What is an Independent Sales Rep?

What is an Independent Sales Rep?

An independent sales rep, or a manufacturer’s representative, is a freelance sales agent who sells a company’s product(s)s or service(s) to retailers, wholesalers, businesses, or directly to consumers. Independent sales reps typically represent several complementary product lines for a range of different clients in a specific region or territory as defined in their service agreement.


Independent sales reps typically work on a commission structure basis and contract work from a variety of clients, such as manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. The main objective of an independent sales rep is to generate business from new customers while maintaining outstanding service to existing customers.

What does it take to be an Independent Sales Rep?

Independent sales reps are hardworking individuals who have exceptional time management skills, self-discipline, and the ability to work independently. They are experienced in the art of negotiation and exhibit effective communication skills, as well as superior customer service.      

As a self-employed contractor relying on commissions for income, independent sales reps need to be motivated and determined to attract new customers to the brands they are representing. For most sales representatives, this means possessing an eager willingness to engage with customers to explain the benefits of a new product or service.  

What are the benefits of being an Independent Sales Rep? 

Independent sales reps have the pleasure of being their own boss. Not being employed by a specific company allows the freedom to be in control of your own schedule, to work from home, and to decide upon what products and services you are willing to sell. 

Aside from the benefits of being self-employed, the ability to travel and to grow an expansive professional network beyond your normal reach are just a few more rewards to being an independent sales rep. Oh, and the opportunity to earn a substantial, uncapped income – we should probably mention that big reward too!

How do Independent Sales Reps get paid? 

Independent sales reps are compensated on the products and services they sell in their designated region. Although some compensation plans may include a base salary plus commissions, most independent sales reps are 100% commission. This means that sales representatives typically only get paid on the goods they sell, nothing more. However, the commission structure for independent sales reps is generally higher because companies do not have to cover salaries, benefits, and pay for time off. A formal sales rep agreement will detail exactly how and when commissions are paid.

How do you become an Independent Sales Rep?

Becoming an independent manufacturer's rep or sales rep is not as hard as you think. The best way to get started is to take your time and create a high-quality rep profile with us. Then, search our website for sales opportunities that interest you and submit a Sales Inquiry to them.

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