Sales Opportunities(New Manufacturer Sales Opps) Change Industry
Company ID: 117966
Title: Automotive Chemicals Unique Pro & Full Line Gasoline Diesel
Product Lines: Professional Complete full line of Chemicals, Certified by TUV in Germany.

Products such as but not limited to Catalytic Converter Cleaner, DPF Diesel Particulate Filter, Foam Cleaner, DPF Diesel Additive Cleaner, Carbon Build-Up Cleaner, Engine Flush Oil Additives. Car Care Line.
Target Market: Automotive Retailers & whole sale, Distributors, Gas Stations, Repair Shops.
Sales Opportunity: Unique and professional line for the Automotive industry, for professionals & end users, High demand online sales & from repair shops. Complete line from oil additives, cleaners to shop supplies, tools & very high quality engine oil & fluids.

Creative team working to provide the latest and unique technology chemicals, our latest product for COVID-19 the Vehicle cabin sanitizer fogger certified by IFU in Germany.

All our products are Certified for their functionality, complete long line for repair shops such as
Internal engine cleaning products
Induction cleaner
Catalytic converter cleaner
Carbon Build-up Cleaner
Transmission products
Diesel particulate filter DPF Cleaners
Diesel Additives & Engine cleaner a lot more
Shop supplies & Tools, such as Silicon Sealing, break cleaner, induction tool, transmission machine
Conventional & full synthetic oil
Transmission fluid, radiator coolant

Competitive prices, High quantity production. Excellent commission for Reps.
Company ID: 118706
Title: Our Product Sells and Pays for Itself!
Product Lines: VPR Verified Temperature Checking and Facial Recognition.
Target Market: Gyms, Salons, Offices, Warehouses, Industrials, Security Systems, Computer Systems, Hardware, Schools, Government, Religious, Retail, Human Resources.
Sales Opportunity: Best back to work solutions available including temperature control for employees and customers, units pay for itself in no time, set it and forget it!
Company ID: 114901
Title: Company ID 114901 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Our Product Line is Textile for Clothing.

There are Many Designs and Colors of Textiles Dedicated for a Fine Collection of Women's Clothing Fashion. Manufacturer is from Brazil and is Establishing its Line here in the US.
Target Market: The target market will be All Retail Stores Capable of Selling this Product. Wholesale is also a Big Opportunity.
Sales Opportunity: The manufacturer is ready to initiate its expansion in the USA. The Sales Rep will have total support from the manufacturer and access to product information and target areas. Commission rates are negotiable and there will be no geographical limit to where sales can happen.
Company ID: 97708
Title: Company ID 97708 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We have a Number of Very Unique Signal Converters that Solve Problems and Simplify Control Systems.

Additionally, our Solid State Air Conditioner has Considerable Advantages Over other Units and the Market is Wide Open for this Unit.
Target Market: Typical markets for our Electronics is Chemicals Plants, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater, and Plant Automation. Our Solid State Air Conditioner should be Used to Keep Enclosures Cool that House Critical Electronic Controls. And we Need to Contact Every System Integrator.
Sales Opportunity: Our company was founded in 1990. Our focus has been mostly industrial electronics used by oil/gas well service companies. So we know how to build very rugged equipment that will stand up to abuse and keep working. We feel our concepts can be put to good use in many other markets.

We have a new line of DIN rail mount signal converters that system engineers should love to get their hands on. Space here is limited, but if you are at all interested, contact me and I will send you a brochure.
Company ID: 97282
Title: Earn Steady Referral Income for Commercial LED Lights
Product Lines: Commercial LED Lights offered through E-Commerce.
LED Lights for Electrical Contractors direct from Factory
High Bay Lights
Panel Lights
Parking Lots
Street Lights
Grow Lights
Explosion Proof LED Lights for Hazardous Locations
Flood Lights
Ceiling Down Lights
High Power Stadium Flood Light
Target Market: Electrical Contractors, Large Businesses and Construction Companies
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for independent representatives to introduce our LED Lights to local electricians and electrical contractors. Our Company offers unique LED Lights from high quality and verified manufacturers. All LED lights are cULus, DLC, and ETL Certified and meet all local electrical standards and come with a 3 year warranty.

As an independent representative you simply recommend our website to electrical contractors using a unique "referral code" assigned specifically to you. Your clients receive a special discount on our website and you receive a great referral commission. Commissions are paid weekly after the sale is completed, paid and delivered. All of your sales are tracked and your clients are protected in our database using a "referral code" assigned to you.

