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Product Lines: We are a Mass Producer of Thermoplastic Parts, Proficient in Profile Extrusion, Injection Molding, and many Value Added Services Applicable to both.
Target Market: Our Largest Markets are Consumer Goods, Residential and Commercial Lighting, Construction, Manufacturing, and Refrigeration to name a few.
Sales Opportunity: This is a good opportunity because of the many values we bring to the table; plus our ability to be in on the ground floor regarding a design. 40% of our company sales are of proprietary products makes us even more of an asset to a customer requiring product design support. not to be confused, with a product designer.

The company has been around since 1955 and has weathered many issues that torment American manufacturers. We continue to be diverse and yet still use many of the techniques that got us here and have kept us current. Longevity and continued prosperity are assets companies look to partner up with these days for certain. We are ISO 9000 Certified since 2002.

These aforementioned aspects longevity, stability, diversity, and constant reinvention of oneself plus flexibility and the willingness to explore new markets and/or process trends are competitive advantages for our company, aside from the many processing capabilities we offer.

We support our independent representatives through a strong, mutually beneficial relationship to make it a "win-win" situation through strong marketing processes to promote and generate leads, strong communication and factory support, and the understanding, unlike some, that a heavily compensated independent actually means lucrative sales for the company as a whole. That's our philosophy.

We offer a 5% commission, paid in the month following the previous. We have a Memo of Understanding that covers our responsibilities.
Company ID: 122305
Title: Most Advanced Service Robots and Smart Devices
Product Lines: Access Control with Temperature and Health Screening, Commercial Cleaning Robots, Voice Assistant for Business, Mobile Service Robots.
Target Market: Medical Facilities - Hospital and Clinics, Assisted Living, Manufacturing Facilities, Education Facilities - Daycare, K-12, College, Event Facilities-Conventions, Sport Events, Businesses - Enterprises, Mid-Size Businesses, Pubic Sectors - Police Department, Courtroom, Jail, Hotel, Retail, Churches.
Sales Opportunity: Growing market, smart access control with temperature screening products in high demand throughout 2021. Smart access control is for years to come. Overall product line is future proof with numerous opportunities.

Our technology and products are proven by fortune 100 companies such as T-Mobile. We serve businesses and organizations of all size with enterprise and mid-size company as our main focus.
Company ID: 77196
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Product Lines: Clinically Differentiated and FDA Cleared Medical Devices that Deliver Best in Class Clinical Outcomes for Non-Drug Non-Surgical Pain Relief.

Hospitals can Easily Procure Durable Equipment Through VA MED SURG Prime Vendor Catalog MSPV 2.0, GSA/FSS, MED SURG Catalog, and Blanket Purchase Agreeme
Target Market: VA Hospitals are the Prime Focus. Call Points are Physical Medicine and Rehab, Physical Therapy, Pain, Neurology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, and Wound Care.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is seeking career independent sales representatives/manufacturer's representatives with proven experience and results selling medical devices to VA healthcare providers. Call points are the following VA hospital clinics Physical Medicine and Rehab, Physical Therapy, Pain, Neurology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, Wound Care.

Please submit a sales inquiry if you are interested in adding superior clinically differentiated and VA contracted procurement ready products to enable your VA providers with a true solution for our Veterans for lasting pain relief. Preferred candidates have current strong and established relationships with clinicians at the VA Medical Centers they currently call on. Please submit a sales inquiry with your proven track record with VA providers in the one or more of the above call points.
Company ID: 121182
Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Representatives
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies.

Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Molding, and Electric Connectors.
Target Market: OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacturing to Improve their Product Systems. Companies that are Looking for Good Quality, Competitive Prices, and Customer Satisfaction with Plastic Mold, Molding, and Electric Connector.
Sales Opportunity: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies. Many years experience in plastic injection Mold manufacturing, Plastic molding, and Electric connector.

We offer excellent delivery payment to resolve the initial sense of trust in order to help sales reps reach sales agreements with customers.

Excellent commission structure and protected territories for Rep. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. We believe you will not regret choosing us.
Company ID: 121947
Title: Manufacturer's Representative - CANCELLED

Control Relays - Panel Mounted & PCB Types SPDT/DPDT Up to 10A/250V Rated.
Control Valve & Damper Actuators - 24V/230V Power, 45/90 #-in 5 & 10Nm Torque, On/Off/Modulating, With/Without Failsafe, With/Without Position Feedback. USA Mfg,
Target Market: ON HOLD!

Relays - Control Panel Fabricators & Electrical Distributors, Electronics Manufacturers that Incorporate such Devices into their Designs.
Actuators - HVAC Controls Distributors, MRO Distributors with Controls Product Lines, Control Valve Manufacturers Needing Actuation Suppliers.
Company ID: 92697
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Product Lines: Wear Parts for Metal Shredding and Stone Crushing.

Hammers, Grates, Cone, Jaw, etc.
Target Market: Metal Shredder Yards, Miner, Stone Crushing Industry.
Sales Opportunity: With our own foundry in China, we make manganese wear parts for metal shredding and mining and stone crushing industry. We make quality products with competitive price.
Company ID: 109801
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Product Lines: Custom Designed Dampers and Expansion Joints for Industrial, Power, Process, Steel, Petrochecmical, Cement, Pulp & Paper, etc.... Engineered in performed in-house as is all fabrication. Made-in-the-USA Clinton MO.
Target Market: Flextech Products are Utilized in the following markets to name a few
Petrochemical Industries
Pulp & Paper
Air Pollution Control Systems
Fired Heater Systems
Power Generation
Chemical Industry
Engineering Firms
Sales Opportunity: Flextech Industries Ltd. specializes in the design and fabrication of industrial dampers as well as fabric and bellows expansion joints to meet a wide variety of general and customer specific application requirements. High quality and professional service are at the heart of what makes us a great company.

At Flextech Industries Ltd. your needs are our top priority and our staff has the technical knowledge to assist with recommendations as well as the ideal product and component design for your application. Our products are destined for customers throughout the world in varied industries which include, but are not limited to, power generation, cement, pulp and paper, steel, transportation, marine, and chemical & petrochemical.

In addition we also offer our patented and trademarked Bellowseal® blade seal design which is featured in our Bellowseal® Guillotine and Flap GTE Diverter dampers. Its spring-loaded design is the lowest leaking and most cost effective damper seal available to the market.

We pride ourselves on being a single source company for all your industrial damper and expansion joint needs which means unparalleled response to your design and delivery requirements. From start to finish, you can count on us for innovative, reliable, and quality solutions. If you’re looking for a new source or even an alternative, Flextech Industries Ltd. will deliver on time solutions.
Company ID: 95719
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Product Lines: The Exclusive USA Distributor for the following product lines
• Murano Acoustics™ - Range of Wood Veneer Class "A" Acoustic Panels.
• TerrAcoustics® - Acoustic Bamboo Veneer, HPL & LPL Panels for Walls & Ceilings.
• TerraCore™ Acoustic Polyester Panels - California, Nevada, Hawaii - Only - Open.
Target Market: Architects, Interior Design Firms, General Contractors & Acoustical & Millwork Sub Contractors as well as Acoustical Consulting/Design Firms.
Sales Opportunity: We are currently looking for Independent Representatives who are interested in long term partnerships and are involved in the Architectural/Interior Design & Contracting Communities & who have experience and/or are interested in working with Commercial, Retail, General Contractors & Acoustical & Millwork Sub-Contracting Firms, as well as Acousticians.

With our over 40 years of experience, We are a Single Source Provider of Specialty Acoustical Wood Solutions. We are committed to quality products & customer service & we are always looking for Independent Representatives of similar thinking.

Nationwide Specification Support thru - BSD/SpecLink Cloud & MasterSpec. As well as Construct Connect Support.

