What is a Manufacturer’s Representative?

A manufacturer’s representative is an independent sales agent who represents and sells closely related, but non-competitive products and/or services for several different companies in a select geographical region. Working as an independent contractor, a manufacturer’s representative typically works on a straight commission basis, receiving a certain percentage of the goods and services sold in their territory.

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A career as a manufacturer’s representative offers numerous benefits, including a flexible schedule, self-employment, and the opportunity to earn a substantial income. The freedom to represent an unlimited number of products from an unlimited number of companies allows for an uncapped income that can far exceed the salary of a direct employed salesperson.

What are the job functions of a Manufacturer’s Representative?

The main job function of a manufacturer’s representative is to sell a manufacturer’s products and services to retailers, wholesalers, consumers, or to other targeted markets in their defined area.

In addition to sales, a manufacturer’s representative may provide other valuable services to both their clients and to the manufacturer including:

  • Customer service
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales report generation
  • Product demonstration
  • Showroom displays
  • Administrative duties
  • Market research
  • Product training

A successful manufacturer’s representative will look to provide any additional services that will strengthen relationships and increase sales potential.

Why do companies use Manufacturer’s Representatives?

Utilizing a manufacturer’s representative is more cost-effective for businesses as a manufacturer’s rep is not a full-time employee with benefits, but rather a self-employed, commission-based, independent contractor. This means that companies do not need to pay salaries, taxes, social security, insurance, or any other employment benefits. No commissions are incurred until a sale is made.

In addition to reduced hiring expenses, a company may contract a manufacturer’s representative in order to increase exposure and sales in a specific region or to penetrate a new market. Most manufacturer representatives know their territories well and have already formed solid working relationships that can quickly provide a business with instant market access.    

What skills should a Manufacturer’s Representative possess?

A manufacturer’s representative has three main objectives: Sell, Sell, Sell!

To achieve this goal, a manufacturer’s rep should possess self-confidence, excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, market expertise, and a strong knowledge of the products they are selling.

Manufacturer representatives also need to be motivated in order to be successful. Being your own boss offers many advantages such as, setting your own schedule, working independently, traveling, and deciding on what products you are willing to sell. However, this amount of freedom is not for everyone. Discipline, determination, and desire are a must for those who wish to have a very rewarding career as a manufacturer’s representative.

How do you become a Manufacturer’s Representative?

Finding a manufacturer’s representative position is often easier than finding employment on a sales team. The first step? Create your free manufacturer’s representative profile! Next, browse through our available sales opportunities and submit a sales inquiry to the companies that most interest you.

Your new career is only a few clicks away!

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