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Title: Men's Natural Shaving Products- Old School Road Rep Wanted!
Product Lines: All-Natural Men's Grooming Line Focused on Shaving Products but Poised to Expand.

Current UNFI Distribution Via New Marketplace Site. Low Minimums, Free Shipping, Merchandising, Traditional Commission Structure. Listed on Tundra, Abound and soon to be, Natural Products Distributor Threshold.
Target Market: Traditional Ma & Pa Natural Products Retailers/Health Food Stores. Grocery, Mass Merchandise, etc. are Great too.
Specialty Retailers
Personal Care
Drug Stores
Vitamin Stores
Salon Related Retailers and Distributors
Intended for the Mid-Range Consumer who Seeks a Finer Shave and Va
Sales Opportunity: The Men's grooming category has moved into the natural products market and established itself to be a profitable subsection within the the personal care category. If you have existing accounts or believe you have ones that will respond well to this offering, contact us now.

Our Products
• Shave Answers Shave Oil - Offered in three natural fragrances including unscented, Sweet Orange and Bergamot. This is a premium natural shave oil that provides maximum glide and ultimately allows the razor to cut hairs, not skin.

Shave with this & you won't go back to foam, cream or soap. See where you shave. Seven cans of shave gel equal one bottle of Shave Answers Shave Oil. Includes no more than three ingredients to get the job done. $16.99 retail.

• Our natural after shave is No burn & alcohol free and made with Jojoba. 3 drops per use. The $21.95 retail provides 300 uses/bottle. Just two ingredients!

• Razor Blade Life Soak your razor blade in this after each shave and it will last 3 to 4 times longer. The consumer can now afford to purchase higher quality blades vs the inexpensive options. A win for the retailer as they try to compete with online club prices. Includes Tea Tree Oil & Cinnamon Leaf Oil. $16.95 retail.

* Face Wash - Natural Mint or Rustic Cedar. Made from Natural & Organic ingredients won't clog pours or dry out skin. Us as a daily cleanser or preparation prior to shaving. $9.99 Retail.

* Counter Display sales $piff Money
* 10% comm.
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Title: Sales Representative-Vocational/University Education Equip.
Product Lines: • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Trainers
• Power Engineering, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Renewable Energies
• Transformers, Power Electronics, Machines
• Introductory Lab Teaching System
Target Market: Vocational Schools, Community Colleges, and Technical Training Centers - Automotive.
Colleges and Universities - Power Engineering, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Renewable Energies, Transformers, Power Electronics, Machines.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for a sales representative with an established customer base and strong relationships at vocational schools and community colleges. You will be expected to have a basic understanding of the products and will work close with the Northeast Area Sales Manager.

We will also expect to have our products advertised on your website. All sales transactions for customers in your AoR will be handled through your rep firm.
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Title: Company ID 107652 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We are a Mass Producer of Thermoplastic Parts, Proficient in Profile Extrusion, Injection Molding, and many Value Added Services Applicable to both.
Target Market: Our Largest Markets are Consumer Goods, Residential and Commercial Lighting, Construction, Manufacturing, and Refrigeration to name a few.
Sales Opportunity: This is a good opportunity because of the many values we bring to the table; plus our ability to be in on the ground floor regarding a design. 40% of our company sales are of proprietary products makes us even more of an asset to a customer requiring product design support. not to be confused, with a product designer.

The company has been around since 1955 and has weathered many issues that torment American manufacturers. We continue to be diverse and yet still use many of the techniques that got us here and have kept us current. Longevity and continued prosperity are assets companies look to partner up with these days for certain. We are ISO 9000 Certified since 2002.

These aforementioned aspects longevity, stability, diversity, and constant reinvention of oneself plus flexibility and the willingness to explore new markets and/or process trends are competitive advantages for our company, aside from the many processing capabilities we offer.

We support our independent representatives through a strong, mutually beneficial relationship to make it a "win-win" situation through strong marketing processes to promote and generate leads, strong communication and factory support, and the understanding, unlike some, that a heavily compensated independent actually means lucrative sales for the company as a whole. That's our philosophy.

We offer a 5% commission, paid in the month following the previous. We have a Memo of Understanding that covers our responsibilities.
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Title: Springs, Wire Forms, and Stampings - We can make it all!
Product Lines: Springs, Wire Forms, & Metal Stampings.

