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Title: Hose Products for Appliances.
Product Lines: - Stainless Steel Braided Washing Machine Hoses with or Without Blue/Red Lined, SS Braided Dishwasher Hoses, SS Braided Icemaker Hoses.
- Flood Safe Double Wall Washing Machine Hoses.
- PEX Tubing for Refrigerators.
- Customized Hose Products.
Target Market: Local Hardware Stores, Appliance Parts/Repair Shops, Plumbing Supplies Wholesaler/Distributors, Online Retailers, Appliance Sales, Installation Contractors, etc.
Sales Opportunity: As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we supply washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, ice maker hoses to major appliance brands worldwide. Our excellent quality and attractive pricing makes it an excellent opportunity to build sustainable and profitable business. We offer private label services for your customers.
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Title: Sales & Territory Representative
Product Lines: Hot & Cold Insulation Sleeves.

This Insulating Sleeve is to Extend or Prolong the Temperature of Any Beverage, Either Hot or Cold by Two to Five Times Longer. The product is 100% reusable, and recyclable. It is a patent-pending product using NASA technology to change the beverage industry.
Target Market: Promotional Goods, Mass Retail, Fast Food, Restaurant, Coffee Chains, Master Distributors, and by Brand.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is seeking Sales Representatives across the United States and Canada to pioneer an innovative change to the hot/cold sleeve beverage market. Our goals are to penetrate the beverage sleeve market through a variety of target markets.

We are now ready to launch our innovative patent-pending beverage insulation technology and we are looking for independent representation for the following verticals
1. Retail
2. Direct to Brand
3. Promotional Markets
4. Licensed Sport & Entertainment

We are launching the World’s Best, 100% Recyclable Patent-Pending Thermal Sleeve for Hot and Cold Beverages. It utilizes NASA technology to keep beverages at their perfect temperature.
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Title: Company ID 76727 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings.

Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging done In-House. Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines.
Target Market: You will find Our Components in Phones Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs, Awnings Large Springs to Provide Tension, Tool Handles Medium and Large Metal Stampings, Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers, and more.
Sales Opportunity: Many territories in the USA and Canada are still available.

Our company is a well-established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in-house.

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs!
Company ID: 107749
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Title: Company ID 107749 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Marijuana Sector is the Fastest Growing Market in the USA and Canada.

Smoking has Now been Brought into the 21st Century. An Automatic Filtered Pipe Granted 5 Patents like nothing else on the Market. Massive Purpose-Built Filter Captures Tar Up to 4 times More in Marijuana but Allows Full Flavor
Target Market: Legal Marijuana Shops, Dispensaries, and Tobacco Stores All Need to Carry these Amazing Pipes. Healthier, Tastier, More Economical, Environmentally Friendly, Simple and Easy to Use, and Producing the Coolest and Smoothest Draw - Ever.
Sales Opportunity: These unique products are a bit like selling a Gillette Razor in as much as the real profits come from the continued sale of the German designed filters. Sell almost any other related product, and you earn one commission. The more pipes on the market, the more filters are needed, and the more residual sales for you and your customers.

Exclusivity for most states will be granted after an interim period. The best way to be involved with these amazing products is possibly as a Distributor or as an Agent. Acting in the role of a sales representative will also be considered, but with the huge proven demand for these products, a more aggressive marketing stance would achieve premium results. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to succeed and we will help you in every step of this exciting journey.

If you have been contemplating getting into the burgeoning cannabis market, this is a serious possibility for you. 2 .5 days selling to retail tobacco stores in OC generated $18,500 in sales. 2 .5 days on Hollywood Blvd produced $12,800 more absentee owners in these shops. Very easy to sell to retailers and consumers if shown in the proper manner. Full training available.

We will support anyone who is enthusiastic and keen to build a business of worth with residual sales that can generate significant sums. A fully-functioning distribution businesses also a very sought-after business and you can use these products to build your valuable enterprise.
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Title: Company ID 64161 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Leader in Re-Manufactured AC and DC Electric Motors for All Material Handling Equipment and all Other Components for Mobile Equipment.

