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Title: Hush Natural
Product Lines: Hand Sanitizer Our Antibacterial Gel Features Aloe Vera Extract, doing the job of Killing Bacteria and Leaving your Hands Feeling Soft. Sizes 45ml, 60ml, 120ml, 240ml, 500ml, 1,000ml, Gallon.

Skin Care Products Our Products are Made with Natural Ingredients, giving the Perfect Care for the Skin.
Target Market: Currently our target Market
1. 50% Women between the ages of 18 to 32 years. Nowadays Women Begin to Take Care of their Faces from an Early Age with Natural Products and 30% are Women Older than 33 years old.
2. 30% Men of All Ages - These days Men Take much more Care of their Faces and Skin.
Sales Opportunity: We are a Honduran company committed to bringing each of our clients an unforgettable experience for the care of their skin. Each of our products is made by hand giving love and dedication to provide the best to our customers. We are a company that seeks day by day to innovate each of our products to give the best benefits to our client. Our products contain oils, extracts, and 100% natural assets, giving you better benefits for the skin.
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Title: Drying Systems Rep and Industrial Dedusting Rep
Product Lines: Blower Driven Systems, Air Knife, Cable Dryers, Bottle/Can Drying Systems, Personnel Dedusting Stations, and Booths.
Target Market: Industrial Companies, Automotive Manufacturing, Bottling Companies, Cable Manufacturers, HVAC Companies, also any Workplaces that Workers Need to Dedust and Clean Off.
Sales Opportunity: Two opportunities
1. Drying systems
Selling fan blower drying systems across many diverse companies. Many times it is to reduce or replace air compressed systems, or increase efficiency in line drying.

2. JetBlack Safety dedusting systems
Selling dedusting stations and booths to companies who get dusty and need to clean off. Most companies a re getting away from dusting themselves off with compressed air. Our blower driven systems are OSHA compliant and are much faster than vacuuming and safer than compressed air. Our booth systems dedust in 25 seconds and captures the debris out into a Hepa H14 filter to keep the are clean and safe.
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Title: Independent Sales Representative
Product Lines: This Patent Pending Product is an Ingenious Device Designed to Hold the Straw Used with Aerosol Sprays.

It Provides an Effective Alternative to the Simple Adhesive Tape Supplied by Spray Manufacturers to that Same End. Our Clip Prevents Can Straw Loss and the Frustration of Looking for the Straw
Target Market: The Representatives Sales and Promotional Efforts shall be Directed Toward DIY and Technical Supply Stores, Big Box Retailers, Chain Stores, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores. The product has No Competitors.
Sales Opportunity: The Market
Aerosol spray cans Automotive & Industrials are commonly used by professionals and homeowners.
In most countries 10' million aerosol cans consumed in a year. The usefulness of the straw increases in commonly used aerosol spray cans such as Automotive lubricant.

The supply of aerosols to small businesses & individuals made by technical supply stores, big box & DIY Retailers. This product is sold by us online in several marketplaces in a high conversion rate and in the price of 3%-15% added.

Sales points
- A unique & universal solution is available to be purchased at stores and online by end-users.
- Solves immediate a common problem - impulse buys.
- Mass Appeal - Add-on product related to a huge aerosols market, recurrent satisfied buyers.
- Sell price accessible to the masses and often impulse buys.
- Easy to visually demonstrate the application.
- A reliable solution - It has proved positive reviews - Works as advertised!
- Easily explained - Branded product, Retail package design stands with "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Eco-friendly By ensuring that the straw is at hand whenever needed, it reduces the overuse of chemicals and eliminates the need for replacement straws. The clip evaporates with can recycling without additional handling and energy consumption.

The Representative shall have connections to big-box retailers & chain stores. The offer is to commission-only sales agents.
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Title: Custom Metal Manufacturer - Southeast
Product Lines: Our product lines include
1 - Metal Fabrication Piping, Filter House Fabrication & Installation, Duct Work, Industrial Handrails, Dump Chipper Body, Recycling Facility, Structural Fabrication/Installation.
2 - Glass Fabrication Glass Handling Equipment.
Target Market: We Sell to Glass Company Installers, Companies that have Fleets and Need Metal Fabrication to Serve their End Client's, etc. 
Sales Opportunity: Commission rates are high compared to market. There is a lot of demand related to the need for glass racks manufactured. We are aggressively trying to increase our volume as we have capacity in the shop. Also have a specialty in dump bodies and l-bucks.
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Title: Company ID 43718 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Seeking Reps who have Established Relationships with Head Shops, Vape Stores, Smoke Shops,
C-Stores, CBD Stores, Dispensaries, and other Retailers.

Tobacco distribution a plus.

We have a product line of Delta 8 CBD products focusing on Vapes and Prerolls,
Target Market: Smoke Shops, Head Shops, C-Stores, Vape Stores, CBD Stores, Cannabis Dispensaries, other Tobacco Retailers.
Sales Opportunity: Huge upside potential. We are a licensed Hemp processor. The CBD market and especially the Delta 8 market is expanding rapidly. We want to build market share quickly. We will make a very lucrative opportunity for a limited number of sales associates. Training and marketing materials available. Must have existing contacts/experience.
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Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Representatives
Product Lines: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies.

Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Molding, and Electric Connectors.
Target Market: OEM Manufacturers Seeking Support in Product Development and Manufacturing to Improve their Product Systems. Companies that are Looking for Good Quality, Competitive Prices, and Customer Satisfaction with Plastic Mold, Molding, and Electric Connector.
Sales Opportunity: Custom Manufacturer of Components and Assemblies. Many years experience in plastic injection Mold manufacturing, Plastic molding, and Electric connector.

We offer excellent delivery payment to resolve the initial sense of trust in order to help sales reps reach sales agreements with customers.

Excellent commission structure and protected territories for Rep. Our company is very stable. We are also looking for reps worldwide. Submit your sales inquiry for more info. We believe you will not regret choosing us.
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Title: Company ID 114802 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Turnkey Compressed Air Systems, from the Smallest to the Largest, are Designed and Built, According to Customer Specifications, for the Rigors of Oil Field, Natural Gas, and Heavy Industrial Applications. No electrical service, no problem. Solar powered small systems, gas fired & electric systems.
Target Market: Oil Field, Natural Gas, and Heavy Industrial Applications.
Sales Opportunity: Ready to Set, Connect, and Run Built to customer specifications, complete air systems include air compressors, filtration, air storage, air dryer, and drain accessories. Reliable, Clean, Quiet Air Containers™, AirBoxes™, AirCabinets™, and the newly announced Gas Fired Compressor GFC™ are fully insulated for both sound and climate control and are a critical part of any VOC emission reduction program.

With our products you can conveniently, quietly and efficiently meet your emission reduction goals and power up your site with clean, dry, compressed air. Ours is a division of a larger company, which has been serving the Oil and Gas industry for more than 35 years. All reps will be fully trained at the factory and armed with all necessary literature to be able to hit the ground running.

