company ID: 97395 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
- Wine Racking and storage Products for Both Residential and Commercial Applications.
- Wine Cellar Refrigeration, Entry Doors, Artwork, Lighting. 
Target Markets:
- Residential Homeowners, Architects, Designers, and Home Builders.
- Commercial Builders, Designers, Architects, Spec Writers.
- Wine Stores, Wine Bars, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, any Higher-End Venue that Sells Wine. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company is looking for outgoing people who want to represent the company in the field, prospecting and selling everything we manufacture and distribute to residential and commercial entities. We have been working EXCLUSIVELY in the wine storage industry for more than 30 years now and is one of the global leaders in custom cellars, pre-fabricated kit racks, various refrigeration systems, unique artwork, lighting, and cellar accessories. All products are made in the USA.

We have a Patent Pending product coming on-board that will allow you to get in on the ground floor of promoting this new line. We have commercial racking in stores all over the world, and can meet the needs of even the most discerning luxury homeowner.

You will be supported by a team of professionals throughout the quoting, design, and installation phases that have more than 200 years of experience combined with the company. Commission is 5% of the order total, not including S&H or tax. 

Company ID: 97503 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Fashion Chain and Fashion Beaded Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings.

Our company is a 95 year old Precious & Metal Chain Manufacturer in Providence, Rhode Island. We Sell our Precious Metal to the Largest and Most Well Renown Designers in the World. 
Target Markets:
Boutiques, Gift Stores, Mid-Size to Large Size Retailers, Catalog Accounts, and eCommerce. 
Sales Opportunity:
Fashion Chain & Beaded Jewelry Line. Seeking independent reps preferably with current, non-compete lines to sell 18kt plated fashion pieces, made in the USA. Our company offers quality, timeless fashion, proud to be made in the USA. 

Company ID: 96380 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Teak Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Imported Directly from Indonesia including Teak for the Bathroom and Spa.

Also Lamps, Decorative Items, and such perfect for the Entrance Hall of Lodges, Hotels, and Restaurants. Solid Wood Tables Made of Suar Wood, Oregon Pine, and Teak are our Speciality. 
Target Markets:
Hotels, Restaurants, Lodges, Vineyards, Retailers, Nurseries. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are a small company looking for a sales rep to help us grow. We are specialized in the teak furniture business. We import the teak furniture directly from Indonesia. Our warehouse and showroom is located in Bandon, Oregon. We started our business 9 years ago, selling directly to the public from our warehouse or through the internet. We also supply the B2B Business (retailers in Oregon) who sell our teak. More Hotels and Lodges as well as Vineyards and Restaurants are on our prospective customer list.

Knowledge of the Teak Furniture Business is a big plus, but we can provide necessary information. Another big benefit would be if you are a sales rep for other products that are of interest to these customers. It would be easiest to add our products to your product list. This is an independent salesperson position on commission base only. You are working for yourself. You must be hard working and can drive yourself. The region can expand throughout Oregon as well as the entire Pacific Northwest. 

Company ID: 97574 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Design and Manufacture a Complete Line of Breed Specific Products.

Our Flagship Project for Labradors has over 70,000 members and 830,000 Facebook followers.

We also have:
Golden Retrievers
Target Markets:
We are Targeting Boutiques, Pet Stores, Vets, and any other Retail Outlets Interested in Breed Specific Items. 
Sales Opportunity:
We are seeking qualified reps with history in the pet product space. We have exact match domains and a large following that will be of interest to retailers. We can drive traffic from our online properties by city into their stores to buy our products. We offer competitive compensation and bonus opportunities for the right rep. 

Company ID: 97571 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are B2B Energy Solutions, Currently Involved in LED Lighting Conversions in GA, NC, and Central to East Tennessee.

