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My name is Mark Dennis and I am the founder of this website and our company, Manufacturer Rep Network, LLC. We are a registered company in New York State and we are located just outside the city of Rochester, which is a hub for some of the world's most well known manufacturing companies including the likes of Bausch & Lomb, ITT Industries, Kodak, Xerox, and many more.


Our service is dedicated to connecting high quality Manufacturers and Service Provider companies with qualified Independent Sales Reps from virtually every industry throughout the United States, Canada, & Around the World. Our client list includes companies of all shapes and sizes from brand new Startups to Small Family Owned Businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

Whatever your specific business needs are, if you have a 100% Commission Sales Opportunity, we have a large client base of Independent Sales Reps that are Actively seeking New Product Lines right now and can help take your sales to the next level!


In the 1990's, I developed a variety of public websites and corporate intranets while working for an industry leading Manufacturer in the Energy Infrastructure industry and an International Logistics corporation who specialized in importing goods from China to the United States. Both of these companies utilized vast networks of independent sales reps to sell their products and services. Over the years with these companies, I was fortunate to work hand in hand with the Sales & Marketing departments and I regularly assisted reps on sales calls, trained customers and reps, attended industry conferences and trade shows, and gave formal presentations to manufacturers, reps, and other prospective customers.

In 2001, I went out on my own and created a web development company called ASP Web Pro, Inc where we designed websites for small to medium sized businesses. That same year, a friend of mine, who owned a small chain of Skincare Salons in New York State, wanted to grow their business by selling their proprietary line of Skincare products across the United States. Based on my experience working with Reps, they asked me if I could help them connect with independent sales reps using the Internet, but I could not find an effective solution and the idea for was born.

In 2003, the idea became a reality and the website was launched. When we first began, our website had 50 Industry Categories and only U.S. state and Canadian province Sales Territories available. Over the years, we have maintained a high quality, slow growth approach to our business and we now cover well over 200 Industry Categories and we have Clients and Sales Territories available from around the globe.

By 2008, had outgrown our parent company and a decision had to be made. Ultimately, we decided it was time for this business to become its own separate entity and so we created Manufacturer Rep Network, LLC and registered the company in New York State.

Over the years, we have connected thousands of companies and independent sales reps from literally just about every industry you can think of. We have company and rep clients in all 50 states in the US, every province in Canada, and in most countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and around the globe. We are always developing new user friendly tools to benefit you and we are excited to be able to help so many companies and individuals succeed in expanding their businesses and increasing their overall sales. I hope you will Register with us today to try our service and join our long list of satisfied clients!


Yes! Our success depends on our clients' success and we have a very long list of happy and successful Company and Rep clients! We have the experience, we have the staff, and we have the tools and resources to serve your specific business needs. Let us help you connect with a Nationwide network of Independent Sales Reps who are available right now to start selling your products and services!

We do not make promises we cannot keep, we do not make outrageous claims, and we do not hide any "bait & switch", "catches", "disclaimers", or any other misleading information in fine print on our website. We are up front, honest and we are here to help you grow your business.

Since every Industry and Company, as well as every Sales Opportunity are unique, there is no way we can guarantee your absolute success. However, if you have an attractive Sales Opportunity, we are extremely confident that we will connect you with quality Independent Sales Reps who can jump start your company sales for you. If you are unsure if there would be interest in your Sales Opportunity, simply Register with us today and use our Free trial to find out. This is the best way for you to gauge interest from Reps with no out of pocket expense.

If you would like to see what some of our Real Clients are saying, view some of our Unsolicited Client Testimonials.

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