Commission plan will be phased based on the interaction with the customer. In the prospecting phase a commission of 10-15% of the sale price is typical, while in the order taking phase established customer ranges from 4-7% of sale price.
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Title: Sales of FDA EUA Approved COVID-19 Testing Kits & Equipment
Product Lines: We represent a leading Taiwanese ISO 13485 Certified Molecular Diagnostics Company Manufacturing IgG/IgM, AntiGen and PCR COVID-19 Testing Kits and Test Equipment. Our kits are FDA EUA Approved.
Target Market: CLIA Certified Labs, Hospitals, States, Government, and sales to Caribbean, South & Central American Markets.
Sales Opportunity: We are seeking skilled and experienced salespeople that have relationships with CLIA Certified Labs, Hospitals, States, Government and sales to Caribbean, South & Central American markets. This is a Commission Only opportunity. We will provide all the sales and technical support and have a profit share program.
Company ID: 121850
Title: Manufacturing Rep for Canadian Company
Product Lines: CNC Machining Services, Fabrication, Welding, Custom Tooling.
Target Market: Manufacturing Facilities, Assembly Lines in the Automotive, Agriculture, and Aviation Industry.
Sales Opportunity: Commission based opportunity, terms and rates all negotiable. We are a manufacturing facility specializing in small to medium runs from 50 parts to 1,000 parts per day, depending on part complexity. We have a large name, publicly traded companies, we currently work alongside. Looking to grow that same opportunity in the USA and Canada abroad. Not opposed to overseas.
Company ID: 121843
Title: B2B Wholesale Sales Representative
Product Lines: Luxury Furniture coffee tables, accent chairs, sofas, sideboards, side tables, console tables, beds, dining tables, wall art
Target Market: Furniture Stores, Interior Designers, Big Box Chains, Wayfair, Houzz, Home Stagers, Real Estate Agents, Custom Home Builders, Hospitality, Commercial Spaces.
Sales Opportunity: We are a B2B Furniture Wholesaler, and we are looking for Sales Rep with a book of business and connections with Furniture Stores, Home Stagers, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers looking to sell our furniture as an Authorized Partner.
Company ID: 108545
Title: Company ID 108545 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: End Mills, Drills, Burrs, Keyseat Cutters, Saws, Reamers, Countersinks, Routers, Boring Tools, Custom Tooling.
Target Market: Manufacturers and Dealers in the Machine and Tool Industry.
Sales Opportunity: We are a specialist tooling supplier having an unbeatable product range. From solid carbide and PCD tooling through to indexable milling, turning and boring, plus top quality tool holders, our state-of-the-art production facility includes CNC grinding machines from world leading manufacturers including Walter, Deckel, Rollomatic and Anca.

We have invested in a centralized oil filtration system to ensure that grinding takes place under optimum conditions with clean oil, and our inspection department includes computerized laser measuring equipment, to maintain the high standards for which we are renowned.

We manufacture and source the best available products from around the world, and hold well over 100,000 Solid Carbide tools, tool bodies, inserts and tool holders on the shelf ready for same day dispatch. We also offer modification and regrind services, meaning we can adapt existing tools to customers' requirements.

Manufacturing companies rely on us to provide an unbeatable combination of first class service, rapid response, huge stocks, and access to a diverse and ever growing product line.
Company ID: 76727
Title: Springs, Wire Forms and Stampings Company
Product Lines: Springs, Wire Forms, & Metal Stampings.

Springs & Wire Forming from 0.004" - 0.315" Wire Diameter. Metal Stamping from 0.002" - 0.200" Thick Material on our 25 Ton - 200 Ton Machines. Heat Treating, Grinding, Plating, Painting, Sub-Assembly, Component Sourcing, Assembly, and Packaging In-House.
Target Market: You will Find our Components in Phones Stamped Battery Contacts and Springs, Awnings Large Springs to Provide Tension, Tool Handles Medium and Large Metal Stampings, Power-Springs, Constant Force and Torque Springs, Lawn and Garden Equipment Thatching Tines, Stamped Engine Covers, and more.
Sales Opportunity: Many territories in the USA are still available.

Our company is a well-established manufacturer located in Changping, China, approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. We have been in business since 1997, are very well capitalized, and have grown to be one of the largest spring, wire form and metal stamping companies in China.

We operate over 120 spring/wire forming machines and 65 metal stamping machines as well as a dozen grinding machines. We provide heat treating, plating, painting, powder-coating, PVC coating, assembly, material, and coating certification, and packaging value added services. All of our tooling is made, maintained and stored in-house.

We offer our customers small, medium and large run capabilities. We offer competitive shipping terms of Ex-Works to DDP customers dock. We offer competitive commission structures and bonus commissions for new customers. We are looking forward to helping you serve your customers needs!
Company ID: 121835
Title: Furniture, Outdoor & Home Décor Sales Rep Required
Product Lines: Accent Furniture, Lanterns, Wall Décor, Wall Storage, Home Décor Items, Vases, Photo Frames, Candle Holders, etc.
Target Market: Retail Chain Format Stores, Online Retailers, Importers, B2B Wholesalers, Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Catering.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for a sales rep to help sell our products in your market. We can work on your MOQ and we are specialists in metal, wood, marble, glass mix materials. We work on OEM or our own design. We can produce different ranges to suit all price points as per client request. We have the best quality and huge variety. We are always available on email with quick response time.
Company ID: 117362
Title: Company ID 117362 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Durable and Long Lasting DIY Pothole Repair Product.

Quick and Easy 3 Step Pothole Repair Product. Most Durable DIY Pothole/Pavement Repair Product on the Market. Gets Hard Fast and Lasts for a Long Time. Binds to Both Asphalt and Concrete. Fast Drive On Time. Environmentally Friendly, USA Made.
Target Market: Gas Stations, C-Stores, Freight Companies, Schools, Hospitals, DOTs, Facility Managers, Property Managers, Commercial Landscaping Companies, Corporate Facility and Real Estate Managers, Parking Lot/Garage Managers, Utility Cutting Companies, Golf Courses, Churches, Car Dealerships, Auto Service.
Sales Opportunity: Got potholes? Pothole Bind, we fill your holes! We manufacture the most durable DIY pothole and pavement repair product on the market. Our product comes in a 50 pound bag and is a dry mixture of powders and stone.

Three quick and easy steps
1 - Mix contents of bag with water.
2 - Pour mixture into holes.
3 - Smooth or compact.

Most DOTs require a product to achieve 2,000 pounds of stability within 6 hours. Our product achieves 8,000 pounds of stability within 30 minutes when compacted and 5,000 pounds of stability within 1 hour when smoothed non-compacted.