Our Expertise Includes: Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Aftermarket Automotive Products, Food and Beverage, Marketing Consulting, and Special Event Planning and Promotion. 
Target Markets:
Independent Retail Stores, Automotive Dealerships, Special Events Venues, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Municipalities, School Districts, Architects, Contractors. Our Clients Spend anywhere from Hundreds to Millions of Dollars per Annum. 
Sales Opportunity:
We represent quality products to buyers who expect superior customer service, integrity, timely delivery with face to face communications as well as internet and personal telephone contact. Our primary mission is a satisfied customer. 

Company ID: 97255 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Jan/San Plumbing and Cleaning Products that Deal with the Issues Customers have with Low Flow and Waterless Urinals.

The products are Bacterial Based, Environmentally Friendly, and they Work. They have been on the Market for 7 years in Europe and one year in the US. 
Target Markets:
The target market is School Districts, Commercial Building Owners, Federal Government, Military Bases. Any building owner who has Installed either Low Flow Urinals or Waterless Urinals. Contact would be typically with a Chief Engineer in a Building or a Facilities Director. 
Sales Opportunity:
Waterless and Ultra low flow urinals cost a lot of money to maintain. In many parts of the country customers are doing the right thing for environmental reasons, but end up with issues because of these products. Our products eliminate the issues and save money for the customers. Our customers have tried many products, none of them have worked up until now.

Customers are looking for answers. These products offer you a recurring revenue stream so you don't always have to be looking for new business. Build a base of business and watch it grow as you get referrals from happy customers. g3 Earth Solutions already have customers in the US using these products. References exist and can be leveraged. Marketing Collateral exists, we provide you with client references and sales and technical support. Commission is 25%-30%. 

Company ID: 11395 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Soap Products are Non-Toxic, All Natural Ingredient Cleaning Formulas and Basic Concentrates for Industrial and Commercial Use. All Formulas Meet or Exceed the Department of the Interior's Green Seal Standards. All of our Base Formulas are Industrial Strength and Baby Safe. 
Target Markets:
Home and Garden, Schools, Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Factories, Industry, Agriculture, Government, Marine, Veterinary, Commercial Properties, Apartment Buildings, Oil Spill Cleanups, Vehicle Maintenance, Boat, and Recreational. 
Sales Opportunity:
The world is finally waking up to the short and long-term hazards of the indiscriminate use of toxic cleaning, de-greasing and personal care chemicals. "Going Green" is now the crest of the new wave, and we have developed the safest, finest, and most effective all-purpose cleaning solutions on the planet. Our formulas outperform most alternatives, whether toxic or non-toxic.

They are "Industrial Strength, Earth Friendly, AND Baby Safe!". We are looking for sales representatives to aggressively promote and sell our formulas to companies who would like to license or purchase a formula to manufacture.

What makes us different and better than the competition?
1) “Baby” Safe – Our Cleaning formulas are totally non-toxic. They are harmless to humans and animals. They are not just “bio-based” and “Environmentally Friendly” but 100% Humanly SAFE!
2) Industrial Strength – Our “Colloidal Micelles” formulas are the most effective and versatile cleaners available. They clean virtually everything and outperform almost all other competitive brands, whether toxic or non-toxic!
3) Earth Friendly – These formulas are not only 100% Biodegradable, they also denature toxic substances into biodegradable components. They are perfect for toxic chemical spill cleanups.
4) Cost Effective – Ounce for ounce, our formulas are competitively priced with other brands of cleaners, toxic or non-toxic. 

Company ID: 92874 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We Offer a Removable Crown Molding/Wire Management System.

Our Product Provides the Customer with the Look of Traditional Crown Molding, and the Functionality of a Wire Raceway. 
Target Markets:
- Property Owners and Managers
- Apartment, Educational, Government and Office Buildings
- Hotels
- Hospitals
- Retirement, Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities
- Contractors
- Audio/Visual Companies
- Builders
- Architects
- Contractors
- Student Housing
- Designers 
Sales Opportunity:
We have a new and unique product available that is currently being sold in the United States and Canada. Our molding can conceal many types of low-voltage wires including coax, fiber optic and fire/security alarm. The profile of the molding can be removed at any time to gain access to the wires behind it, and then simply be reattached.