We will offer an independent commission agreement to qualified applicants who have an existing market with large businesses and electrical contractors.

We are looking for experienced and professional sales individuals. Please submit an inquiry with your resume and you will be contacted for a phone interview.
Company ID: 8113
Title: Company ID 8113 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Target A - Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement.
Target B - Fiber for Asphalt Reinforcement.
Target Market: Target A - Ready-Mix and/or Pre-Cast Producers, Architects, Engineers, and Concrete Contractors.
Target B - Contractors, Pavers, Producers, Engineers, DOTs, Township Supervisors, and Large Property Owners.
Sales Opportunity: FORTA is an established company with two divisions Concrete FORTA-FERRO® and Asphalt FORTA-FI®. We have the most experience in research and development, and have earned the reputation as creating the best mixing and finishing fibers.

FORTA was the first to pioneer synthetic fiber in the US, and our products are used around the globe. This is an exceptional opportunity to work with the fiber experts who understand the value of providing support to their Independent Sales Representatives.

You will benefit from an industry-leading commission program, as well an excellent training program to introduce you to our products and services as well as receive continued training, as needed. We are known for our top-of-the-line support staff and friendliness, and less than 1% turn-over rate. When you work with us, you are part of the FORTA family!

Territories Open
Fiber for concrete reinforcement - IN, IL, MT
Fiber for asphalt reinforcement - ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, DE
Company ID: 97623
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Title: Company ID 97623 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Bath Tissue Manufacturer for Institutional Use.

We are Part Owners of a Mill in Canada that Produces Bath Tissue 500 Sheets 2 ply 96 Rolls & 1,000 Sheets 1 ply 96 Rolls. We have the Capacity to Distribute 8-10 Trailers a Month.
Target Market: Food Distributors, Janitorial Distributors, and Discount Chain Stores.
Sales Opportunity: Manufacturers of Institutional Bath Tissue. We have the capacity to do 10 trailers per month. Our products our sold to wholesale distributors, food distributors, and schools.
Company ID: 121279
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Title: Seeking Rep Firm to Sell and Manage our Line of Products.
Product Lines: Unique Patented Wall Mount Lifestyle Bottle Openers with $39.99 MSRP and Great Wholesale Margins.
Target Market: Sporting Goods, Sports & Motorsports, Pet Stores, Big Box Chains, Gift Stores, Boutiques, Truck Stops, Liquor Stores.
Sales Opportunity: Our expectations are simple we would like to outsource the sales process, including on-going client management, to a manufacturer sales rep firm. You know the buyers already. We need you to learn our product line and, assuming you agree that it is a good fit, you handle the sales end of it.
Company ID: 76727
Title: Company ID 76727 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Springs, Wire Forms, and Metal Stampings.

Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging done In-House. Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines.
Target Market: You will find Our Components in Phones Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs, Awnings Large Springs to Provide Tension, Tool Handles Medium and Large Metal Stampings, Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers, and more.
Sales Opportunity: Many territories in the USA and Canada are still available.

Our company is a well-established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in-house

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs!
Company ID: 121299
Title: Pneumatic Conveying Equipment Design and Fabrication.
Product Lines: Custom Designed Dust Collectors, Blower Packages, Pneumatic Conveyors, Surge Hoppers, Rotary/Airlocks, Diverter Valves, Bulk Bag Unloaders, AirSlides, Rail Traction Sanding Equipment.
Target Market: Rubber, Cement, Battery, Mineral, Rail Traction Sanding,
Sales Opportunity: Represent Cyclonaire's pneumatic conveying custom components within the country of Mexico. Bring forth client opportunities which require a custom designed pneumatic conveying solution. Focus on industries which need conveying of cement, minerals, dry bulk chemicals in the rubber and battery industries.
Company ID: 43569
Title: Company ID 43569 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Asphalt Based Roof Cements & Coatings
Fiberboard Tapered Edge & Cant Strip
Elastomeric Roof Coatings
Specialty Coatings
Target Market: Roofing Contractors
Facility Maintenance, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Our Company has been established for over 55 years manufacturing various Roofing Products, we pride ourselves on high quality and being versatile with the changes in the industry. With our mix of goods and timely deliveries we make Sales Representatives jobs easy.