Works on both asphalt and concrete and comes in both grey and black. Not just for potholes - our product can be used right on the surface of pavement as a chip seal. Yes, the binding power is that strong. All our prices include free standard shipping in the continental US.
Company ID: 121837
Title: Physiotherapeutic Devices
Product Lines: Physiotherapeutic Devices, Magnetotherapy, Combined Therapy, Heat Therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy, Vibration Therapy.
Target Market: Home Use for All Family Members, Medical Supplies Stores/Drugstores, Health Centers and Clinics, Private Doctors with Consulting Rooms with Kinesiotherapists, Osteopaths, Naturopathic Doctors, Massage Therapists, etc., Gerontological Centers, Fitness Centers, Sportsmen, and so on.
Sales Opportunity: We already have a distributor in the USA and now we are planning to expand the sales and amount of States where we present our products. Thus we are looking for an independent sales representative in the USA. We are ready to provide convenient and favorable conditions for cooperation, as well as a high percentage of income.
Company ID: 116665
Title: Company ID 116665 – National Adhesive
Product Lines: Sealants, Adhesives, Aerosols, & Tapes.

Great Stuff Caulks & Sealants
GlueAngel glue Devil in Africa
Thicc Glue & Tape
Target Market: Hardware's, MRO, Industrial, Auto, Roofing and other
Sales Opportunity: Our 30-year-old brand has landed in the USA, we are looking for strong, motivated, self-driven individuals with experience/connections in the Roofing, MRO, Auto Spares and/or Hardware market selling Sealants, Adhesives, Aerosols, and Tapes. National adhesive has 4 brands under its umbrella, three owned by the compnay and Great Stuff Caulk and sealants under licenses wiht DuPont
Company ID: 121817
Title: Sales Representative for CNC Machine Shop
Product Lines: CNC Machining Services, CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, 3-5 Axis machining.
Target Market: Aerospace, Defense, Commercial, Electronic Manufacturers.
Sales Opportunity: CNC machine shop looking to expand to new customers. Company is AS9100 and ITAR certified. Sales rep to connect with new customers and help the company grow through new customers he or she brings in. Commission on every job done through all the new customers he or she brings in.
Company ID: 121819
Title: Experienced Las Vegas Apparel Sales Rep Casino Uniforms.
Product Lines: Our Company Creates Moderate to Better Apparel in Both Fashion and the Uniform Market, and all Textile Categories.

Utilizing Talent and Technology we Create 3D Design with Experienced Global Designers and Manufacture to Spec Products from 67 factories in 14 countries.
Target Market: Casino Apparel and Custom Uniform Business, all Textile Categories and Fabrics.
Sales Opportunity: We have created and sold through entities, uniform programs for a small number of Casinos, and believe there is an opportunity to develop more. We also understand it is a tightly controlled market and driven by relationships. We are looking for a rep that has a wide strong relationship with decision-makers in the Casino apparel space that can open opportunities for dialogue and programmed business.
Company ID: 121811
Title: Wanted Manufacturer Sales Representatives
Product Lines: Manufacturing, OEMs, Boat Builders, Marine Suppliers, RV Suppliers, Outdoor Gears.
Target Market: Marine Boat Builders & Suppliers, RV Manufacturers, Outdoor Groups.
Sales Opportunity: Patented Innovative illuminating Fabric - World Premier.

We are looking to introduce our incredible technology to different markets Marine, RV, Overland and Outdoor. Our technology can be supplied integrated or as a semi-finished product. We are a French Engineering company. We created our US subsidiary last year and we are setting up our distribution channels.

This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a growing company that understands the value of truly supporting their independent rep network. Our Commissions and departure conditions are exceptional for these industries. We will work closely with our reps to give them a technical support and provide them a complete set of tools. Our Chief Engineer will be supporting them personally when it comes to technical sales.
Company ID: 121818
Title: The Fallout Lamp
Product Lines: Make it Flash, Make it Fade, Make it Strobe, Make it Yours!

The Fallout Lamp can be Enjoyed in 16 Different Colors as well as 4 Different Options for Effects. With Brightness and Speed Control your Fallout Shelter will Never be Left in the Dark!
Target Market: Looking for a Rep to get the Lamp into Retail Sales. You can also, Instagram, the Lamp as well.
Sales Opportunity: Make it Flash, Make it Fade, Make it Strobe, Make it Yours! The Fallout Lamp can be enjoyed in 16 different colors as well as 4 different options for effects. With brightness and speed control your Fallout Shelter will never be left in the dark!

This product is easy to assemble simply screw the bulb in the socket, plug it in, and you're ready to go. Standing at 14 inches tall it is perfect for any location in the house or office. Made in California by gamers for gamers.

Looking for the opportunity to sell the Lamp retail in stores such as Spencer's Gifts etc. The lamp has enjoyed strong sales on Etsy and eBay with purchases covering the gamut from Gamers to children across the board.
Company ID: 121815
Title: Specialty Environmental Chemical Packaged Goods
Product Lines: Ours is a Patented and Patent Pending “Green Technology Solutions” Coupled State-of-the-Art Engineering with Advanced Surfactant-Based Technology to Provide Superior Results Across all value Targets.
Target Market: Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Parts, and Infrastructure Cleaning and Decontamination. Elimination and/or Treatment of Effluents Related to Industrial Activities. Hazardous Waste Minimization. Oil Recovery, De-Gassing and Cleaning of Pipelines and Storage Tanks, Emergency Response, VOC/LEL Suppressant.
Sales Opportunity: The company’s enhanced bioremediation technologies permanently remove a wide range of organic compounds and pollutants from the environment; with a core focus on the control and elimination of hydrocarbon pollutants in the air, soil and water. The industrial cleaning agents, emulsifiers, surfactants, suppressants, and other chemical packaged goods are non-hazardous, non-caustic, non-corrosive, and readily biodegradable.

The core technologies and their derivatives have been tested and certified as clean air products by the SCAQMD and listed with the EPA’s National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan.
Company ID: 121807
Title: Concrete Sales
Product Lines: We’re an Adjustable Forms Construction Company that Caters to the Concrete Construction Industry.

This Product is Designed to be Compact, Lightweight, and Strong for All Conditions and Applications – Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Civil.
Target Market: Concrete Contractors, Distributors, and General Contractors.
Sales Opportunity: Calling on the end-user and doing demonstrations to show contractors how the system works. Making sales calls with distributors salespeople. Attending local trade shows when required.
Company ID: 113124
Title: Company ID 113124 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Metal and Plastic Nameplates and Tags, Any Size or Shape.

Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, and cooper. Photometal Anodized Aluminum, 20 Year UV Guarantee. Engraved, Full Color UV Printed, Sublimated. Cubical Nameplate Holders, ADA Signage.
Target Market: This Product Line is Used by Most Industries.
Here are some Examples
Furniture Manufacturers
Gas and Oil Manufacturers
Equipment Manufactures
Aircraft Manufacturers

Office Manager
Our Line of Cubical Nameplate Holders is the Best and Most Complete on the Market.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is a full service manufacturer of metal and plastic tags, nameplates, and identification products. We pride ourselves on doing custom sizes and shapes, top quality, and incredible customer service.

Our mission statement
Provide a culture focused on honesty and integrity.
Strive to always innovate while delivering top quality products.
Deliver excellent service to customers and coworkers.
Treat every interaction with kindness and respect.