Our molding can be used in both residential and commercial properties. Our molding is ideal in any buildings that contain long corridors, such as hotels, hospitals, government buildings, office buildings, MDU’s and retirement buildings. It is made out of PVC, which makes it lightweight and easy to mount to multiple wall substrates including concrete.

Because the base piece is adhered to the wall, there are many fastening options, which will not be visible once the profile is attached. Our crown molding can also be installed below the ceiling with accent rope lighting to give the effect of a tray ceiling, which enhances the look of catering halls.

Our product comes in four attractive designs, all produced in a white, semi-gloss finish and does not require painting; however, it is fully paintable. Our product is patented and 100% made in the U.S.A. Our company is a certified SBE and WBE. Our product was recently installed in the corridors of a luxury D.C. apartment complex to conceal existing wires. 

Company ID: 95060 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Portable Alternative (Solar) Energy Solutions
Collection and Storage Devices
Solar Lanterns, Flashlights, Radios, and Communication Devices 
Target Markets:
Sporting Goods, Outdoor Retailers, and Industrial Accounts, Consumer Electronics. Come see our newest products at CES-2015 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4, Booth #35254, January 6-9, 2015. Bring your resumes and line cards. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our Portable Energy Solutions is in its infancy. Being a US Manfacturer, with some items sourced overseas, we are bringing our products back to US soil to be manufactured in Northern Nevada. Our commission structure is one of the best in the industry. This is an opportunity to displace some other companys that chose to go the route of the "Big Box" consumer warehouses to get their products to the masses. 

Company ID: 97548 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Jacquard, Upholstery, Drapery, Sheer and Furnishing Fabrics for Hospitality, and Contract Industrials. 
Target Markets:
Hotel, Purchasing Firm, Contractor, Manufacturer of Furniture and Textile, Design Firm, Converter, Wholesaler in USA and Europe. 
Sales Opportunity:
We support Reps full force with internal support and the chance to win award orders and commission structure is based on a negotiated percentage of the net invoiced sales. Working with top clients directly. 

Company ID: 66921 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Candy & More!!

An Ideal Business Opportunity is Available for a Self Motivated Individual as an Independent Door Store Delivery Sales Representative whose Primary Responsibilities Include Ordering, Distributing, and Selling our successful Made in America Candy Line. 
Target Markets:
Fast Selling Impulse Candy Items that are Currently being sold in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Independent C-Stores, Gift Shops, Grocery, etc. Where can't you sell candy? 
Sales Opportunity:
Great profit margins! Looking for Serious Minded Store Door Delivery Reps - most territories are still available but going fast - submit a sales inquiry to us today!

The ideal candidate will be a self starter with an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong sales aptitude. DSD experience is a plus, but not required. This business opportunity requires a delivery truck, and storage ability. You can make a living on our products alone or add them to your current line.

We LOVE Vets! Make money the sweet way! 

Company ID: 40814 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
We are a China based company who has a Proven Track Record throughout the World.

1. Mold Making, Plastic Molding, & Metal Stamping.
2. PCB Design Engineering, PCB Layout, Rapid Prototyping. PCB Assembly Capabilities include SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & Mixed Technology (SMT + PTH). 
Target Markets:
Companies that are looking for Electronic Products, Mold and Molding, Casting Parts that offer Great Quality, Pricing and Customer Satisfaction. Our target customers are OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacture to Improve their Product Systems. 
Sales Opportunity:
Excellent Commission Structure and Protected Territories for Reps. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps Worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. 

Company ID: 97562 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Natural Ultra-Thin Stone Panels.

This Stunning Product is Unigue: It's Lightweight, Waterproof, and Groutless.We offer a selection of:
* Granite
* Quartz
* Onyx
* Travertine Panels,

Along with our Illumination Series, which is Backlit, so the Natural Beauty of the Stone Shines Through. 
Target Markets:
Architects, Home Builders, Bath Remodeling Stores, Hotels, Contractors/Installers. This can be Used in a Multitude of Applications, but we Do Not Sell Directly to the Public. Division 9 Knowledge is a Plus. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company has not only a unique product, but a high interest level from consumers, hotels, select large retail chains, and more. Fueled by demand for our products, we grew from a small operator to shipping nationally, our sales volume is increasing exponentially every year.