We are established with majority of the Major Roofing Distributors threw out the industry. We are fully committed to working with our Sales Teams to achieve market growth in any way, and we can handle any question, concerns, and make decisions in less than 24 hours.
Company ID: 121266
Title: Textile Company Looking for New Opportunities
Product Lines: Industrial Non-Automotive Textiles, PPE, Body Bags, Sun Shades, Heavy Duty HD Equipment Bags, HD Straps, Outdoor Covers for Furniture, Grills, etc., Marine Covers, Pool Filters.
Target Market: Non-Automotive Textile OEMs, Marine, Medical, Outdoor/Hunting, Safety Textiles.
Sales Opportunity: We need experienced reps serious about getting products launched. COVID has hit most industries pretty hard including Automotive. We are looking to branch out and away from weaving airbags and put our equipment to work weaving other textiles. We can provide cut & sew, one piece woven OPW, roll form.

If interested, please contact us and more detailed information will be provided via email followed by conference calls with Senior Management. Commission based on experience and dollar value of project.
Company ID: 121289
Title: PPE Product Coverage Expansion
Product Lines: • USA Made Facemasks made in our Charlotte, NC facility
• Disposable Gloves
• Plastic Cups
• Plastic Cutlery
• Personal Care Wipes
• Underpads
Target Market: Distributors/high-volume end users/buying groups/etc. in medical, janitorial, food service, hospitality, correctional, veterinary, health&beauty, and more. Our products have applications that extend across a variety of markets and verticals - we are open to exploring any and all opportunities.
Sales Opportunity: We are a manufacturer of disposable products with applications in the medical, janitorial and food service industries. We are also looking to expand into other markets with applications for our products such as beauty, veterinary, retail, and more.

We are looking to expand our product coverage and reach by partnering with a group like yours. I would love to set up a time to connect on the phone to explore opportunities for us to work together. Please let me know if there is a date and time that would work best for you to connect.
Company ID: 116723
Title: Company ID 116723 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Wire Forms, Cut Steel Rods for Pre-Cast Industries,
Target Market: Hardware, OEMs, Wholesale Distributors. Farm Equipment, Lawn and Garden, Pre-Cast.
Sales Opportunity: We are seeking reps for the entire USA now for exclusive territories. We offer a better than average commission rate of 5-8%. We have over 30 years in manufacturing of wire form and bending. We are currently adding brand new CNC wire form bending machines to our fleet of bending equipment.
Company ID: 58510
Title: Company ID 58510 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: All Equipment is Ultraviolet Light Disinfection.
Food and Beverage Processing Equipment, to Give Extended Shelf Life and Disinfection of Fluids.
Water Disinfection
Surface and Air Disinfection
UV Closed Vessel Equipment for all Fluids
Dairy Treatment
Target Market: Industries, such as Healthcare, Industrial, Water, Food and Beverage, Aquaculture and Agriculture. The Potential Markets are Worldwide. Our target markets are in USA, most states available, Europe, and the Middle East. Our products Cover all Aspects of Fluid, Air, and Surface Disinfection.
Sales Opportunity: Our company has two offices one in the USA and the other in the UK and have been trading since 2010. We are looking to expand on our rep base by employing seasoned companies and individuals to promote our products. All products are well supported with good literature on each product, newsletters, eNewsletter, everything is downloadable from our website.

All equipment sold into the USA is manufactured in the US from our facility in NY State. Our products are Ultraviolet light based and disinfect air, surfaces and fluids.

Our competitive edge is that the equipment uses Microwaves to light the lamps as opposed to the more traditional fluorescent type lamps. Our markets can be broken down into Healthcare, Food processing and water treatment. All our products use our unique Microwave powered plasma lamps which gives us huge advantages over competitor systems.

We also offer a range of UV equipment that has applications in many markets from Commercial, Industrial and military for the treatment of air in buildings, hotels, factories, air-conditioning systems, and ventilation systems.
Company ID: 118048
Title: Company ID 118048 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Medical Grade HEPA and Commercial based Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon.

The HEPA Based Unit will be Sold into Schools and Hospitals. All of our Units Use a Combination of Either HEPA Media and Activated Carbon.
Target Market: Hospitals, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Long Term Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Schools, Call Centers, Offices, Large Office Buildings, HVAC Companies.
Sales Opportunity: In the medical space, these units provide purified air to an area 1,500 square feet in size. Capturing airborne viruses Covid-19 is 0.12 microns in size is critical today. More and more facilities are looking at portable air purifiers as another layer of protection for their patients and staff.

The units are simple to operate, are virtually maintenance free which is a huge selling advantage to many units out there. These air purifiers can literally be used in every hospital room in the country. This opportunity is for a device that up until now, has been generally not high on the list of devices that a facility considered.

