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How will I know when sales reps are interested in my sales opportunity?

When you create your free company profile, your sales opportunity will be posted live on our website immediately and interested sales reps will be able to submit a "Sales Inquiry" to you via email. With your free account, you will receive an email notice from us with a preview of the sales rep's profile. In order to begin receiving the complete sales rep profile in your email, including the rep's direct contact information, detailed industry experience, and much more, you will need to subscribe to our service. Once you are subscribed, you will also be able to login to your account and view your own personal Sales Inquiry History that includes a list of rep profiles that were previously submitted to you.

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What is your success rate at placing sales reps with manufacturers and service providers?

We do not maintain a success rate for matching companies with independent reps because the individual success of each of our company and sales rep clients depends on the specific sales opportunity being offered as well as several other key factors such as competitive advantages, product demand, industry reputations, and ultimately their ability to form strong working relationships with one another.

We put you in the best possible position to succeed in achieving your goals, but don't just take our word for it. Read our unsolicited Client Testimonials from REAL clients.

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How long is my account free?

Our website is free to use for all independent sales reps. Companies can create their profile and post their sales opportunity live on our website at any time free of charge. With your free account, when an interested rep submits a Sales Inquiry, you will receive a preview of the sales rep's profile. In order to begin receiving the complete sales rep profile in your email including the rep's direct contact information, detailed industry experience, and much more, you will need to subscribe to our service. Once you are subscribed, you will also be able to login to your account and view your own personal Sales Inquiry History that includes a list of rep profiles that were previously submitted to you.

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What is the cost to subscribe to your service?

No Setup Fees! . . . No Contracts! . . . No Commitments!

For less than the cost of a single classified ad in your local newspaper, you can post your sales opportunity on our website for Thousands of qualified independent sales reps to view every month.

We offer convenient and flexible subscriptions for every budget including 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans starting as low as $55.95 per month. That is only $1.87 per day! There are no setup fees, no minimum requirements, and no other hidden fees. You can conveniently start or cancel your subscription at any time right from our website. To compare our different subscription plans, create your Company Profile and click on the Subscription Plans link on your My Account page.

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How do I know a rep is qualified for my opportunity?

Many internet job boards and printed industry publications claim to provide large numbers of prospective sales candidates, but these numbers are often inflated by unqualified candidates. No More! We Pre-Qualify candidates for you by allowing you to set specific minimum requirements for your sales opportunity. Our unique Exact Match feature allows you to specify your customer's industries and your available sales territories. You may also set a minimum requirement for the rep's years of experience and education level. If a sales rep does not meet your minimum requirements, our system will not allow them to submit their profile to you. This insures that you receive Sales Inquiries from the highest quality sales professionals and saves you valuable time and money weeding through unqualified candidates.

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Can sales reps submit their profile to my company multiple times?

You will receive an email notice from our website each time a sales rep submits a Sales Inquiry to your opportunity. As an added security measure and in order to help protect you from unwanted spam emails and repeat submissions, each sales rep may only submit their profile to you once every 90 days.

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How will my sales opportunity be displayed?

In order to protect you from unwanted spam emails, time consuming phone calls, and hard copy resumes in the mail, we display your sales opportunity on our website anonymously without any of your contact information. This insures that interested sales reps will submit their profile to you through our website and will allow us to Pre-Qualify candidates for you.

When your sales opportunity is displayed on our website, it will include your Product Lines, Target Markets and Sales Opportunity summaries as well as your available Sales Territories.

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How can my company get more exposure?

When you subscribe to our service, your sales opportunity receives Premium Placement on our website and is displayed above all unsubscribed listings in the industry categories you selected. Your posting will also be displayed on our New Manufacturer Sales Opportunities or New Service Sales Opportunities pages.

You can get even more exposure on our website by having your listing included in our popular Featured Sales Opportunities. This is often the first page many of our sales reps view and your posting will include a direct link to your sales opportunity details page. To have your sales opportunity included in our Featured Sales Opportunities, simply select our 6 or 12 month subscription plan.