We are currently building a 25,000 sf manufacturing plant to keep up with our growth. Come join us in a great future.
Company ID: 113568
Title: Company ID 113568 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Outdoor Furniture, Wicker Resin, Dining Set, Living Set, Bistro Set, Animal Furniture, Sectional, Bar Set, Accent Chair, Bar Stool, Dining Chairs, Outdoor Fabric for Cushion/Lounger.
Target Market: Retailers, Resorts, Restaurants with Patios or Outdoor Settings.
Sales Opportunity: Our company started on 2006. We manufacture outdoor furniture made of powder coating aluminum for framing and resin wicker for weaving. We stand proud of our products that's why we give a 3 year warranty. Our resin wicker wont crack, fade, or blister, and is UV resistant. Because we are just starting our expansion, we offer you a fix product price, and you sell it with your own mark up price.
Company ID: 114088
Title: Company ID 114088 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Exotic Live-Edge Hardwood Slabs from Africa, South America, Europe, and SE Asia.

All Wood is Kiln-Dried. Mantels, Shelves, and Stair Treads/Risers. Can be Bulk Shipped or in Shipper Compliant Packaging. Mantels/Shelves can be Packaged With or Without our Unique Engineered Mounting Cleat.
Target Market: Architects, Interior Designers, Fabricators, Job Specifiers, Re-Modelers, Finish Carpenters, Contractors, Lumber Suppliers, Fireplace Shops, Home Improvement Centers, Furniture Stores, Stair Fabricators, Restaurant, and Hospitality Suppliers.
Sales Opportunity: Here is a unique opportunity to join a growing company that specializes in exotic live-edge wood materials, sourced from around the world. All wood materials are kiln dried to industry standards, sourced responsibly from the country of origin and can be sold across the board to all levels of clients.

The staff of our company has over 27 years experience in working with premium grade wood products. With the recent upsurge in live-edge wood manufacturing, we stand poised to gain the upper hand supplying these rare and select materials to both the commercial and residential markets. All our raw materials are purchased from the source countries, not from importers or brokers.

We select each log, process and saw it to our specifications and then oversee the kiln-drying process to assure the final material meets customer expectations. We provide a complete set of sales samples which are 2" thick live-edge wood blocks in all our wood species; each coated with a premium polyurethane finish. We can also provide smaller "leave-behind" samples for initial presentations, as needed.

Our website shows photos of each slab in stock, with a QR code for tracking purposes. Each slab has a full description of its appearance and characteristics. Note this section is currently under construction. Our commission rate is 10%, based on the order total, excluding any freight, handling or duty charges. Commissions are paid 30 days after receipt of the final payment on any order.
Company ID: 114730
Title: Company ID 114730 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Architectural Finished and Unfinished Wood Veneer Wall Panels
Architectural - Commercial Millwork Components
Flexible Veneer Sheets - Finished and Unfinished
Finished Decorative - Exotic Veneered Laminate Sheet
Wrapped Moldings, Trim, and Veneer Edge Banding
Solid Trim Profiles
Target Market: Store Fixture Manufacturers
Commercial Architectural Millwork Fabricators
Contract Furniture Manufacturers
Aircraft Interior Fabricators
Boat/Marine Industry
High End Residential Millwork
Ceiling and Flooring Manufacturers
Sales Opportunity: Located in Delray Beach, our company has been in business for over 30 years. The majority of our work is installed in Boat/Marine Industry for Yachts worth over $10M dollars. The level of quality of the work we perform for this industry is above acceptance for standard AWI guidelines. We are looking to partner with a firm that calls on above target markets and can work with designers and architects on all projects.

We can manufacture with highest quality any veneer species on any substrate, with any matching specifications and supply with any finish through our four 4 high press lines and two 2 flat line UV curing finishing process. Negotiable commission structure can be established and we will provide all sales tools and training. Opportunity is State of Texas and surrounding region.
Company ID: 116604
Title: Company ID 116604 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Our company is a Custom Furniture Manufacturer, we Work any Type of Wood, Metal, Stone, Acrylic.
Target Market: We Manufacture Custom Furniture for Designers, Private, Clients, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Bars, etc.
Sales Opportunity: We have been designing and manufacturing furniture, established in Dallas, TX, for 30 years. We have done work for recognized designers in our area. We have also done work for large hotels and casinos in different states of USA. We are looking for a sale representative who has the passion for sales, that wants to grow together with us, and that wants to have excellent economic gains.
Company ID: 117530
Title: Company ID 117530 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Made in the US and Imported Propane and NG Fireplaces. Outdoor Furniture.
Target Market: Independent Lawn and Garden/Outdoor Living & Hardware Stores. This is for assignments across the US.
Sales Opportunity: We are a leading designer and wholesaler of a wide range of products to include a full line of indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor wood burning, propane and natural gas fireplaces and outdoor furniture. We currently sell to most major eCommerce sites but now have a new line of products that will be available to the independent store markets only. We are experiencing double digit growth annually for the past 5 years and are looking for those groups or individuals with strong relationships and market experience in their areas. We are looking to fill all openings by the end of February in support of strong summer selling season.
Company ID: 114149
Title: Company ID 114149 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Manufacture Architectural Wood Products including Cladding, Engineered Panels, Tables, Treads and other Custom Fabrications, Generally Specified for Corporate Offices, Multi-Family, Education, and Hospitality Interiors.
Target Market: Reps will Call on Architects and Interior Designers, Commercial Furniture Dealers, Design/Build Firms, Casework and Millwork Firms, and General Contractors on occasion. Design Firms Specify our Products. Installers Purchase them. Our Products are designed and Manufactured with care in Tumwater, WA.
Sales Opportunity: We are currently looking for independent reps in several regions of the US and Canada. We provide training at our factory, in the field and throughout the year via phone and webinar. We have an experienced team of support staff along with a variety of virtual and printed sales tools. New reps are provided with all of our contacts in their territories. We have long standing relationships with our customers through multiple projects. Our products are easy to sell because they are high quality, beautiful, a great value. Our commission rate is competitive.
Company ID: 111909
Title: Company ID 111909 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Our Company Provides an Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Traditional Methods of Etched Glass.

Our Process will Never Fade. There are No Inks, No Chemicals or Harmful Byproducts Produced Utilizing this Technology, just Clean Laser Light that Melts Glass to the Exact Design Specified.
Target Market: Architects and Interior Designers, Design/Build Firms, General Contractors, Glazing Contractors, Homebuilders, Signage Companies, Furniture Manufacturers, and just about Anywhere Custom Glass can be Utilized.
Sales Opportunity: Our company is seeking experienced representatives in various territories throughout the US and Canada. Established in 1999, we are leaders in the laser engraving of small format crystal glass, and now in large format decorative glass for interior design and architectural applications.

