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Don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few of our Unsolicited testimonials from REAL clients.

Company ID: 7335 - First off...thank you. your service is fabulous....i find all my reps through u!  I found an amazing rep and am sooooooo happy.  She is getting me so much business that i do not need another one right now.  i usually add once a year :) - L. Jackson, Registered Company

Company ID: 11976 - We have fulfilled our sales rep needs and once again Thank you for helping us find sales reps. - I. Sinchukovska, Registered Company

Company ID: 11831 - Thanks and I will certainly use you again in the future. - N. Hubert, Registered Company

Company ID: 12225 - Service is great and we found exactly who we were looking for! Will definitely use again if the need comes up. - J. Ohara, Registered Company

Company ID: 12144 - I have had some good results from your site and I will be subscribing again. - T. Hall, Registered Company

Company ID: 11694 - I was totally satisfied with the subscription and will most likely re-subscribe at a later date perhaps for a longer period. - J. Trombly, Registered Company

Company ID: 10874 - We have had a tremondous response and have contacted several reps in the past few weeks. We have been very satisfied. If we have a need for additional Sales Reps in the future, we certainly will use IMR again. Thank you. - A. Huss, Registered Company

Company ID: 10596 - The results have been very good for our company. I am interested in upgrading to the one year plan. Is it possible to get this months payment credited on the plan and pay the balance of the yearly cost? - R. Smith, Registered Company - The Answer: Absolutely!

Company ID: 10590 - I truly appreciate your company's honest business practices. In addition we were successful recruiting the right talent for our company using your service and you can count on our business in the future as our needs grow. - N. Moezidis, Registered Company

Company ID: 10110 - Due to overwhelming response from my posting on your website, I cancelled my recurring monthly subscription. Thank you for a great web site! - L. Towley, Registered Company

Company ID: 9075 - Thank you very much for your quick response. Your service was greatly appreciated and we will probably renew the subscription in the future when fall brings on a new season of hope. As for the present we'll be on hold, but I must reiterate, your company was well worth our investment. - S. Rotto, Registered Company

Company ID: 11203 - Please if you would cancel my subscription to your site. We have rec'd many qualified candidates and will absolutely use your service again in the future but need to get the reps we found up and running. - B. Gagnon, Registered Company

Company ID: 9906 - We were so successful finding reps with your web site last year, we are back again for another run. This time, I subscribed to your 6 month plan. - S. Crowley, Registered Company

Rep ID: 5220 - I have been using your service for over two years now and I plan to keep using it for a long time. I have had nothing but positive experiences using your web site. - P. Winfield, Registered Rep

Rep ID: 3220 - I have been using your service for over two years now and I plan to keep using it for a long time. I have had nothing but positive experiences using your web site. - P. Winfield, Registered Rep

Company ID: 9408 - Just to let you know that we have found the reps we liked. We would like to cancel our subscription. If there is any rep needs for us in the future we will resubscribe. - S. Liu, Registered Company

Rep ID: 9265 - Thank you for this service. The quality of the sales opportunities on your web site is far above Monster or Hotjobs or any other job posting service I have ever used. - B. Youder, Registered Rep

Company ID: 5133 -We signed up for a 6 month subscription with you on your nationwide web site and it cost us less than posting one single ad in one single city on And guess what, we got a much better response and more qualified candidates from your web site. Great job! - A. Parconi, Registered Company

Company ID: 7090 - We have been so succesful gaining quality agents from your site that when our years membership is over we will not need to renew. Thank you for a great site that was great value for money. - A. Kingston, Registered Company

Company ID: 7301 - We would like to suspend our sales opportunity for the time being. The response from your site has been so overwhelming that we can't keep up with the interested sales reps. We'll be back when we need more reps. Thanks for such an awesome website!! - T. Boggs, Registered Company

Rep ID: 6191 - I have worked with you guys several times and have since found and locked in on a position I am very happy with. I have never had anything but good service from "IMR". - K. Hendrix, Registered Rep

Company ID: 3628 - We have added 4 reps across the U.S. to sell our product line using your service. Your web site is the most effective and least expensive way I have ever found to locate quality independent sales reps. Keep up the good work. - J. Dennis, Registered Company

Rep ID: 1729 - I've added two new product lines to my portfolio since I posted my profile on your site. My sales are up 27% this year! I love you guys! - Lawrence Denadio, Registered Rep

Company ID: 2264 - We consistently get qualified, professional sales reps submitting their profiles to our company. We have added several new reps through your service and will definitely renew our subscription. Your site is a huge time and money saver. - W. Ryan, Registered Company

Rep ID: 4902 - I have been in sales for 15 years and it has always been a struggle for me to find solid product lines to sell. You make it easy and I have now added 3 new lines since joining your site. I am recommending your site to all of my colleagues - R. Collins, Registered Rep

Rep ID: 2681 - It's a catch 22! I love your site, but I don't want to tell anyone about it because it gives me such a big advantage over my competition. I can't believe your site is totally FREE for reps! - D. Sparrow, Registered Rep

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