We also recommend reviewing and updating your sales opportunity once per month while you are actively seeking new reps in order to keep your listing fresh and to find out what attracts the best candidates for you.

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Can I update or remove my sales opportunity after I have subscribed?

Yes. You maintain full control of your sales opportunity at all times and you can your company profile at any time. When you update your company profile, your updated information will be immediately displayed on our website.

If you would like to temporarily or permanently remove your sales opportunity from our website, simply login to your account, click the Update Profile link, and change your Profile Status to Inactive at the bottom of the page.

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How do I change my credit card being billed?

If you are subscribed to our service and you would like to update your credit card information on file, please visit: and follow the prompts to update your billing information.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

All of our subscription plans are automatically recurring until they are cancelled by the client and you may cancel at any time. When you are finished using our service, simply send us a cancellation email request from our website and we will cancel your subscription for you right away. To help our clients remember their billing cycle, we send two emails for all recurring subscription charges. We send a courtesy reminder email 4 days prior to your subscription renewal date and we send an additional email receipt when your recurring charge is billed.

If you have filled all of your sales rep needs and would like to cancel your subscription, please Contact Us to submit your cancellation request and you will not be billed again.

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Why should I pursue a career as an independent sales rep?

When most people think about pursuing a career in sales, they think about where to find a job, what type of company they want to work for, and what their salary will be. We are here to help you seek out the best opportunity available to suit your needs. A sales career as an independent rep has tremendous advantages. You work from home and set your own schedule, you choose the product lines you want to sell, your income potential is virtually uncapped, and many more. A lot of responsibility goes along with being an independent sales rep and you need a solid work ethic, but if you have determination and drive you can have a very successful and rewarding sales career.

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How do I become an independent sales rep?

Becoming an independent manufacturers rep or sales rep is not as hard as you think. Like full-time jobs, each independent sales opportunity on our website may have different minimum requirements such as years of experience or education level. The best way to get started is to take your time and create a high quality rep profile with us. Then, search our website for sales opportunities that interest you and submit a Sales Inquiry to them.

We also recommend you visit This website is a free online community for REPS ONLY where you can network with other reps, post questions, share experiences, and build new contacts. Reps and sales agencies are also able to post rep wanted ads free of charge.

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What personal information is displayed on your website?

All registered reps are in complete control of their personal information on our website. Rep information including name, address, phone and email is kept confidential on our website at all times. This information can only be viewed when a rep chooses to submit a Sales Inquiry to a sales opportunity listed on our website. When a rep submits a Sales Inquiry, their complete profile including their professional experience and personal contact information is made viewable to that company.

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Do you help connect reps with sales agencies?

Yes. Sales agencies are welcome to create a Rep Profile in order to submit sales inquiries to sales opportunities listed on our website. Likewise, sales agencies are also able to create a Company Profile in order to post a sales opportunity seeking independent sales reps to join their agency.

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How do I login to my profile?

To login to your profile, simply enter your email address and password in the Login area at the top of any page in our website.

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How do I find my lost password?

If you have misplaced your password, go to our Lost Password page and enter the email address that you are registered with. Your password will be emailed to you right away.

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How do I update my profile?

To update your profile, simply Login to your account at the top of this page and select the section of your profile you wish to update.

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Why should I update my profile?


Your sales opportunity profile is your chance to Sell Your Opportunity to our reps. Every sales opportunity posted on our website is unique and it is common for companies to update their sales opportunity summary several times in order to find what attracts the best reps to fill their needs. In order to insure maximum exposure, we also recommend that companies update their profile once a month to keep their listing fresh and accurate.


Your rep profile is your chance to Sell Yourself to companies using our service. It is common for reps to update their profile several times in order to find what attracts companies the best. When a company receives a "Sales Inquiry" from a registered rep, a complete copy of the rep's profile is sent including the rep's industry experience, education level, geographic location, personal contact information and more as well as the date the rep profile was last updated. Companies will be more apt to respond to rep profiles that have been updated recently.

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Do you share my information with any companies or organizations?

No. We take your privacy very seriously and your corporate and personal information is never shared or sold to any third party organization for any reason.

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