We are looking for people who share our perspective
• Honest, Hard Working & Dedicated
• Focused & Organized
• Motivated & Professional
• Enthusiastic & Success-Minded

Please submit a sales inquiry to us for more information today!
Company ID: 121956
Title: Territory Manager - Senior.
Product Lines: Loader Scale, 2D Digging System for Excavators.

The Name of the Scale is ECO-LS6. The Name of the 2D Digging System is Guide-Pro.
Target Market: Construction Industry, Municipality Query. But it could be also Any Industry who are Using Loader Arms to Lift Anything.
Sales Opportunity: The construction industry need to maximize transportation cost, therefore truck load must be optimal and the scale is the answer to this problem. Eco Ls6 load scale. The same problem happen to digging process where the customer need to know exactly the deep of excavation to maximize his operating cost. Guide pro for excavator.
Company ID: 115243
Title: Company ID 115243 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: As a Barn Door Hardware Pioneer and Leading Designer for over 15 years, we are Not your Ordinary “Imported” Barn Hardware.

USA Made, our Commercial Grade Hardware is Solid, Highly Durable, and Affordable. With 10+ Finishes and 30+ Stylish Hanger Styles, our Product Selection is Deep and Broad.
Target Market: Mill-Works and Lumberyards, Coalition Dealers, Two-Step Distributors, Home Design Centers, Door, Shutter, and Cabinet Distributors, eCommerce, and Retailers. Additionally, we are Specified by Architects, Interior Designers, and by Contractors for Large Multi-Unit Hotels and Corporate Offices.
Sales Opportunity: This is an exceptional opportunity for door, window, shutter, mill-work, and lumber reps or architects, and specifiers who want to be on the ground floor as we begin to appoint the rep pool nationally for our various barn door hardware lines. The company has been manufacturing sliding hardware for over 40 years now. We are committed to providing fast turnaround times and quality workmanship - all the while while exceeding our customer's expectation.

With a reputation for high quality and smooth sliding products, we offer the best value over our competitors. Our products are solid, over-engineered and meant to last. As a single source provider, we have all the accessories the customer will need to finish the job – including soft-closers, matching handles and locks. At only $100 more, we make a great alternative to those carrying the stamped out sets imported from overseas.

An experienced sales team is available to answer any questions. We will provide training, branding material, catalogs, rep displays, samples and reporting on our current customers. We have generous commission structure for current business and new, with very limited house accounts, if any.

Additionally, we are a national distributor for a superior line of sliding box track hardware made in England. Traditionally specified for multi-unit residential jobs such as NYC high-rises/condos, and the commercial and hospitality industry. Especially interested in reps selling European sliding hardware.
Company ID: 98113
Title: Recurring Six Figure Income - Carbon Offset Sales
Product Lines: The Entrex Carbon Market offers the only Regulatory Compliant Platform to Find, Research, Track, Manage, and Trade Carbon Offsets.
Target Market: Target Companies Focused on Carbon Neutrality who Need to Securely Access Carbon Offsets to Meet their Carbon Neutrality Goals.
Sales Opportunity: We’re looking for representatives who reach out to companies across the U.S. who need to purchase carbon offsets. Typically companies are recurring carbon offset buyers once engaged.
Company ID: 121552
Title: DA-Quick Clip
Product Lines: Plumbing Supply Line Retention Clips and Brackets.

We are the Only Multi-Size, Two Pipe Grommet.
Target Market: Plumbing Supply Houses, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors
Sales Opportunity: We are looking to get our product in the hands of plumbers and show them the time saving feature of using the DA-Quick Clip. The compensation is reflective of industry standards. Since beginning to sell in September of 2020, we have sold tens of thousands and with the help of professionals in the sales field sales will increase exponentially.
Company ID: 105239
Title: Do you Sell Industrial Fluids? We Should Talk.
Product Lines: Precision Spraying, Pulsing and Volumetric Dosing and Dispensing Equipment Produced by a Premier, World Class Manufacturer from Germany.

For use with all types of liquid and pasty products including Greases, Oils, Mastics, Resins, Adhesives, and the like.
Target Market: Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs, and other Physical Product Manufacturers in the Industrial, Agricultural, Aerospace, Medical Device, and Related Markets.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is a 5 decade old distributor of fluid handling equipment in the Chicago area and we are looking for qualified independent sales professionals to help us continue to grow.

We are the master distribution partner in the US for a top quality German manufacturer. The primary focus is on manufacturing 4.0 in the automotive sector but all original equipment manufacturers could benefit from this world class brand of equipment.

Agricultural equipment is a major focus area for us. Part of our mission is to gain domestic OEM business outside of automotive as well and this is your opportunity.

Ideal candidates are already well established with a network of original equipment manufacturing companies that could benefit from a connection to a world class, technologically advanced dosing and dispensing equipment solutions provider.

Here's an analogy to help visualize how we can provide value - 'We love this grease we use but we're tired of using a toothbrush to apply it to our assemblies'. We offer the alternatives to the toothbrush.

We work with some of the largest lubricant manufacturer's in the country and a best candidate for this opportunity is a lubricant salesman with an established book of business.

Let us compliment your business with a unique profit based compensation package that could exceed six figures for the right individual. Residual earning potential too! Help us write the story of our next 55 years & establish your legacy to boot!
Company ID: 103539
Title: Company ID 103539 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Outdoor Cedar Sauna Kits, Pre-Fabricated and Shipped to Pool and Spa Retailers or other Leisure Industry Retailers with Retail Showrooms, Cedar Gazebos, Hot Tubs, and a Small Collection of Furniture and Tiki Bars.
Target Market: Furniture Retailers, Pool & Spa Retailers, Sauna Retailers, Outdoor Leisure Retailers.
Sales Opportunity: Family Owned and Operated Company with quick order turn around and customer service. Monthly Commission based sales with trade show and travel support options.
Company ID: 114761
Title: Company ID 114761 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Our Company is a Custom Plastic Extruder.

We are Seeking a Rep to Sell Custom Extrusions and our Basement Window PVC Product for New Home Construction.
Target Market: Basement Windows will go Through Distribution or Direct to the Builder. Custom Plastic Extrusions can go to Buyers in the following markets Office Furniture, Case Goods, Window & Door, Point of Purchase, Refrigeration, Edge Band for Furniture Applications, Industrial Applications, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Our is a custom extrude company for 30 years. We can extrude almost any profile or material. We have also developed a basement window product that we would like to sell directly to the home builder or supply/distribution companies. We are a great company to work for and support our Sales Reps.

We do not discount % of commission as your portfolio grows but rather motivate you to sell as much and earn big dollars doing so. We are also supportive in finding leads. We have 18 years of database building in our ERP system waiting for an energetic rep to pursue.
Company ID: 8113
Title: Company ID 8113 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Target A - Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement.
Target B - Fiber for Asphalt Reinforcement.
Target Market: Target A - Ready-Mix and/or Pre-Cast Producers, Architects, Engineers, and Concrete Contractors.
Target B - Contractors, Pavers, Producers, Engineers, DOTs, Township Supervisors, and Large Property Owners.
Sales Opportunity: FORTA is an established company with two divisions Concrete FORTA-FERRO® and Asphalt FORTA-FI®. We have the most experience in research and development, and have earned the reputation as creating the best mixing and finishing fibers.

FORTA was the first to pioneer synthetic fiber in the US, and our products are used around the globe. This is an exceptional opportunity to work with the fiber experts who understand the value of providing support to their Independent Sales Representatives.

You will benefit from an industry-leading commission program, as well an excellent training program to introduce you to our products and services as well as receive continued training, as needed. We are known for our top-of-the-line support staff and friendliness, and less than 1% turn-over rate. When you work with us, you are part of the FORTA family!

