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Company ID: 121300
Title: Take-Out Promos Sales Reps - All Industries
Product Lines: At Takeout Promos, we Help Brands Amplify their Messaging in Local Markets Through Customized Take-Out Box Ads.

A Proven, Unique Way to Reach Consumers where they’re at Home.
Target Market: Ideal for All Markets to Brand and Give to Restaurants for Free to Expose the Brands!
Sales Opportunity: Sell ads to businesses, we ship the take out boxes to the business they can use as a door opener or calling card and they deliver to the restaurants of their choice for free. They get their name out and the restaurants get the savings by using the boxes.

We have one time or subscription pricing and pay 20% commission. We would do all marketing to your lists at no charge and give you full access to our CRM to track your progress. We can assist in email blast and mailings to your contacts to get the word out! One time $225 which is $1.50 per box. 6 and 12 month subscriptions at discounted rate.
Company ID: 113947
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Title: Latest Technology in Offender Tracking & Covid Quarantine
Product Lines: 4G Watch with SOS Function and Tamperproof Design.
Target Market: Covid Home Quarantine
Law Enforcement - Prisoner Tracking
Home Detention
Sex Offenders
Pedophiles Location
Domestic Violence Offenders
Patient Monitoring

There are Hundreds of Other Markets out there.
Sales Opportunity: We are looking for reps that can take our business to the entire US and Canadian marketplace. The successful rep will be able to convince us "they have the means, resources, and capabilities" to drive these products into every corner of the USA an other regions. Especially into Government sectors.

Note The number of accused and convicted criminal offenders in the United States who are monitored with ankle bracelets and other electronic tracking devices rose nearly 140 percent over 10 years, according to a survey conducted in December 2015 by The Pew Charitable Trusts. More than 125,000 people were supervised with the devices in 2015, up from 53,000 in 2005. In 2021 these devices could be considered obsolete in terms on modern technology.

It is a state-of-the art, tamperproof GPS Tracker.
Designed using the latest in 4G and GPS technology.
This watch has all the functions of a normal watch plus the capability to send SOS alerts should assistance be required.
The strap has been specially designed with sensors in the strap itself plus anti-tamper fasteners to keep it sure once applied. It is also cut proof.
It will send an alert should the trap be tampered with in any manner.
And it can be used in scenarios such as COVID 19 quarantine persons, Home Detention persons, Registered Sex Offenders and Patient Monitoring.
Company ID: 121292
Title: Sub-Rep Opportunities Wanted.
Product Lines: Open to a Wide Variety of Product Lines.

Primarily Interested in Mid to Big Ticket Items Selling into a Manufacturing and/or Distribution Environment. Will Consider Product Lines that Target Retail or Construction as well.
Target Market: Open to Different Types of Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing, as well as Service and Retail Industry Customers.
Sales Opportunity: Objective - to be hired as a sales rep at a sales rep agency.

Senior level sales professional with a skill set that features complex project management, negotiations, and problem solving while interfacing with senior level executives in a B2B sales environment. Also, comfortable dealing with customers in a wide range of industries. Will need to be trained on specific product lines. My sales background i.e., selling middle market companies, ran the full spectrum in the above sectors.

Other skills include
1 Solid analytical skills
2 Time management
3 Attention to detail
4 Cold-calling
5 ability to gain the trust of prospects and clients
6 a strong work ethic.
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