In addition to being a complementary offering for many sales reps' portfolios, we offer:
* A generous commission structure
* Sales support and training
* eBrochures
* Tile and Stone Sample Kit
* Fulfillment - shipping within 3 days of accepted order (for products in stock).

The Ideal Candidate:
• Actively is a successful independent manufacturer representative for complimentary products such as tile, floor coverings, wall coverings, bathroom fixtures
• Familiar with and have expertise in lead generation
• Have relationships with architects, engineers, designers, builders, and contractors in the geographic area
• Construction Document Technologist (CDT) certification a plus

Skills and Qualifications:
o Preferred experience in CSI master format Division 9 "Finishes" for building interiors
o Preferred experience is selling higher price, higher value products
o Experience in holding the specification through the bidding and "value engineering" processes
o Understanding of relationships and roles of architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors
• Experience with wet room construction (product types, construction practices, buyer preferences, overcoming objections) 

Company ID: 97561 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
* Durable Headsets with Sturdy Microphone for Use with Tablets and Laptops.
* Wired Keyboard for iPads with either 30 Pin or Lightning Connector. Sold with a Padded Carry and Storage Case for up to 16 Keyboards.
* Portable Power Banks for Supplying Mobile Devices with Additional Power. 
Target Markets:
School Districts and Individual Schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company sells mobile device accessories for the fast growing educational market. The products support the requirements for the upcoming computerized Common Core assessments.

Our products were designed for and tested in classrooms. Our product categories are in high demand across the United States. With over 40 states preparing and purchasing technology to support the new Common Core national assessments, there is a potential for selling our products to organizations representing millions of students. The window that schools will be purchasing for the testing this year is January through March. Since this is the first year most districts will be looking to make purchases, the sales potential is very high.

Our headset is one of the most durable on the market. Designed for the rigorous needs of classrooms, the headset features a high quality boom microphone with noise reduction and super bendable frame with easily cleanable padded cloth for maximum comfort. Perfect for use with tablets and laptops for both listening and recording.

There is also high need for our iPad keyboards and portable power banks. The company was founded by educators that saw the need for high quality mobile device accessories that were extremely durable and usable by students of all ages. 

Company ID: 97557 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Bath Soaps, Bath Salts, Lotions, Massage Oils, Shaving Mugs, Healing Teas, All Natural Products Using Healing Crystals and Stones, Natural Herbs, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Chakra, Zodiac and Chinese Astrology, Bath and Body Products, Pet Amulets. 
Target Markets:
Hospital Gift Shops, Natural & Holistic, Any Gift Shops, Metaphysical, Rock Shops, Souvenir Shops, Chiropractors, Causes like Breast Cancer, Epilepsy, Rehab Centers, Wedding & Event Planners, Resorts, Religious Gifts, Specialty Stores, Interior Designers, Any Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Pet Stores. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our products are all made right at our store in Denver. With all natural soap ingredients, healing crystals or stones based upon the need or condition of a person's health from Epilepsy to Autism, Backaches to PMS, Migraines to alcohol addictions and the list goes on and on. We also have soaps by stone for a multitude of purposes, or we have them by Chakra, by Feng Shui, by color therapy, by Astrology and so many more.

We can custom make a specific line of any soap for any reason, by scent, stone, condition, etc. If an account would like us to produce a line of soap specifically for them that could not be obtained elsewhere, we can do that if they are ordering a large amount of soaps.

We can make new products as well, we are looking at healing teas with crystals as well, and pet products for them to wear on their collars or in their beds, to help them with issues they may be having as well. Natural healing is what people are going back to and we are building an amazing following, get in on the ground floor with this and help people as well. 

Company ID: 95980 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Liquid Mineral Formula that's Safe and Natural.