Springs & Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines. Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging In-House.
Target Market: You will Find our Components in Phones Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs, Awnings Large Springs to Provide Tension, Tool Handles Medium and Large Metal Stampings, Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers, and more.
Sales Opportunity: Many territories in the USA are still available.

Our company is a well-established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in-house.

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs.
Company ID: 122310
Title: Software for Municipalities and Law Enforcement
Product Lines: We have Two Main Product Lines - First Build and Manage Websites for Municipalities but Only as a Means to Sell our Backend Applications that Enable them to Provide Digital Services to their Citizens Through those Websites.

Additionally, we have a Suite of Software Modules Targeted for Police.
Target Market: Any Size Municipality or Law Enforcement Agency in the US or Canada.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for skilled reps that can penetrate municipal governments as well as local, county, university and state police departments to sell our software applications. We have close to 100 municipalities that are our customers where we power their websites as well as all of the services they provide through those websites.

Such as the ability for them to offer permits of all type online, parks and recreation management, voice services, mobile apps and a suite of other functionality.

In addition, we have another line of Law Enforcement applications, one of which is our patented mugshot capture system that is used by over 400 police departments across the country.

In addition we have software modules that can provide advanced searching and data aggregation capabilities, facial recognition and other useful solutions for law enforcement.

Other products include tools for managing overtime within departments. We have integrations with most of the major CAD/RMS systems already used by police nationwide and can integrate easily with any we do not.

For someone experienced with these customers, we have completely revamped marketing materials and website and will offer a solid commission plan to incentivize success. Our applications are priced to be budget friendly with deal sizes that can range from $4,000 to $100,000.
Company ID: 122328
Title: Manufacturers Rep for Plantable Concrete Products
Product Lines: Plantable Concrete Systems, a Fully Plantable Retaining Wall System, a Permeable, Flexible, and Plantable Paving System, and an Interlocking ACB System.
Target Market: Specifiers Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects as well as Dealer Outlets and Big Box Chains like Home Depot and Lowe's.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for a seasoned professional that knows the industry and distribution well. Exclusive territories available throughout the United States. Commission based position. We offer marketing support and continuous training.
Company ID: 122321
Title: Electronic Manufacturer's Representatives
Product Lines: World Class North American Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider.

Two Facilities Offering Customers a Complete Manufacturing Package including Supply Chain Management, PCBA, Box Build Integration, Turnkey Assembly, Product Test, Order Fulfillment, Over Molding, and Reverse Logistics.
Target Market: Oil and Gas, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Test Equipment, IoT, Audio, Power, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Great opportunity for any manufacturer's representative company seeking to expand their product portfolio representing one of the fastest growing Electronic Manufacturing Services Providers in North America. Exclusive and Non Exclusive opportunities available with commission percentages ranging from 4% to 7% of invoice price. Sales and Marketing support provided.
Company ID: 122015
Title: American Made Premium K9 Products
Product Lines: We Offer Hundreds of Premium K9 Products including but not limited to
- Collars
- Leashes
- Harnesses
- Muzzles
- Chain Tie-Out
- Cable Tie-Out
Target Market: - Feed and Seed
- Farmers Co-Op
- Vet Clinic/Animal Hospital
- Hardware
- Hunting/Outdoor
- Pet Grooming
Sales Opportunity: With over 55 years in the pet industry, we are continuing to grow and expand our sales force to better serve our customers! Join us and grow your product listing to include American Made K9 products and accessories! We offer competitive commissions on new and repeat orders. We are seeking individuals who are honest, trustworthy, and values customer satisfaction.

We offer a vast selection of products that our customers have trusted for years! Reps will have full access to supply customers with exactly what their store is looking for! Reps will be responsible for new and repeat business in their territory. We offer support with as much training as needed.
Company ID: 122308
Title: Wholesale Sales Representative
Product Lines: Home Goods, Specifically for Organizing including Bins, Baskets, Trays, etc.
Target Market: Home Goods Stores - Small Boutiques to Larger Stores.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is a dynamic start-up company that is looking for a commission-based wholesale sales representative.

