We all have causes that are near and dear to our hearts. In our offices, we take a lot of pride in being involved with a number of local and national charities that offer a wide spectrum of services. When companies use our website and subscribe to our service, you are not only connecting with high quality independent reps to grow your business, but you can also feel good knowing that you are helping a number of very worthy causes.

Since 2007, we have dedicated more than 6% of our annual gross sales to charitible organizations and we thought you might like to know a little about some of them. We are not affiliated with these organizations in any way, we are simply donors.

DonorsChoose.org - 2% of gross sales

One of my favorite causes has always been young children. Our children are the future of our world and as times change, technologies advance, and new challenges arise, we need to continue to provide our children with every available tool to help them learn and succeed, now as children, and later as adults.

With the national debt rising to new highs here in the United States, it has become the "new norm" for public school districts to undergo massive annual budget cuts. Not only are public school districts laying off many teachers and office staff, but many vital supplies for our children's classrooms are also being eliminated. Teachers who want to keep up with new technologies simply cannot do it because they have no budget to purchase new classroom tools like cameras, computers, cd players, and many others. Some school districts cannot even afford basic supplies such as carpets, chairs, and basic reading books.

That is where DonorsChoose.org comes in. Public school teachers across the United States can register with DonorsChoose.org and post specific "Projects" for their classroom. When a Project is posted on DonorsChoose.org, the teacher will list each specific item they would like to buy for their classroom such as a "Sony cd player" or "Cannon Digital Camera". The teacher will also go on to explain how the requested items will be used and how they will benefit their students.

Our favorite part happens about a month after we "Complete" (fully fund) a project. When a Project is Completed and the supplies are delivered to the teacher, the students hand write or draw thank you notes and they are mailed to us. You also get to see photos of the students actually using your donated items on the DonorsChoose.org website. So when you donate through DonorsChoose.org, there is no guesswork. You know exactly which items are being purchased with your hard earned donation, you know exactly which school and which teacher's classroom the items are going o, and you get to see the actual end result.

Over the years, we have funded dozens of Projects by some really great teachers that have requested a wide assortment of equipment and supplies for their classrooms. Here are a few of the more popular items requested by teachers:

  • Digital Cameras and Camcorders that allow students to record themselves and post projects and photos on school websites for their families to view.
  • Area Rugs, Bean Bag Chairs, Books-on-CD, Children's Story Books, and eBook Readers used in classroom sitting and reading areas.
  • Koosh Balls, Stress Balls, and Picture Books for self-contained or inclusive classrooms.

DonorsChoose.org is a registered non-profit organization and they do request that donors dedicate 15% of their donation to help support their organization. This is an OPTIONAL amount that you can deduct from your donation. We do choose to include the 15% donation in projects that we fund because of the great work that they do and the positive influence they have in so many lives. If you know any public school teachers, be sure to encourage them to visit DonorsChoose.org. To find out more about DonorsChoose.org or to search for schools in your area with open projects, please click the below link to visit their website.

www.donorschoose.org - Help public schools today! - Go

Donors Choose

Camp Good Days & Special Times - 2% of gross sales

Since it began in 1979, Camp Good Days and Special Times has grown to become one of the largest organizations of its time. They are most well known for providing summer camp experiences, free of charge, to children who have been afflicted with cancer. As they have grown, they have expanded their services and now provide programs for children with cancer, siblings of children with cancer or who have lost their battle to cancer, as well as for men and women dealing with cancer and children who have or have lost a parent to cancer. Camp Good Days also provides programs for children touched by sickle cell anemia; and children who have lost an immediate family member to homicide. All of the programs and services are offered free of charge for the participants.

The primary purpose of Camp Good Days is to make the lives of children dealing with cancer as happy and rewarding as possible, and to give back the childhood that cancer has taken away. Camp Good Days owns their own recreational facililty on the shores of Keuka Lake in Western New York where their residential campgrounds are located. In addition to their summer camp experiences, they provide endless, exciting, year-round programs in Western New York for children with cancer. They provide trips and activities like roller skating, snow tubing, fishing, golfing, costume parties, sporting & concert outings and the list goes on.

Camp Good Days also offers a thriving Women's Oncology Program and a growing Young Adult Program where women and young adults have been able to enjoy events such as: Buffalo Sabres Games, Concerts, Salsa Dancing, Drum Circles, Candy Making and Pottery Painting just to name a few.

Camp Good Days offers a variety of ways for individuals to make donations. Donors can make making cash donations, purchase items from their online store, or buy specific items from the "Wish List" on their website. The Wish List frequently lists items such as Pillows, Toiletries, Towels, Pots & Pans, and many more. To find out more about Camp Good Days and Special Times or to view their Wish List, please click the below link to visit their website.

Camp Good Days

Operation Homefront - 2% of gross sales

The level of bravery, determination, and selflessness displayed by the men and women of our armed forces is simply unmatched. These dedicated individuals risk their lives to protect us and our many freedoms each and every day. When a service member or their family is in need, it is up to us to reach out and answer the call.

Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. They provide direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers.

Opertion Homefront also provides additional emergency funding assistance for numerous other items including:

  • Emergency food
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Critical baby items: formula, food and diapers
  • Home and appliance repair
  • Furniture and household items
  • Local moving assistance
  • Community events
  • Wounded Warrior Transitional Family Housing

You can view a list of "Current Needs" of service members andlearn how to become involved as a volunteer on the OperationHomefront.net. To find out more about Operation Homefront, please click the below link to visit their website.

Operation Homefront

If you are able to make a donation and you are looking for high quality and trustworthy charitable organizations, we would humbly suggest donating to these charities or finding other organizations in your own local area where you can give your time or financial donations. Together, we can make a world of difference.

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