Makes Plants 40% Larger, Plants Use 50% Less Water. Help Crops Survive Drought. Plants Grow Faster, More Nutritious, Longer Shelf Life. 11 Drought States, Few Competitors. Guaranteed Results. Reps to Conduct Trials with Farms and then Manage Accounts. 
Target Markets:
We will sell to Farmers with Over 2,000 Acres and Produce Companies with $2M Annual Revenue or more. Clients should be in a Warm Climate and have a Large Area of Farm Under Management. Exclusive Territories are still Available to Suitable Companies and Individuals. Our market is everywhere. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our product saves plants 75% of their water requirements and increases productivity by 60%. It is Guaranteed to work. Our clients are in a drought, and we have no competition. This is an unlimited sales opportunity with uncapped commissions of 30%. You have a minimum of 100 clients with 100 to 100,000 acres each.

You will be a hunter, but the clients are high profile, easy to find and very easy to sell to, as our product is a serious benefit. First call them, set an appointment to give them a free sample. Wait a couple weeks for the turf to grow. Call back and make an appointment for them to place an order. Once you have a significant network, you will service them by checking in before each season and placing reserve orders.

The demand will be virtually unlimited. This may be the single best sales opportunity in the market today. No cap, no imposed ceiling on your progression. We only hire optimistic, hardworking and motivated sales people, ethics are also extremely important to us. We move quickly and team members are expected to be action takers. After you have a full book of business the position becomes an account management position. Serious enquiries only. Be prepared to move quickly. 

Company ID: 96444 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
NXKEM has over 800+ Branded Formulations of: Cleaners, Adhesives, Carpet Care, Coatings, Deodorants, Disinfectants, Floor Care, Lubricants, Control, Sewer & Drain, Solvents, Water Treatment, etc. and a sister division - NXTEC with access to 100's of 1,000's of MRO Items. 
Target Markets:
Anyone Really, Schools, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Office Buildings, Government, Military, Transportation, Marine, Airlines, Lodging, etc. We have access to tens of thousands of products, so we cross many different market segments. 
Sales Opportunity:
On 8/1/2014, the combined assets of NXKEM Products and NXTEC Sales Group were acquired by Australis1623. New Names are NXKEM USA and NXTEC USA.

We have only 35 Active Independent Sales Agents nationally (with less than 30 active accounts on average), which when you think of all the business out there - it nothing, but many work for other companies, which is perfectly acceptable, so our market share is very, very low. We pay commission rates of between 20% and 35% of sales, based upon how much value you bring to YOUR CUSTOMER! Our Focus are END-USERS!

We are looking to augment/reinvent our model, by adding more quality sales agents who are focused on unlimited income opportunities! I am reaching out to the Manufacturer's Rep Industry, because generally speaking, they operate at a 100% Commission Basis and their commission rates run from 4% to 10% of sales, so our opportunity is to compliment & create competitive barriers, for YOUR KEY CUSTOMERS, while at the same time, help you make money, with a higher commission % of the sale, than you do with your primary lines.

In closing: We VIEW YOU AS THE CUSTOMER, and while we will invoice YOUR CUSTOMER FOR YOU, WE CANNOT MAKE MONEY, UNLESS YOU MAKE MONEY. We will start you out with access to all our products over a protected website and then provide an iPad, to make your even more dangerous! You can do this PART TIME or FULL TIME -- the Choice is YOURS! 

Company ID: 29686 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Caulks, Sealants, Traffic Deck Coatings, Roofing & Waterproofing Products, HVAC Adhesives & Sealants, Brick Paver & Concrete Products. 
Target Markets:
Roofing Contractors and Distributors, Two Step, HVAC distribution, Paint Distributors, Hardscape Supply, Waterproofing and Concrete Products Distributors, etc.

Channel Specific Sales Territories Available. 
Sales Opportunity:
Extensive line of highest quality Coatings, Sealants & Adhesives for Professional Contractors.