The company is newer and makes sustainable home goods designed specifically for helping organize the home such as bins, baskets, and trays. We have not yet sold wholesale to retail stores so this opportunity is great for a self-starter who is motivated to help us build our wholesale accounts from the ground up.

Interested applicants must be self-motivated/result-driven with strong verbal communication and negotiation skills.

- Existing relationships with retailers/brands in the home goods space are important for this position.
- Experience in wholesale within this industry is preferred.
- Reliable, positive, and high-energy.
- Our office is located in San Francisco, CA and you can work from home/remote.
- Travel to retail stores or tradeshows may be required.
- This is a commission-based contract position.
Company ID: 122303
Title: Company ID 111897 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS & Relative Products.
Target Market: 1. Tire, Wheel Relative Businesses such as Tire Stores, Tire Chain Stores, Tire Distributors, Tire Wholesalers, Wheel Stores, Wheel Distributor/Wholesalers, Tire Supply Companies.

2. Taxi Company Relative Companies.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is committed to providing unsurpassed quality in our product line as well as providing world class training for our customers. Since 2007 we have been in the forefront of the TPMS market as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to providing the highest technical advances in our sensor is one of the reasons that we stand out from other TPMS manufacturers.

This significant achievement not only shows that we have been qualified by the American Motors Industry but also has been Certified on the our Level by such manufactures as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki. Our company also is the first to have 98% vehicle coverage as well as providing a sensor that does not require a vehicle relearn procedure. In 2015 we launched our latest product.

We now have only 2 sensors in our product line that gives the ability to cover 98% of the vehicles. This second generation sensor still maintains all the protocols necessary to achieve 98% coverage as well as some new features. Commission rate started from 7% Negotiable.
Company ID: 121624
Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Rep, Distributors
Product Lines: All-in-One Cleaning Station, Disinfecting Wipes, Air Purification/Disinfection, Disinfectants, Electrostatic Sprayers, Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers.
Target Market: Fitness, Health Clubs, Gyms, Hospitals, Assisted Living, Acute Care, Distributors, Federal, State, County, & Local Government, Warehouse & Manufacturing Plants, Airports, Trains, Cruise Ships, Arenas & Event Centers, Stores & Markets, Food Service Industry, School Systems.
Sales Opportunity: Represent a unique product designed for multiple industries and sectors. We have a large stock in the U.S MA, TN, UT, can ship immediately 1-2 days in the lower 48. Competitive pricing.

Placing this product provides a built-in, automatic opportunity for repeat sales wipes wet & dry, hand sanitizer & dispensers, disinfectants, and spray bottles. Full line of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products and solutions including electrostatic sprayers and disinfectants.
Company ID: 122305
Title: Most Advanced Service Robots and Smart Devices
Product Lines: Access Control with Temperature and Health Screening, Commercial Cleaning Robots, Voice Assistant for Business, Mobile Service Robots.
Target Market: Medical Facilities - Hospital and Clinics, Assisted Living, Manufacturing Facilities, Education Facilities - Daycare, K-12, College, Event Facilities-Conventions, Sport Events, Businesses - Enterprises, Mid-Size Businesses, Pubic Sectors - Police Department, Courtroom, Jail, Hotel, Retail, Churches.
Sales Opportunity: Growing market, smart access control with temperature screening products in high demand throughout 2021. Smart access control is for years to come. Overall product line is future proof with numerous opportunities.

Our technology and products are proven by fortune 100 companies such as T-Mobile. We serve businesses and organizations of all size with enterprise and mid-size company as our main focus.
Company ID: 77196
Title: Company ID 77196 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Clinically Differentiated and FDA Cleared Medical Devices that Deliver Best in Class Clinical Outcomes for Non-Drug Non-Surgical Pain Relief.

Hospitals can Easily Procure Durable Equipment Through VA MED SURG Prime Vendor Catalog MSPV 2.0, GSA/FSS, MED SURG Catalog, and Blanket Purchase Agreeme
Target Market: VA Hospitals are the Prime Focus. Call Points are Physical Medicine and Rehab, Physical Therapy, Pain, Neurology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, and Wound Care.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is seeking career independent sales representatives/manufacturer's representatives with proven experience and results selling medical devices to VA healthcare providers. Call points are the following VA hospital clinics Physical Medicine and Rehab, Physical Therapy, Pain, Neurology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, Wound Care.

