Independent Sales Reps: Advantages and Disadvantages
If you are a manufacturer looking to sell products or to expand your brands reach, Independent sales reps are an effective resource. Due to their established relationships with customers and powerful knowledge of trends in their region, independent sales reps can quickly boost your business by helping you break into new markets and territories.

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Manufacturers, both small and large, and even new startups, can find and hire experienced independent sales reps and reap the benefits of their success. However, while independent sales reps play an essential role in generating new business for a variety of manufacturers throughout the world, there can be a slight few disadvantages to using outside sales agents to represent your company.   

Advantages to Using Independent Sales Reps

Reduced Overhead

Independent sales reps eliminate the high overhead costs and risks associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house sales force. Working on a 1099 as independent contractors, manufacturer’s representatives are only paid commission on sales made in their defined territory. This payment structure removes the burden of large employment expenses, such as salaries, benefits, taxes, insurance, and more. 

Network Connections

Due to their expansive professional network, well-established independent sales reps can quickly introduce businesses to new markets and territories. Their loyal customer connections help to increase confidence in new products. The result? Instant market access in untapped regions!  

Successful Track Record 

Independent sales reps have one main target - sell. Earning income solely from sales commissions provides independent reps with all the incentive they need to sell your product, and lots of it. Typically experienced and successful, independent sales reps tend to net better sales than direct hire sales teams and often need less management and direction.

Disadvantages to Using Independent Sales Reps


Though viewed as an advantage by many companies who do not have the resources available to manage a sales staff, using independent sales reps oftentimes removes the direct control that a business has over the sales activities of the reps distributing their products. Independent sales reps are self-employed independent contractors who create their own schedules, set their own goals, and develop their own sales tactics. To avoid any potential confusion about proper brand representation or sales objectives, simply be clear in your written sales agreement. 

Brand Loyalty

Independent sales reps only make money by selling. Since there is no guaranteed salary to fall back on, successful reps tend to promote the products they know will sell and make them the most money. Representing different product lines from multiple manufacturers also allows independent sales reps to earn a substantial income. This ability, however, does open up the possibility that your products will not always be a top priority for your sales rep. 

How to Find Independent Sales Reps

If you are looking for successful independent sales reps to represent your brand, the quickest way is to create your free profile and post your sales opportunity on our website. You will be granted access to a large database of qualified independent sales reps with established buyers and territories! 
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