Territories Open
Fiber for concrete reinforcement - IN, IL, MT
Fiber for asphalt reinforcement - ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, DE, GA
Company ID: 121649
Title: Low Voltage/Medium Voltage Soft Starters
Product Lines: Low Voltage Soft Starters, Medium Voltage Soft Starters, DC Injection Brakes, Motor Protection, SCR Power Controls.
Target Market: Mining, Marine, Water/Wastewater, Industrial, Wood, Metals, and Oil & Gas Industries.
Sales Opportunity: Solcon Solutions is a dynamic, high-tech power electronics company that remains at the forefront of design, development and manufacturing of industrial motor starting and control systems. We offer both standard and customized combination packages that are ready to meet any challenge our customers may face.

A brief overview of our high-quality motor control solutions include
• Low Voltage Soft Starters
• Medium Voltage Soft Starters
• DC Injection Brakes
• Motor Protection
• SCR Power Controls

Our DriveStart product is the first of its kind, proprietary, IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter Up to 13.8kV, 20MW, and motors up to 50,000KW and larger. This is an exclusive offering only available from Solcon. For over 41 years, Solcon has been delivering solutions for the toughest applications, including the mining, marine, water, general industrial and the oil & gas industries.
Company ID: 121672
Title: CT Manufacturer of BTO Controls Seeks Representation
Product Lines: Built to Order Liquid Level Controls, Flow Switches, Stainless Steel and Brass Construction, some Non-Metallic.
Target Market: OEMs MROs Packaging Pump Systems, Tankage, Coolant and Chiller Systems. Engineered System Builders including Hydraulic, Fuels, Lubricants, and Coolants.
Sales Opportunity: Work closely with a 43 year old family company with an active founder. We are small but very capable, and desire to stretch out to increase our sales. Being we are as old as we are, we have firsthand knowledge of most of our target areas, but feel the need to deepen our presence.

We have business throughout the US, with limited saturation, that is where you come in. While many of our products are similar or equal to those of other companies, many of our sensors were engineered by us with the help of our reps in the field!

You cannot think of an industry that does not rely on some fluid of one type or another! There are endless applications, just think of what your customers are producing now. We have a brand new Website and have an active SEO program to assure maximum looks at our site's products. We have had a web presence since 2000!

We will provide reciprocal linkups to enhance our both our web traffic hits. We also will provide any leads we uncover in the process that come from your territory to give you the optimum chance of conversion.
Company ID: 9753
Title: Independent Contractors and Distributors Sales.
Product Lines: Facial Detection and Infrared Temperature Screening Kiosk.
Target Market: Healthcare Facilities, Dental Offices, Schools, Retail Facilities, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Gyms, Churches, Community Centers, Utility Companies, Banks, Office Buildings, Airports, Bus Stations, Casinos, Stadiums.
Sales Opportunity: Would you be interested in marketing a unique product that can provide a safer environment? This Facial Detection and Infrared Temperature Screening Kiosk is approved as an emergency device by the FDA. It is a simple, low-cost kiosk imaging system designed to automate body temperature and mask screening using infrared facial detection technology.

It is capable of screening body temperature and detect if an individual is wearing a mask at 3 feet of distance safe social distancing. It has storage of over 30,000 temperature screenings in database, with a 0.1% error rate.

This facial detection kiosk automates the temperature screening process at a speed less than one second. Our kiosk delivers the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer – but with a safe social distance.

The multi-purpose system can be installed as a hand sanitizer, mask detector, access management, or temperature screening system in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues reopen a safer environment for their workforce, customers, members and patrons.

Easy to install and easy to use, the system can be up and running in minutes. Please submit a sales inquiry. The commissions are outstanding! Motivated reps have the opportunity for uncapped income with unlimited potential!
Company ID: 121597
Title: Metal Finishing Representative Outside Sales
Product Lines: Will be Responsible for Selling Finishing Services to include Zinc Plating BBL & Rack, Stainless Passivation, and Black E-Coat.
Target Market: Automotive Stamping, Fabrication, Machine Shops, Screw Machine Shops, Foundries.
Sales Opportunity: AAA Industries Nashville, TN and AAA Coatings Smithville, TN has an opportunity for a sales representative in the metal finishing industry. We specialize in zinc plating, stainless passivation, and E-Coat. We are seeking a honest, motivated and determined individual to promote and sell our services. We are looking for a individual to develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships.
Company ID: 121367
Title: Direct Sales Rep for New Sports Training Device.
Product Lines: Our Company Produces a High-Quality Shot Target System for Lacrosse Players of All Ages.

The Design is Fully Patented. The Product has Several Unique Features which Makes it Stand Out from the Competition. It's the Only Dynamic Product on the Market.
Target Market: Target markets include Online and Brick & Mortar Stores Carrying Lacrosse Equipment. Schools, Rec Leagues, Club Team Programs, and Lacrosse Trainers would also be Potential Customers.
Sales Opportunity: We are starting at ground zero and would look to establish a relationship with our sales rep. We know the product and who would use it. You know how to get the product to the retail market. We would create an initial commission % and then a scaled increase over time based on the sales.

We sell online directly through our website but the goal is to get into as many retailers as possible. One major lacrosse retailer has carried our product for almost 2 years.
Company ID: 117958
Title: Company ID 117958 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Hydrogen Water- Reduces Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Gut, Brain.
Qi Technology Proven EMF Protection including 5G.
Full Spectrum Near, Mid, Far Infrared Portable Sauna
We have Products that are Best in their Industry!
Target Market: Chiropractors Primarily
Other Markets Functional MD Offices, N.D., Natural Minded Practitioners.
Sales Opportunity: This is the opportunity to introduce products that reduce oxidation, inflammation, and increase gut function and brain function. This is every patient coming in to a Chiropractic office. Everyone wants and needs help in these areas. There are 750 studies on H2 dissolved in water and 12 double blind studies on the Qi technology specifically.

We are a manufacturer. We have been in business for 8 years. We do business worldwide. Would like a focus on Chiropractic for 2020. We would like independent reps for every area in USA and Canada.
Company ID: 82498
Title: Commercial Windows & Doors Nationwide
Product Lines: We Manufacture Custom, Commercial Aluminum Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, and Terrace Doors from Two Facilities in Michigan.

Our line includes Blast-Resistant and Large Missile Impact Products. Architecturally Rated Windows, and In-House Engineered and Manufactured Sliding Glass Doors.
Target Market: Glazing Contractors, Installers, Architects, Contractors, Distributors, Dealers, Owners, Developers.
Sales Opportunity: We are seeking aggressive, experienced independent sales representatives to proactively promote our expanding line of products in new and existing markets. We are experiencing significant growth with an immediate need to expand our representation in various U.S. regions. If you are interested in increasing your revenue with a growing commercial window manufacturer, contact us for immediate consideration.

Desired Skills & Experience for Sales Reps
Minimum 3-5 years experience in commercial window sales and/or CDT preferred. Key consideration is ability to effectively cultivate relationships with architects, developers, contractors, dealers/installers, property owners and other appropriate contacts.
Company ID: 117966
Title: Automotive Chemicals Unique Pro & Full Line Gasoline Diesel
Product Lines: Professional Complete full line of Chemicals, Certified by TUV in Germany.

Products such as but not limited to Catalytic Converter Cleaner, DPF Diesel Particulate Filter, Foam Cleaner, DPF Diesel Additive Cleaner, Carbon Build-Up Cleaner, Engine Flush Oil Additives. Car Care Line.
Target Market: Automotive Retailers & whole sale, Distributors, Gas Stations, Repair Shops.
Sales Opportunity: Unique and professional line for the Automotive industry, for professionals & end users, High demand online sales & from repair shops. Complete line from oil additives, cleaners to shop supplies, tools & very high quality engine oil & fluids.