Please submit a sales inquiry if you are interested in adding superior clinically differentiated and VA contracted procurement ready products to enable your VA providers with a true solution for our Veterans for lasting pain relief. Preferred candidates have current strong and established relationships with clinicians at the VA Medical Centers they currently call on. Please submit a sales inquiry with your proven track record with VA providers in the one or more of the above call points.
Company ID: 111897
Title: Company ID 111897 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS & Relative Products
Target Market: 1 Tire, Wheel Relative Businesses such as Tire Stores, Tire Chain Stores, Tire Distributors, Tire Wholesalers, Wheel Stores, Wheel Distributor/Wholesalers, Tire Supply Companies.
2 Volkswagen, Audi Car Relative Businesses.
3 Taxi Company Relative Companies.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is committed to providing unsurpassed quality in our product line as well as providing world class training for our customers. Since 2007 we have been in the forefront of the TPMS market as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to providing the highest technical advances in our sensor is one of the reasons that we stand out from other TPMS manufactures. This significant achievement not only shows that we have been qualified by the American Motors Industry but also has been Certified on the our Level by such manufactures as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki.

Our company also is the first to have 98% vehicle coverage as well as providing a sensor that does not require a vehicle relearn procedure. In 2015 we launched our latest product, we now have only 2 sensors in our product line that gives the ability to cover 98% of the vehicles. This second generation sensor still maintains all the protocols necessary to achieve 98% coverage as well as some new features. Commission rate started from 7% Negotiable.
Company ID: 121757
Title: Zonzini Stair Climbers
Product Lines: You will be Representing our Stair Climbers, the Safest and the Best Stair Climbers on the Market.
Target Market: The Independent Representative would Represent the Domino Automatic and the Skipper, which are 2 of the Best Stair Climbers on the Market.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for independent sales representatives that are motivated to develop a new market in the United States. We offer up to 10% in commission. We offer marketing support and training. You can have up to $1,100 in commission. The Zonzini Stair Climbers are the best solutions for moving heavy loads up and down the stairs.

The Domino Automatic, developed by Zonzini, is an electric-powered stair climbing robot designed for transporting goods up and down any type of staircase. It can travel over any type of flooring with its crawler tracks.

It’s well suited for transporting the following
• Stoves
• Boilers
• Photocopiers
• Vending machines
• Motors and winches
• Boilers
• Safes

The Skipper, developed by Zonzini, is considered suitable for use on escalators since the crawler track unloads its weight on multiple points of support, without exceeding the foreseen load limit, providing operator safety. It is equipped with independent crawler tracks that can turn in very tight spaces.

The weight is completely unloaded on the stairs without ever leaving traces. It can be controlled with a joystick, and the operator can change the track direction at any time. It is no longer a problem when space in height is lacking.

• Armored Doors
• Armored Windows
• Pool Tables
• Sofa
• Piano
• Marble Slab
• Gas Cylinders
Company ID: 121182
Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Representatives
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies.

Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Molding, and Electric Connectors.
Target Market: OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacturing to Improve their Product Systems. Companies that are Looking for Good Quality, Competitive Prices, and Customer Satisfaction with Plastic Mold, Molding, and Electric Connector.
Sales Opportunity: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies. Many years experience in plastic injection Mold manufacturing, Plastic molding, and Electric connector.

We offer excellent delivery payment to resolve the initial sense of trust in order to help sales reps reach sales agreements with customers.

Excellent commission structure and protected territories for Rep. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. We believe you will not regret choosing us.
Company ID: 122283
Title: Established Home Furnishings Sales Representative
Product Lines: Domestic Wall Décor Manufacturer of Canvas Art, Framed Art, Acrylic Art, Metal Art, Wood Art.
Target Market: Furniture Stores, Big Box Stores, Interior Designers, Gift Shops, eCommerce Dropship.
Sales Opportunity: Domestic Chattanooga, TN high-volume wall décor manufacturer. Primarily supplying eCommerce drop ship print on demand marketplace, Seeking experienced Home Furnishings Sales Rep not currently representing other wall décor manufacturer, Must have current customer relationships within a relevant market.