Our engraving process offers unique alternatives to etched or sandblasted glass, including engraving of clear, low-iron, mirrored and painted glass at prices competitive with other decorative glass types. Education, samples and presentation kits are provided. Reps will work directly with CEO to learn our technology and processes and sales are commission based.
Company ID: 103541
Title: Company ID 103541 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We are Specializing in the Manufacturing of Fiberboard and Corrugated Partitions as well as Honeycomb Paperboard Solutions.

We Offer Eco-Friendly Protective Packaging Solutions to any Company Seeking to Protect their Products During Transit and Storage.
Target Market: Markets Manufacturers of Auto Parts, Glass Containers, Flat Glass, Automotive Batteries, Industrial Parts, Home Appliances, Furniture, Electrical Cabinets, Metal Cabinets, Specialty Rolls, Paper Mills, Spinning Mills, Dunnage Users, Wood and Foam Replacement Solutions, Packaging Distributors.
Sales Opportunity: We are a 12 years old family-owned business located in Covington, GA with a strong emphasis on customer service. Our company is experiencing a strong growth and we are currently seeking an Independent Sales Representative responsible for prospecting, developing, and managing a sales territory in the Southeast.
Company ID: 95320
Title: Company ID 95320 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Contract Furniture, Workbench Tops, Tables Tops, and Complete Tables.
Target Market: Industrial, Commercial, Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Educational Markets.
Sales Opportunity: We are a New England based contract manufacturer of wood and high pressure laminated furniture, is expanding its commission based independent manufacturer representative network throughout the US and Canada. For over four decades Maple Wood has provided the highest quality contract furniture at competitive prices with dependable on-time delivery to company throughout the US.

Our products, which range from industrial work tops to restaurant table tops and complete tables to a complete line of contract furniture, feature quality New England craftsmanship, and are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. We are looking for reps to sell our products into the industrial, commercial, restaurant, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and educational markets.
Company ID: 118431
Title: Company ID 118431 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Includes Teak Shower Benches, Bathroom Vanities, Mirrors, Caddies, Shelving, Laundry Hampers, Outdoor Garden Benches, Tables, and Chairs.

We also Provide Attractive Bathroom Safety Product Ranges including Wall Hung Shower Seats, Grab Bars, and Decorative Shower and Bathroom Accessories.
Target Market: Bathroom Showrooms, Kitchen Showrooms, DIY Hardware and Home Supply Centers, Plumbing Showrooms, Furniture Stores, Patio Furniture Stores, Mass Merchandisers, Drug Store Chains, Home Improvement Stores, Garden Centers, Decorative Bath Stores, Gift Shops.
Sales Opportunity: There are two distinct market opportunities.

1. Although teak bathroom products are well known online, and sales have grown exponentially over the last 10 years, most retailers are not familiar with and have not picked up this segment. Teak presents a high quality durable wood that is the gold standard for bathroom use. Our manufacturing in Indonesia provides an unsurpassed combination of quality, design beauty, and value. Teak has come down in price with our innovative designs where it is now an affordable product for mass merchandisers and chain stores. We have the manufacturing capacity to support such an expansion.

2. Our new line of Design By Intent shower and bathroom safety products are the most innovative and attractive shower and bathroom safety furniture in existence. Innovative unique features include the ability to have interchangeable components so that a shower does not have to be dedicated to handicap use full time.

These products were a finalist for the Best of KBIS Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in 2020. These products represent a welcome change from utilitarian medical looking products, largely made in China. Our products are manufactured by a French manufacturer that has specialized in bathroom safety products for over sixty years. Their industrial designs are stunning and unique.
Company ID: 118630
Title: Company ID 118630 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Patented Fastening Latches and Fasteners Requiring No Nails, Dowels, Pegs, Pins, Brackets, Nuts and Bolts, Custom Fittings, or Hordes of Tools for Assembly.
Target Market: Hardware & Tools Retail, Hardware & Tools Distributors, Builders, Furniture Makers, Handymen, DIY Enthusiasts, Hardware & Tools Mom And Pop, Contractors, Property Managers, Home Improvement, eCommerce - Amazon, ebay, etc, Shelter Manufacturers, B2C, Tradeshow manufacturers.
Sales Opportunity: Imagine if small and large structures could be built without using any nails, nuts and bolts, or hordes of tools. Imagine if DIY products could pretty much fasten themselves almost as if by magic. Imagine a world where parts could just snap into place without the need for complex manuals or time-consuming assembly! Well, it is possible, thanks to the patented technology.

Now panels of different shapes and sizes can snap together to build your own unique structure taking hours of work out of complex assembly. Our fastening solutions ensure ease in attaching and detaching panels thus enhancing the portability of large and small structures.

This means a new world of safe, robust, and versatile “Does-It-Itself DII” products! We are an innovation company that designs, makes, and manufactures patent pending versatile and practical products with ingenious fastening solutions.
Company ID: 117145
Title: Company ID 117145 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Picture Hanging Hardware, Installation Hardware for Floating Shelves, Cabinets, Vanities, Headboards, etc., Furniture and TV Anti-Tip Kits. Hardware for hanging TVs and audio video Equipment, Finished Floating Shelves, Floating Cat Perches.
Target Market: Retail-Mass Merchants, Hobby and Crafts, Home Goods, Hardware, Farm and Home, Pet, Electronics, Distributor for Industrial, Hardware, Pet, OEMs for Furniture, Cabinet Manufacturers; Manufacturers Furniture, Cabinet Manufacturers.
Sales Opportunity: Our products are sold in over 15,000 retail outlets in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including Walmart, Walmart Canada, Home Depot, Home Depot Canada, Lowe’s, Menard’s, Ace Hardware, and Michael’s. Many major retailers specify our Anti-Tip Kits for their case goods, as well as our mirror and ledge hanging products. Through our OEM program, we supply their vendors all over the world.
Company ID: 118712
Title: Company ID 118712 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Unframed Mirrors Cut and Edged to Order, Stock Sheet Mirrors, Fabricated Flat Glass, and Mirror Products.
Target Market: Glass and Mirror Shops, Distributors, After Paint Installers, Contractors, Other Manufacturers.
Sales Opportunity: Our company has a long history spanning more than 100 years. Our mirror and glass products are sold throughout the United States. The company’s primary function is as a mirror manufacturing operation which coats and fabricates flat glass.

Customers include furniture manufacturers, medicine cabinet manufacturers, specialty manufacturers, mirror door manufacturers, mobile home distributors, glass distributors and mirror dealers, and construction supply distributors. Commissions are paid based upon paid invoices, at 4.75% of total invoice gross. Representatives are assigned dedicated geographical territories with no overlap.
Company ID: 114620
Title: Company ID 114620 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Manufacture Custom Plastic Profile and Decorative Extrusions to Various Markets Around The Country.
Target Market: Agricultural, Office Furniture, Garage Door, Window, Landscape, HVAC, Automotive, Appliance, Pools.
Sales Opportunity: Our Company is seeking an Independent Sales Representative for all regions in the US. We are a leading manufacturer of custom plastic profile extrusions. We have in-house design and tool making capabilities. We excel in PVC, LPDE, and HDPE materials. We can hot stamp woodgrain and decorative extrusions for different markets.