Creative team working to provide the latest and unique technology chemicals, our latest product for COVID-19 the Vehicle cabin sanitizer fogger certified by IFU in Germany.

All our products are Certified for their functionality, complete long line for repair shops such as
Internal engine cleaning products
Induction cleaner
Catalytic converter cleaner
Carbon Build-up Cleaner
Transmission products
Diesel particulate filter DPF Cleaners
Diesel Additives & Engine cleaner a lot more
Shop supplies & Tools, such as Silicon Sealing, break cleaner, induction tool, transmission machine
Conventional & full synthetic oil
Transmission fluid, radiator coolant

Competitive prices, High quantity production. Excellent commission for Reps.
Company ID: 121300
Title: Take-Out Promos Sales Reps - All Industries
Product Lines: At Takeout Promos, we Help Brands Amplify their Messaging in Local Markets Through Customized Take-Out Box Ads.

A Proven, Unique Way to Reach Consumers where they’re at Home.
Target Market: Ideal for All Markets to Brand and Give to Restaurants for Free to Expose the Brands!
Sales Opportunity: Sell ads to businesses, we ship the take out boxes to the business they can use as a door opener or calling card and they deliver to the restaurants of their choice for free. They get their name out and the restaurants get the savings by using the boxes.

We have one time or subscription pricing and pay 20% commission. We would do all marketing to your lists at no charge and give you full access to our CRM to track your progress. We can assist in email blast and mailings to your contacts to get the word out! One time $225 which is $1.50 per box. 6 and 12 month subscriptions at discounted rate.
Company ID: 118706
Title: Our Product Sells and Pays for Itself!
Product Lines: VPR Verified Temperature Checking and Facial Recognition.
Target Market: Gyms, Salons, Offices, Warehouses, Industrials, Security Systems, Computer Systems, Hardware, Schools, Government, Religious, Retail, Human Resources.
Sales Opportunity: Best back to work solutions available including temperature control for employees and customers, units pay for itself in no time, set it and forget it!
Company ID: 97708
Title: Company ID 97708 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We have a Number of Very Unique Signal Converters that Solve Problems and Simplify Control Systems.

Additionally, our Solid State Air Conditioner has Considerable Advantages Over other Units and the Market is Wide Open for this Unit.
Target Market: Typical markets for our Electronics is Chemicals Plants, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater, and Plant Automation. Our Solid State Air Conditioner should be Used to Keep Enclosures Cool that House Critical Electronic Controls. And we Need to Contact Every System Integrator.
Sales Opportunity: Our company was founded in 1990. Our focus has been mostly industrial electronics used by oil/gas well service companies. So we know how to build very rugged equipment that will stand up to abuse and keep working. We feel our concepts can be put to good use in many other markets.

We have a new line of DIN rail mount signal converters that system engineers should love to get their hands on. Space here is limited, but if you are at all interested, contact me and I will send you a brochure.
Company ID: 28327
Title: Company ID 28327 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Moisture Mitigation, Epoxy Flooring, Self-Leveling Underlayments. Waterproofing Products.
Target Market: Surface Prep Contractors
Floor Prep
Epoxy Flooring
Moisture Mitigation
Chemical Injection
Crack Injection
Sales Opportunity: Looking for entrepreneurs and or stocking distributor reps to sell moisture mitigation, decorative epoxy flooring, self-leveling, and waterproofing products. Well established manufacturer. High margins protected territories.
Company ID: 121205
Title: Sell our CBD and Earn Big Commissions On Gross Sales
Product Lines: You will be Selling our Premium CBD Products.

CBD Gummies
CBD Oil Tinctures
CBD Gel Capsules
CBD Creams
CBD Beauty & Bath Products
CBD Smokables/Like Cigarettes
CBD Pet Products Like Animal Treats And Oils
Target Market: CBD is Booming and in High Demand. Luckily for our Reps our Products Cast a Wide Net of Business to Sell to.

Convenience stores
Health and Wellness Stores
CBD Shops
Smoke and Vape Shops
Head Shops
Animal/Pet supply stores and shops
Gas Stations
Chiropractors and others
Sales Opportunity: Working with our company allows you to enter into a booming market reaching over $50 billion and still growing. CBD is in crazy high demands and store owners are asking for more. Here you will have access to some of the highest quality CBD products in the market.

Our products were designed so reps like you can have a wide range of opportunity to sell to. You can sell high demand items like CBD smokables/cigarettes to other high demand items like gummies, CBD oils, creams, beauty, and pet products.

What We Offer You
We provide our sales reps with a simple and easy way to take orders. All orders on done right through the website were you will be assigned a specific agent codes which allows us to track your commission and get you paid. You will be given access to a commission portal so you can always see what is owed to you. We keep large inventory available and can offer your customers outstanding service and get product shipped out in less then 48 hours.

Compensation Plan
We offer our sales reps with an aggressive 10% commission on Gross sales. We pay out weekly at the end of very week.

If you decide to work with our company we can promise you that we will support you every step of the way. We can provide product and sales training, Customer support team, Access to management, Marketing material, and anything else you think you need to be successful. Your success is our success.

We look forward to working with you!
Company ID: 92406
Title: Company ID 92406 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Custom Souvenirs, Local Souvenirs in Many Markets as well as Name Drop Product with Fast Turnaround. Disney License for Key Chains, Magnets, Postcards, Stationery.
Target Market: Independent Gift Shops
Souvenir Stores
Destination Locations
Tourist Attractions
other Retail Chain Accounts
Sales Opportunity: We seek reps and rep groups in much of the country. In some areas we seek reps to sell to independent accounts while in others reps will sell our products to any type customer. We particularly seek reps in LA, TX, OK, NM, CA, NY, PA, MI, MN, WI, TN, NC, SC, D.C, VA, MD, IL, AZ, FL, NV and Northern CA. Reps will sell souvenirs, gifts, and Disney items to retail stores. Our line is extensive! Please submit a sales inquiry to us.
Company ID: 121126
Title: Hose Products for Appliances.
Product Lines: - Stainless Steel Braided Washing Machine Hoses with or Without Blue/Red Lined, SS Braided Dishwasher Hoses, SS Braided Icemaker Hoses.
- Flood Safe Double Wall Washing Machine Hoses.
- PEX Tubing for Refrigerators.
- Customized Hose Products.
Target Market: Local Hardware Stores, Appliance Parts/Repair Shops, Plumbing Supplies Wholesaler/Distributors, Online Retailers, Appliance Sales, Installation Contractors, etc.
Sales Opportunity: As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we supply washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, ice maker hoses to major appliance brands worldwide. Our excellent quality and attractive pricing makes it an excellent opportunity to build sustainable and profitable business. We offer private label services for your customers.
Company ID: 118182
Title: Company ID 118182 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Design and Supply Gift Shops with Unique Items.

Most Items are Made with Environment Friendly Fabrics. We Offer Accessories for Babies, Kitchen, Bedding, Bath, Fashion, Travel Products with Face Covering COVID-19 Related. We Offer Good Deals for Small Businesses and Made in US or EU Labels.
Target Market: Beauty Shops, SPAs, Hotel Gifts Shops, Hotel SPAs, Duty Free Shops, Department Stores with Quality Products, Baby Boutiques. Our Products are Used by Women and Men of All Ages. Perfect Gifts for Many Occasions like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. And Perfect for Business Gifts.
Sales Opportunity: We are designer and wholesale Gifts supplier of textile products. We create functional quality durable products. All our products are unique. For the patented ones we can licence big customers so they can handle their production instead of having their items made by our factory partners. All products are made to order. We can customize clients products fabric color or prints, logo, etc.