Commission based, market standard, willing to negotiate based on applicant. Draw against commission available, will pay % of expenses. Extensive product line with all "artwork" exclusive to us. Production capability to supply any size customer in a very timely manner. daily production exceeds 500 pieces per day. Price points for every market.
Company ID: 122300
Title: Manufacturer Sales Rep - Precision Gears & Motion Products
Product Lines: Precision Gears All Types, Precision Hardware Shafts, Fasteners, Dowel Pins, Set Screws, Shoulder Screws, Bearings, Timing Belts, Couplings, Clutches, Brakes, Gearboxes, Speed Reducers.
Target Market: Medical & Laboratory Equipment, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Robotics, Material Handling, Optical and Targeting Systems, Defense Applications.
Sales Opportunity: Manufacturer Sales Representative for Canada.

Call on OEMs and businesses that utilize PIC Design precision gear, and location/motion control products. A good amount of PIC products are custom designed for customer applications.

Industries - Medical & Laboratory Equipment, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Robotics, Material Handling, Optical and Targeting Systems, Defense Applications.
Company ID: 122238
Title: CBD Infused Food and Beverage Rep
Product Lines: Our Reps will be Selling CBD Infused Ingredients for the Bar and Kitchen.

We have a Line of CBD Infused Simple Syrup, Bitters, Honey, Rock Candy, a Signature Infusion Product, and so Much More. Cutting-Edge Products that have Already been Very Well Received by Restaurants and Consumers alike.
Target Market: High-End, Bars and Restaurants. Preferably Non-Franchised, however, this is Not a Deal Breaker.
Sales Opportunity: The CBD infused food and beverage industry is projected to be a $2.8 billion market by 2025. And we are in the thick of this trend-setting wave. It is a very exciting time at Green Bar as we have already broken into a few restaurants and the response has been Amazing.

We are looking for sales reps who have a sense of urgency and great attention to detail. This is an exciting opportunity that will be very lucrative if you are high-energy, self-motivated and organized. Please respond if this is you! Additionally, prior knowledge of CBD/hemp products will be very helpful.

Our Process
You will travel in person to restaurants to make your pitch or you can cold call and mail samples. We will provide you with everything you need for success including but not limited to training, product samples, sales materials, product guides and recipes to bring and leave behind after your pitch. We will also cover travel expenses i.e gas.

While our target market is bars and restaurants, we have focus on a high end places. We'll talk further about our ideal bar/restaurant client.

Compensation will be commission based- rates to be discussed during on-boarding. Based on your performance, further compensation will be negotiated. if you're successful, we are successful and we will certainly reward you for that!
Company ID: 122292
Title: Manufacturing Representative
Product Lines: We Make and Distribute Over 3,000 Interior and Exterior Architectural Millwork Products and Custom Designs for some of North America’s Leading Homebuilders.

Plus we Serve Smaller Firms Through our Distribution Network.
Target Market: Building and Design Industry, DIY Retail, Homebuilders.
Sales Opportunity: Expectations product and brand awareness development; introduction to new target markets through in person and remote relationship selling. Sales and product support; commission based. Geographic target markets Eastern US, Mid-West.
Company ID: 115377
Title: Company ID 115377 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Modern, Artistic, Innovative, Handmade Wine Racks Made from Wood, Metal, Acrylics, and Laminated Wood.

The Modular Wine Rack Concept we Introduce can be Used to Create Complete Wine Cellar and Room Systems. It can Accommodate Different Dimensions and Orientation.
Target Market: The Target Market can be Divided into
Wine Retailers
Interior Designers
Sales Opportunity: Our unique custom-made wine racks are hand made, environmentally friendly, solid design and bare the highest quality. The product is made in Canada using the finest local materials. The wine racks have a functional design and artistically modular structure which can be used as a single piece or a cluster to create a wine room and a show piece cellar.

Our wine rack designs are original and unique in the market. Sales reps will need to become familiar with our product line. It would fit any sales person calling upon wineries, wine retail stores, restaurants and designers. Basic commission is 10%, Bonuses are available for quantities over $50,000 per quarter.
Company ID: 106464
Title: Company ID 106464 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: State of the Art and Industry Changing UL and DLC Rated/DLC Premium Rated LED Lighting, Retrofit Kits, and New Fixtures. Several Manufacturers.
Target Market: Schools, School Districts, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Office, Warehouse, Government Facilities, Cities and Townships, all Municipalities, Electrical and Lighting Contractors, and Distributors, Facility Managers and Engineers, Property Management Companies, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Market LED lighting retrofit kits and new fixtures for several of the world's leading and most innovative LED lighting manufacturers. One manufacturer offers a product that has revolutionized the 2'x2', 2'x4', commercial ceiling troffer, and industrial strip marketplace a simple magnetic retrofit kit that takes minutes to install without tools.