That all changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Enormous attention will be put on air quality going forward. Educating the end user will be key. We've been manufacturing the highest quality air purifiers in the world for over 30 years.

Our units are manufactured in Buffalo, NY. They are designed for specific applications and this opportunity is for both the medical and School settings. We realize these are two distinctly different markets. We consider these to be separate opportunities. We are seeking motivated, self starting reps with contacts/access and proven success selling to these types of facilities. Income potential is unlimited.
Company ID: 121271
Title: Customizing Insulated Tumblers and Water Bottles
Product Lines: Food Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers in 12, 20, and 30 oz. sizes.

In Addition, Pilsner 20 oz., and Water Bottles in 32 oz.
Target Market: Independent Retailers with Main Focus on Gift Stores, Ace, True Value, Wine Stores, Outdoor and Sporting Goods, and Hallmark just to Name a Few - Small Chains up to 20 Stores.
Sales Opportunity: We sell customized tumblers that can be customized for your local market or a private label/logo for a customer, No minimums, no customization charges. We sell thru a website and the wholesaler receives a 50% discount off wholesale prices. Commission is 10%.
Company ID: 121277
Title: Opportunity to grow with us.
Product Lines: Commercial Hand Dryer, Touchless Faucets, Electric and Non-Electric Bidet, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.
Target Market: Plummer, Contractor, Construction Company, Office Building, Retail, Wholesale, Distributors.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for distributors who can carry our product line. We are looking for box retail store to carry our product, for example Lowe's, Ace Hardware, or any other plumbing supply house. We are also looking for construction company and contractor - remodeling services. We are looking to pay anywhere from 10% to 15% of gross sales.
Company ID: 121235
Title: Microwave and Castallation Printed Circuit Boards
Product Lines: Single Sided, Double Sided, and Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards with Castallation Specialty PTH Holes.
Various material FR4 and Teflon or ceramic.
Target Market: Microwave Industries, Commercial Grades, Mil. Specs,
Current Customers
Mini-Circuits, I F Engineering, ComNav, CPC, Dynisco, NIC, Synergy, Z-Comm, 3H, Meca, Modco, Micronetics, Mica, Pulsar and PTI Piazo.
Sales Opportunity: Need additional customers. Business to expand and supply industries. Employ more employees. Move to larger manufacturing building. Experience sales person to contact customers. Galaxy Circuits is well experience in making circuit boards.

Specialty in Half-Holes, smallest size various multi-layer boards.
We can make in-house or get from out of state.
Competitive pricing, High quality and best delivery. Never boards rejected.
Galaxy started in 1967.
Woman own business.
Company ID: 121263
Title: Sales Representative
Product Lines: Sani Seal Toilet Gasket,
Tight Seal Gasket,
Elastomer Plumbing Gaskets
Target Market: Wholesale Supply Houses, MRO and Industrial, Multi tenant housing
Sales Opportunity: Sales Representative in exclusive territories in the US and Canada .
Build new and expand existing distribution channels.
Commission based compensation.
Company ID: 121253
Title: Diagnostics Distributor Seeking 1099 Hospital and Gov Reps.
Product Lines: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen, Rapid Antibody, and RT-PCR Tests with FDA EUA All made in the USA.

COVID-19 Turnkey Testing Service Using Rapid Antigen or RT-PCR.
Target Market: Hospitals including their EDs/ERs
Clinical Labs

Outpatient Chains/Systems Minimum of 5 Locations each
• Urgent Care
• Infusion
• Radiology
• Dialysis

• State and Local Involved in COVID Testing
• Public Schools Systems
Sales Opportunity: Seeking reps with a minimum of 6 years experience, excellent contacts/relationships, and a proven track record in High-Volume Sales and Solution Selling. All orders ship directly from our manufacturing facility in the United States resulting in an uninterrupted supply chain.

• Highly competitive pricing designed to move significant volume.
• Excellent earned commission is 25% of Gross Profit Sales - Cost of Goods.
• Territory exclusives available.
• Full commission on all residual sales.
• 5% override on all sales of rep-managed sub-reps.
Company ID: 121220
Title: Company ID 121220
Product Lines: Women's Apparel - Petticoats, Petti Pants, and Slips; as well as Western Dance Apparel such as Tutus.
Target Market: Retailers Dealing in Women's Apparel, Ballet Dance Schools, Costume Sellers, Halloween Costume Shops, Fashion Stores.
Sales Opportunity: About the Company
We pride ourselves on being the oldest and the largest American manufacturer of luxurious and professional-quality petticoats, petti pants and slips; as well as Western dance apparel in the United States.