Accessories available - made to order
- Travel with face covering COVID-19 2 items,
- A cutie ghost plush that could be great for Halloween baby plush US Certified
- Fashion "snapback caps".
- Baby
- Kitchen
- Bedding

We have production partners for
* Made in US, Europe, Asia for high volumes or when we need to adjust the price for a potential big client.

About the advantages of our bath collection
Most of skin products today are dedicated to the face. These items are for the entire body. So these items will be a complementary product for all beauty shops.

Several options to sell the bath collection
- Each product can be sold unitary in ready to offer packages.
- Products can be sold as packages composed of several items.
- We are able to customized these packages following the clients requests.

So we are ready go offer the best conditions to our representatives - 15% to 20% depending on experience and sales volumes. Agreement signed.
Company ID: 106164
Title: External Sales Representative
Product Lines: Offering USA Made/ISO Certified Lines Skid Steer Attachments, Agricultural Trailers/Equipment, ATV/UTV/SxS/Motorcycle Accessories, Snow Removal Equipment for Tractors, Skid Steers & Wheel Loaders, Fuel Transportation Trailers, Towable Backhoes, OEM Fabricated Steel Parts/Assemblies.
Target Market: Agricultural/Construction Equipment Dealerships/Retailers, Rental Dealerships, OEMs, and Powersport Dealerships. Markets Span Both Rural and Urban Settings with Products that can Serve a Vast Range of Customers. Depending on the Product Lines, you can Make Any Market Sell-Able!
Sales Opportunity: We are a diverse, fast growing, and high-tech manufacturing company that produces our products from start to finish, located in Southern Minnesota. Being family-owned and operated for nearly 30 years, a reputation has been established for high caliber sales and service teams throughout the industries we serve. Our name has grown on service and quality.

We are looking for independent reps that understand the light construction equipment, agricultural, recreational, turf, rental, and/or contract manufacturing steel industries. Our products are innovative and will give the end user a competitive advantage over the competition. Depending on the product line/s, we have open territories across North America.

Our product lines are higher dollar. Agricultural products are targeted towards large farmers, construction products are geared to contractors and operators of all sizes, powersport accessories are high-volume and quick turns! The opportunity to carry our products is a great one. With diversity among the lines, they can create a full-package sales portfolio. There's something in our product offerings for every end-user.

We pay 6% commission on equipment at the time of payment, assist in product training and offer marketing support. Take on our lines to find success with a motivated attitude and drive for success!
Company ID: 109556
Title: Company ID: 109556 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Price Competitive and High Commission!

Reliable PPE Provider for COVID-19:
3-Ply (<$0.1), KN95 (<$0.5), and NIOSH N95 Mask (<$3.5)
Face Shields (<$2.5)
Hand Sanitizer (<$0.12/oz)
Shoe Covers
Disinfection Spray and Wipes, and more.
Large Stock in U.S and can Ship Immediately
Target Market: Hospitals, Assisted Living, Acute Care, Distributors, Federal, State, County, & Local Government, Warehouse & Manufacturing Plants, Airports, Trains, Cruise Ships, Arenas & Event Centers, Stores & Markets, Food Service Industry, School Systems.
Sales Opportunity: The second wave of COVID-19 is coming. The U.S is not going to get better soon so the demand is there. We see the shortage of suppliers everywhere. However, lots of suppliers who are actually just a broker with no inventory cannot fulfill the demand or overprice to the customer.

Our core competitive advantage is a strong supply chain and large capital support. Now you have an opportunity to bring your existing business relationship to us and close some serious deal. Let us become your reliable source for your PPE supplies.
Company ID: 118741
Title: Company ID: 118741 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Precision Centerless Grinding, Specializing in High Volume Production Grinding.
Target Market: Automotive, Engineers, Transmission Valves, Wrist Pins, Pistons, Differential Pins, Dowel Pins, Military Projectiles, Aerospace, Oil and Mineral Parts, Medical, Carbide, Orthopedic Pins.
Sales Opportunity: Triangle Grinding has been in business since 1955. The 1st QS 9000 company in Michigan. Open time on numerous machines. Affiliated with Centerless Rebuilders. Precision machinery rebuilder. Distributor of Atlantic grinding wheels.
Company ID: 117674
Title: Company ID: 117674 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: A Complete Line of OTC (Pre-Fab) Orthotics Designed for the Medical Professional.

Rigity ranges from Flexible to very Rigid. Used for Diabetics, Flat Feet, High Arch, Comfort, Metatarsalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, and we also have a Kids Orthotic Line and a Line for Dress Shoes.
Target Market: Podiatry, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, DME, Medical Supply Stores, Orthopedic Shoe Stores, VA Hospitals and Clinics, Indian Health Services, IHS, Veterans Administration
Sales Opportunity: Redi-Thotics is a complete OTC orthotic line designed for medical professionals. We sell into all Medical accounts, even some hospitals who have their own pharmacy. Our main target is Podiatry and Orthopedics and we have a VA Contract. Commissions are 20% of all sales in a territory. Exisiting business will be turned over to the new sales rep to service and collect commissions
Company ID: 118595
Title: Company ID: 118595 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Manufacturer with a Full Process Machine Shop Specializing in a Line of Stainless Steel Hand Tools.

We have Excess Machine Capacity. CNC Swiss Turn, CNC Mill Centers, CNC Turn Centers, Water Jet, EDM, and Heat Treating, Polishing, Passivation, and Laser Etching of Stainless Steel.
Target Market: Pharmaceutical, Energy, Medical, Semiconductor, and other Industries Requiring Critical Machining of Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Aluminium.
Sales Opportunity: As a leader in the niche market of Stainless Steel Hand Tools for critical environments, we have 20+ years of experience designing and machining Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Aluminium tools and parts. We have heat treating, polishing, passivation, and laser etching in-house. Making us a great one-stop-shop for Stainless Steel machining and finishing.
Company ID: 118358
Title: Company ID: 118358 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: 1. Concrete Admix that Waterproofs and Stops Moisture and Vapor Issues Plus has Other Benefits.
2. Cement and Epoxy Coatings to Stop Moisture and Vapor on Existing Concrete Slabs.
3. Concrete Sealers.
4. Specialized Primers for Remediation of Oily Slabs.
Target Market: Concrete Contractors, Batch Plants, General Contractors, Architects, and Industrial Markets.
Sales Opportunity: We are small specialized boutique manufacturer of the above products. Previously our marketing strategy has been private labeling. We are changing our marketing attempt to brand our product in the market. We've been doing this since 1991. We offer protected territories, protected specifications and negotiable commission schedules that we believe are higher than the industry average.
Company ID: 118412
Title: Company ID: 118412 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Robotic Packaging Systems. Primary, Secondary, & End-of-Line Palletizing.
Target Market: Medium to Large Manufacturers. Food Manufacturing, Consumer Products Manufacturing, Packaging Material Manufacturing.
Sales Opportunity: Kaitech Automation is a technology division of a larger conveyor manufacturer. Since our inception, we have seen 2x to 3x organic growth. We are looking into sales reps to help add to our dynamic growth plans. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and ambitious executive team have positioned ourselves to dominate palletizing, case packing and packaging conveyor systems.

Older, conventional competition is no match for our short lead times, competitive pricing and incredible partner relationships. While we are looking for help with sales, our sales machine is very strong in lead generation and willing to invest in the right Rep Agency. Looking forward to connecting.
Company ID: 118195
Title: Company ID: 118195 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Fans, Residential and Commercial, Home Surge Protections, Pull Down Staircase Insulation Covers to Insulation Reclaim Bags.
Target Market: Roofing Material Distributor sand Roofing Contractors, HVAC Distributors and Contractors, Solar Panel and Accessories Distributors and Contractors, Energy Efficient Companies, Attic Insulation and ventilation, Green Energy, off the Grid building.
Sales Opportunity: Solar Royal is looking to expand its sales in the United States. We offer great points on our products along with all the support you need to help in making the sale. Solar Royal's Solar Powered Attic Fans are 100% Solar, No Wiring Involved. If you have that Drive and believe in the Green Energy Market, then we would like to speak with you. Please submit a sales inquiry to us.
Company ID: 118122
Title: Company ID: 118122 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Produce a Variety of Frozen Filled Pastas.