It is DLC premium rated and gets your customer the highest utility company rebates. We have sold millions of dollars of this product in a short period of time to large box distributors and contractors and schools. You may need only to sell this product to make an incredible amount of commission.

However, all of our manufacturers are at least DLC rated and most are DLC premium. Generous commission scale to start .You will be able to do your own mark ups on products. Training provided via email, phone, and in person. Ad slicks, spec sheets provided via download. Independent reps and agencies welcome to apply.
Company ID: 122250
Title: Western United States Rep Network Opportunties
Product Lines: Bulk Bag Filling, Bulk Bag Emptying, Bulk Bag Compacting, Pneumatic Conveying, Mechanical Conveying, Automation, Sack Tip Trays, Mixing and Blending, Milling Equipment.
Target Market: California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is based in Philadelphia, PA, and is looking for independent reps in the western region of the United States top build relationships and explore opportunities for exclusivity agreements. We are an OEM for turnkey solutions in the dry bulk material handling industries food, pharma, chemical, mineral, etc.
Company ID: 122280
Title: A Worldwide Leader in Metal Detectors
Product Lines: Metal Detectors for Sport, Hobbies, and Professional Purposes. The Products Fit in All Sales Channels. Retailers, Distributors, Specialized Channels, Sports Stores, Hunting, and Fishing.
Target Market: Distributors, Sports Stores, Retailers, Stores, Supermarkets, Marketplace.
Sales Opportunity: The opportunities in Latin America are big, because the people desire the Products. Yearly estimate is $25M USD. Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Caribbean are the o e who need this product.
Company ID: 122281
Title: Introducing LOGIC Brand - AV Accessories
Product Lines: Audio Video Accessories Projector Mounts, Projectors Screens, Cable Managers, Floor Mount Trolleys, Display Mount, Faceplates, Floor Box, AV Cables, Projector Lifts, Docking Stations, Presentation Device.
Target Market: System Integrators - Audio Video Industries across USA.
Sales Opportunity: We are a large AV accessories brand based in India for 11 years and have a distinct global presence with offices in Dubai, Singapore, and the Philippines. We recently initiated our Business in the US, with a Master warehouse based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We would like to explore more opportunities working with your company.
Company ID: 122229
Title: Fire Hydrant Enclosures
Product Lines: Enclosures for Fire Hydrant that ensures firefighters have Immediate access to Hydrants when Snow and/or Ice Accumulations and would otherwise cause the Hydrants to be Inaccessible. Patented and Made in the USA.
Target Market: Sell Direct to Municipalities and Emergency Services Organizations, Specifically Fire Departments.
Sales Opportunity: Seeking reps with experience selling to municipalities and emergency services in the northeast U.S. and Canada. We will award exclusive territories for each, the entire NE U.S. and the entire Eastern Canada, or we will award exclusive territories for the individual states and provinces.

Generally customers will order multiple units based on the number of fire hydrants in their communities, so typical sales invoices will be $20,000 and more. Sales commissions are up to 10%. We manufacture in, and fulfill orders from Kansas City and ship within 5 days of order receipt.
Company ID: 122264
Title: Sales Reps for Hotels, Chains, Wholesalers, Hardware Stores
Product Lines: We are Westclox, Big Ben, Baby Ben, Timelink, and other Brand Names.

We Manufacture Alarm Clocks and Wall Clocks and watches. We are the 2nd or 3rd largest seller in North America. We have exclusives in Canada at Walmart, Canadian Tire and others.
Target Market: We sell to Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, Burlington, and 100 other Large Retailers and Distributors. We are Looking for Reps for Wholesalers and Gift Stores and other Chains.
Sales Opportunity: We will pay on commission that depends on your experience. We will create a specialty online catalog for your market, including for instance hotels, hardware stores, stationery stores, online sales including internet.
Company ID: 121947
Title: Manufacturer's Representative - CANCELLED

Control Relays - Panel Mounted & PCB Types SPDT/DPDT Up to 10A/250V Rated.
Control Valve & Damper Actuators - 24V/230V Power, 45/90 #-in 5 & 10Nm Torque, On/Off/Modulating, With/Without Failsafe, With/Without Position Feedback. USA Mfg,
Target Market: ON HOLD!

