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Company ID: 82498
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Title: Commercial Windows & Doors Nationwide
Product Lines: We Manufacture Custom, Commercial Aluminum Windows and Sliding Glass Doors from Two Facilities in Michigan.

Our line includes Blast-Resistant and Large Missile Impact Products. Architecturally Rated Windows and In-House Engineered and Manufactured Sliding Glass Doors.
Target Market: Glazing Contractors, Installers, Architects, Contractors, Distributors, Dealers, Owners, Developers.
Sales Opportunity: We are seeking aggressive, experienced independent sales representatives to proactively promote our expanding line of products in new and existing markets. We are experiencing significant growth with an immediate need to expand our representation in various U.S. regions. If you are interested in increasing your revenue with a growing commercial window manufacturer, contact us for immediate consideration.

Desired Skills & Experience for Sales Reps
Minimum 3-5 years experience in commercial window sales and/or CDT preferred. Key consideration is ability to effectively cultivate relationships with architects, developers, contractors, dealers/installers, property owners and other appropriate contacts.
Company ID: 64161
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Title: Company ID 64161 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Leader in Re-Manufactured AC and DC Electric Motors for All Material Handling Equipment and all Other Components for Mobile Equipment.

New AC and DC Electric Motors and all Components for Mobile Equipment including Lift Trucks, Agriculture, Construction, Airport, Minng and Steel Mill Equipment.
Target Market: End Users of Lift Trucks, Mining Equipment, Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Ground Support Equipment, Utility Vehicles.
Sales Opportunity: Highest Commissions - above Industry Standards. 50 year Committment to the Mobile Equipment Industries. Only Material Handling AC and DC Electric Motor Re-Manufacturer with UL Recognition. Exclusive Schabmueller and Sauer Danfoss North American Representative.

Certified Re-Manufactured/Re-Engineer Center for
General Electric

In-House Machine Shop
In-House Rewinding

Quality Audits by
Company ID: 117328
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Title: Company ID 117328 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Bamboo Drinking Straws that can be Laser Engraved and Customized with Company/Person's Name and Logo's on them.

Coming in a Variety of Kits that are appropriate for all occasions. The Straws are Made by Hand, No Chemicals Added, and Last for Years.
Target Market: Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Juice and Smoothie Shops Use these as an "Up-Sell" to their Drinks. Or Include Them in the Cost of Some of their Drinks. Gift Shops Hospital, Tourist, Organic, Hotel, Spas, Zoos, Aquariums, Environmental Centers. Sell them as Retail Items, Weddings, and Events.
Sales Opportunity: We started this company a few years ago in Vietnam, where we grow and manufacture our bamboo straws. We're a legally based social enterprise in Vietnam. In the USA, our distribution is handled with a USA based company.

Our straws come from specific culms and species of bamboo and all go through our 60+ day organic manufacturing process to ensure premium quality.

In Vietnam, we supply to several international companies. We started distribution in the USA about a year ago. For small company orders, we do the shipping and engraving directly from the USA. For large company orders, they will be shipped directly from Vietnam.

We're picking up several new companies a month right now and are looking to grow faster. We have a line of other products we want to start bringing to the USA in 2021, but want to expand our location base with the straws currently.

We have small display boxes that fit wonderfully by the cash registers. It's not a large product to keep with you to show people. Companies easily make 50% margins, so they're happy. This is a win-win situation here.
Company ID: 118298
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Title: Company ID 118298 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: We Sell Seasonal Garden Flags 12"x18" Double Sided in Packs of 10 with a Free Wind Clip and Stopper.

Every Pack of 10 have Designs for Every Season and Holiday. Great Retail Sales Price! Great For By The Register Sales!
Target Market: Gift Shops, Garden Stores, Home and Improvement, etc.
Sales Opportunity: Great opportunity for reps since this product is not being offered by other garden flag companies. We need sale reps around the country. Commission is 15% on all orders.
Company ID: 56223
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Title: Company ID 56223 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Original Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth, Tubular Bandana, Digital GPS Maps, Paper Maps, Various Map Apparel, Souvenir Products, Fly Fishing Guides, Fly Fishing Books.
Target Market: Specialty Outdoor Recreation Retailers, National and State Parks, Marinas, RV Suppliers, Box Stores, any Business, School, Charitable Organizations. Anyone is a Potential Customer for our Products and Services.
Sales Opportunity: We are a dynamic outdoor recreation products company. We are professional map cartographers in addition to graphic designers. We create outdoor maps for fishermen, hunters, mountain bikers, hikers, backpackers, rafters, canoeists, and more. Our maps are one of kind digital GPS accurate masterpieces. All maps are downloadable for use on smartphones.