In Addition to our Italian Retail Line we Offer Private Label, Co-Pack, and Wholesale Products. We also Produce a Variety of Food Service Items for the Child Nutrition Sector. Lastly, we have a Frozen Pierogi Retail Line.
Target Market: Primarily Private Label and Wholesale Opportunities, Distributors, Restaurant Chains, Cruise Lines, Casinos, Schools, etc.
Sales Opportunity: We a looking for an eager rep to find new opportunities for our frozen goods. We are third generation, family owned company. We are a highly automated facility that is SQF certified.
Company ID: 118064
Title: Company ID: 118064 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Drug and Alcohol Testing Product and Services with Some Exclusivity.
Target Market: Primarily Government (Criminal Justice, Probation, Parole, Prisons, Drug Courts, etc.) for the Rapid Hair Test. Urine and Saliva Government, Employment, Treatment Facilities, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Micro Distributing is looking for Independent Sales Representatives in the USA to promote/sale exclusive drug and alcohol testing products and services. We are a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing products and services for over 20 years, offering a comprehensive array of solutions that are easily customized to suit the needs of any testing or screening program.

As of the end of last year we obtained an exclusive distributorship on an instant hair test (STATHairTest) and designed software (STATWare ) that includes “real time” state drug testing law compliance (STATCheck, STATCheckPlus). In addition to these two exclusive advantages in our industry, we also are a finalist of a 40 state government contract. We are launching the STATHairTest mid April and STATWare, STATCheck, STATCheck Plus May 1, 2020.
Company ID: 88445
Title: Company ID: 88445 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Manufacturer Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion Springs as well as Wire Forms and Flat Springs.
Target Market: Our markets include Automotive, Agricultural, Builders Hardware, Recreation, Electrical, Medical, and other variuos OEMs and Distributors. Calling on both Purchasing Personnel and Engineers.
Sales Opportunity: This is an opportuntiy to increase your sales with existing customers and within your territory by selling a related product to your current lines. R-R Spring is one of the very few spring companies in the U.S. to be registered to ISO 9001 with Design. We are aggressive and very competitive. We pay an industry standard 5% commission.
Company ID: 118026
Title: Company ID: 118026 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies.

Capabilities include: Contract Manufacturing, Fabrication, CNC Machining and Milling, Welding, Turning, Punching, Bending, Assembly, and Prototyping.
Target Market: Markets/Customers include: Commercial, Aerospace, Defense, Military, and Industrial Sectors. We have a Large List of of Large OEMs and System Integrators that we have Supplied to Over the last 50 years.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for an ambitious and driven rep with experience in the aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing sectors. Terms open for negotiation and discussion. Looking for someone who can bring additional revenue from current customers, bring onboard new customers, and help us achieve Year-Over-Year growth of 10-20%.
Company ID: 97952
Title: Company ID: 97952 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: An-Mar can Over-Mold Custom Cable Assemblies with TPEs (Alcryn, Santoprene or Geolast) and Flexible PVC.

We Make Custom Electromagnetic Assemblies and inductors using Bobbin Wound, Air, or Ferrites. We are a Manufacturer of Custom Thermistor Assemblies Potted into Clips or Shrink Tubes.
Target Market: We Target Medium Sized Manufacturing Companies. Our Goal is to Help Customers Solve a Problem by Either Helping in the Design of a New Part or Taking an Existing Product and Modifying it to Fit our Customer's Requirements. We see Potentially Expanding our Business into a Variety of Industries.
Sales Opportunity: We believe there is still a need by American manufacturers to have suppliers that can deliver products that are special to their individual needs. Our current customer base is primarily in the Midwest but we look forward to increasing that base into a variety of industries as well as geographically. An-Mar is particularly interested in the Chicago and St. Louis areas. We support our sales staff with sampling (when possible) and we are very willing to meet a potential customer face-to-face. Our ad can be seen in the Wire Harness News.
Company ID: 108293
Title: Company ID: 108293 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Industrial Curtains including Plastic Strip Doors, Curtain Walls, Airport Baggage Handling Conveyor Curtains, Clean Room Curtains, Laser Barriers, and Data Center Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment Systems.
Target Market: We provide Industrial Curtains to a range of Industries including Aerospace, Airport, Automotive, Biotech, Clean Room, Cold Storage, Data Centers, Electronics, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, & others. Sales are Made to End-Users, Contractors, OEMs, and Resellers such as Material Handling Companies.
Sales Opportunity: Our company takes pride in fabricating custom products to fit the specific needs of each and every application presented to us. The product is delivered in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. Using UPS as our standard carrier, all orders are received no more than five days after they are shipped, at a low negotiated price.

In business since 1978, we use materials of the highest quality and can provide test data in regards to anti static properties and flame spread capabilities for all of our flexible vinyl materials. Our company supports its representatives by maintaining an up to date web and social media presence which along with our participation in trade shows provides qualified leads. Our commission structure of 10% to 25%, based upon product and customer type, affords manufacturer reps a great earning the opportunity.
Company ID: 112973
Title: Company ID: 112973 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: On & Off Highway Multi-Brand Diagnostic Tools with Communication Protocols for Every Major Manufacturer.

Diesel + Gas Electronic Control Modules (ECMS\ECUS), Diesel Engine Software, Diesel Tuning Services-Internet Based, Custom Diesel Engine Files for On and Off Highway Equipment, 3D Alignment S
Target Market: OEM Truck Dealers, Independent Truck Repair Shops, Construction, Forestry, Agriculture Equipment Repair Shops, Truck Fleets,Truck or Equipment Owner Operators, Marine.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for motivated Rep(s) to call on repair facilities. Experienced rep in truck parts or engine service industry. Chosen Rep(s) will be given exclusive areas in the United States & Canada. We have 450 authorized independent truck repair dealers that need to be called on with updating of the products and services we provide.

Your position will require you to call on our current dealers and fleets and create future prospects. Our products and especially our tuning services are mainly exclusive making us number one in the world. Commissions are 10% on most products, commissions will vary with Diagnostic Tools sold. Average sale $4,000 on tuning service or software.
Company ID: 117757
Title: Company ID: 117757 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Coax Solution
Copper Solution
Audio Video Solution
Décor Solution
Multi-Conductor Solution
Fiber Solution
Target Market: This Sales Representative will target Structured Cabling Distributors within the DataCom Industry Throughout California and Western American Regions. Maintaining Existing Clientele and Seeking Further Expansion of New Business.
Sales Opportunity: Hyperline Systems is a manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of products available for Structured Cabling Systems; copper cable, LAN cable, telephone cable, telecommunication cable, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, interface cable, industrial cable, hybrid cable and much more. With worldwide sales of over 65 million USD in 12 different countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We have an existing set of clientele in Western United States, and seek further expansion with the right partner representatives.
Company ID: 111819
Title: Company ID: 111819 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Smart Safes that Secure and Manage a Clients Cash.

Quick ROI on Cost of Smart Safes. Reducing Shrinkage, Saving Time from Counting and Running to the Bank. Gives Clients, Managers, and Staff more Time to Help Customers Than Managing Cash. Provisional Credit and Courier Cash Pick-Up Available.
Target Market: Any Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, or Utility companies.
Sales Opportunity: Any company that handles cash is a good opportunity. We are partnered with a large financial company to use their web-based monitoring system. We sell smart safes. Our techs have been installing and servicing smart safes for 8 years and are certified by the manufacturer.