Relays - Control Panel Fabricators & Electrical Distributors, Electronics Manufacturers that Incorporate such Devices into their Designs.
Actuators - HVAC Controls Distributors, MRO Distributors with Controls Product Lines, Control Valve Manufacturers Needing Actuation Suppliers.
Company ID: 122189
Title: Independent Sales Representative
Product Lines: Furniture - Standard Inline Fashion Forward Seating and Tables.
Hospitality - Custom Seating, Custom Guestroom, and Public Space Case Goods and Furniture.
Target Market: Hospitality and Contract Accounts, Purchase, and Procurement Companies
Sales Opportunity: There are two brands - seating and tables and hospitality - custom seating and case goods. Family owned manufacturing facilities in CA, NC, and overseas.
Company ID: 66526
Title: Company ID 66526 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: There are Two Products, Hand & Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel.

These Products are Made from the Finest Natural Ingredients Without any Paraben, Gluten, or Sulfates.
Target Market: Everyone Uses Lotion and Bath Gel. The Rose Used to be Very Popular. Like Everything Else it Had it's Day and is Now Being Revived. This Product Appeals to Women from 30 on. Many Remember this Fragrance from Grandma and were Delighted Then and are Delighted Now when Shown the Product.
Sales Opportunity: As more and more individuals request natural products, you will be able to meet the need and introduce the natural product outside the health food store. This will allow an individual to purchase a natural product where ever they shop. These are natural products without paraben, sulfates or harsh chemicals.

They are manufactured in two sizes 4 oz. and 8 oz. They are packaged together in colorful organdy pouches and sold as a gift set. They make excellent gifts for any occasion. However, they can be sold separately.

I am looking for experienced sales representatives who can market these products and put then on the shelves of retailers. They can be sold in card stores, spas, pharmacies, health food stores or anyplace one can purchase personal care products. The 4 oz. can also be good for hotels or B&B as opposed to having to replace that 1 oz. product daily.

We offer a 10% commission on each sale regardless of the size of the order. Overseas clients receive a 15% discount on all orders over $500.00. We stand behind our products and offer a money back guarantee on all products. The products are sold in cases of 6, 12, and 24 units. The minimum amount is a case of 6.
Company ID: 122221
Title: DiamonZ Gems offers the classic look of Cubic Zirconia
Product Lines: We Offer the Classic Look of Diamond-Like Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings.

A Staple in Every Women's Wardrobe. Every Shape, Size, and Color CZ Set in All Metals. We are Able to Cover All Price Points. DiamonZ will Customize Programs for each and every Client with the Goal to Maximize Sales.
Target Market: The Principles of our Company have been Involved in this Model for over 40 years. We Sell Directly to Drug, Gift, Hospital Gift, Women's Specialty, Off-Price Department Stores as well as the Premium Incentive Markets. There are very Few Retailers that cannot Carry this Line.
Sales Opportunity: DiamonZ Gems has taken the classic look of diamond stud earrings and made them affordable to every American. We offer over 1,400 SKUs that cover every price point. In other words, we offer customers the look that never goes out of style at a price they can afford and it's Made in the USA.

We pay one of the highest commissions in the industry, 20%. The line sells with an average sales call resulting in $200 and taking less than 30 minutes. We have our salespeople sell programs, which include Free display units. The retailer marks up the item 4 times and higher.

Upcoming promotions include Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. This program offers a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundations for every sale. The customer receives a thank you note. Our Diamond Give-Away program has increased sales in many retail accounts on all products in the store. This program creates excitement throughout the entire store.

The bottom line is DiamonZ salespeople earn a good living by offering retail accounts and their clients a product they can be proud of at a price they can afford and it keeps Americans working.
Company ID: 92697
Title: Company ID 92697 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Wear Parts for Metal Shredding and Stone Crushing.