We are a 100 year old reputed brand dealing in women's apparel, we have been privately owned and operated, and have excelled by adhering to the old-world tradition of providing superior quality, currently we have our entire Business on E-Commerce platforms and now in order to increase our reach we will be moving to offline Business.

Why work with us?
Industry Standard Commission on Sales
Opportunity to work with well known Brand
Well established industry on work within

Advantage of Selling these products
Zero Investment
Free Samples available

Our Expectations
We are looking forward for enthusiastic and dynamic sales representative who will help us to grow our brand in the retail market
Company ID: 117172
Title: Company ID 117172 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Concrete Dissolving Agents, Concrete Removers, Concrete Dissolvers, Truck Wash Soaps, Concrete Release Agents, Soaps, Detergents, Degreasers, Anti-Stick Agents, Wax, Protectants, Aluminum Brightners, Coatings, Form Oils, Sealers, Sprayer, Foaming Application Systems, Truck & Equipment Wash Brushes
Target Market: Ready Mix Concrete Producers, Precast Concrete Producers, Concrete Contractors, Cement Plants, Cement Tanker Haulers, Heavy Trucking Industries, Power-Washing Industry, Truck Washes
Sales Opportunity: Our company is looking for independent manufacturers reps within the concrete industry to sell our specialty products within the United States. Many states still available please submit a sales inquiry to us for details!
Company ID: 120058
Title: Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Sales Representative
Product Lines: Michigan Prototype and Production Castings and Machining.

Non-Ferrous Castings High/Low Pressure Die Castings, Permanent Mold, Sand, and Gravity. Alloys are Aluminum, Magnesium. We Concentrate Only on Castings with Heavy Value-Added Content, Finishing Requirements. We also do Prototype Work.
Target Market: Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Tooling, Manufacturing/OEM.
Sales Opportunity: An experienced sales rep with knowledge in this industry to expand our customer base to include more Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and mid-size OEM customers. We offer a 10% commission on all paid orders.

• Metal Fabrication Capabilities Small Components, Large Components, Assemblies.
• Fabrication Method Die Cast, Sand Cast, Permanent Molding, CNC Machining, 5th Axis, Carbon Fiber, Assembly, Full Kit Packaging and Finishing.
• Materials Aluminum, Steel, Magnesium, Cast Iron, Zinc and Carbon Fiber.
• Additional Services Provided Assembly, Painting, Plating, Coating, Laser Engraving and Leak Testing.
• Production Volume High Volume, Low Volume, Medium Run, Prototype, Short Run.
• A full capabilities sheet is available.
Company ID: 64161
Title: Company ID 64161 – Sales Reps Wanted
Product Lines: Leader in Re-Manufactured AC and DC Electric Motors for All Material Handling Equipment and all Other Components for Mobile Equipment.

New AC and DC Electric Motors and all Components for Mobile Equipment including Lift Trucks, Agriculture, Construction, Airport, Minng and Steel Mill Equipment.
Target Market: End-Users of Lift Trucks, Mining Equipment, Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Ground Support Equipment, Utility Vehicles.
Sales Opportunity: Highest Commissions - above Industry Standards. 50 year Committment to the Mobile Equipment Industries. Only Material Handling AC and DC Electric Motor Re-Manufacturer with UL Recognition. Exclusive Schabmueller and Sauer Danfoss North American Representative.

Certified Re-Manufactured/Re-Engineer Center for
General Electric

In-House Machine Shop
In-House Rewinding

Quality Audits by
Company ID: 116505
Title: Company ID 116505 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Natural Derived Holistic Pet Topical Products, Sports Medicine, Trauma Care and Wound Care, First-Aid, other Health Related Products, Holistic Infusion Grooming Products, Traditional Grooming Products, Herbal Essential Oil, Antioxidant Therapy.
Target Market: Large Chains, Retailers, Vet Clinics, Gift Shops. All Pet Spas, Grooming Salons, Europe Market. We are Interested in Reps that have Existing Relationships with Big Box and Independent Companies.
Sales Opportunity: There are no comparable products on the market. Our unique products are designed to provide pets a healthy life with natural approach instead of all pharmaceutical drugs. We have large potential to have international market.