Maps are printed on our one of a kind Handy Map Microfiber Bandana & Cleaning Cloth, our X Guard Tubular Bandana & Face Cover and on paper.

While our markets are vast and the possibilities endless for our products, our primary focus right now is designing, manufacturing and marketing our X Guard Face Cover. With the Covid 19 pandemic continuing, we have seen an explosion of sales for face coverings. We are the only company that offers a digital GPS accurate map on two types of fabric, our poly nylon and spandex. Every map product we sell comes with a free download mobile map for use on smartphones in the Avenza PDF Map App. When someone purchases one of our map products, they get the mobile for free as a add on. Retailers who carry our products receive a free business card listing on the mobile map, so they get free advertising on a map platform the currently has 2.5 million users.

Our opportunity right now is for an outdoor enthusiast to sell and market existing map designs on all our products and develop new map products and markets. Primary focus would be fishing, fly fishing, and other outdoor recreation markets.
Company ID: 120002
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Title: Gigatest Labs Industry Standard Probing Systems and Probes.
Product Lines: Gigatest Labs Designs/Manufactures Industry Standard Manual Probing Systems for PCBs, Backplanes, Multiple Board Interconnects, BGAs, Sockets, and Connectors.

Including Customized Probing Systems to Meet Unique Customer Requirements. We also Design/Manufacture Durable Microwave Probes to 67GHz.
Target Market: Signal Integrity, Power integrity, Test and Measurement Equipment.
Sales Opportunity: Gigatest Labs is a Solution Partner with Keysight Technologies. For more than 25 years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing quality probing systems used in the Signal Integrity engineering design space, where we can offer bundled probing systems that include Keysight vector network analyzers. Gigatest Labs pioneered the use of RF and Microwave measurement techniques for Signal Integrity applications.

Today, our lab measurements include single-ended and deferentially to 67GHz, with engineering expertise that includes Keysight Technologies ADS suite for modeling and simulation tools and. As part of our service, Gigatest Labs trains customers on the installation and calibration methodology with our probing system platforms to bring them up to speed quickly and efficiently.
Company ID: 110606
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Title: Company ID 110606 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: All-Natural Men's Grooming/Shaving Offering.

No Parabens, Gluten or Sulfates. Low Minimums, Free Shipping. Little Competition in Growing Men's Natural Shaving. Available Displays. Incentives.
Target Market: Our Products can be Sold into
Grocery, Mass Merchandise
Specialty Retailers
Personal Care
Drug Pharmacy, OTC
Health Food Stores, Vitamin Stores
Salon Related Retailers and Distributors
Intended for the Mid-Range Consumer who Seeks a Finer Shave and a Great Value.
Sales Opportunity: Greatest shave you'll ever get. The Men's grooming segment is moving into natural products lines. That means no Paraben, Gluten, or Sulfates or Alcohol.

Our Products
• Shave Answers Shave Oil A premium natural shave that's easy. 300 shaves/bottle. Shave with this & you won't go back to foam, cream or soap. See where you shave. Seven cans of shave gel equal one bottle of Shave Answers Shave Oil. Just two ingredients complete the formula. There's no better way to shave. $16.95 retail.

• Our after shave has no after burn and made with Jojoba. 3 drops per use. The $21.95 retail provides 300 shaves/bottle. With just two ingredients!

• Razor Blade Life Soak your razor blade in this after each shave and it will last 3 to 4 times longer. The consumer can now afford to purchase higher quality blades vs the inexpensive options. A win for the retailer as they try to compete with online club prices. It will also reduce the harmful build-up of bacteria on razors. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil & Cinnamon Oil. One bottle provides 8 months of use. $16.95 retail.

Future products will include facial wash, exfoliate and many more products within the men's grooming category,

* Counter Displays available
* We train and support you
* 10% commission
* Representative Agreement Required. We look forward to working with you.
Company ID: 116090
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Title: Company ID 116090 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: High Performance 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable, Food Safe NSF H-1, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Safe Penetrating Lubricant.