We can go to a customer's site with a Smart Safe to demo the unit and monitoring system. The monitoring company is also available to join the demo by phone or will fly a rep out for a large opportunity. Commission is a percentage of the initial hardware and services sale.
Company ID: 38108
Title: Company ID: 38108 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Wire Protection Grommet Edging, Enclosure Seals & Edge Trim. Cable & Fiber Management, Harness Protection Sleeving and Wraps. EMI/RFI Shielding Materials.

Custom Design Capabilities in Precision Metal Stamping, Extrusion of Rubber or Thermoplastics, Injection Molding, Diecutting, and Vulcanizati
Target Market: OEMs in Critical Equipment Markets - Servers, Aerospace (from Avionics to Seating, APUs to In-Flight Refueling), Commercial HVAC, Energy (Solar, Wind Turbines, Oil & Gas), Rail, Transportation and Automotive, Military, and Tactical Vehicles, Telecommunications, Medical, and Security Imaging.
Sales Opportunity: Our company, celebrating 35 years of Solution-eering, has numerous existing AVL positions across many industries. Our opportunity is a broad based catalog of synergistic products that all work inside enclosures, whether an airplane, car, telcom switch, or railroad coach - grommets, seals, sleeving, and EMI gaskets all have applications.

We offer a value position in the market place to offer high end products at competitive pricing compared to many known competitors but who may be extending lead times and or not offering needed service and technical support. with favorable commissions. ISO 9001-2015 and AS 9100-D Certified with authorized distributors located worldwide for JIT deliveries.
Company ID: 105274
Title: Company ID: 105274 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Fiberglass Mesh, Drywall/Stucco Tape, EIFS Fasteners, Masonry Tools.
Target Market: Stucco, Drywall, Hardware and Contractor Supply Houses.
Sales Opportunity: Seeking representatives for domestic and imported construction and masonry products. Our company offers top quality products that fit into several different categories and industries. In business since 2010, we are seeking individuals that have a background selling to stucco, contractor supply and hardware establishments. Training and support provided along with an excellent commission rate. If you are open to expanding your present line, we would like to talk to you.
Company ID: 117451
Title: Company ID: 117451 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Lithium Ion Battery Systems: Batteries, Charging Systems, Telemetry and Displays, Inverters.
Target Market: Marine, Recreational Vehicles, Low Speed Electric Vehicles, Residential, Commercial, Solar, and Numerous Custom Build Stored Energy Opportunities for Corporate Clients.
Sales Opportunity: Ours is the first and currently only company in North America to achieve Underwriter Laboratory approvals per UL1973, 508, 991 and 1998. With extreme growth already underway, having UL approvals have allowed to offer significantly valued Product Liability insurance policies to our clients that provide additional security and assurance of safety. Whereas most of our competitors are importing b-grade batteries from China, we are a true USA factory offering A-grade lithium ion batteries.

The key to success is our proprietary Battery Management System (UL Listed) that has programmable logic control features built in for seamless integration to complex power systems in yachts, recreational vehicles, work truck, ambulances and other similar application. The lead-acid battery market is $60 billion and lithium will continue to take portions of this market share.
Company ID: 98618
Title: Company ID: 98618 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Safe, Effective, Odor Elimination Chemicals.

We also have a Line of Green CA Compliant Mites, Aphids, and Thrips Killers. Good for Tomatoes, Cannabis, and other Similar Plants.
Target Market: Boutique Pet, Sports, Nursery Locations
Big Box Stores
Sports Teams
Auto Detailers
Sales Opportunity: Join us and grow your career with a rapidly expanding company offering commissions on new business, residuals on repeat orders, incentives and tremendous growth opportunities. Looking for individuals that are passionate about selling products that are effective and wish to create repeat business based on growing demand.

Our company offers a range of products that are effective and environmentally thoughtful. Quality alternatives at competitive prices direct from the factory. Reps will be responsible for developing our business in their territories. Excellent support with training available.
Company ID: 114039
Title: Company ID: 114039 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Kits, Centrifuges, Bio-Filler Incubator, Supplies, Services, & other Regenerative Products Through Partnership.

Our PRP Provides Excellent Clinical Outcomes at a Commercially Low Cost. Our PRP Kits are Significantly Less & Better than our Closest Competition.
Target Market: Orthopedic Physicians, Integrated Practices, Pain Management Practices, Regenerative Medicine Clinics, Family Practice, D.O./M.D, Sports Medicine Clinics, Podiatrists, Dentists, OB/GYN, Med Spas, Aesthetics Clinics.
Sales Opportunity: - 25% Gross Commissions paid on product sales.
- Over 95% of practices already offering PRP to patients, who are given one PRP Kit to test, switch to the Juventix line for ease of use, patient injection comfort & the surprisingly low price point.
- Reps have access to an online webinar scheduling tool to set up webinars for key accounts with both Juventix & other experts, improving the closing ratio significantly.

• Our PRP is designed with less coagulant for patient comfort, ready in 8 minutes (No second spin).
• Standard PRP tubes fit most centrifuge models, so NO proprietary centrifuges are necessary.
• Now PRP injections are affordable for patients & given its low cost of entry, physicians pay attention. PRP blends well with other protocols.
• We offer online video training for aesthetics & orthopedic protocols.
• It has a fully functional online store that your accounts can use & a way for you to get credited and paid for each sale.
• Our company designs, controls and manufactures its own PRP Product.

Additional opportunity to sell other regenerative medicine products through partnership with Integrative Practice Solutions:
• Stem Cells (Wharton's Jelly), Umbilical Cord Tissue, Amniotic Fluid, Amniotic Membrane, Hyaluronic Acid, Related supplies, services & more.

Challenge us to prove our claims and find out what kind of income you want to make as a Regenerative Medicine Representative!
Company ID: 114522
Title: Company ID: 114522 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Circuit Design
PCB Design
Embedded Software
Prototype and Validation
Troubleshooting, EMI, EMC
Manufacturing: PCB, Assembly, Wire Harnesses, etc.
Target Market: Medical, Industrial, Camera Vision, Wireless, Controls, Motor Drives, IoT, Sensors, Displays, Touch Panels but not limited.
Sales Opportunity: 5% commission on design services
3% commission on manufacturing
Plus annual target achievement incentives

Fast turn around design time (medium size project will take less than 4 weeks). 25 years of experience in circuit design for aerospace, industrial and medical products. Worst case analysis, thermal stress analysis, EMI/EMC analysis and testing for high reliability and quick to market. Long term technical support.
Company ID: 101392
Title: Company ID: 101392 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: LED Retrofit Lighting Solutions for 2x2 and 2x4 Troffers
LED Retrofit Solutions for Highbays Lights
New Lighting Solutions for 2x2, 2x4, and Highbay Lighting.
Target Market: Any Commercial, Municipality, or Manufacturing Business.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is a national company partnered with Samsung to deliver one of the most energy efficient and economical lighting solutions in the market today. The money our customers save on energy reductions pays for the solution in a short period of time. Our national financing options allow our customers to buy the lighting solution and use the solutions as collateral.