Because our niche products will fit Europe or other countries who are opened minded that seeking holistic approach life style for their pets. We have very reasonable cost products, plus we pay well for the commission. We always come out new products. We provide our team with sales material. Samples. Technology support and training. Seeking distributors and sale reps to join the team of this tremendous opportunity.
Company ID: 121234
Title: Stop the Spread of Covid-19 with Optimist Screening.
Product Lines: Optimist Kits are All Inclusive of Three Scents, Test Sheets, and Instruction Sheets for Use.

There are 560 Tests Per Kit, making the MSRP $.89 a Test. Optimist is a Registered Class II Medical Device. We have SAM Registration, & CAGE Code.
Target Market: General Offices, Schools, Manufacturing, Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers, Radiology Centers, Beauty Salons, Dentist offices.
Sales Opportunity: 80% of those infected with Covid-19 lose their sense of smell. Optimist Screening is an objective, easy, touchless test for loss of smell. A new loss of sense of smell or taste is part of the CDC question list and other than temperature is the only objective test a location can use to screen for those entering a building.

Keep your client engaged and purchasing even if their budget is tightening. Allow them ways to stay safe at a lower cost to them. This solution can easily precede a rapid antigen test policy allowing for a dual approach at a lower cost. If a client is only doing temperature screening, especially non-contact infrared temp, then the result is suspect. Adding Optimist inserts another layer of protection.

Help your community. The CDC question set is only as effective as the response the person is giving from memory. The vaccine is being distributed but at a much slower rate than anticipated so there are millions in the population who will remain vulnerable for months to come. Help make screening more powerful by challenging sense of smell and stop the spread!
Company ID: 121291
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Title: Tools and Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Precision CNC Machining.
Product Lines: Metal Stamping Tools, Drilling, Welding, Assembly Fixtures. and CNC Precision Machining.

We also Offer Design for Simple Fixtures to Complex Progressive Dies.
Target Market: Metal Stamping Companies, Machine Builders, Metal, and Plastic Gasket Manufacturing.
Sales Opportunity: We are a family owned Tool and Die manufacturer an industry that has tremendous potential. We offer standard commission And we can direct you to our markets immediately.
Company ID: 121293
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Title: Injection Molding
Product Lines: Injection Molding for All Manufacturers that Need Plastic Products Produced.
Target Market: All Manufacturers that Need Plastic Products Produced.
Sales Opportunity: We need someone to get leads for new growth in our injection molding company. Paid commissions of 5% for life of product. Injection molding for all manufacturers that need plastic products produced
Company ID: 121182
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Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Representatives
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies.

Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Molding, Metal Stamping, PCB Board, Aluminum Alloy Extrusion, Packaging Printing.
Target Market: OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacturing to Improve their Product Systems.

Companies that are looking for good quality, competitive prices and customer satisfaction with molds and molding, electronic products, stamping parts, Aluminium extrusion, Packaging printi
Sales Opportunity: We are a China based company who has a Proven Track Record throughout the World. More than 20 years experience in mold manufacturing, plastic molding, metal stamping, PCB boards, aluminum alloy extrusion, packaging printing.

We offer excellent delivery payment to resolve the initial sense of trust in order to help sales reps reach sales agreements with customers. Excellent commission structure and protected territories for Rep. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info.
Company ID: 121306
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Title: Sanitizer, Disinfectants, Shampoos
Product Lines: We Manufacture Different Cleaning Agents, Disinfectants, and Sanitizer.

We are a FDA, OTC, EPA Facility.
Target Market: Big Box, Large Distribution Companies, Government - both State and Local.
Sales Opportunity: We have our own brand but we mainly co-pack for others. We are looking to both sell our products but fill for other companies. We have 100,000 sf with 4 manufacturing lines and can expand for the right customer. We have capabilities of 4-6 millions units a month with current capacity.
Company ID: 121307
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Title: World's First and Only Portable Dual Energy X-Ray Detector.
Product Lines: Medical Device - World's First and Only Dual-Energy X-Ray Detector.
Target Market: Hospitals, Cancer Clinics, Emergency Departments, Oncology, Radiology, Cardiology, Imaging Centers, ICUs.
Sales Opportunity: Our product, is the worlds first and only portable dual-energy X-ray detector. Thisl dual energy digital X-ray detector is the world’s first portable dual energy X-ray detector that functions both as a regular X-ray detector and also provides dual energy X-ray images in a single exposure.

Benefits include
* Improved patient outcomes through early disease detection compared to chest X-ray for lung nodules, cardiac disease, pneumothorax, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.
* Same X-ray radiation as a conventional chest X-ray to simultaneously obtain chest X-ray plus dual energy images.
* Vendor agnostic and universally compatible with all fixed and mobile DR and CR systems.