New AC and DC Electric Motors and all Components for Mobile Equipment including Lift Trucks, Agriculture, Construction, Airport, Minng and Steel Mill Equipment.
Target Market: End-Users of Lift Trucks, Mining Equipment, Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Ground Support Equipment, Utility Vehicles.
Sales Opportunity: Highest Commissions - above Industry Standards. 50 year Committment to the Mobile Equipment Industries. Only Material Handling AC and DC Electric Motor Re-Manufacturer with UL Recognition. Exclusive Schabmueller and Sauer Danfoss North American Representative.

Certified Re-Manufactured/Re-Engineer Center for
General Electric

In-House Machine Shop
In-House Rewinding

Quality Audits by
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Title: Wooden Furniture/Metal Fabrication.
Product Lines: Church Furniture
Commercial Furniture
Residential Furniture
Metal Fabrication
Target Market: Churches, Medical Offices, Restaurants/Bars, Custom Residential.
Sales Opportunity: A 100+ year old Company, located in Rochester looking for a 100% Commissioned Sales Representative for our Wooden Furniture and/or Metal Capabilities. Join our team and Rep our product lines as well as our contract manufacturing capabilities.
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Title: Dental Industry Reps Wanted.
Product Lines: Ours is an Affordable, Professional Grade, Powered Air-Purifying Respiratory System that Uses an Advanced Air-Filtering Technology.

The Replaceable, Two-Stage Filtering System Features Multiple Layers Designed to Catch 99.97% of Particles Up to 0.3 Micron in Size.
Target Market: Dental Clinics, Orthodontists, Hygienists, X-Ray Techs.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is searching for manufacturers representatives in the dental markets nationwide. We pass all leads in the territory to our representatives and pay up to 8% commission on all equipment sales and up to 5% on consumables.
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Title: Manufacturers Rep
Product Lines: Manufactured Aluminum Products for the Water/Wastewater Market.
Engineered Aluminum Rails
Aluminum Ladders
Access Hatches
Aluminum Grating and Support Frames
Cover Plates and Support Frames
Access Stairs
Ships Ladders
Crossover Stairs
Ladder Safety Devices
Stop Gates
Target Market: Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Industrial Contractors.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is currently seeking established Manufacturers Reps with established customer base in the Water/Wastewater construction market. Territories available nationwide.
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Title: Sales Rep For Selling Heavy Forging - Closed/Open
Product Lines: Forgings - Closed Die, Open Die, Forged Seamless Rolled Rings.
Target Market: Oil And Gas, Earth-Moving, Hydraulics, Aerospace, Mining.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for sales representative having good reach in the oil and gas sector, hydraulics, earth-moving, and aerospace sector for selling forgings closed-die, open-die and rolled rings.
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Title: Communication Solutions SW & HW for Smart Energy Market.
Product Lines: 1. Hardware - Gateways Converting Between Protocols Used by IEDs Installed on the Smart Grid IEC-61850, DNP3, MQTT, Modbus TCP/RTU, could be Used as a Standalone e.g. on DIN Rail or as a PCB Integrated into Device.

2. Software - Platform Independent Libraries Implementing Protocols IEC61850, DNP3
Target Market: - Electrical Substation Equipment Protection Relays, Merging Units, Smart Inverters, Synchro Phasors, Voltage/Current Transformer Manufacturers.
- Smart Meter Manufacturers
- Utilities
- Smart Grid Project Integrators
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for a sales rep ideally with some experience with the electrical grid industry, willing to sell, and promote our products in North America. We believe that with ongoing transformation toward removable based and distributed energy generation, there is massive opportunity for the products facilitating communication of the devices installed on the grid. With wealth of experience related to industrial communication, including issues like cybersecurity, our offer is unique and very competitive.

We expect at least at the beginning B2B relationship based on the commission. Since we are just building our presence in the US, there is no strict sales process defined yet, and most of the cooperation details needs to be agreed upon.
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Title: Thermal Interface/Electronics - Sales Rep
Product Lines: Thermal Interface Materials for Heat Spreading and Cooling.
Target Market: - Consumer Electronics
- Industrial Electronics
- Automotive
- Aerospace
- Medical Devices
- Industrial
Sales Opportunity: Manufacturer of thin, lightweight, high thermal conductivity thermal interface materials. Looking for a sales rep with strong ties in the electronics industry.

Primary customer base
- Consumer and industrial electronics
- Automotive
- Aerospace.
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