We are looking for the right person or group to grow our sales while establishing productive and professional relationships with new clients. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who are looking for a stable and long term relationship with a growing company.
Company ID: 115498
Title: Company ID 115498 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Ergonomic Office Chairs and Active Seating Products.
Target Market: Office Furniture Dealers, Corporate Accounts, and Government Offices.
Sales Opportunity: Our seating products are Patented across the globe and offer the end user the ability to reduce the perils of sitting too long. Our products go hand in hand with the new movement to sit/stand desks. Designed to reduce your back pain, improve your sitting posture, strengthen your core, and encourage safe movement, all while sitting.

Our innovative patented technology allows you to move in all directions up to 14 degrees with an adjustable resistance feature. Our company makes being active as easy as sitting. The seat of the chair is aggressively sculpted to embrace your sit bones and provide you with pressure point relief, prevent sliding, and deliver luxurious comfort.

Our seat cushion works in conjunction with the low back support, to stabilize the pelvis, optimize your sitting posture, and reduce back pain and slumping at your desk. With this chair, you can sit happy and pain-free. Our company offers a 10% commission structure payable monthly.

We attend various trade show around the globe including Orgatec in Germany and Neocon in Chicago. We have an abundance of sales literature and videos to assist our reps in getting our message out to potential customers.
Company ID: 103378
Title: Company ID 103378 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Office Products, Office Equipment, Technology, Furniture, Breakroom Supplies, First-Aid Supplies, Safety Equipment, Janitorial Equipment, Cleaning Supplies.
Target Market: Manufacturing, Hospitality, Food Service, Healthcare, Automotive Maintenance, Schools, Daycares, City Government, County Government.
Sales Opportunity: We offer the most diverse line of products in our industry with a catalog of nearly 100,000 SKUs and delivery to 98% of the US in 2 days or less. We have high quality products at competitive prices. Every business is a potential customer. Sales training and field support are available. Average residual commissions of 8%.
Company ID: 44002
Title: Company ID 44002 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Cedar-Framed Storage Systems
Cedar-Framed Greenhouse
Garden Tools, such as Pruners, Loppers, Saws and Shears
Target Market: Cedar-Framed Storage Systems
Mini-Storage Facilities
Schools with Dormitories
Home Improvement Centers

Greenhouse and Garden Tools
Flower shops
Hardware Stores
Garden Associations
Sales Opportunity: This an opportunity to work with direct manufacturers, producing in China. We are an American company, based in China with over 18 years experience of manufacturing goods here. Our specialty is wood products such as furniture and building materials, however we are confident about the expansion into Garden, due to our close contacts in China.

The range of the goods is both broad and deep. We have our own QC that checks and maintains standards on a regular basis and design staff for updating and introducing new products.

We have a US West Coast-based warehouse for filling immediate and trial orders, but the goal is to sell container-direct business to customers qualified to do so. Our warehouse will back them up should they be between shipments.

With our knowledge and relationships with premier factories in China, we can offer a range of goods and prices that can compete with Walmart, Costco and other heavy hitters in retail today.

We plan to start showing at various shows in 2010. Much of the decision-making for this will be based on the feedback that we get from the reps as well as the retail climate. In addition, an informative website is currently under construction for sales backup and leaflets, brochures are available for handing out on sales calls.

Our commission structure will be discussed individually, based on experience and volume. This is a good opportunity to join a company that has far-reaching capabilities for manufacturing in China.
Company ID: 105805
Title: Jewelry Sales Representative
Product Lines: Christina Greene Jewelry Combines Modern Elements with Classic Styles Creating a Timeless Feel Celebrating the Beauty of Natural Stones Helping Women to Make a Statement.
Target Market: Retailers All Over the world - including Hotels, Small and Large Boutiques and Department Stores. From our Humble Beginnings in Houston to Retailing in over 40 Boutiques Worldwide, Accessorizing over 10,000 Customers, and Appearing in Both National and International Fashion Publications.
Sales Opportunity: We’re looking for a results-driven Sales Representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects to join our jewelry brand, Christina Greene. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.

This commission-based position requires the representative to personally contact and secure new and potential wholesale store accounts, special events, trunk shows, collaborations and retail sales. This is an opportunity to join our team at the right time and grow alongside our brand.

This is an immediate opportunity for a wholesale and retail sales representative. The ideal candidate will have established relationships with specialty & multi-door specialty accounts.
Company ID: 121784
Title: Leather , Shearling Jackets & Coats Sales
Product Lines: We would like the Eventual Sales Representatives to Sell our Manufactured Products such as Jackets, Coats, Skirts, Trousers, Shirts, and Similar Clothing Items Made from Materials such as Genuine Lamb, Goat, Sheepskin Shearling.
Target Market: Our target markets are the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Peoples' Rep of China,
Sales Opportunity: We're manufacturers and exporters of genuine leather and shearling jackets, coats, skirts, trousers, shirts, and similar clothing since 30 years. The materials used in our production are nappa, suede finished leathers, and sheepskins mainly of lamb, goat and sheepskin. Necessarily we also supply calf or cow hide made garments depending on the requests of our eventual customers.

We work in two ways
• We can present styles from our collection or old production. Or our customers can supply us with their own styles and patterns specially if they are well known brands and send us their digitally prepared patterns per e-mail.

We prepare accordingly their first prototypes in the required leather or sheepskin quality and color and quote them the probable price or a price interval for our sales. If, the customer accepts the piece of garment as it is and its price, we can proceed to salesmen samples.

If it needs alterations on the style, which would also change the consumptions and look of the styles, we would quote a renewed price. And if everything is ok, we proceed to the salesmen samples. We would like to emphasize precisely that All Samples are to be Paid!

• Bulk Orders payment terms Irrevocable, Confirmed, at Sight Payable Letter of Credit or T/T Payment. After their sales period if we receive orders, we start to make the preparations of the production.

We're ready to answer you, if there are special questions asked by the eventual customers. Thanks you.
Company ID: 121771
Title: Sales Rep for Our Design Furniture
Product Lines: Ours is an Artisanal Furniture Studio in Brooklyn Led by Italian-Born Architect.

Our Lines include Tables, Desks, Consoles, Benches, Stools. Our Pieces Merge the Impeccable Craftsmanship and Beauty of Traditional Joinery, with the Convenience and Sustainability of Flat Pack.
Target Market: High-End Consumers, Designers, Architects, Specifiers.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for independent sales reps to start collaborating with us immediately!

You will be working directly with a family-owned company. We design our pieces in Brooklyn and handcraft them in Italy with the help of our artisans. Only high-quality pieces, sustainable materials from certified sources.

Our company is growing and our collection has been awarded as NYCxDesign Honoree 2018, German-Design Award Nominee 2019, and 2018 Best of Year Award Honoree by Interior Design Magazine. All products are rigorously made in Italy by three generations of master artisans and designed in Brooklyn by an award-winning Italian-born architect.

