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Title: Comprehensive COVID-19 action plan!
Product Lines: Products include PPE & supplies including a suite of revolutionary environmental control products based on Nano-Polymers unparalleled anywhere in the world. First ever EPA registered product with residual protection claim for viruses after the initial kill.! There is no competition.
Target Market: Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Maintenance, HVAC, Transportation, Hospitality, Warehousing, Wholesale and more
Sales Opportunity: Our company is a 5 decade old distributor of precision fluid handling equipment in the Chicago area and we are looking for qualified independent sales professionals to help us continue to grow. We've recently acquired solid connections to a global network of huge chemical & PPE manufacturers which has provided a uniquely asymmetrical upside opportunity for the right individual.

Ideal candidates are already established with a network that could benefit from a connection to global manufacturing leaders in this space.

Our fluid handling equipment background and recent access to top quality PPE & supplies provide a unique package form to take advantage of the new normal which is developing in terms of personal protection & hygiene due to the Covid problem.

The lynch pin in this plan is a patented, soon to be EPA registered surface treatment that is based on nano-polymers which is proven to provide residual protection to surfaces for up to seven 7 to ten 10 days from application. Think of an elevator button. A door handle. A railing. A hand hold on a train or bus. Not even Lysol® can make this claim. This is in liquid form. We've provided precision fluid equipment for 55 years. The stars have aligned. Join us?

Let us compliment your business with a unique profit based compensation package that could exceed six figures for the right individual. Residual earning potential too! Help us write the story of our next 55 years & establish your legacy to boot!
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Title: Company ID 118727 – Click for Full Details
Product Lines: Our Financial Literacy App will Help your Clients Pay Off their 30 year Mortgage in 5-7 years Guaranteed.

The Financial Literacy app is a financial GPS that directs the user to pay off their 30 year mortgage in 5-7 years, without making extra mortgage payments. No Extra Payments!
Target Market: Any Person, Family, Employee, Contractor, or Business who has Any Kind of Interest Bearing Debt Over $25,000. 70% of the Country is Buried in Debt, are Living Paycheck to Paycheck, and the Covid-19 Crisis has Made it Worse. Anyone who Wants to be Debt Free, have More Equity, or Accumulate Wealth.
Sales Opportunity: Our financial literacy app works on all kinds of debt credit cards, auto, equipment, mortgage, personal, student and even business loans. This financial literacy app can manage 30 mortgages simultaneously, it can be connected to up to 15,000 banks. The app prioritizes your debt and pays the most costly loans first and continues this method until all the user’s debt is completely paid off.

The app uses an algorithm based on the methodology implemented by banks to maximize interest gain, by using debt strategically and having money in the right accounts at the right time. This is a game changing solution, being able to pay a mortgage in 5-7 years means that a baby boomer still has time to buy a home. The financial literacy app serves as an intelligent mobile financial planner, educator and guide that keeps the user on track, prompting them to follow the optimized road map to debt freedom.

A user can enter a potential purchase into the app to see the true consequences, interest and debt implications, as well as the effect the purchase will have on their net worth. We offer advancement, unlimited compensation through commission starting at 36% - 65% or between $500 and $1500 per client, plus overrides on your recruited team, the resources to get you to six figures and the ability to build a business if desired to seven figures.
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