Unlocks Seized Parts, Fights Corrosion, Lubricates, and Protects Metals. Performs as a Solvent Cleaning and Degreaser. Removes Adhesives, Tar, and Acts as an Asphalt Release Agen
Target Market: Machining, Saw Mills, Asphalt, Construction, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Schools, Municipalities, Food and Beverage Plants, Marine, Welding, Metal Fabrication, Mold Release, Motor Sports, Automotive, Transportation. All MRO Suppliers.
Sales Opportunity: Join us as we introduce and offer the Sustainable Alternative in Industrial Lubricants. Carry a product that meets sustainability initiatives and follows the "green" movement that will soon become the Standard across all industries. Sell a product that can supplement whats on any reps current line card and be sold anywhere to anyone.

Earn Competitive Commissions with an Aggressive Bonus Structure without the need to move outside your current accounts but you could!. Take advantage of our internal truck fleet, less than pallet flexibility, drop ship program for bulk volumes, and team of inside support. Join the team. Become a part of the green movement. Performers are Earners.
Company ID: 118974
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Title: Company ID 118974 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Compression, Extension, and Torsion Spring Coiling, End Grinding, Setting and Shot Peening, CNC Wire Bending, Wire Forms, Progressive and Mulit-Slide Stampings.
Target Market: Automotive Brakes, Seating Components, Fuel Injectors and Shocks, Aircraft Braking, Pressure Relief, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Springs, Electrical, and Appliance Parts in Mexico.
Sales Opportunity: Started Business in the USA in 1971 currently with 8 Manufacturing Locations. In 2018 we Built our First Manufacturing Location in Central Mexico. As a small business we take the time to speak with our customers to understand their needs. We have in-house engineering, tool design, and tooling capability to support our Customers and Manufacturing Plants.

Sales opportunity is commission only.
Company ID: 120028
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Title: Patented Orthopedic Pillow
Product Lines: 4 Sizes of patented orthopedic pillows toddler, Big Kid, Adult/Standard and King/Queen
Target Market: Healthcare providers especially chiropractors seeing patients with sleeping difficulties - sore neck, arms, frozen shoulder. The pillow's design has anti- snoring characteristics.
Sales Opportunity: Family owned startup company looking for healthcare reps to place product for point-of-sale at healthcare providers. Attractive compensation.

We are an internet business, so email works best.
Company ID: 32309
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Title: Company ID 32309 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Ours is a Revolutionary Solution to an Ancient Problem with Live TV Service.
Welcome to the Future of Live TV! Yes, that means no more Cable, Satellite, or Multiple Streaming Services to get All of your Licensed Local Channels, Shows, Sports, Movies. Packages start as low as $29.99 per month.
Target Market: Any Business or Residential Customer who would like to Eliminate Cable and Satellite TV, and save money.
Sales Opportunity: There are many opportunities even in a Recessionary economy and this one is recession proof. Help Insurance Agents, Small Businesses, Professionals CPAs, Attorneys, etc, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents expand their business and make a business of it at the same time. Earn high commissions, and better yet monthly residuals every week along with company.
Company ID: 116399
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Title: Company ID 116399 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Garage Door Opener, Motor for Garage Door Opener, Accessories, OEM/ODM Services.

BLDC motor for ceiling fan, Remote control for ceiling fan.
Target Market: Distributors, Retailers, Garage Door Installers, Ceiling Fan Makers, Companies looking for Manufacturer Services.
Sales Opportunity: Headquartered in Taiwan and trusted by world-class businesses with quality and service. Our company has been supplying the ceiling fan industry with quality transmitters & receivers since 1982. Leading market share in the US market. After working with leading brands for over 15 years. We are now introducing our garage door opener to the market. The only garage door opener with BLDC motor. UL listed. We regularly participate in trade shows.
Company ID: 120023
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Title: Account Manager
Product Lines: Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Sage, and more Packaged Display Programs for Retailers.
Target Market: Gift Stores, Yoga Centers, Grocery Stores, Souvenir Stores, Smoke Shops, Pharmacies, Hospital Gift Shops, Boutiques, and more!
Sales Opportunity: Our company is seeking self motivated individuals who are passionate about the benefits of wellness products, and natural items for gift shops. We currently have a national customer and lead base from participating in over 60 trade shows for the past 4 years.

We are now hiring independent account managers to service our existing customers, and to close our leads, as well as generate new business! We offer account based compensation, when a lead or client is associated with you, it becomes your account! 15% commission on the sale, once the customer pays. We will provide the digital and physical sales tools so you can be successful!
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