Main Characteristics of our collection
1 - High quality of craft, materials and focus on sustainability all products are primarily made by hand and use natural materials from sustainable FSC certified sources.
2 - Sophisticated design and precision joinery sculptural and graceful design that looks beautiful from all angles.
3 - Flat Packaging and Easy Assembly it takes 5 minutes.
4 - Strikingly perfect in all different settings, from residential to commercial.

Our brand started in the US market and now expanding in the European market. We can work on larger-scale projects. Our commission structure will be discussed individually, based on experience and volume.
Company ID: 105388
Title: Company ID 105388 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We manufacturer a superior food grade, 100% USDA certified bioproduct industrial absorbent. This absorbent is reusable and can absorb 3 times it's weight. Our absorbent cleans up spills within seconds. and will save waste management total cost as high as 50%. Manufactured in the US.
Target Market: We have a federal and nationwide municipality contract servicing over 46,000 state, school districts, cities, counties, hospitals, airports, transportation, higher education, and federal agencies nationwide.
Sales Opportunity: We have two national contracts. We have a nationwide municipality contract servicing over 46,000 state agencies, school districts, cities, counties, hospitals, airports, transportation, higher education and utility districts.

Our second contract is calling on federal agencies nationwide. Air Force, AMTRAK, Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA, Bureau of Land Management BLM, Bureau of Prisons, Coast Guard, Commerce Department, Customs and Border Protection, Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Logistics Agency DLA, Department of Agriculture USDA, Department of Commerce DOC, Department of Defense DOD, Department of Energy DOE, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior DOI, Department of Labor DOL and many more.

This market is $4.6 billion annually. Huge opportunity to earn great residual income. Our Reps will earn $250,000 per year base on territory.

Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in sales. Experience in federal, state, city, school district and higher education market. Business to Business experience is a must. We sell direct to the end user. We have a strong demand because our absorbent is USDA certified. We offer the best absorbent products in our industry and growing at a 50% to 75% rate every year. We are looking for sales rep in the Southwest, South, Midwest, West Coast, West, East and East Coast.
Company ID: 121779
Title: We are looking for Sales Reps in the Furnishings Industry
Product Lines: Hand Tufted Rugs, Pillows, Throw Blankets, Bowls and Vases, Acrylic Wall Art.
Target Market: Brick and Mortar/Online Stores Throughout the Country, Designers, Staging Companies, Distributors in Different States.
Sales Opportunity: We have an excellent opportunity for a Sales Rep in the Furnishings/Home Décor market. We are well established manufacturer and distributor of Fine Rugs, Acrylic Wall Art, Bowls and Vases, Pillows, Throw Blankets and many more sharp priced and innovative designed new products in the work.

We are looking for an established independent rep in several select territories of the U.S. This is a commission based position. Our products are made of the highest quality at an attractive price point providing a strong competitive position in the market.
Company ID: 121781
Title: Olive Oil - Custom Label
Product Lines: Gourmet Olive Oil Custom Label Directly from Turkey.
Target Market: Supermarkets, Department Stores, Wholesale Food, Restaurant Suppliers.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for Manufacturer Representative. Best commission and high demand product olive oil and much more related with food industry, sustainable label none changing.
Company ID: 121772
Title: Tubular Assembly Manufacturer
Product Lines: Tubular Welded Frames.

Wire Formed Frames and Sheet Metal Assemblies. Equipment Fits Medical Beds, Tables, or Wheelchairs as well as Off Road Products such as ATVs.
Target Market: We are Currently in the Educational, Office Furniture, and some Medical Markets. We would like to Grow Outside of them and Increase Medical.
Sales Opportunity: We have tube lasers, E-Turn benders, and a dozen welding robot systems double and single. We have sheet metal laser and brake press and OMCG wire formers. We have an experienced workforce. Management team has been together at MSC for 20 years. We will support sales through our website and our facility.
Company ID: 121774
Title: Neck Pain Relief Product
Product Lines: Ours is a posture correcting and neck pain relief product for people who hunch over cell phones and laptops all day.

It also prevents neck injury in sports players.
Target Market: Anyone who suffers from neck and back pain or has poor posture. Contact sports players.
Sales Opportunity: I am partners with a Shark from Shark Tank who is handling all retail distribution and website sales but I need a sales rep for every other channel including product catalogs, home shopping, etc. We are brand new but project 7 figures per month in sales in the first year.
Company ID: 121782
Title: Sales Rep Needed for Balloon Manufacturer
Product Lines: Latex and Foil Balloons, Centerpieces, Pre-Filled with Confetti and more.
Target Market: Party Stores, Dollar Stores, Discount/Value Stores, eCommerce, Distributors.
Sales Opportunity: Looking for an independent contractor for an exclusive Territory opportunity with Trico. Competitive commission for both domestic and Import business. Open to Mass market and more. Commission only. Lead provided but must be a go getter.
Company ID: 117669
Title: Company ID 117669 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: An extraordinarily unique line of certified clean perfumes & colognes that are soulfully designed with skin health, the psyche, and our environment in mind. Our company is woman/independently-owned, 40+ retailers strong {who are enjoying impressive profits/$3,000+ per month}. MADE IN THE USA.
Target Market: High-end boutiques, specialty shops, surf shops, swimwear shops, equestrian stores, motorcycle stores, dude ranches, ski resorts, medical & wellness clinics, bridal shops, hospital gift shops, maternity & more
Sales Opportunity: Pure Love Essences is in search of independent sales reps to sell our line of certified clean perfumes & colognes. Our essences are extraordinarily chic, unique, and incredibly alluring – so much so that if you personally wear our scents to your meetings, they will sell themselves. We have 220+ customer testimonials on our website that speak to the ultimate uniqueness & LOVE of our line.

This is a commission-based, independent contractor position. Sales support & training is available.
Company ID: 121552
Title: DA-Quick Clip
Product Lines: Plumbing Supply Line Retention Clips and Brackets.

We are the Only Multi-Size, Two Pipe Grommet.
Target Market: Plumbing Supply Houses, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors
Sales Opportunity: We are looking to get our product in the hands of plumbers and show them the time saving feature of using the DA-Quick Clip. The compensation is reflective of industry standards. Since beginning to sell in September of 2020, we have sold tens of thousands and with the help of professionals in the sales field sales will increase exponentially.
Company ID: 117698
Title: Company ID 117698 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: AirStone is the original, ultra-light weight, perfectly fitting stone veneer system designed for simple, diy installation.  Indoor/outdoor use,  
Target Market: Home Improvement Centers. Home Decor Centers. eCommerce companies
Sales Opportunity: In 2020, AirStone US sales to our Home Improvement Center customers exceeded $8,000,000.