Our company recently received FDA 510-K approval on its dual-energy x-ray detector. We are a start-up with Patented technology that is designed to disrupt the X-ray detector market through a retrofit strategy. We are building a distribution model based on Manufacturers Representatives. We are a sales driven company who understand and value the sales process, and understand how to motivate and reward sales professionals.

We offer above industry average sales commissions, and the opportunity to work independently balanced with a team spirit. We will allow you to carve your own territory based on location, relationships, and proximity. Our compensation structure is flexible and we are open to carving out exclusive territories.
Company ID: 121305
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Title: Thin Wall Lining System
Product Lines: Ideal for Restoration or Renovation.

It Improves the Energy Performance and Restores the External and Internal Walls Even in the Presence of Complex Surfaces or Constraints of Volume, Without Inconvenience. Mainly Used as Rising Damp Solution!
Target Market: Ideal for Retrofitting
- Floor, Indoor Walls and Ceiling Insulation
- To Solve Rising Damp Problems
- To Avoid & Stop Mold Presence
- To Cover Wall Cracks
- To Improve Energy Savings
Sales Opportunity: We are planning to make first step on US and Canadian markets and we are looking to find an adequate Reps partner. We can provide U.S stock based in Florida.
Company ID: 121295
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Title: Safety Eyewear Manufacturer for Healthcare Market US
Product Lines: The Line of Products are Safety Eyewear including Spectacles, Goggles, and Face Shields.
Target Market: Healthcare Market with Focus on Hospitals, Ambulatory facilities, Dental, Public Health.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is expanding the offering of our safety eyewear into healthcare market in the US and potentially Canada. The need is for a independent representative company that has knowledge or other lines currently selling into healthcare industry through distribution, buying groups or direct.

The company needs to have knowledge and experience introducing a new brand into the healthcare market, and ability to translate the value of the companies eyewear to meet the regulatory and technical requirements of the use of the product. The Territory is based on the US market and will be defined by account for commissionable credit. The coverage can be split to meet geographical limitations of the agency but open to National support.
Company ID: 121301
Title: Manufacturers Representative
Product Lines: Gantry Robots, Articulating Arm Robots, Full Turnkey Integration of End of Line Pallet
Target Market: Manufacturers of all types that would need systems for palletizing finished product. Distribution Centers for depalletizing and palletizing, build to order mixed palletizing, case palletizing, layer palletizing, row palletizing and single case palletizing.
Sales Opportunity: These projects are typically over 1 million and often several million. We offer a finders fee, typically 2%. Because of the large value the sales cycle is typically over 6 months. Automation of Material Handling is a big opportunity and in the early phases of development. We have over 200 years of man experience int the field.
Company ID: 121270
Title: Food Packing/Filling Machinery Manufacturer seeks USA rep.
Product Lines: Specialist Custom and Semi-Custom Machinery for Filling Semi-Fluid Food Products such as Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cream, and Juices into Retail and Catering Packaging.

Also Bakery Products Handling and Filling of Semi-Fluid Cosmetics Products.
Target Market: Small, Medium, and Large Dairies and Dairy Product Manufacturers, Large Bakeries, Cosmetics Manufacturers.
Sales Opportunity: Our company has a 20+ year history designing and manufacturing specialist filling machines for use by food manufacturers as well as manufacturers of products with similar handling needs such as cosmetics.

We primarily sell our machines in the UK and Middle East with a primary focus on handling yoghurts, cream and machines for filling and assembling ice cream products into packaging. We can also handle other products of similar consistency such as cosmetics, dental and pharmacy creams. We also design and manufactures machines for packing and handling bakery goods such as pies and breads.

Typical sale value is $250K-$750K per machine with most machines costing circa $450K-$550K, sometimes the sale is a single machine, sometimes customers will order a series of machines. Although UK based, we are used to sending commissioning engineers to site in other countries to ensure smooth handover of its machines.

Our company was acquired approximately one year ago by a new parent company which is run by owners with considerable experience of international business, especially in the USA, so is therefore seeking proactive sales representation in the USA to develop its sales channels and business in North America.

