How Can I Find Independent Reps or Sales Agents?

Independent reps, commonly referred to as manufacturer’s reps or sales agents, are highly sought after by companies who are looking to quickly expand their market reach with minimal up-front costs. Working as independent contractors on a commission-only basis, independent sales reps allow businesses the opportunity to boost sales in existing markets, and in new territories, without the risks of hiring a salaried sales force.

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Since there are numerous benefits to utilizing independent reps as an alternative to an in-house sales team, competition for high-achieving sales reps is steep. Recruiting successful independent sales agents requires patience, persistence, and a combination of the following recruiting tactics.

Online Sales Rep Services

Online sales rep services, such as Manufacturers Representatives, put wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and more in contact with independent sales reps across the country and around the globe. Offering access to a large database of qualified sales agents, these online services match independent reps looking for lines with companies searching for representation.    

Online sales rep services, like ours, are quick, convenient, and cost-effective.

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer great opportunities to meet independent reps and to grow your sales network. No matter whether you are visiting or have a booth set up, attending well-known trade shows provides you with inside access to sales agents who are looking for new lines to represent in your industry.

Trade shows can be low cost venues for finding independent sales reps, especially if you already planned to attend. However, they can be time consuming as most span over several days, if not longer.


Advertising for independent reps can be both cost-effective and expensive, depending on which route you choose. Websites like Craigslist, provide low cost ad placement options, where alternatively newspapers and popular job search sites can rack up expenses.  

Placing an ad in trade publications or on websites specific to your industry gives you the most bang for your advertising buck by exposing and connecting you with the type of independent reps you are searching for.

Social Media

In today’s world, social media is a must. If you’re looking to connect with independent reps or to grow your company’s sales force quickly and for little to no cost, joining relevant LinkedIn groups allows you to network with potential sales agents in your existing market, as well as in new territories.

Referral Recruitment

Finding qualified independent sales reps for your product line(s) can be as simple as chatting with your current customer and/or supplier base. Most manufacturers and retailers have formed relationships with sales agents. Asking them for the names of those they would recommend, just might land you a successful independent rep for your brand.

Find independent sales reps with us

By creating your free profile and posting your sales opportunity on our website, you will have access to a powerful database of independent manufacturer sales representatives who are experienced and successful at what they do. Our website services all industries in all sizes and can help you reach thousands of qualified sales reps every month.

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