We train our reps to fully understand how to deliver proper expectations to our customers. We have live support to answer questions for reps in the field. There is no ceiling on the potential customer base and commissions do not decrease with volume. Our product has a 5 year warranty on the driver and a 10 year warranty on the LED strips. We can help you deliver a superior product that with high level technical support.
Company ID: 64750
Title: Company ID: 64750 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Flexible Packaging includes: Film Extrusion, Narrow and Wide Web Flexo-Printing, Laminating and Bag Manufacturing Products include: Stand-Up Recloseable Pouches, Polyethylene Bags, Roll Stock, Adhesive Laminations of Film, Foil, and Paper, Reflective Insulation, and Radiant Barriers.
Target Market: Horticulture, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Pet Food and Treat, Food Grade, Rolls Stock Films, Converter (General Purpose, Courier, Lamination, Bakery, Industrial, Ice), Distributor/End-Users (Sheeting, Bags on Roll - PTO, Bags- Wicketed, Tubing, Top Sheets, Shrink Bundling, Film, Shrink Bags.
Sales Opportunity: Industry leader who is expanding and looking for experienced sales rep who have existing customer base to work with while developing new opportunities. We offer 25 years of manufacturing experience. Our versatility allows us to custom tailor vibrant, high-impact printing and packaging solutions that meet the most demanding product specifications.

We pride ourselves on our client-specific approach and strive to exceed the client expectations. Our in-depth consulting, extensive packaging options and team of experience support specialist enable us to provide a superior end product that is visually appealing, holds the consumer's interest and distinguishes a brand in a competitive marketplace.
Company ID: 111131
Title: Company ID: 111131 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Diagnostic and Treatment Cabinets and Chairs for ENT Medical Specialty
Diagnostic and Treatment Microscopes for ENT and Dentistry
Target Market: Otolaryngologists, Otologists, Audiologists, Dentists, Dental and Medical Schools.
Sales Opportunity: Our company manufactures and distributes microscopes in the dental market and chairs, treatment cabinets and microscopes in the ENT office-based market. We design and manufacture our products at our Saint Louis, MO plant, which is also our corporate headquarters.

We've developed a strong network of service and support throughout the US to back up our products and help you to focus on selling. We have a strong commitment to our independent representatives and to satisfying our customers. We recognize that your role is especially important in forming relationships with our existing customers and prospects.

With respect for your status as an independent representative, we offer a low-key approach to management and try to offer education and assistance for products and for your sales endeavors. As a representative, you may opt to sell in one or both fields of dentistry and ENT, with a territory large enough to provide excellent opportunities for sales and growth. Please check out our website and send information, if you are interested in joining our team.
Company ID: 83616
Title: Company ID: 83616 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Automatic Leak Detection and Water Shutoff System to Monitor All Water Entering any Structure.

System will Shut Off the Main in the Event of a Leak. Addressing $10 Billion in Claims Paid Out each Year by the Insurance Industry for Property Damage Caused by Plumbing Failures.
Target Market: Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Home Builders, Plumbing Contractors, Security and Automation Integrator's, Homeowner Associations, and Property Management Firms. Especially attractive to Second and Vacation Homeowners where Freezing Pipes are a Concern.
Sales Opportunity: The FloLogic System was first to market in 2001 and has best-in-class leak detection technology. FloLogic is a well recognized brand for the quality of its product and exceptional customer service. FloLogic delivers a solution to the perennial problem of plumbing leaks that have plagued homes and businesses since the introduction of indoor plumbing. Property and casualty insurance providers are now offering discounts to those who install a leak detection system. The FloLogic System can be installed indoors or outdoors, including below grade.In addition, the EPA and AWWA independently report 14% of water used in homes today it attributed to plumbing leaks. We save water!

An additional product size, 1.5", was introduced October 1, 2017 for customers with larger flow requirements than that supported by the current System. A 2.0" offering will be introduced Q2 2018. In Q1 2018 we will be introducing a WiFi connected platform along with IOS and Android apps to enable remote access to the FloLogic System.

We are now building rep network and need your input, leadership, enthusiasm, focus and participation. This is an opportunity to become recognized in an industry sector that will provide rapid sales and professional growth. Our models includes a Buy-Sell program to maximize your profit or commission based with annual performance incentives. If you are not selling your customers leak detection, someone else will! If you are a serious candidate, you need to contact us.
Company ID: 104630
Title: Company ID: 104630 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Labels/Hangtags
Holographic Security
Direct Thermal
Inkjet and Laser
A Wide Array of Face Stocks and Adhesives
Decorative Prime
Varnishing, Laminating, and Adhesive Deadening
Variable Imaging and Barcoding
Target Market: All Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Licensing, Automotive, Apparel, Food, Promotional, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Technology, Footwear, Head Wear, Private Label, Tax Stamps, Spirits Industry, Chemicals, All Consumer Goods, Fashion & Luxury, Consumer Electronics.
Sales Opportunity: One of a kind opportunity to work with an industry leading manufacturer of Patented Holographic labels, tags and a full range of Non-Holographic printing capabilities. We have 20 years experience and over 3,500 clients that use our printing capabilities daily. Our company offers an incredibly aggressive commission plan along with an entire staff of industry veterans that will support you and your client throughout the entire sales cycle.
Company ID: 108041
Title: Company ID: 108041 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Precision Industrial Temperature Sensors and Accessories including Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Protection Tubes, Wire, Fittings, Indicators, Controllers, and Components.
Target Market: Power Generation
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Material Processing
Sales Opportunity: Our products are used in almost every industry around the world. Recurring sales due to consumable nature of our products. Technical Expertise and excellent service focusing on guiding our Reps with all inquiries, ultimately providing success to both parties. Growing company seeking a partner to grow with.
Company ID: 90178
Title: Company ID: 90178 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Elegant Polyurethane Mouldings, Brackets, Louvers, Shutters, Window Heads, and Structural Railings Systems.

Distressed Rough Sawed and Hand Hewn Simulated Wood from "Early America". A Line Replicating the Delicate and Skeletal Membranes seen in real Brain Coral, Wire Coral, and Antler Coral.
Target Market: Creation of New sales Accounts and Servicing of Existing 1 Step and 2 Step Distribution within the Designated Territory. Introducing new and enhanced product being designed and created to all the channel's of distribution, architects and builders.
Sales Opportunity: You will work with a company that has for the past 5 consecutive years shipped every order 100% on time. A company, proud to say we are 100% made in the USA. A company known for it's integrity, quality, attention to the customer and driven to excel in every aspect of servicing it's customer base as well as their customer's. A company that offers, custom building abilities for those "special" jobs that you must just have, as well as a company having the shortest lead times in this product category; 5 working days for all web and catalog orders.
Company ID: 101493
Title: Company ID: 101493 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Patented Jig Heads.

We Manufacture Jigs that are Proven to Out Catch any other Jig Head on the Market. Jig Heads have a Rattle Embedded in the Head of the Jig. We Manufacture Jigs for Most Species of Fish From Panfish to Offshore Jigs and Everything in Between.
Target Market: Fishing Tackle Dealers in the US and Canada.
Sales Opportunity: We have been nationwide since 2010, primarily in the southern states and need an aggressive sales team capable of expanding our reach to new dealers as well as servicing our existing dealers. We are a family owned business that prides itself on delivering quality products that truly work.

We have a salesman portal to our systems that allows the sales rep to log orders directly getting real visibility to our inventory levels and assures accurate commission tracking. All areas of the country are currently available. Looking for people that can support our existing customers and can expand our product penetration at existing dealers as well as bring us new dealers. Commission structure is 10% of sales.
Company ID: 64844
Title: Company ID: 64844 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Plastic Injection Molding.

Thermoplastic Molded Products for all Industries, Optics and Clear Molded Parts, High Strength Mechanical Parts, High Tolerence Parts, and Insert Molding. In-House Mold Making Capabilities.
Target Market: Electronic, Sensors, Optical, Material Handling, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Dental, Fire Protection, Safety, General Industry.
Sales Opportunity: We are a high quality thermoplastic injection molder that has a great reputation for Servicing our customers. We have been in business for 27 years and have experienced a good growth track record. We have Openings for Reps that would like to work directly with the owners of the company. Our Company is ISO9001:2008 Certified.
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