At present we have no North American customers, but already sells to big-name manufacturers in the UK who are active in the USA too. These products require a sales rep with excellent understanding of the industrial food manufacturing equipment sector.
Company ID: 121261
Title: POP Displays for Brands or Retailers.
Product Lines: Custom and Stock POP Displays, CBD Displays, E-Cig/Vape Displays, Signage, Merchandisers, Lottery Ticket Dispensers, CT Scan Medical Guards, Food/Coffee Bins, Machining Services CNC, COVID Barriers
Target Market: Brand Manufacturers, Retailers, C-Store & S-Store, Lottery Agencies/Corporations, Distributors of such items
Sales Opportunity: Well established Custom Plastic Fabrication firm seeks Reps to extend market reach. Selling with support of in-house engineering, marketing support, and a full service manufacturing plant with strength in high volume custom design and fabrication. Find opportunities in established or new markets and let us support your efforts to close.
Company ID: 121255
Title: Growing Sensitive Skincare Company
Product Lines: Sensitive Skin, Hair, Body, Oral Hygiene Care. Products are Recommended by Mayo Clinic, Physicians, American Contact Dermatitis Society, Dentists, Skin Safe.

We Sell Via our Website and Amazon.
Target Market: Big Box Chains, Kroger, Target, CVS, eCommerce, Physicians.
Sales Opportunity: There is a huge opportunity with our growing company. We are already recommended by many reputable organizations and physicians, but are not available in retail chains, independent retail stores, department stores or e-commerce, such as Derm Store.

We provide samples, training, and the commission will be based on volume of orders. This provides opportunity to advance your earnings based on your efforts. Besides what we provide you, we will listen to what you think you will need to enhance presentations.
Company ID: 121257
Title: Independent Sales representative
Product Lines: Welding Rod and Wire, Abrasives, Drill Bits, Threaded Inserts, Torches.
Target Market: Construction Companies, Mines, Farms, Local Municipality.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is looking for an independent outside sales representative with the drive, determination and sales ability to match our reputation as an industry leader in the supply of high-quality maintenance welding products.

The successful candidate will be technically trained on our extensive product line, and will then be responsible for opening new accounts and developing current business in a large and protected territory.

Our products are sold directly to the end user, in their shops, through the course of a demonstration. We sell to a broad range of customers, including mining, oil-gas, timber, governmental, agriculture, and institutional accounts. We turn prospects into long-term customers, and customers into friends.

The representative we partner with will have a high-quality territory, industry leading-earnings, and as an independent contractor, will benefit from unsurpassed tax advantages.

Representing our company means
A secure and protected territory
A 48 year reputation of providing the best products, value and service in the industry
A lasting career – Those who represent our products have done so for an average of 16 years.
Selling an essential line of products that are used in good times or bad – Our business is recession-proof.
High repeat sales
You will become an industry expert – We offer extensive classroom and in field product training, along with access to online tools.
High commissions $60-$150,000 Annually and an unsurpassed bonus.
Company ID: 121252
Title: Pet Supplies - Amazon Category Leader Retail Sell-in
Product Lines: We are an Earth-Friendly Company Focused on Sustainable Hygiene Products for Pets.

We Carry a Selection of High Quality, Earth-Friendly Poop Bags, 100% Compostable, Zero-Plastic Poop Bags, Bamboo-Based Grooming Wipes, and Bamboo-Based Training Pads Distributed in Over 21 Countries and Growing.
Target Market: National Chain Pet Supply Retailers, Big Box Retailers, Home & Garden Retailers, Pet Supply Distributors and Wholesalers, Independent Pet Shop Retailers, Eco-Friendly Retailers, Camping, and Outdoor Retailers.
Sales Opportunity: Our objective is to aggressively enter the North American retail market in 2021 with our Pet Supplies range of 4 product types and 30+ SKUs. This sales push will be supported by PR and social media activities. We are also looking for distribution in the rest of the world, with Europe as 2nd priority to NAM.

We are one of the Amazon category leaders in our space, but have barely scratched the surface of wider retail distribution. We have a 3rd party logistics warehouse in Las Vegas for fast fulfilment across USA and Canada. Our products are produced in China from renewable and/or 100% recyclable materials.
Company ID: 121249
Title: Consumer Products Made in Europe/Low Prices.
Product Lines: Health & Beauty, Shaving Products, Household Cleaning Products.
Target Market: Retailers & Wholesalers, Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Gift Stores.
Sales Opportunity: Products Shaving razors, shaving creams, perfumes, deodorants, household cleaning products including garbage bags, mops, cleaners, cleaning sponges & many more. Characteristics Mass market products, made in Europe, low prices, good quality. Commission from 8% to 10%. Marketing Support Free samples, websites, regional online and offline ads.
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