We want to expand into the Canadian market and are looking for the right Rep Firm to do so.
AirStone is a DIY Stone wall covering product that is really not a building material, it is a home decor product. Our product is designed for the DIYer to beautify their home.  Any novice can install AirStone and create beautiful textured stone walls for indoor projects like fireplace makeovers, back-splashes and accent walls, and outdoor projects like outdoor kitchens, decks, mailboxes, covering exposed concrete home foundations, etc.  A high percentage of our customers are females, and sales have grown through word-of-mouth.
We get frequent inquiries from Canadians asking if AirStone is available in Canada. We seek the right Rep Firm to land stocking distributors and eCommerce opportunities.
Company ID: 121579
Title: Sales Agents for Orthopedic Surgeons / Chiropractors
Product Lines: Sales Agents currently selling Medical Devices........
Target Market: Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors ...........................................
Sales Opportunity: Seeking lead generating sales agents with a minimum 2 years sales experience and an existing customer and contact base in the target markets for an innovative new portable FDA approved technology for skeletal health assessment at the point of care. Average $2,500 sales commission for every new opportunity identified that converts to a sale  

Please Note Only - Experienced Reps with Strong existing relationships within the target markets will be considered for this opportunity.
Company ID: 121622
Title: Join the Booming Industry of Electric Mobility
Product Lines: E-Scooters, Powerboards, E-Bikes, Folding E-Bikes, Accessories.
Target Market: Dealerships. Powersports, Bicycles, EV's accross North America.
Sales Opportunity: Join the booming industry of Electric Mobility with us!

Our company was born from our commitment to develop a unique line of electric mobility vehicles beginning with e-scooters and e-bikes to provide riders with an effective, independent and eco-friendly way of urban commute.

While expanding our dealer network across North America we are looking for energetic and qualified independent sales representatives to join our team. New Dealer sign up bonus plus high % commission combined with open territories across the country and All of our products in stock mean revenue and income right now!

Adding more exciting and innovative products launching throughout 2021 to expand portfolio and increase revenue for Dealers, Reps and our company!

Active sales representative with non-competing products are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in powersports, bicycle or automotive industry preferred but not required. Independent sales representative positions are available in the following territories

• Directly responsible for all sales activities and dealer relationships within the territory by making sales calls and interacting with our dealers.
• Locate, set up and establish potential new dealers.
• Make good $ today while you enjoy promoting and selling high quality EV’s.

Interested ? Please contact us and we will get back as soon as possible.
Company ID: 121686
Title: Plywood Sales Representative, Plywood Sales, Wood Sales
Product Lines: Décor Ply, Core Platforms, Multi-Laminated, Medium Density Fiberboards, Framing Plywood Panels, Construction Panels, Fiber Cement Board, Fiber Cement Board.
Target Market: Wholesale Distributors of Specialty Wood Products to the Industrial and Commercial Markets.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for an expert in Plywood Sales with large background experience, great communication, and with its own portfolio of clients in this area. This person will work independently and great commissions are always a good deal in our Company for the Independent Sales.
Company ID: 111338
Title: Company ID 111338 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: High Quality Window and Door Systems Manufactured in Austria.

This Includes Custom Door and Window Systems. We also have Access to Top Quality Thermally Broken All-Aluminum Window and Door Systems for Germany.
Target Market: Custom Homebuilders, Architects, Envelope Engineers, General Contractors, Private Customers.
Sales Opportunity: This is a good opportunity for a energetic, technical minded self starter that is comfortable speaking with affluent clients, high-end custom home builders, architects and building envelope consultants. Ours is a young growing company expanding across Canada and is looking for experienced Sales representatives with a good network in the residential and multi-family industry.

We offer a top-level commission structure compared to other window companies and offers support to its sales team as required. Support is dependent on experience and commitment to our brand. Our company is considered one of the top quality window products available in the world and we are proud to represent us on the Canadian market.
Company ID: 121756
Title: Floater Valves for Agriculture Use.
Product Lines: Our High Quality Plastic, High Pressure Floater Valves have been Designed for Water Tanks and Animal Watering Troughs.

The Main Advantage is the Size of the Water Outlet in the Valve. It Ensures Maximum Water Capacity in the Troughs while the Animals Drink.
Target Market: Agriculture Co-Ops, Agriculture Wholesalers, Farm Equipment Shops.
Sales Opportunity: Because the product are exported from South Africa, minimum amounts for shipping 500 valves. Cost before shipping fee USD22-00 per valve, shipping fee depends on quantity ordered and destination. Shipping to be negotiated with client. as there are many options available. Commission on sales to be negotiated with sales representative.
Company ID: 121751
Title: No Cap Commission Opportunity for Motivated Reps.
Product Lines: You will be Selling Industrial Tools and Supplies to Small Medium Large Auto, Truck, Fleet, Ag, Farm, Construction, Dealers, Heavy Equipment/Marine & Related Repair Facilities. Our Top Product Categories are Air/Water Hose/Reels, Pneumatic/Specialty Tools, Abrasives/Drill Bits, Lighting, Gloves, etc
Target Market: Auto, Truck, Car Dealers, Motorcycle, Heavy Machinery, Farm Equipment, Construction, Fleet Maintenance, Military Facilities, Municipalities, Golf Courses, Repair, Maintenance & Service Facilities. Wherever Work on Vehicles and Equipment is being Done and Facilities are Maintained.
Sales Opportunity: Unlimited sales earnings opportunity without any geographic limitations. Choose your market, your schedule, your method. We’ll provide the product scripts and training and all the backend support. All you do is get your foot in the door, sell, maintain, and build the customer relationships on an ongoing basis.

We offer unconditional lifetime product warranties and no credit applications for initial purchases. Once the products are in the facilities the customers reorder the products and buy on an ongoing basis. Commissions are paid weekly via direct deposit. Most of our reps have been with the company over 10 years. Our salespeople are our most valued asset and we treat them as such.
Company ID: 121760
Title: Looking for a Manufacturers Representative
Product Lines: I am a Manufacturer and Exporter of Fashion Apparel and Accessories.

However, we would like to Focus on Accessories such as Handbags, Hats, Belts, Gloves, Scarves. Our Clients include Calvin Klein, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.
Target Market: We are looking for more Fashion Accessories Importers in the US.
Sales Opportunity: Great reputation in the industry. We offer a very competitive commission rate, and the commission rate can be negotiated. Opportunities to relocate in Italy or Hong Kong.
Company ID: 121757
Title: Stair Climbers
Product Lines: You will be Representing our Stair Climbers, the Safest and the Best Stair Climbers on the Market.
Target Market: Moving Services, Armored Doors, Hot Water Tanks, Hearth/Fireplaces, Major Appliances, Copiers & Printers, and many more.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for independent sales representatives that are motivated to develop a new market in the United States. We offer up to 10% in commission. We offer marketing support and training. You can have up to $1,100 in commission.
Company ID: 121758
Title: Construction and Industrial Switchgear
Product Lines: Panelboards, Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage Switchgear, Medium Voltage Switchgear, and Power Distribution Centers.
Target Market: Electrical Contractors, General Contractors, Government, and Healthcare Facilities.
Sales Opportunity: The ideal Representative would call on contractors, distributors, end-users, and engineering firms supporting our product lines. We would expect the person to be well versed and knowledgeable of our products. We would fully support training, materials as well as Engineering support.
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