Hammers, Grates, Cone, Jaw, etc.
Target Market: Metal Shredder Yards, Miner, Stone Crushing Industry.
Sales Opportunity: With our own foundry in China, we make manganese wear parts for metal shredding and mining and stone crushing industry. We make quality products with competitive price.
Company ID: 122232
Title: Manufacturers Representative Mountain States
Product Lines: Lifting and Work Holding Magnetic Products, Magnetic Coolant Separation Systems.
Target Market: Industrial Distributors, Cutting Tool Distributors, Material Handling Distributors.
Sales Opportunity: Established manufacturer seeking Independent Manufacturing Representatives to call on distributors to promote new line of lifting magnets and magnetic work holding systems.
Company ID: 122260
Title: LineSet Savers GEN2 Box and Flashing
Product Lines: GEN2 Box, a Rough-In Box for DHP Mini-Split Head Installation.
Flashing Flashing to Protect Linesets for Building Exteriors.
Target Market: HVAC Distributors and Installation Companies, Focused on DHP Systems
Sales Opportunity: For our GEN2 box, the market size is pretty straightforward. Total number of mini-split heads in new construction is the total potential market, for both commercial and residential construction. Approximately 90,000 a month.

Compensation models vary, but most successful consists of Stocking Sales Agents purchasing product from our company at an aggressive wholesale price, then selling to distributors at a standard markup.
Company ID: 122254
Title: Gummy Geek Vitamins Seeking Experienced Retail Sales Reps
Product Lines: Powerfully Branded, Premium Quality Gummy Vitamin Supplements,
Target Market: National Big Box Stores, Regional Nutrition, Grocers, etc. Gummy Vitamins are Hot and Sales Channels are Expanding.
Sales Opportunity: Gummy Geek vitamins were previously sold online. We are now building out our national retail sales network and are seeking experienced reps with existing connections in retail with a strong emphasis in the vitamin and supplement space.

Careful and deliberate branding strategy has been employed with building the Gummy geek vitamins to stand out on a shelf of gummy vitamins; with favorable pricing and attractive margins for sale through retail.

Bring your expertise and connections and work with us to get Gummy Geek in front of buyers. Long term opportunity to build this business together with a well funded zero debt company.
Company ID: 122236
Title: Baril Coatings US is looking for Sales Reps!
Product Lines: Baril Coatings Provides Final and Sustainable Solutions for Steel Protection, Industrial Product Finishing, and Marine Applications.

We Offer Several Industrial Coating Product Lines for Various Applications.
Target Market: Manufacturers of Agricultural Equipment, Trailers and Chassis, Heavy Equipment, Steel Tanks, Structural Steel, General Industrial, Fleet Refinish.
Sales Opportunity: For the last 30-years we have developed one of the industry’s most advanced lines of protective coatings. Our standard Alkyd, Epoxy and Urethane industrial coatings rank among the very best in corrosion resistance and long-term weathering.

Our revolutionary line has allowed hundreds of manufacturers to significantly increase their production and reduce costs with coating systems that dry in an hour without any heat required. This line serves the premium polyurethane finish market. With fully interchangeable primers and binders designed for specific applications from commercial transportation to aviation and marine.

Our Independent Sales Reps are assisted by our technical and equipment specialists along with our formulation experts. Commissions are generally between 3% and 10% depending upon the profitability of the opportunity. Territories are exclusive, however, sales expectations will be developed together and required to be met.
Company ID: 122248
Title: Modified Shipping Containers
Product Lines: Modified Shipping Containers Converted into Portable Offices, Storage Units, Portable Restrooms, and other Specialty Applications such as Tiny Homes.
Target Market: Commercial Marketplace Varies a Great Deal. Shipping Containers are Widely Used in this Country for Varying Applications. We are Not Looking for Someone to Sell this Item to the Federal Government as we have been Selling this Item to Them for Years.
Sales Opportunity: Opportunities exist in the South and eastern States and as far west to Texas to sell converted containers for varying applications. We have seen these containers used to build restaurant malls, Mini theme Parks, Storage units, and other application thus far. Modified Shipping container can be a cost effective alternative to standard construction and build time is much quicker.

Commissions are paid based on market conditions and we are very flexible in the amount of commission on the project. We are looking for someone who can provide sales growth in the commercial marketplace for our company.
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