Roofing Distribution:
We Manufacture Energy Star Rated Solvent and Water-Based Elastomeric Roof Coatings, High-Solids Moisture Cure High Solids Silicone and Modified Urethane "Green" Coatings, Sealants and Adhesives, Architectural Sealants (Clear and Colored Exterior Caulks), Gutter Sealants, Asphalt Cements & Coatings.

HVAC Distribution:
Fluid Applied Radiant Barrier, Caulks & Sealants, Water Based and Green Moisture Cure Duct Sealants, Duct Liner Adhesive, Roof Penetration Sealants for AC Lines, Containment Coating Systems, Cool Roof & Wall Coatings.

Concrete & Waterproofing:
Water and Solvent Based Cure & Seals, Densifiers, Modified Urethane Fluid Applied Waterproofing Membrane, Asphalt Based Coatings and Cements, Polyurea Traffic Deck Coating, Joint Sealants for Walls and Flat Work.

Unique Bio-Based Green Paver Sealer, Green Paver Adhesive, Conventional Water & Solvent Based Sealers and Adhesives.

Our Company was established in 1912 and we have experienced rapid and accelorating growth over the last decade. We sell throughout all of North America and offer professional marketing materials and aggressive sales programs with complete technical support. We have a very large line of products based upon a wide variety of technologies. R&D investments produce a constant stream of new product introductions.

This is a 100% commision-based opportu 

Company ID: 97547 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our Current Product is a Universal Temporary, Emergency Tail, and Marker Light Enabling a Driver to Immedietly Temporarily Fix a Broken Tail or Marker Light Without Wires, Tools, or Magnets. 
Target Markets:
Our product was Eesigned for the Trucking, Tractor, and All Trailer Industries. 
Sales Opportunity:
Tthis is a small woman owned business. We take pride in being American made and manufactured. Our goal is to be highly competitive with compensation for our Manufacture Reps. We are Trademarked and Patented. The product sells itself in many markets. 

Company ID: 86104 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Canned Fruits/Vegetables, Dried Beans, Dried Mushroom/Fungus, Various Textiles, Phosphates, Glyxoal. 
Target Markets:
Food Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Chain Stores, Textile Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Chemical Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers. 
Sales Opportunity:
RIT is all above products' manufacturers' sub office in US. We will provide Best products, quality, price, commision to our REP. Come and join us, grow with us, and succeed with us!
CANNED Food can OEM for any brand!
Glyxoal 40% is using a lot in paper/painting/oil gas mining industry! 

Company ID: 97528 - Click Here for Full Details Posted: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
Our company is a Premier Manufacturer of Coatings, Sealants, Adhesives, Underlayments, and Self-Adhered Tapes & Membranes for Use in the Automotive, Construction, Industrial, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Markets. 
Target Markets:
Automotive, OEM, Roofing, Pavement Maintenance, Insulation, and Property Management. Products include Undercoatings, Tapes, Sealants, Adhesives, Energy Efficient Roofing, Restoration Systems, and Pavement Maintenance Products. These sales process varies by industry and channel. 
Sales Opportunity:
Our company delivers quality, performance and ingenuity with an emphasis on research & development and new technology. With 14 manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States and Canada, we are positioned to service local, national and international customers. We are seeking exceptional and dedicated representatives who enjoy aggressive commissions. 

Company ID: 94229 - Click Here for Full Details Updated: Within 7 Days
Product Lines:
A Wide Variety of "Green" Nanotechnology Products for:
Warm Mix Technology
Coating/Workability/Compaction Aids
Waterproofing Trackless Tack Coat
Soil Stabilization Products 
Target Markets:
Getting products Qualified for Local and State Agencies (DOT's)
Asphalt Terminals
Asphalt Producers
Soil Stabilization Equipment Makers
Looks for Reps covering the Southeast, Northeast, and all of Eastern Canada 
Sales Opportunity:
Products recently introduced to the US and Canada. Looking to expand operations with folks that have other lines calling on Terminals, HMA producers, and State/Provincial Agencies. Southeast change needed Northeast, Eastern Canada - Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. 


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